Thursday, August 31, 2006

what's up Malaysia 4?

Merdeka today! Psst.......what's so great now? Every funding goes to one race; the imbalance of the administration. It is because of the little napoleons that made the system favouring one race. The PM can order until no moon but the daily affairs remain the same. It is the officers who would be held accountable to make it fair to all Malaysians. Then I read report of Rafidah Aziz telling the investors to buck off if they dont like the rules and regulations here. Psst............the PM should retire her. She has brought tears to many unemployed people in the country...she can't feed them and why say so arrogantly? The country should welcome all investors without restrictions. We want these investors to provide jobs to the people. So what's so great in this Merdeka? When people are poor and sick, the welfare officers can't do a thing citing excuses when the breadwinner is lying sick suffering of diseases with children to feed. Yet the DPM said the government would spend millions to build a sports complex in UK. The money should be used to help the sick and poor rakyat in the country. Psst.............what's so great of Merdeka? Here is an article I found interesting read and ponder too

What’s so ‘gemilang’ when you stop at a red traffic light only to see the other car plastered with flags and stickers but not stopping for the red light?
What’s so ‘gemilang’ when your children go out to town but you’re gripped with fear for their safety?
What’s so ‘gemilang’ when your children can’t get into their preferred local universities not because of their results but because of government quotas?
What’s so ‘gemilang’ when the civil courts says that you have no legal recourse as in the case of the late M Moorthy’s widow?
What’s so gemilang when our forests are constantly ‘raped’ by politicians in the name of development?
What’s so ‘gemilang’ when none of the high-profile businessmen (who have squandered billions of ringgit for their own benefit) have ever been put in jail?
What’s so ‘gemilang’ when our neighbours welcome Afta (the Asean Free Trade Area) but we are still thinking of deferring it?
What’s so ‘gemilang’ when most of our GLCs are running at a loss?
What’s so ‘gemilang’ when a mob in a local university (UPM) can go scot free for hassling and intimidating innocent students?
What’s so ‘gemilang’ ... ahh ... the list grows long and weary.

Courtesy from Malaysiakini

I like my freedom without it I can't make anything. Believe me try spend a day in prison............

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

what's up malaysia 3?

Tomorrow every one says it is Merdeka! Malaya achieved her independence on 31/8/57 which will be 49 years old tomorrow. But to classify Sabah and Sarawak as part of the celebration is wrong. Sabah and Sarawak joined Malaya to form Malaysia on 16/9/63 which will be on 16/9/06. So we shouldnt celebrate Malaysia independence on 31/8/06. It should be in September 16,2006. Do we go the wrong way to celebrate it? Now this year celebration will be held in Kuching which I am afraid has no merit to hold it there on 31 August 06. Time history should be well understood. The political parties should merged into one multi-racial party to group all races to participate in running the country. Gerakan and Keadilan can be counted as the parties accepting all races into the fold. We should consider seriously for the future of the country. We can't have racial base party trying to garner votes every time election is near. Currently UMNO is trying its racial card game on the Chinese which rightly stirs up emotional outbursts from the Chinese base parties and Chinese newspapers and yet the deputy head of UMNO Youth doesnt want to apologise and he had to cheek to say he was misquoted. I believe(read in history text book) Jaffar Onn was a visionary but sadly nobody liked what he saw. He died without seeing his vision came into being. The loose coalition parties formed but each has its own identity to serve each community for the progress of the nation. We are now 49 years (43 years with Sabah and Sarawak) and we should be brave to merge all parties as one component party. Let Jaffar Onn vision comes to fruition 54 years later..Pas political leaders are in denial in Kelantan of the vice activities on her borders. To me as long as there are women and men, prostitution will flourish. What laws we have will not deter the money making flesh trade because it is very difficult to prove the guitly party involved.Bearing in mind men enjoy sexual gratifications in many forms. Sometimes as I said in my blog not many wives allow themselves to be used to satisfy their husbands lust. In the end the guys pay for the services through ladies of the night - they can be secretaries, models, actresses, receptionists, lawyers or doctors or businesswomen or plain professional ladies...Nowadays China Dolls seem to be enjoyed by the elderly guys..The flesh trade no laws can break it. It is the man and woman who decide the course of each life's journey. Now we have religious officers trying to match make these women to get married; hoping to curtail the flesh trade and in so doing the sexual diseases or broken marriages can be solved.I think it is very difficult to do it. In history every government tried to do but it fails miserably. It is better to regulate it so that the authorities can monitor these sex trade properly like in Singapore or New Zealand

Malaysia celebrating Merdeka but not on the actual date itself.....but every one will have an enjoyable time anyway...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

life a breeze

The ceiling fan wasnt functioning since yesterday. Maybe the wire got short circuit because of the heavy downpour and lightning and thunder. The shopowner didnt want to come to look see saying the technician could be coming this week or next week. This guy knows about electrical installations but he provides poor after sales service. I decide not to get anything from him for my new house which is going to be ready by end of the year. I have to do most of the things myself but I am arent good at it. This isnt my forte and it isnt my trade. I never learn the technical operations. I am good at managing people. Now I have nobody to instruct or tell them what to do. I am on my own enjoying all the freebies throwing at me. I make my own time and do what I want. Nowadays my mind is so free of solving problems for anybody....only I blog and write anything I feel like writing about. It rains again. So I can't do much in the garden of the new house here. Dug out holes for shrubs but havent bought any yet. It will take quite awhile before the garden will bloom. Oh....I dont have to hurry it. I am taking my sweet slow time of doing it. The beauty of my life is my own.

it rained ice stones

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Yesterday it rained 'ice stones' in my area. Every one was talking about it. By now I think the whole town folks would have known it. There was heavy downpour, lightning and thunder too. Even my electrical power switches tripped but I managed to switch it back. One of my fans malfunctioned eventhough it wasnt switched on. I have to contact the shop where I bought the fans. Maybe the angels were crying for our sins of destroying our natural gifts which we seem unable to cherish it properly. We seem bend on destroying our natural environment...It is time we woke up to our own follies in pursuing our needs and wants. Take care of nature; nature will take care of us. Where we will go if we dont do it now? Warning signs posted. People should cultivate positive approaches in our pursuits of our needs and wants.

what's up Malaysia 2

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Yesterday I saw the programme of Mawi and Ina aired by RTM. I didnt watch from the beginning but somewhere in the middle of the programme. At least for these two former lovers they could share on stage with ease. Nothing like hot headed former couple. They took it forward. I didnt know Ina could sing. So maybe another pop princess in the making.......since now Siti got married. I believe I will hear about the coming pop princess in the future.. But I can't say of the Customs and MPs. Both parties should sit down and thrash out their problems so that the people involved can get on with their work. In the first place Customs shouldnt show favouritism in awarding cars possesed for sale to VIPs. It should be in open tender so that the people can bid for it after viewing the cars in Custom's depots. Some of those government senior officers dont know the role of MPs in Parliament. MPs should voice it out in Parliament of affairs they thought werent right for any government department in discharging government policies and regulations to the people. The department officials must practise fairness to all races in the country irrespective of race and religion. The PM had said so himself but the little napoleons would derail his efforts. So I said it before sacked these officials who couldnt perform their services to the people. Khairy doesnt want to apologise for his remarks on the Chinese community. A good leader must be able to say sorry. As he stands he sounds to me an arrogant person. It will not help him in his political career. He has committed too many errors for a person schooled in Oxford. I wonder what he had learned in university. Saying sorry doesnt mean one demotes oneself. It is a sign that human made mistakes or errors of judgement. This will carry it around his neck in his political pursuits of which I feel sorry for him.I want to enjoy my leisure time.....Merdeka is another 2 more days. Today I stood nearby road to watch the secondary students practising march pass with band. The schools are gearing up for the Merdeka celebrations even the kindargarten children are singing the national songs...I have forgotten my NegaraKu...

Monday, August 28, 2006

what's up Malaysia?

The SME loans for all. Really? AAB should go to the ground and find out why it is only catered to the Bumiputras ignoring the Non-Malays. Now in the MCA assembly he gave the directive that SME loans should be for all and not biased on race. He knows about the little napoleons who distracted his lofty aims for the people. I think he should sack those civil servants who try to promote their own race forgetting that Malaysia is multi-racial multi-religious country. But I am just dreaming....Now in Penang UMNO wants the cake and eat it too. The party feels the Malays in Penang will be like Singapore. Again UMNO talks about race. If that is the case then other races will start asking the same question. I think UMNO Penang has its own secret agenda to rule Penang. The party just can't stomach it that it is run by Gerakan a BN coalition partner. Even the president/PM advice, Penang UMNO doesnt take heed. I wonder why. MCA Youth blasted Khairy on his racial remark on the Chinese. He got his impact but claimed he was misquoted. He shouldnt have use the Chinese for his punching bag. Without the Chinese and Indian, the Malays won't get the independence from the British. I think UMNO has forgotten it and trying to push it that it is UMNO which got the freedom from the British. Bapak Malaysia couldn't sleep in his grave...listening to the younger UMNO leaders bashing the other races in the country. They dont show respect to the elders. Pity. Case in point Nazri. Kubang Pasu Youth passed a resolution to sack him from UMNO for showing disrespect to his former PM and President Dr Mahathir. UMNO leaders seem so afraid of Dr M. They try many ways to silence him....even meeting his old friends seem so difficult for Dr M. The Chief Secretary retires this Saturday after many years of renewal of contract. It is a pity that the government doesnt introduce a second liner to succeed the top post. Nobody knows who will be the Chief Secretary..which resulted in grouses amonst the senior officers. Mycard is tampered free yet it is reported that illegals managed to get it. So how can it happen?

A few more days Malaysia turns 49 years old...............

Sunday, August 27, 2006

sex haven

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Tumpat has become the new sex haven. After Golok.....temporary dies owing to the political differences, the skin trade shifted operations to Tumpat as the new soccer of the North. So this sleepy town will boom with tourists - local and foreign- for a night football or sometimes free fall. Money is still the game. As long as there are women to provide their services in whatever forms, the guys will flock to the town. Single or married guys the women want to survive. Single guys many can understand but married guys? Basically not many wives provide extra services to their husbands or they guys want to practise new methods and the wives laughed it off or decline to participate. In the books of lasting marriages, the married couples should participate and engagge in wholesome sex The guys will try new ways to copulate but the wives arent interested. This I think what causes the married guys visit the flesh trade. It is money to satisfy his lust of new ways of sex. In this context, the paid women will allow the sexual needs to be satisfied. This is a lucrative business. The police will find it hard to crack the operations. Some go by contact only from hotel to hotel. Some work alone like you find in KL or Subang. Just a click and the woman will arrive at your doorstep. Mind you some of these women are professionals working full time jobs....but because of loneliness or because they want zest in their lives or because they want to earn more money as well as satisfying their sexual is through contact that one can get hold of these women..Tumpat is the vibrating thing the authorities wont crack hard so soon because of economy.....

Saturday, August 26, 2006

local gossips

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Sugar shortage....the government is talking. Action takes ages to arrive. Now the DPM gave warning to the sugar manufacturers to increase production after over a month citing the Hari Raya celebrations. The strong action must be taken to alleviate the problem facing the people. It is the profit motive that had derailed the sugar production. Today a restaurant owner told me he couldnt get his sugar. He had to travel to the city walked in to a hypermarket but he failed to get any. How fast can the sugar production returns to normal? A woman forged invoices to pay for her gambling habits to a tune of over US2.3 million in lotto games. You can play or gamble but know your limit and know when to stop too. Lotto game is a game of chance and luck. There is only one winner in every draw or sharing winners in a draw. The mathematical winning is a very slim chance to hit the jackpot. This is why it is called 'a lucky game' But in Malaysia it seems many people strike every draw. The jackpot can't reach to a fat pool because every draw somebody hits the jackpot. And Dr M asked for a probe on AAB on the food for oil scandal during Sadam Hussein regime. I believe it came out last year through US statistics but nothing much was said in the local press. AAB name was mentioned in the report. Nothing was raised or no positive response came from the government. I think transparency is a cheap word. Use it and discard it away. AAB has to answer but he keeps quiet. Slogans in politics are cheap shots which can't be translated into tangible goods or mould people to live positive life or values..Nay...we are all suckers when we thought we could have something from the government...just remember greed corrupts the mind every time all the times. going for her 49 years of Merdeka

Friday, August 25, 2006

single women snatched married men

Ah....the fire burning the bed rocking! Single women go after married men. So the guys must have a great time. No? The female Casanovas whispering words of endearment to the guys. Nowadays with handphones the single women go after with flame of desires.There is no time barrier. It is to see who will take the bait. Ah...Casanova! It's the feminine world. Truthfully they are. They are the ones who make it happen. Rumours said Siti snatched her present husband but she denied. She said she met her husband when he was alone and single. There was no question of she rocking someone's married life.After Siti there was Amber Chia who goes after a married guy. As reported in the Star newspaper she sent over 20 SMSes to this guy yet she denied she did. Because she was busy preparing for her role in a feature film. Sometimes I wish people should accept their actions and come out clean. I have read reports eventually it is the truth. Case in point Siti and Datuk Khalid where Siti kept ignoring the rumour and finally she married him on 21/8/06. Why keep the suspence when it is the truth? Say it out loud and one doesnt have to keep pretending. Me? I am safely tucked away in my internet virtual world. Safe and sound with freedom to explore what I want and nobody can stop me....

Malaysia dont get hitched on the wrong side!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

teach them trades

Snatch thieves have become rampant in our country. Is it the fault of our education system? We are teaching our youths the wrong approach to live. How come they can't fend for themselves and go the way of crimes? We are conducting our lives on good grades forgetting about bad grades. So can these youths do when they get poor grades? Harapannya memang sukar. Akhirnya jadi orang pencuri. They can't think rationally for themselves. They find life is one tough cookie to crack. Snatch thieves cost lives too. Do these people understand it? In my view I think they want to survive. They dont care how they get it as long as they can survive! In this context our education system fails. Education is a way to train to be good in life but because of the structured contents on public examinations without thinking skills, we have produced some zombies on our roads....Teach them trade after SPM. Take all of those poor grades to learn skills with their hands.....eventually they will become traders to ply their skills....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

housebuyers beware

Housebuyers should note the financial standing of a housing developer. You dont want to lose your money and your house, do you? Normally a housing developer has to inform through advertisement whether has land is free (without borrowings from banks). In this way the house buyers can get a good deal. My view it is the best deal in buying a property. If a developer mortgages his land, the bank(s) has the absolute right to dispose it though part of land maybe sold to the housebuyers which hasnt completed. The housebuyers will be the last to get compensation when the developer is bankrupt. In this scenario, the housebuyers can kiss goodbye to their properties on the land and their cash put in. It is in this case there will be nothing left after the bank(s) take its share followed by other secured creditors. Whatever will happen then, the housebuyers will get the peanuts. Sad but it is true.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

a leader leads always

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When you are a leader, you must lead. You can't follow others and call yourself a leader. In fact you can't wait for support to show you are a leader. When you lead, the followers will follow. This is the basic concept of leadership. AAB said he got inspiration to work because the people in Kelantan support him...This isnt a leader for the country...It is a follower waiting for the sound of a leader before he acts. I think AAB should read the rule of management and try to understand what he has to do. On the top it is always lonely. You make your own decision with all data at hands. You think you can go wrong then dont make a decision. Likewise when you are confident then you make it happen. Did he reprimand UMNO youth deputy head for bringing up racial card in his speech? It is seditious trying to run down a race. Have they bankrupt of ideas? The problem with the ruling party with the support of the coalition partners is that the party forgot the basic service to help those in need and the nation. Now it is more towards buttering for favours to promote one agenda in climbing the political ladder of success.

Malaysia.....let them dream of one nation!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

casanova on the prowl

Casanova on the prowl. The lonely women and divorcees beware. You are the target group. These guys know how to sweet talk to you. They know how lonely you can be without some one special to hold you whole day. The lonely nights drive you nuts.The taste of sexual needs is the ultimate fall. These Casanovas roamed the cities advertise in the newspapers with multiple handphone numbers with different names. They snake in to your life sweet, innocent, knight in the shining armour, the women fall head on with them. They romance beautifully take you to exotic restaurants and drive in expensive cars. When they find that you are hooked then they pushed their plans to extract what they want from you - sex and money. So the single mothers should be aware and so are the divorcees. When your emotional needs are low, you dont know what to see. You just feel happy when a guy comes to be cozy with you. Let your eyes see, be bold to say no, know what is your feeling and take your time to look in the market, just dont jump from the pan into the fire though your desire may incite you to go for it; afterall no venture no gain....but just be careful when your emotion is in a limbo. You dont see things clearly at all..............................

khairy slammed on racial card

UMNO youth is playing on the racial card. Everything must be run by Malays. First independence wasnt achieved by the Malays alone. It is with the help of the Chinese and Indians who formed the backbone in the Alliance to win the trust of the British Government which allowed 'Malaya' to get her freedom. This is the score in history which our present leadership tended to ignore or perhaps forget. I read every where nothing is mentioned about Malaysians. It is always about race. We are going to be 49 years this August 31 and Malaysia Day on 16/9/06 yet the racial card is still used to steam roll in the politics. As I said in my previous posts, greed will be the downfall of a race or a party. History has taught us it is always true. Islam is to bring peace and harmony to all people irrespective of religion, color or greed or whatever signs/belief put in. UMNO should understand the concept of power sharing in the country. A party can not fight on its own to get the full cake. It has to share with the other members in the coalition. Dont get fooled by the majority numbers to be arrogant in the ways of political pursuit. Sharing is the glue to unite in a single entity to prosper the country. Apparently the UMNO youth wings have different perception in pursuit of the leaders aim in life. I feel sad with these narrow sighted leaders in the country. When a leader is weak, this is what one would see and hear. In management a worker will push and push to get what he wants; and if the manager doesnt condone his act he will continue to take for granted that he can get his ways, which will become his in the long term because the manager dares not reprimand the worker; and eventually his managerial skills are compromised and ultimately the administration backfires. We have to think as Malaysians not by race or religion. The BN should dissolve and form a single party with all the races be as one like 'A Malaysian Party' Currently it is a racial party formed in a coalition to protest the interest of each race. I view it as dividing the race. It should be long as we still think as a race...the country will walk on a time bomb where everyone will look behind with every step.(The Time BOMB by Lim Kit Siang) I just wish politicians shouldn't talk about race and what they are losing and what they want the leaders to give them.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

the party wants to survive

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No party can be arrogant; no man should tower over other men; without suffering the consequences of forgetting where the beginning was. No leader should forget his roots. It is from where he came from. For a party to survive, the leaders must be fair and treat others with dignity. History has shown how empire collapsed through arrogance, power crazy and inhuman acts, unbalance distribution of wealth, creating fear and torture, unleashed special hit squad to do the dirty work, finally the people revolt when suffering becomes too inhuman to bear. The wishes of the people must be recognised. No party can survive ignoring the masses requests even with arms rule eventually it will crack...maybe 10 years or 50 years it will come..Changes must be good for all; it can't be for one race or one party itself.

love unites nation

PRIME BLESSING: Abdullah sprinkling scented water on the bride and the groom in the menepung tawarceremony. Courtesy from The Star 20/8/06
Love unites nation
AAB tells his audience
On the marriage rituals
He attended recently
Economic must be vibrant
Every one has something to do
Finding wealth to live easy life
The nation should provide
No job no love no nation
The people cry of hunger
Without job no dignity
How to love a nation?
Give them wealth
Making them earn a living
In their hearts know what to do
Love blossom wealth smile
The people care the nation

Saturday, August 19, 2006

demands and demands

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My nation my home yet I find the country's policies tend towards favouring one race. The country is meant for all races called Malaysians. Every policy or rules and regulations should favour all parties not just one particular party in the expense of the others. To me it isnt fair in the economic distribution. The government has tried for the past 49 years to help one race but the policies stil suggest it isnt enough. When too much has been taken for granted,ultimately the favoured race will face its own downfall. Read history. Greed is the downfall for all nations or people. Now I hear the Penang UMNO wants the cake. The National UMNO youth head too jumed into the wagon. Demands and demands. Now the Penang UMNO youth wanted the Chief Minister of Penang to resign as PDC chairman saying that the Malay is not represented. In fact the whole committee memmbers are Malays only the chairman is the Chief Minister who is a Chinese. Lately the Malays in Penang seemed to be very vocal forgetting that it is a social contract inked by the forefathers of the country that every one is one race called Malaysian. In spite what AAB who is the UMNO president said, the youth wing in Penang defied his orders. In my view AAB should disciplined his members of his party. They are in power to rule the country by the cooperation of the other parties in the coalition. Alone I dont think they can rule the country at all for 49 years. Look at it UMNO members should be grateful that they gain so many at the expense of the other parties in the country. So I dont know why the members keep asking for more? Cukuplah beri peluang kepada orang yang lain. Merekapun nak cari rezeki juga....

Malaysia wake up before it is too late.......!!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

kucing chokes

Kuching chokesKuching chokes

Low visibility: The haze in Sarawak has become worse. Fires in more than 1,000ha of oil palm plantations in Samarahan, Sri Aman and Betong divisions in southern Sarawak, are adding to the worsening haze enveloping the state.

This is the problem facing the country every year beginning from middle of July to October. We say and shout, criticise the government for talking and talking and no action at all. Even the kampong folks careless what is happening. The simple pakciks and makciks will burn rubbish smoking in the sky and on national TV asking people to stop open burning but there is no enforcement in the country. What is the point? I always hear tak cukup orang nak supervise. Why can't these officers just go out and catch the culprits? No wonder I find nothing new in Kucing chokes. It had happened last year. This year what is new? Choke again! The government should tackle this problem of haze urgently. AAB shouldnt keep quiet. He should instruct the department concerned to monitor and scout the country side. There shouldnt be any excuse tak cukup orang....

Kucing chokes.....AAB announced the Industrial Master Plan from 2006-2020....Isnt it great? The country will face more problems in our midst. One major problem belum selesai dan announced the Industrial Master Plan in the end the country will choke itself. The government should clean up the polluted rivers, dumpsites, and air in the country. These areas too involved employment for many people and companies.....

grass and palm trees

Today I spent the whole day doing nothing in the new house. A luxury I could afford. Mop floor, sweep floor and clean doors and banister. Actually waiting for the nursery guy to plant in pearl grass and yellow palm trees on the garden. Now the place looks inviting to stay. But there are more plants to buy and plant for example red palm trees, small fact I am not good with plant names. I see what I want then I order it. Got 23 flower pots and more to come in.....Dug out 9 holes for the yellow palm trees. Tomorrow to decide what to do with it. Need to buy black soil or collect cow dung act as manure. My area many cows roaming on the streets or public field...So gearing up for the new house...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

what i read

Dr M gave much to Malaysia during his term in office - 22 years - of dignity, mega projects, recognition in the World especially less developed nations and Malaysia first all the times. He left his power gracefully on his appoinited successor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in 2003. He founded the New UMNO became the first president. Now on his retirement he didnt like what he saw. He criticised the AAB administration for being 'half past 6' Yet many leaders ask the people to give AAB time to plan his moves. It is over 3 years AAB hasnt moved forward. Islam Hadhari why wrote it when people just forget? Controversies in our midst yet no positive response but more puzzling questions need more answers. Dr M sacked the wrong person then. He shouldnt have dismissed Anwar Ibrahim on a flimsy charged coined by those who were afraid of Anwar's influence in the party. Now Anwar is fighting a different battle but will he succeed out of UMNO is a difficult agenda to understand. Right now, in my view he should rejoin UMNO and fight within the party to reestablish himself. Dr M realized he is fighting on his own. No UMNO leader comes to defend him or say something to affect the groundwork in the party. These UMNO leaders for 22 years said good things about Dr M and now they never came to defend the man who brought them to their power game. I remembered what Tunku said 'Politics is a dirty game' What did AAB do for the country? It is so quiet.......I dont see ripples in the seas Dr M gave us dignity but he also gave us a black eye but above all he gave us the 'Malaysia Bolih' spirit to march on. One of the issues I didnt like what he did was the sacking of Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar could be a better choice to usher us in the 21st century. Now I dont know where the present government is heading. Apparently everything is screwed up. Sugar shortage no solution yet. Petrol hike which I think it will go up. Currently it is at US78 a barrel but it will increase by then, police drags feet to solve crimes otherwise we dont see daylight snatch thieves and robberies and even murders, UMNO National Youth leader sanctioned burning of flags of Britain/USA/Israel - what a wrong way to tell the world! Cronies ah everywhere!!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

robbers and thieves

I have read reports of robberies in the homes. So it is still true that the thieves entered a private home between 3-4 am. This is the time of deep sleep nobody would know anything. Putting grills in the whole house will cause a problem when a house is on fire. Too many incidents had happened yet the house owners have no choice but to put it up. (I did in my new house though I had calculated I could escape easily in case of a fire - through balcony door downstair sliding door and or main door and I installed CCTV for the house so I guess I am cool on it) The latest report I read a family of 3 was gagged and roped and the Indonesian thieves escaped with about $80,000. I wonder why kept so many valuables in the house? Why not keep it in the save deposit boxes in the banks? The Indonesian thieves entered through the bathroom windows. Personally the Indonesian thieves observed the house and study its layout from the outside. From there they calculated the risks involved. To them no grilled doors in the house it is easy to enter...A thief will not simply go to a house and rob...he studies the place well at least to him it is safe to rob..

coliseum dreams

Coliseum staysColiseum stays

The show goes on for the Coliseum cinema! The heritage building will not be acquired or leased by the Government. Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim assured cinema owner Dr Chua Seong Siew that there was “no question” of the Government taking over the cinema. From The Star

Finally Dr Rais Yatim heard the voices of the people. In the first place he shouldnt even open his mouth to acquire Coliseum. There are so many rundown government buildings he could use for his project. I seriously hope the government heed the rakyat views to clean and maintain its own buildings. After all it is tax payers sweat and tears to see the country progress....

And the scenic bridge is no more. AAB said it is final. No scenic bridge. The government didnt give good reasons of cancelling the project. First awarded the contract then a few months later it was cancelled. This scenic bridge project was discussed for many years which I am sure all legal implications had been looked into otherwise why awarded the project then cancelled it? The government thinks it is child's play with the masak masak things..... is wonderful you could change colors

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

ecm-libra 2

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A stockbroker said that Khairy would have lost something like $650,000/- not $200,000/- So Khairy should explain his losses. It has generated much public debate which I believe PM told them to dispose their shares in ECM-Libra. Kalimullah admitted that he was asked to sell his shares. Yet the issues will not be abated because the PAC want to find out the truth about it. Now it was said the funding was through government's money through one of its GLC companies. If that is so, then PAC has a duty to find out the truth.

the place i stay

My new house is done for now. The soft ware needs to plan and put in place. Currently, it is on the planning board stage. It hasnt moved though I went scouting around since last week. Paint job done. Automatic gate done. Grilled doors and windows done. CCTV done. Curtains and blinds done. Dining table and chairs including sofa set done. Wet and dry kitchen done. Air con units living and rooms done. Lighting about 90% done leaving me with the dining light and island down light (can't find a design to blend in) Master bedroom divan and mattress done. Second room done. Third and fourth rooms pending. Wardrobe pending. Table lamps pending. Mirrors pending. Accesssories for dry and wet kitchen pending. Garden plants and grass pending too. Wall fountain done. Garden table and chairs pending. Now I sit and view. It isnt easy to get what I want. But I am not in a hurry to shift in because I still staying in my first home. Then I have to look at my 3rd house which is nearly 90% completed. Only need to tar the road, put in the fittings and fix the water and electricity meters then house can be handed over to the owner. Then I have another round of running to source for things in the house. I booked this house because it is facing the public garden and playground where I can jog and walk around when I stay for a day or two.

cost of sickness

Bitter pillBitter pill

Malaysians are finding it tough to swallow the price increase for popular drugs like diabetic and birth control pills, medicines to treat erectile dysfunction, and cholesterol and hypertension pills. External factors including higher foreign exchange rates and expensive raw material have caused imported drugs to rise by up to 28% annually for the past 10 years.

courtesy The Star

First of all take care of one's health everyday. When you are born, your mother knows how to breastfeed you until you are old enough to fend yourself. You are health then and you dont visit doctors so often. Only when you select your own food, problems start arriving. Every food that tastes good has side effect to derail your health like KFC, McDonald, fried fish, overcooked vegetables, fried mee, carbonated drinks and so on so on....Diseases arent blossom in one day. It comes in later years when you continue to create havoc in your body systems. Finally the soldiers give you up. You are defenceless when the enemies finally marching up to your border. Then it is so easy to fall sick. Only a few commandors raid the enemy's territory where you get well for awhile then fall sick again. You can't take unhealthy food all the times. You have to balance your diet so that these active diets will block and kill the unwanted suckers marauding into your body systems. You eat well you survive for a long time..Then you dont have to worry about 'bitter pill' to swallow on a low salary....

Malaysia.......her people take too much sugar!!

boy george

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Do you really want to hurt me? This was the song popular in the 80s sung by Boy George with his band 'The Culture Club' Now I dont hear them singing...only occasionately about Boy George who ran foul with the law. The entertainers always forget their roots when they hit big time. Suddenly they forgot where they came from. They are famous and rich and back home they dont want to touch their roots. This could be the root cause of their problems. One must not forget one roots. It is there to stablise your focus when money brings richness into life. As long as you know where you come from, knowing how hard you struggle to make it, you won't get it wrong when richness comes knocking at your door. The foundation is solid. You can take it anywhere you want. You don't have to worry. You invest wisely. You dont simply splash your wealth away. You let it grow for you in future years when popularity wanes.......(Jamal Abdillah admitted he wasted his money on drugs. He tried every one of them. He sold his house, car and career to fund his drug habit. Now he has come around. He found his way back.) Now Boy George has to do community service in New York City for filing false report on a burglary in his apartment. He hurts himself. I guess his home is on stage where he finds his way to be himself...

Monday, August 14, 2006

solid support for PM

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UMNO leaders will support the AAB. Who wouldnt? In politics the party leaders will follow the leader. There is no dividing line. UMNO can't afford to have division of labour in its objectives. Either you toe the line or you are out. This is the rule of the game. When you are active in the party and endeavours to climb the ladder of leadership you will say and support the party president and prime minister of the country. Bearing in mind PM is also the CEO of the country and the voters are the shareholders who will decide every 5 years who will lead the country. In between the election, the PM has the power to carry out his duties to do his best he could afford supported by his Cabinet members. And majority are from his own party leaders. So automatically he will get their support. You think these leaders will refuse? I dont think so. Even in a company, the GM will get his support form his heads of department and lower ranking employees. Same thinking who wouldn't? The GM has the power to recruit and terminate workers, fixed salary and increase salary including bonuses for the year. Any employee who show dissent will be packed off on any minor mistake or infraction through warning letters and finally on Domestic Inquiry to kick the employee out. The full machinery will be used to effectively level flat the worker faults....likewise I dont think the political party works out differently.


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Khairy sold all his shares in ECM-Libra after much controversy on his financing. He reportedly said he lost $200,000/- on disposing his shares though he said he could make some money but he decided to make a loss. Has he made another issue on disposing his shares? David Chua one of the founders of the company cashed out his shares too. The chairman of the company too scaled down his shares holding of the company by loading off his shares in the market which was bought by a sub-company of Amcorp Bhd. In the beginning there was the believe of making money through merger with a GLC company to become one of the big investment banks. Could AAB direct the selling of shares to avoid further issue on the company?

Malaysia....the citizens just follow orders

Sunday, August 13, 2006

our turtles

Save our turtlesSave our turtles

EXCLUSIVE: Following the recent pronouncement by the UNEP that the giant leatherback turtle is already extinct. The Turtle and Marine Ecosystem Centre, which disputes the UNEP finding, is not about to give up. It has recorded five nestings in the current season.

courtesy The Star

Like politics they disappear

Our turtles nestling on the East Coast

On the high tides the hunters wait

Like the opposition waiting for the take

Rumbling with the sea waves

Struggling to uphold justice

Along come the corrupted sands

Inviting yet drilling with doom

Our turtles come in droves

Now only some return

I am sad it has happened

One of the sparks of life disappear

I pray the good light fight for them

Multiply and be merry again

popular cars stolen

Go to to see the top 10 most stolen luxury vehicles.
Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles
  1. Cadillac Escalade
  2. Hummer H2
  3. BMW 7L Series
  4. Honda S2000 Convertible
  5. Lincoln Navigator
  6. Chevrolet Avalanche
  7. Mercedes-Benz S-Class
  8. Chevrolet Corvette
  9. Mercedes-Benz SL-Class Convertible
  10. BMW X5
 Top 10 Most Stolen Luxury Vehicles

I dont have to worry about my cars got stolen eh? The best is to drive old cars or buy second hand cars. In this way car thieves won't take a second look. I am driving a Toyota & Mazda....but these are cars arent popular amongst the car thieves...yet my Mazda was stolen once before but the police managed to get it back within 6 months with more or less intact...lucky me..So I guess in Malaysia car thieves will go for the popular brands like Mercedes or BMW or Camry and some Proton cars - Waja and Gen maybe Satria Neo - a racing car in the black market

Though I can afford a luxurious car, it is best to remain incognito. I dont want to draw publicity which will attract a different kind of people looking for me. Yep.....I want to remain as silent as the night as happy as the sun beams its glory to the sky.............I can walk everywhere and nobody will take a second look at me...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Datuk K's ex-wife

courtesy of The Star

Tengku Zawyah Tengku Izham got what she wanted from Datuk K. Congratulations to her for settling her marriage in a amicable way. There was no tantrums only a peaceful settlements between two matured adults on their marriage turned sour. Now both can carry on with their lives. Datuk K with his coming marriage to the Pop Princess Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin. I just wish every divorce moves in an orderly manner without any more brickbats throwing at each other. The man should be responsible in his maintenance towards his ex-wife and children. He shouldnt shrieked his tanggung jawabnya. In this way the ex-wife and children will be grateful for his help in times of needs. Of course he should inform his ex-wife and children if he has financial problems in later years. So that they shouldnt skin him alive!!!!

Once married it has to make it work; but sometimes the couple changed. Life expectations on each other diverted into something else. The interests change. I know it is always in the marriage bed that problems arise. So it is no good to say NO in the bedroom!!! It is the place to share intimate delicacies and fantasies, problems and dreams and children if any. It is not a place to fight or argue or throw at each other. In time the marriage will fail. When the injuries strike to either party, it will take a long while to heal. Sometimes forgiving is so difficult that living separately is the only way out of the emotional turmoil brewing in the mind. It takes a positive outlook to bring the marriage life to work. It takes hard revaluation and both parties must strive to improve on their marriage life. For consolation Masters and Johnson too divorced in later years though they were expert on married life

Malaysia....many China Dolls for the taking....the guys shouldnt be fooled by these women!

domestic abuse

Why women and children got domestic abuse? I am thinking about the women who are scarred for life in the hands of their husbands/boyfriends. I always know that gangsters or rascals attract women. Maybe these guys are brave and willing to fight for any cause which attract the women. Perhaps, women choices are hard to understand. I have seen pretty women went out with ugly guys....or guys with a long list of police mapsheet. It is the bravery aspect I guess which attracted the women....but for the domestic abuse????? Women just keep silence. Do they enjoy the physical abuse? They dont really report on their husbands or boyfriends afraid of reprisals or what? In their minds they think by allowing themselves to be abused they could reform these sick guys? Mind you some women are highly educated yet they allow themselves to be used and abused - in mind and in physical form - but they fail to report because rasa malu nanti semua orang tahu? They should send the sicky guys to hell!!!!

a terrorist like a cockroach

courtesy of nst
When Hezbollah attacked Israelis soldiers, the World knew the Middle East silky package would be shattered. True. The Israelis government launched its offensive attacks on Lebanon which provides a haven for these terrorists to grow and multiply in the hope to defeat the West Capitalists. The rest of the Muslim countries condemned the attacks. But why dont they advice Hezbollah to stop attacking the stronger party across the Lebanon border. Now the terrorists are using innocent people to shelter their causes. When the innocents are killed, the Muslim countries blame the Israelis soldiers for not showing concern on casualties of innocent lives. In the first place the terrorists never use the rules of war. As I used to comment, when you are at a weaker position, it is better to negotiate for peace and fight it in the polls. Withdraw and strike for a peaceful solution. It is so simple to acknowledge this group is the leader and act accordingly. It is because of pride and ego where lives are lost unnecessarily. In truth dont engage the innocent victims to play for a cause. Hezbollah uses it and Israelis has to strike it. As a result innocent lives are lost or maimed. A Muslim brother shouldnt help a Muslim brother who uses force to create tension in his home. Islam is peace and one would have to work it from there. When one forgets about pride, greed and ego, peace is our salvation. Yet these people can recite the verses front to back; back to front but fail to understand the principle of Islam. One of which is the way to heavens is to help our fellow brothers and sister to pursue the right path but not to encourage war on the other religious brothers/sisters. I dont believe Allah/God intends it this way. As long as our hearts are full of egoism, hatred, greed, lust, power, etc we dont find heavens in our minds..............
Malaysia wants peace and harmony.........

Friday, August 11, 2006

Dr M rumblings again

Dr M rumblings continue. I am sure I will get many information out of it. Unless OSA curtailed his criticisms of the present government whom the majority served under him before. What make Dr M going after the present government? Many forums highlighted, I assume, the broken promises then. Promises are an important element of managing. If one breaks his/her honour, one shouldnt be in the driving seat. One can't cite the public sentiments to break a promise. Because when one makes a promise, one doesnt take into consideration the public sentiments. In my view AAB never addresses the issues raised by Dr M. He ignored it totally. By giving the green light for the relevant ministers to reply, in my view AAB can't take it for himself to present it to Dr M who was his Boss at one time...when AAB served under him. A leader must be able to go to the ground; in fact a leader must be able to humble himself; which is the way how a leader promote peace and harmony in his rule. Though Dr M isnt free of weaknesses in his administration, he did something good for the country. Now he feels his legacy is under attacked by his 'enemines'. He feels he has no recourse to air his views or criticisms even his own party doesnt give him an avenue for him to present his case. This is the man who founded UMNO BARU. He is the first president of UMNO Baru where the current UMNO members seem to forget. The old UMNO was deregistered in 1987. Immediately after that Dr M set up UMNO Baru and the Barisan chairman post was held temporary by Dr Ling Leong Sik, president of MCA then. It is a long way then for Dr M. Now I think UMNO tends to forget his contributions to the party. AAB should act fast in his administration. He can't wait for his time. He has to work like it is his last term in office. Morover he was in Dr M cabinet. He should know what needs to be done. I dont subscribe that he needs more time. I should say he should create sparks in his administration otherwise he wont get his chance to make it right for himself. I believe Dr M may have something in his sleeve that the ordinary people like me wouldnt know. So I am opening my eyes to read revalue what is happening in AAB's administration.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


I was reading a book on small business management. About how these small enterprises helped the country's economy during the period of 70's 80's 90's These group of enterprises really helped to sustain employment in the country( example UK & USA) During recession these small businesses are the ones who pulled in the business. As such of its power that the governments offered attractive benefits for these people to succeed in their endeavours. Now I recalled the Malaysian Government is doing the right objective to encourage these developments in the country. But I feel sad because the government is helping one race and sidelined the other races in the country. The objective is encouraging business development
by an individual or a group of individuals to sustain or increase the economy of the country. In towns or rural areas, there are mushrooming of shops or outlets built by the government agencies for the Malays. Perhaps the government wants to push the Malays to actively involved in the world of business. Also offering easy loans and assistance. These in my view won't make them a successful businessman. They have to learn to walk before they run. You let them run for how long before they collapse on the roads? SME/SMI is the corner stone for economically generate sources of income/products for the country and people. The policy must be equally distributed to all the people and no quota systems tweed into its rules.

pak lah tells all 2

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Management is telling the truth right down the workers. There is no room to deceive or tell lies. Because you cheat yourself. You are dealing with humans; and humans have a knack of finding out of truths and lies. Many management gurus and politicians talk about this field of management but they dont practise it at home. You know the reasons. They are good at advicing people but they dont get it right at home - wives and children. Because wives and children know them so well that they can't escape what they want to convey. Wives and children smell and they can feel it. But the outsiders will feel the 'charging of batteries' of something new to adopt....hold on a minute.....dont flow blindly with the "Pied Piper and his children" So has our PM told us the truth nothing but the truth? Here are something I carved out from the internet of Ibnu Hakeem in Malaysiakini

1) Scomi won the RM120 million contract to supply those buses. Later, Scomi also won a RM60 million contract to supply train coaches to KTM Berhad. Scomi then won the contract to transport coal for Tenaga Nasional Bhd. Scomi controlled by his son got many contracts mostly government linked through AAB's position as Prime Minister and Finance Minister

2) Abdullah says 80 percent of Scomi's business is from overseas. But he forgot to mention that all that business is from following Petronas around the world.

3) Khairy has interest in ECM-Libra of over 9.5 million shares bought over Avenue Capital Berhad, a government linked company, for a planned merger to create one of the nation's largest investment bank her power she bestows whom she pleases...I want! I want!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

coliseum in KL 2

Coliseum lease planColiseum lease plan

Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim has offered an amicable solution to the controversial proposed acquisition of the 86-year-old Coliseum cinema in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. He is proposing to lease the Coliseum cinema instead of acquiring it, after taking into consideration the public outcry and concerns of cinema owner Dr Chua Seong Siew.

courtesy The Star

Dr Rais Yatim said the government would lease the building from the owner, Dr Chua Seong Siew, after the public outcry of his statement. But the City Hall gave the owner an official letter to quit the building within 30 days and a payment of $500,000/-! It is ridiculous! Dont they coordinate each other at all? One says lease the building one says vacant the building within 30 days. You see how the little napoleons work behind the minister. The building owner has submitted the demand to vacant the building to his lawyers to handle. The building is worth millions and it is a business going concern. The court of law will look at differently. This is what our PM should step in and clarify. Listen to the people wishes. It is not something the rakyat wanted to say. It is a place to entertain and the owner maintains the building in superb condition. The government should look into its own buildings in the city and furnished into a museum which I think it will cost less on the tax payers' money.

LCD or Plasma TV

Boning Up on Flat-Panel Televisions
Adapted From: Hdtv For Dummies

Panasonic TH-50PX500U Television

Flat-panel TV technology - super-thin HDTVs that you can hang on the wall like a painting - have really taken a prime place in the HDTV-buying field.
There's a good reason for this mania - flat panels provide a large viewing area with almost no intrusion into your HDTV viewing room. If that was all they did, they'd be pretty cool - but they can offer a very high-quality HDTV picture, as well.

Loving Your LCD

LCD HDTVs can make for excellent HDTV viewing. Here are a few reasons why:
Excellent color: LCDs can display millions of colors and do so accurately (meaning the color coming off the screen is faithful to the color in your broadcast or recording).
PC-monitor-capable: You can use many LCD HDTVs as big (huge!) PC monitors.
No burn-in: HDTVs that rely on phosphors, such as CRTs and plasmas, can, under certain circumstances, experience burn-in, where ghost images are permanently burned into the screen. LCDs are immune from this phenomenon - so feel free to play video games, watch the CNBC stock ticker all day, and so on with no fear.
Inherently progressive: LCDs use millions of tiny transistors that can be individually controlled by the "brains" inside the display. So LCDs can easily handle progressive-scan sources.
You may want to consider a few other issues before you choose an LCD HDTV:
Expensive for their size: LCD HDTVs are great, but they're not cheap. Of course, all flat-panel TVs are relatively pricey, but LCD HDTVs typically cost more, per inch, than do plasmas.
Poor reproduction of blacks: Black images are among the hardest for most TVs to reproduce. LCD TVs tend to produce grays, not blacks.
Limited viewing angle: LCDs typically have a poor viewing angle - the angle you can sit away from perpendicular and still see a clear image on-screen. Manufacturers have been working diligently to improve this characteristic (with some success). Check the specs before you buy - most LCD HDTVs have viewing angles listed in their specifications.
Slow pixel response time: The individual pixels within an LCD HDTV take a slight amount of time to change color and intensity. For really fast-moving video content, an LCD TV can end up with some artifacts (visible flaws) where the picture from a previous frame is still slightly visible on-screen as the new one is being drawn. Typically, this isn't a huge and noticeable deal, but it's not beyond the realm of possibility that you may notice it.
Limited brightness: The LCD is a transmissive system - light is shined through the liquid crystals. Some of that light gets absorbed or reflected back away from the viewer. This means that LCD displays are not as bright as CRT, plasma, and even some projection TVs - this could be a factor in a brightly lit room.

Everyone's crazy about plasma

Plasma TVs combine a thin, compact chassis with a truly large (even huge) screen size, and then add beautiful high-definition pictures to the mix. For many potential HDTV buyers, plasmas really fit the bill.
A plasma screen contains literally millions of gas-filled cells (each one acting as a single image pixel) trapped between two pieces of glass. An electrical grid zaps these cells and causes the gases to ionize (and ionized gas is plasma - hence the name). The ionized gases, in turn, cause a layer of phosphor on the viewer's side layer of glass to light up.
Despite their compact dimensions (in the "depth" direction at least - many plasmas are only about 4 inches deep), you can find plasma HDTVs in 42-, 50-, and even 60-plus-inch sizes. Imagine a 4- or 5-inch-deep HDTV that spans 5 feet diagonally, and you can see the instant appeal of plasma.

Other benefits of plasma displays include these:

Excellent brightness: Plasma HDTVs don't rely on a light bulb shining through or reflecting off of something (as an LCD or DLP system does). Plasma brightness is even better than CRT's in some ways because the picture is evenly bright across the entire screen. In a CRT, on the other hand, you always have some slight (or not so slight) difference in brightness as the electron beam reaches different parts of the screen.
High resolution: The finest plasma TVs have such high resolutions (and such smooth images) that they look like nothing more than beautiful film images.
Progressive by nature: All the pixels on the screen light up simultaneously. You can have progressive HDTV sources (such as 720p) and non-HDTV sources (such as progressive-scan DVD players) displayed to full advantage on a plasma HDTV.
A wide viewing angle: Plasma displays have a good picture even when you're sitting "off axis" (not perpendicular to the screen surface). This is a huge benefit for smaller rooms, where viewers may sit relatively far off to the sides of the screen, at wider angles.
Plasma's not perfect, of course:
Susceptible to burn-in: Any system that uses a phosphor screen to display video can fall victim to phosphor burn-in.
Shorter lifespan: Another phenomenon of any phosphor-based display system is that eventually the phosphors "wear out" or lose their brightness. This is a subtle and slow process, but it inevitably happens.
Less-than-perfect color reproduction: Although plasma displays can produce a breathtaking array of colors, a lot of sets have the unfortunate tendency to make red colors look more orange than true red. If you're a huge fan of slasher horror flicks, this may take away some of your fun!
Poor reproduction of black: Plasma TVs fall short in the realm of reproducing black images. Most plasmas do slightly better job than LCD TVs at black reproduction, but they fall short of CRTs and some projection systems.

Of course you must decide your mullah to get the HDLCD or HD Plasma and your hall space too. Location to put these gadgets must be taken into consideration. Basically you dont want to get one and cause you headaches, do you?

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pak lah tells all

BUSINESS DISCUSSION: Abdullah and his ministers at the fifth meeting on National SMI in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. On his right is Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting and on his left is Bank Negara Gabenor Datuk Zeti (partially hidden). See story in StarBiz courtesy from The Star newspaper
I dont know how true he has really disclosed on Khairy or Dr M criticisms or his son business. I know I can't disclose everything I know just like a guru who won't teach everything to his students only to his best student that he will tell in his final days (meaning he knows he is going to meet his Lord or suffering an illness) Likewise a husband too never tells 100% to his wife. He will keep say 10% of his time to himself so that he feels he can breathe on his own. The wife too will share upto a certain level of intimacy; she too needs sometime for herself. She doesnt want to be suffocated by too much husbanding around.
So when I read his answers to the questions posed to him I feel he keeps certain issues to himself. Currently I feel he doesnt answer how Khairy finances his stake in ECM-Libra and how he is going to pay for his loan. Who is/are behind the 'throne' pulling the strings on his administration? I think people in Putrajaya will know what's happening but is censored from OSA. I think no cabinet minister knew about the SJEC or something of the projects in Southern Johore. Because the rakyat didnt get to know about it neither we heard any minister said something about it. Only AAB kept it to himself and announced officially during his visit to Johore. Perhaps to appease the state for the cancellation of the scenic bridge project. "Walk with me talk to me" has fallen on the way. The people should be wary and open eyes and ears to listen what are happening around the country
Here are the exerpts from the online article by Rembau Man on Khairy has much to explain
Now he says that if he is a liability to Umno he would step down. A brave overture indeed but first he will consult the 'grassroots' of the Pemuda to see whether he is now looked upon as a liability. This is quite ridiculous because since becoming deputy leader, Khairy has already placed his men in all the Umno Youth divisions who will be his eyes and ears. This men will deliver whatever Khairy wants.
Khairy now also does not deny he is now worth several million through the good fortune of ECM-Libra. Khairy says he bought the three pe cent stake in the company with the loan from ECM Libra directors themselves. Such kind souls. But what we want Khairy to explain is the merger of ECM-Libra with and Avenue Capital, a Ministry of Finance-owned company.
Khairy's father-in-law is the finance minister and the second finance minister is Nor Mohamad Yakcop who knows ECM-Libra director Kalimullah Hassan (also deputy chairman of NST). And Khairy has to explain his hand in this too.
And hasAAB explained it in "Pak Lah tells all"?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

coliseum cinema in KL

This nearly 1oo years old cinema the government wants to turn into a museum. The owner, Dr Chua, who inherited from his mother, has personally maintained the building as a going concern for nearly 1oo years. Suddenly the government wants this building. Rais Yatim said that national interest supercedes personal interest. He should sit down and hear his own words. Go take other buildings lying unattended especially so many government buildings rotting in the sun. This is a business going building which will cost the tax payers a bomb to pay. It is a not an unkempt building. Dr Chua keeps it in a good and healthy building in the city. This government promises to hear the view of the people and for the people and see what they do? They ignore the people. (As I comment so many times I am shifting my vote. Send in many opposing politicians so that the government can't move a thing.) I urgently urged the government to stop bullying the people to do its biddings. It is time to walk the talk on its BN promises to the people. Keep the word you get my vote; forget your promises you loose your vote.

we are a malaysian not a race

I feel regret that as we move forward to celebrate our 49 years of nationhood, I still find people talk about race. As if the race thing is so important that everything should be evolved around this race thing. We are a nation of many races. We can't speak of a race and talk of a nation as well. We are MALAYSIANS and I am proud to be one not on my race. We have politicians talked about "Ketuanana Melayu" which I think it brings false hope to the nation. We are told to earn respect we must work hard on it. It can't come by legislations or laws which will bring hardship to the country. We are told to get rid of the colonial mentality but we practise it freely. I feel ashame as we progress to nationhood. I always say I am a Malaysian. What race got to do with me? Yet I dont see the government or politician practises it. It is always on race. In the end it will be our own downfall without any aggression from outside forces. We make ourselves the easy target to divide. We will lose our identity and we will be shackled by our own greed to promote a race.

Malaysia....a nation of many races but we are Malaysians

another life snatched away

Another life snatched yesterday in Kuantan Berjaya Mega Mall. Last week it was the college student of TAR college. The people especially the lower income or some middle income have no jobs to support their families. Perhaps it can be the off-shoot of poverty that makes desperate people do desperate silly actions. People won't go living a life of crime. It has to be the butter and bread issues - supporting a life or family is the ingredient of peace on the streets or at home. If you take away the breadwinner base of ownership, you make one desperately pursuing a crime to make a living for his family or to sustain his needs to survive. Nowadays, companies are looking to recruit cheap labour or downsizing its organizational structures or factories shifting base of Lever Brothers. Now Matsushita too is closing its operation by end of August affecting about 2,500 workers. The government should study the business closures and find out why. Yet I hear the government says it has secured so many billions of projects and forget the companies operating here for decades. Leaving the workers in a lurch and fending for families will take a heart-breaking exercise to bring a semblance of normalcy. Bearing in mind most of these workers are over 40years old who may have loans to pay....just imagine what will happen when money runs out. You think you can borrow money from banks to tide you over? The banks will close doors on your face. So leaving the option of robbery in any disguise just to survive. The local painter told me that the employer would take Indonesian workers who are cheaper to employ and the employer saves at least 50% compared to the local painter. The Indonesian worker gets $40-50 whereas the local gets $80-100 per day. Logistically, the employer will get the Indonesian painter leaving the local painter to ponder his faith in the working competition. Nearer to my place recently there was a robbery in the hair salon. About 4 people came with parangs and pistols (fake ones?)...couldnt be confirmed. The robbers took away about $4,000 cash plus valuables from the customers and owner. So when you visit your hair salon dont bring cash or valuables with you. Just bring sufficient money for the day....

Malaysia....the government is busy on 880 projects

Monday, August 07, 2006

cctvs for the country

CCTVs for the whole countryCCTVs for the whole country

The hidden “eyes” that watch over the city’s traffic and help the police to nab criminals will be a full-fledged crime monitoring system nationwide if the approach proves effective. The Prime Minister said electronic gadgets were crucial for the people particularly in the current multimedia era. (courtesy The Star)

It will be a good move though I expect the government to study indept before installing CCTVs throughout the country. As far as I know our vandalism will come out to crack havoc on the CCTVs. Just look at our parking meters. The town councils spent millions on it then it becomes an eyesore parading on the streets. The people get angry and vented their frustrations on the parking meters. In this context I feel the CCTVs will collect the same faith as the parking meters. I have heard the police short of manpower to police the streets. So the culprits will make one eye jack on these CCTVs. In the end the tax payers' money go to waste which can be used to help the poor in our backyards. The government should think deeply on the subject and makes it transparent in its dealings all the times.

Malaysia is watching you.......

Sunday, August 06, 2006

ladies sex makes the marriage

charming smile brings/in the beginning/in the last

when the man is got/never forget the charm/the gifts of God/the man will fall

use your skills/softly strokes the man/the waves will whisper

the man falls/never forget the smile/even old age comes

man is good with words/in the chasing he runs wild/

hold him with your skills/he won't run underground/

he comes home to listen and feel your charms

Ladies sex makes the marriage. In the beginning when courtship rides, it is sex to bring in the bird. There is nothing else to hold the man. Sex is the unifying factor. When marriage comes to hold them, sex is still the dominant factor in a marriage. There is life without sex. True but at what price to pay? The pent up closed up emotions will find release sooner or later. Marriage is used to legalize the sexual union. Then again somewhere along the marriage roads somehow it gets diverted to different pursuits. Job and children. Goods and socialization. The guys bonding with his kaki in the karaoke lounges or watering holes or spend time in mosques/temples/ or
church or in theatres or cinemas or window shopping or whatever fits into his programs. In the end sex disappears gradually. Man by nature wants sex woman gives sex to get her man. This is a simple logic yet it fails in most marriages because sex is not a factor after awhile. Children. Jobs. Material goods and socialization. In years flow sex becomes a second best for the women. Marriage fails not because they dont work on it. It is sex that is missing in the equation. If it isnt important, God won't create it for man and woman. So I guess it is an important union to the marriage. Never say "NO SEX" in the bedroom. It will become a down grading process to failure in one's married life. This is why affairs started and why prostitutes flourish all the times. Because guys can't get satisfaction at home so they go for the easy way out - affairs and prostitutes. Ladies you want men to hold you and enjoy. In the beginning and in the end. Period.
Some women say sex shouldnt be a factor in their marriage lives. Are they kidding themselves? Sex is the dominant factor in a marriage. The others are secondary. If you can't satisfy your man, you loose your game. Likewise the guys too must satisfy their women or else the women look for other men. It is a 24/7 work. It shouldnt call for less. The unification brings it to feel the magical heavens which is worth many more in other things. So ladies think about it before you say "NO SEX" darlings not today or tomorrow or the classic one "I have a headache"

Ladies sex brings the men home everyday everytime! a truly beautiful home