Monday, June 30, 2008

will bn take action on its representative?

hamidah osman
perak state assemblywoman -sungai rapat

Racial slur in Perak State Assembly
One BN rep shot at the Speaker
Do you agree or disagree about a man and a snake?
A fable tale coined into racial slur

The State Assembly isn’t for racial supremacy
It is about problems, programs and budget for the state
All representatives must fight for the common good
For the state and people

What BN representative doing
She shares her narrow minded upbringing
Forgetting she lives in multi-racial country
Else she thinks her race is supreme……….

The BN should take action
There shouldn’t be any excuse for it
Only MIC amongst its component parties wanted disciplinary action
On the Perak State Assemblywoman remark………..
Though she apologized
When Tajol Rosli asked her to
Otherwise she refused to do it in the assembly

This is what we heard
After 50 years of independence
We haven’t started to think as Malaysians
We are still divided on racial line
UMNO learns it from the Colonial master
And the leaders edge it into its way of life

It is better we changed government
Let BN enjoy its last hurrah
When the time comes let BN be gone
Let them sing in its history

not again jose!

borrowed boundaries)

Sodomy 2
The plot thickens
The accuser with his pictures
Of ministers and special assistant
The mole planted to hit the opposition
Even Ezam said it when he rejoined UMNO
About something big going to happen

Now Anwar Ibrahim facing his déjà vu
The old case back to haunt him again
The familiar operation one closes to him
This guy a special assistant…………..
A mole to punch in the most damage
In the opposition leader armor

Anwar will release report
About IGP and AG on his case years ago
Fabricating charges to put him away
During the then PM Dr M

On the grounds it seems
The people in power want to divert
Problems affecting them, the party and country
So this is what they cooked up
Sizzling sensation one more time

The wheel of politics
The backdoor maneuvers
Stomping hard on the ground
No dissidents to block the way
They have to put away

Now the case
Now the plot
Now the hiding
Now about death threats
International news
Malaysia walks shamefully
Not again on a tramp up charge

anwar hides in turkish embassy of death threats

Anwar holed up in Turkish Embassy
He felt his life is threatened

He doesn’t believe in our security
The Police showing no fair view to its policing
Grounded on lines of division
Answering to the political elites
The people they show no mercy
As had been seen and video taped it

The trust and civility
The people have lost their bearing
For the people in blue
They haven’t earned their stripes
So the people put it a far distance

There are 2 sets of laws
It all depends on which fence one is
The ruling elites or the oppositions
Here lies the truth

The fabrication charge has begun
The desperadoes trying to make it real
Fixing a sodomy charge a second time
They don’t think out of the box
So they follow the same pattern

Anwar now in hiding
Afraid to lose his life
Messages he received
He knew he had to act fast

The next few days will be crucial
What the police will do in its investigations
BN/UMNO leaders will play don’t know
As usual the lapping dogs will take on the streets
Hunting for their bones to feed

The people must remain calm
Don’t walk into the BN trap
Don’t allow desperadoes to hold on to power
By creating chaos they can do it
Just wait what the police will do
And pray for the country to be free

kondo desa got the blue

Tivoli you sing for me
10 years ago you weren’t erected
You weren’t built to shelter
The police made it a virtual destination

10 years later you came alive
Police cropped up one more time
Tivoli this time you sing
You are up on solid ground

The echoes of steps
Walking up and down
Lifts going; lifts down
Yet you still sing
The love tunes for me

The police make you
Tivoli you don’t discredit me
Years of solitary confinement
I knew you have your principles

Now the police
Get you one more time
Let you scream at the top of your voice
You never heard of Condo Desa, Damansara
Tivoli you only challenging the wind

Promises are made
To prop you up beautifully
Shining like gold on day and night
Tivoli why sell for crumbs when you can get plenty?

Tivoli sings
The earth moves with it
Tilting its balance
Shattering dreams
Yet you stay true
The principles you have for me
‘I never do wrong
I want you sparkle beautifully’
But I can’t say of Condo Desa
It is entirely new in the game
Police came got the déjà vu
It seems they never change
Desperadoes playing the last card
It wakes up the nation

Sunday, June 29, 2008

history returns to haunt again

saiful bukhary in blue
borrowed inspector gadget & rockybru

People wake up
The news greeted them
The peoples’ leader in sodomy
History returns to haunt again

The politics of desperation
The hungry of power
The walls clustered
The escape route evaporates

Struggling to get a foothold
Mounting hard to find the rope
Dangling precariously alone
Anything to take back power
Who wants to know by what means?

The pages in newspapers
The songs of reformation will sing
Is there a fabrication on familiar pattern?
There is no originality
It sings of losing power
The 3Ps fading away

I heard the story
It becomes to haunt the country’s image
The losing desperadoes try
One last hurrah before the walls collapse

The light of the new dawn
It has to come no matter what happened
The country needs new leader to go forward
Into the battle field of the world

the old familiar ground wakes up

The last rites for bee end
They know the final run is near
They don’t want to go meekly
They want to make a lasting impression

Policing a good catch
Make it splashes around
People will sit up
Reading the story
The old familiar feeling rises again

Catch the charismatic leader
The opposition parties have
On the familiar ground of a charge
The alleged sodomy rings up fast

Is this another alleged fabrication?
Catching his special aide to confess?
The old familiar grounds wake up
The nightmare for the people begin
One more time the ruling elites try

The temperature rising
The old haunt returns
What will be this time?
Make the person looking bad
So they can score points
For Lingam tapes and RPK’s SD……..

hope is in our hands

Hope is in our hands
Yet we voted the government
For the last 5 decades
Maybe the people love pain

Only this year
Something good happened
The pulling effect on the BN
The leaders woke up for awhile
Then they go back to their arrogant selves

Of course we can’t go killing
The leaders making the people suffering
It is through democratic processing
It is here we could make the change

Now we have to wait
For the opportunity to change
This time the people shouldn’t waste it
Does the right way; let the changes begin?

About the leaping frogs
They still take their croaking game
Soaking wet in the green pond
Popping heads studying the place

Victory will be there
Let BN enjoy those few months
Then when we wake up
Rainbow colors across the sky

let takes him for a case

She always strikes gold
The glittering in our lives
One hasn’t died out
Here comes the juicy one

Sodomy arising
On a man tried once before
He got free though he served time
For corruption which wouldn’t had arisen
Now this sodomy episode
One more time for the road

RPK’s SD on the political elites
The heat flaming up on the streets
Rain hardly fall in my area……..
Before I know what’s happening
There is another damaging story
Sodomy why so dummy?

The familiar operation
Forced to make confession
Linked the person to the opposition leader
Let the story splashed injuring his reputation

Now it is said he is in his own party
Like the case of yesteryears
The driver working for his wife
Telling story of sodomy

The ruling elites are afraid
A person of his caliber shouldn’t stay
There is nothing to pin on him
Try sodomy let takes him for a case

I believe a man of his intelligence
What he had gone through, he wouldn’t
Only the people from the other side
Trying to smear his reputation
Once again…………….

boot camp or never was?

Ian Chin and Dr M
About judiciary and boot camp
Years in dormant now came out to haunt
For whom the bell tolls…….

Cases of long ago
What words used nobody could recall?
Dr M seemed to get his memory back
When on Lingam video tape he seemed forgotten

Rebuttals the order of the day
Now Dr M had his say
Will Ian Chin come out to play?
A chess game with Dr M

If there is wrong
A leader should come to say
Telling sorry will help to ease the pain
Those many years ago
Life has got to move on

Cases heard then
No lawyers objected
Judgment delivered
Appeals done and exercised
It wasn’t what Ian Chin said about
It is about boot camp
Telling others to toe the line?

This is what the contention
Junior officers lecturing in the ‘class’
What messages needed to pass?
On the record it could say
‘You hadn’t learned then had you?’

This is what was about….
Dr M hasn’t answered the allegation
So it is boot camp calling another name?
He beats me he could remember all those years ago

Saturday, June 28, 2008

light a candle

borrowed http://zorro-zorro-

Light a candle
In supporting of ISA detainees
The draconian law for civilized society
The dark witch we don’t need

When there is no case
ISA the easy way out for BN government
Controlling the people through act of fear
Bullying tactics and unfair policing

Light a candle
There is light in the dark
Even we may not know
What the outcome will be

Many discontents
Many silent cries
Many silent prayers
Let ISA be buried
For this law makes humans suffering
Of no fixed time frame

Light a candle
On the fence
Let others start questioning why
Let ISA be gone in our minds
We don’t need it to trouble our time

nurin cries somewhere

Nurin is long gone
She isn’t found till today
Police has done its job
Quietly no more news at all

Many children lost
On the streets, after schools
Parents cry neighbors try to comfort
Police hasn’t done enough to combat crimes

There is no enough action
The BN government busy with its corridors
Lives of children disappear
Will they be found or we just forgot about them?

Police try
The top dog barking all the way
Tail wagging feeling the bones
A good dog the government says

What about Nurin?
Disappeared on January 9
There isn’t much heard today
Like all other children
A statistic filed somewhere in our conscious

Police says lack of manpower
When they beef up, they go elsewhere
Crimes will rise as reports keep flowing
Will it be awaken among the masses?

It is hard to say
The tears flow everyday
Reading and seeing people lose
About life, about properties, about loved ones
And BN government talks about corridors

And the top dog wags his tail
On the doors guarding it close
Let nobody messes it up
He barks loud all day long

it is God's world

We are schooled to think
There is Heaven and hell
Even when we were small
Parents did their job well
Teaching us don’t be naughty
Else you go to hell!

Religions tell the story
Wanting the people to be good generally
Upright people caring for others
And the environment we live and stay

Branding hell
People who disagree
People who don’t follow the masses
People who don’t follow rules

I think we make our own hell and heaven
Within our souls we battle with it
Cool and heat; heat and cool
It involves all around us
We are living in hell and heaven
Only we don’t know………..

When we expire
It is said back to earth where we belong
We have souls; we have no spirits
So there is no hell
Only heaven(s) wait

When God converts our souls into spirits
Then we have our second chance to make good
Else we burn in hell in His punishment
For not following His ways of good relationships

it insults one's intelligence

Our censors living in the high rise building
What they know looking on the streets?
Dishing out their brands of pictures
We are the fools living in their cage

They have the brains
Highly educated and experience
Yet when confront with naked truth
They are the monkeys playing hide and seek

We can’t throw peanuts
They are highly intelligent beings
We can’t throw bananas
They will feel offended

What they throw at us
They say we have no say
Brewing guidelines as if we are children
Running wild in the rainy season

Ask them go to the jungle of Borneo
See what the aborigines wear
Will they put clothing on them?
These aborigines roaming free
Some naked with the wind

It insults one’s intelligence
We are suppose to compete with the world
The censorship board should comprise young and old
On many various fields of intellect
Let there be freedom else we are laughing stock
On the world stage

the high stake poker game

Army Colonel to take legal recourse
On RPK’ SD in the High Court
The drama now gears up for higher stakes
Who’s telling the truth?

Now all the players had said their pieces
The jigsaw puzzles will be finally put in place
RPK wants them to go come out in the open statement
Sun Tze has taught it is the way

The legal process
People wait for it
Men on the streets
Women putting up lipsticks
Matching to the gallery
The show must go on
Starring RPK and the group of hunters
Standing on the other line

Horse riding no more on the field
Time it is held in open court
To determine who is hiding the truth
With a judge showing no fear and favor
Dispensing justice the truth for all

Hear me! Hear me!
The high stake poker game begins
The house of decks players gathered
Throwing dice to determine
Who will get the first move?
On the cards lying on the table

Let this one
Be the domino effect
One fall history will be made
I watch on the side line
Praying for the truth to prevail

Friday, June 27, 2008

the troubling souls

The players on a deadly game
Hatching plan executing ways
When it is done, everyone going
No more saying; no more telling

The newspapers caught into the spin
The authority took the bait to investigate
A few red herrings for the fallen guys
The story never been told
It is tight lipped in solemn covenant

The legal case horse riding
Into the darkness without a light
Telling all the wanted news
The plot, the commission, the affairs
Involving personalities; people recognize

The debate and argument
No firm conclusion comes to light
The major players aren’t in the dock
Quietly withdraw say it no more

The political implications
The hard knocks the country be aware
Of the international communities
Generating interest about truth and candor

The eagle flies in the blue sky
Looking at the waves lashing to shore
There is still no truth to be found
It lies somewhere edging to come to light

The candle lights vigil
Blowing dancing with the wind
The silent whisper ripples through minds
Questions ask answer never comes

SD signed in High Court
A gallant knight fought for justice and truth
The Dark Hill thunders in anger
Of a lonely knight dares to pose challenges

The cracks appear
The roads lining up for all to witness
The Dark Hill has defended its rights
When investigating team hasn’t concluded yet

The troubling souls
Somewhere in the night
Calling silently praying for salvation
It isn’t coming
Allah has made His grateful punishment

where the director when he is needed?

The cats meow
On top of roof
Looking at the predators
The barking dogs rule

The cats scramble
Hiding away stay cool
The silly dogs keep barking
Until the people throw stones

So many issues
The cats wipe off whiskers
Looking at the pictures
The scenes of take be gone

Only the dogs
Watching every movement
They smell it
Knowing what is installed

People deny, people lies
Hiding truth saying it is for your own good
Fabrications hiding real intentions
When the barrels break
The signs will tell for all

The dogs smell and sniff it
The cats on the roof meowing it away
Knowing the predators watching
The feline beauties wait

The truth will be known
One way or another nobody can hide for long
One by one the debris will be dug up
History will be told

The cats on the roof
The dogs watching every move
And the people counting how many holes
As the costs of goods jumping high

bn perak staged walk out of assembly

Barisan in Perak staged a walk out
All 28 of the state assemblypersons
All because one person wanted to speak
And the Speaker didn’t allow him too
The first opportunity on the assembly sitting

Every one should take turn
Barisan assemblypersons too
Now they are behaving
Still the spoilt children as they were

What more to expect from these people?
Trying hard to run down the new state government
It was over 100 days old and they wished the government would run
When questions posed about cronyism………..
BN representatives don’t want to answer

Nizar said BN couldn’t take pressure
I have to agree at this point
BN holding power too long
Losing touches with the grassroots
Always can get away………….
Until the fortunes change
The BN reps can’t believe it

So the tantrums to get publicity
Like the spoilt children hitting the ceiling
One BN rep said he was threatened
Police report made to discredit the state government
For lack of security in the compound of state assembly area

BN in Perak wanted cheap publicity
They don’t highlight the plight of the poor
They are still thinking of 3Ps
They still can’t believe it
They had lost in the March 8 election

Thursday, June 26, 2008

the dogs barking on the streets

The dogs barking on the streets
The owners let them go
They can’t stand them whining on chains
The dogs go lapping it up
Shitting on the roads and fields

The owners don’t care
The attitude sucks in them
Putting others smelling dog shit
The owners don’t say sorry

Enforcement is slacking
So many regulations in town councils
Nobody seems to go after the owners
And the dogs have a good day

Barking on the roads
People get angry children fear in their eyes
As the dogs go running freely
Security the owners fail to observe

Leaving trails of smelly shit
Some step on it on the streets
Cursing the dogs whom it doesn’t know
The owners escape criticisms
No summons to hit them
They turn blind eyes and walk away

serban(turban) rules in kb

Serban rules
A court case did
So now the police in KB
They can’t issue summons

Serban isn’t an Islamic requirement
It is just symbol on the wearer
It doesn’t denote a religious obligation
Unless the Muslims come back from the Haj

Many Pas people wearing it
Young and old go riding on bikes
The traffic law says crash helmet
Unless it is a religious ruling
Of the Sikh religion………..

The Police should issue summons
On any law breaker not following traffic rules
Now what is happening in KB
It can multiply to the other races
Wear serban instead of crash helmet
They don’t think about their lives
When accidents happen on the roads?

If it rules serban has religious right
I strongly doubt it in Islamic values
So I can wear one be like Sinbad
People will look great
Yet accidents will be our own folly

the flip flop dance

borrowed Daja)

Once the sleeping beauty promised
No projects cancellation on Penang Island
Now his famous flip flop decision
I doubt the Penangites will feel unhappy

The BN government gets $56 billion
On the petrol hike recently
Putting away the oil subsidy
Now he says he wants to divert funding

It is a punishing regime
He knows he has to do it
Knowing his term will come to an end
Say it now let the Penangites condemn him
He has no value to his home state
He knows he has lost his creditability

The public transport system
For the whole country sucks anyway
Penang state government shouldn’t shed any tear
So should the people of the island state

Improve the public transport system
Let the players in the industry come to assist
Let them draw up plans how to ease the congestion
Ask the people on the streets

With cost of petrol
Many motorists will try to defray cost
So improve the fleet of transportation
Penangites don’t need the PORR and monorail
Let a private company fund a tram system
It is much better and it costs less to build

The sleeping beauty will go
Into his deep sleep soon
He knows his time is up
Too many hiccups he can’t understand
So he always makes flip flop dance
Even that he can’t get it right
Sad for the country………

the history you had made you blew it away

Ezam wants to tell
About donations in Selangor state government
He says he has proof about the channeling of funds
Into the PKR account

The renegade leader once the Youth Chief of PKR
He joined back UMNO wagging his dog’s tail
Licking the hands of the leaders once he condemned
What creditability he has all gone in my mind
Now he is just another lap dog barking loud on the streets

The MB had issued statements
He is in the dark of the donations
Now he has to sort it out with PKR
And channeled back the funds to the state government

What Ezam should do, he forgets
About the billions gone, bailed out and white elephant projects
Now he keeps silence………..telling people he left of Islamic principles
He joined back UMNO to fight for what?
The 3Ps of Power, Projects and Prosperity

Once he fought bravely for PKR
Spent time in jail for a cause he believed in
Now he just threw it away
And there he is barking loudly on the streets

Ezam where is your principle?
Dog gone into the drain
Now you are just another lap dog
Barking loudly on the streets

The darkness will fall
The giant knows it too
You can’t help Ezam
You are too late to do anything
You are just barking at the wrong tree
I wish you remember
The history you had made
Now you just blew it away!

the red flags

Lies in the words
Fabrication in structure
Hidden agendas completely lie
The named people involved
Categorically denied

Now what is the truth?
Digging into the case
Giving out more punches
They called it hearsay

The reliability of the source
Will owl come out in the light?
Let out the cat see what the rats will do
Stay on the street holes or hide in the drains?

It becomes hot
The temperature keeps rising
RPK putting his creditability on the block
He must have documents to show his declaration
This isn’t an idol contest…………….
This is going to jail, loss of creditability and paying damages
If it is the truth so let it be told
Let the players get the red cards
Out of the field forever hiding their faces

The truth lies somewhere
The named players categorically denied involvement
The course is wide open for counter measures
The red flags waving people stare
Now what is the referee doing?

will men ever learn about women?

Islamic ways
Christianity days
It is locking in
The religious texts
Written over thousands years ago

During those times
It was plain Jane
It was easy walking Aminah
Nobody say anything wrong then

Women stayed at home
Doing chores for the family
Obeying the command of the elders
Bridging no disobedience

Then one day women are free
They should be allowed equal opportunities
It is their lives and souls to reach
They aren’t belonging as chattels to anybody

Men then find ways to shackle them
They just can’t believe women should be free
Women are the souls of the men
The men the bridge to their souls
Yet men will try various ways to trifle the women
So in religions they bring it to the fore

Men are just idiotic fools
Creating chaos into personal tastes
Knowing that women have their own souls
They can’t believe it
So men make many stupid decisions
And they called it religious rulings

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

they cant live without it

Back to business
A flip flop decision
Anything new in our country
Now they know
No press no news
Nobody will know them
They can’t live without it

Don’t get fooled again
These flip flop leaders will do it
When things don’t go their way
Something will put up
Saying all kind of excuses

The Rakyat
Getting annoyed each passing day
They expect the BN government to work the talk
Nay they keep changing rules
All because of wealth and power
They don’t know how to get along

Now press people have their ways
In Parliament House once again
BN leaders seeking publicity
They can’t live without it

the chess game

Image Preview

The sleeping beauty wakes
So many things on his plate
How can he understand?
When his mind is thousand and one nights

The only recourse
He will say he doesn’t know
Unless he dares to make his own SD
RPK put his neck on the chopping block
Has the sleeping beauty done it?

The weaves of deception
Across the board a chess game playing
Who dares to exchange it?
The knight and the queen

The dark tower rings
The echo into the night
The susurrus whisper
Nothing is right

Many backroom maneuvers
Casting different light to hide
The shadows walk behind walls
Furtively eyes peeping the fall
The gallant knight and the black castle

The aggrieved party hoping for closure
Let the truth be told for the people
The ringing bell toll for the disadvantaged
For the light will surely shine in the darkness

The gallant knight and the black castle
On the threshold he knows his truth
Dare to fight for rights of the disadvantaged
For he knows Kah Moon Thing waits

This is the chess game
He doesn’t want to lose
At this highest stage of the moves
The gallant knight throws his spear
Into the dark shadow
A lonely crying then silence falls
He waits for the dawn……….cleansing him free

pkr brewing hot in selangor

PKR brewing hot in Selangor
Is there wrong in running the party?
Sidelined the warriors of reformation days
Isn’t the state government asking for trouble?

Now there is 17 division heads disagree
On Khalid ways of handling affairs of party
And the state government administration
He had suspended his special officer
Who was a PKR state secretary……..

Innocence until proven guilty
Khalid should have spoken to him personally
Not through SMS
It shows lack of civility

Demonstrations in his official residence
This is damaged control he should handle
In proper manner and absolute civility
Otherwise don’t ever think of managing the country

PKR brewing troubles
In Selangor among its own members
Now Anwar has to quickly correct it
Else it will reflect on his capability

PKR better get the house in order
Before you tell others what to do
It is for long term management
It isn’t just for a term………….

they dont learn at all

Image Preview

Indelible ink
EC chairman let off the hook
And so the drama seals off
There is nothing to be said

The sleeping beauty gets headaches
So many ripples running into his administration
He doesn’t want to face the truth
Let sweep it under the doormat
And wait for it to germinate

Buying time seems his game
Now Parliament reporters can’t engage
Freely like before………….
The Nazi says about security

What silly excuses our leaders spin!
Knowing not what they say
Trying to hook wink the people
Let them groping in the dark for sure

The UMNO/BN leaders
They don’t learn at all
Still as arrogant as before
The bell toll for them I am sure

The indelible ink fiasco
Will it be known at all?
In the doormat if you want to do
Sleeping there like the owner too

indelible ink

Indelible ink
EC chairman let off the hook
And so the drama seals off
There is nothing to be said

The sleeping beauty gets headaches
So many ripples running into his administration
He doesn’t want to face the truth
Let sweep it under the doormat
And wait for it to germinate

Buying time seems his game
Now Parliament reporters can’t engage
Freely like before………….
The Nazi says about security

What silly excuses our leaders spin!
Knowing not what they say
Trying to hook wink the people
Let them groping in the dark for sure

The UMNO/BN leaders
They don’t learn at all
Still as arrogant as before
The bell toll for them I am sure

The indelible ink fiasco
Will it be known at all?
In the doormat if you want to do
Sleeping there like the owner too

source from

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

nazi wants his publicity

You don’t expect much from Nazi
He needs to say to get his publicity
Now he doesn’t see his name in the press
He feels he is going to the dustbin

So he invents his rules
Limiting 5 reporters from each newspaper
Citing security risks and what else?
Is he so afraid about threats?

And when Yong of SAPP said
About threats to his MPs
Nazi said BN never uses threats
There must be something
About political power base
Remember about the UMNO youth black dragons?
They seemed to do a good intimidation job…….

Politicians always have double speak
They want to make you aware of things
And at the same time they want you to know
They don’t play with me else you will go

Maybe the reporters shouldn’t go
Reporting about Parliament proceedings and all
Nazi and his colleagues don’t treat them with decorum
So let there be no news in Parliament

Why give the politicians and ministers’ coverage?
They don’t feel appreciated on the reporters work
Now he thinks reporters are pests and need to net them away
Now the reporters don’t have to go
Let Parliament sits quietly and rumbles alone

politics and politicians

Politics and politicians
Like them or hate them
It is part of our living system
Under the rule of government
Election of our choice

We can’t believe 100%
Take out other feelers
To find out the plan
It is always something else
Give us 80% they rule 20%
And we though we could be singing
It is only when our pockets are empty
We realize we have been taken

The racists in the multi-racial concept
Bullying the minority telling of their rights
In the bigger picture the racists want it all
Forgetting the multi-racial legion of our lives

Branding their marks
They forget about History
The Chinese came here over 900 years ago
In Kelantan a tombstone found to confirm it
Way before the founding of Malacca Sultanate
And Hang Tuah and his blood brothers
Were Chinese Muslims came from China
To defend the Malacca regime
I thought so when I was in school
Linked to Hang Li Poh

How the way it is schooled
The way of our lives……
The Malays as we know come from Indonesia
When the Malacca Sultanate flourished
And the politicians talked about Malay Supremacy
The politicians don’t tell you history

The case of Project IC in Sabah
It is the same walk of flame…….
Planting seeds of race supremacy
Pushing the Sabahans as a minority

Politics and politicians
The tricks and lies they spring
On our taps when we open it
Clean water mingled with tiny debris
And they called it clean water

bidor napoleon

courtesy mob1900

The Bidor Napoleon
The infested papayas grow
On the plot of land
Ignoring the truth
When money is to be made

Lorries driving in
Unload the ripe papayas
Onto to the wet markets
Offering high price
Saying it is in demand

The chemical induced smell
It tastes awful the people hate it
Yet they don’t have a say
The MPs well sugar coated polishing it

The Bidor Napoleon
Smiling his way as he likes
He mouths words hardly people listen
They know he doesn’t mean a word
He will change direction
When he finds it jewels his mind

Then one day
The papaya trees withered and die
On his farm the Bidor Napoleon cries
He loses his wealth he can’t smile
In his mind he thinks of his wealth
Draining down the sandy pipes

let them smile a story to tell

In Parliament

The peoples’ representatives
Eyes shining of wealth and good life
Casting their votes
Saying it is alright

The poor and middle class people
Cringing the brainless MPs again
Party whip rules them
So why join politics?
Affiliation to the people
It is just lip service only

So the sleeping beauty smile
And the apple polishers shine
Only the people getting fed up
The antics they display
Covering it up in a nice package

The cross over
The arrow of truth
It lies somewhere
Patiently covering its track

One the sun goes down
When twilight shines in the sky
The consciousness gets into life
A new ball rolling out to the field
A new story to tell……..

dont play politics in schools

School administrators
They should leave politics alone
They shouldn’t play the games
Of little demons

If they want to involve politics
Go to the ground and be one
As school administrators and teachers
They should be neutral………..

Chief Ministers and other assemblypersons
Duly elected by the people for the people
School administrators and teachers
Don’t play ball for the ruling elite

These people must be crucified
For wasting talents of the students
Teaching students how to behave
Yet they don’t walk their talk

These little demons
They must be severely reprimanded
By the tax payers demonstrating in the schools
They shouldn’t play the game of BN

Put these little demons in the gas chamber in space
And let them burn internally until hell comes to roost
We don’t need these little demons to teach the young
In our schools displaying one sided moves

police love rpk

Police love RPK
Again he will be investigated
For publishing his statutory declaration
On the ongoing trial of Atlantuya

Naming the persons involved
5 of them in his declaration
This is a highly firing teaser
Knowing fully the consequences involved

RPK has nothing to lose
He is a civic hero
Trying his best to correct wrongs
In his mind and his view

The people on the streets
Those who know him and reading his blog
They know he did the right move
And he will get their support

There is deadly silent
The named 5 persons haven’t responded
Silence doesn’t mean a person isn’t guilty
It means there is truth in the alleged declaration

Police and AG
They must get hold the 5 persons
Laws must be exercised fairly and truthfully
Without biased on any party
And nobody should be above the country’s laws

So go and do your investigative work
Find out the truth and set the country free
Of the bad publicity and images
Spreading amongst the people

Let the truth be told
Once and for all
Don’t leave it in limbo
Make a close let it goes free

Monday, June 23, 2008

a sorry state of affairs

Police report on seditious charge
On the sleeping beauty never sees the light
The Police sleeping on it
It seems there is two set of laws
The powerful leaders and the ordinary people

Karpal Singh was investigated
For hours on his statement on roles of Sultan
The sleeping beauty did the same
But he isn’t called to find out why

The Lingam tape affairs
The RCI gave its review and report
Highlighting the players in the case
Will there be criminal charges file?
AG still keeping it away
The silence in the air

Now RPK’ SD on the Atlantuya murder case
Naming 3 people involved in the crime
Police report lodged on RPK…………..
Another set of rules come into play

The people know the outcome
RPK seeking his ‘vengeance’
For hauling him in under Sedition Act
Whilst others go free…………….
Like UMNO leaders and its president

So the ball keep kicking
One end of the pole to another
The referee seems enthralls with the game
He forgets about the rules on the field

Will the truth be told?
Unless the changing government arrives
The dirt that we have heard………
A sorry state of affairs
The people seek the truth

dishing menu without prices

No pay increase
The GLC CEOs won’t cry
They will try again
When the sleeping beauty roams
Of the good feeling he gets

Now he is awaken
Of political moves to oust his throne
The Amok wags the wrong time
He will try again

History is on his side
The sleeping beauty yawns and signs away
When he listens to the saving and profits
He thinks they have done decent job

The people rights and benefits
In the country only secondary
He sleeps in his head
He reads statistics he won’t understand

So there will come a time
He will change his mind
When SAPP gets snapped
If he still stands alive

Amok will try
Quietly to get him sign
Giving him the profitability results
He will think it is alright

And the people on the streets
Getting angrier each passing day
I wonder what the BN leaders thinking
Dishing menu without prices……………
And they think the people are fools

Sunday, June 22, 2008

anwar keeps saying

Are the frogs in the net?
Croaking away arguing benefits
The tears of the people
Feeling it hard in their empty pockets

Anwar keeps saying
Playing his strategy
BN walks on the tight rope
Not knowing who will jump over for hope
For the peoples’ sake
MPs better jump ship

Don’t you feel the pinch?
The costs of living rearing its smiling head
Telling you it isn’t over
Until the government changes

SAPP MPs will do
Snapping fingers for vote of no confidence
On the sleeping beauty who can’t seem to understand
100 days into his second term as prime minister
No MSM papers say a thing

Disquiet amongst his coalition partners
Digging furiously trying to find ways to escape
Then they hear SAPP knocks off the doors
The frogs popping heads to see the world

The people waving net
Cajoling the frogs to jump over
Crying tears of wishful hope
For the future all they ask

MPs better wake up
Don’t tell us it is your party
It is our votes that brought you there
Now you have to do the honest deed
Support the people change the show
For it is here you would make your footprints
Into the future of the country and her people

100 days

100 days
PR governments try
Living it a better way
Let the people be the judge

Programs and promises
Trying hard to make it happen
Without the sourcing of federal funds
The PR governments can’t make inroads
For the people benefits

100 days
A fair report amongst the people
Only a slight hiccup in Kedah
About logging business
Where NGOs don’t agree
Destroying the green for money

100 days
Doing something better
BN government should feel ashamed
Sitting on their butts
Thinking ways to make them wealthy

100 days
BN slips into the darkness
Slowly the battle cry beating
In the minds of the people

100 days I sit and watch
The PR governments make it works
For the people without color and creed
In time do we get a new horizon?

That will be another story
Slowly rising in the dark clouds
The beating on the go
The sign of a new day………

celebrating 100 days with people's representatives

28 JUNE 2008


YEW WEI KEAT (012-2138257)
514011899314 (MAYBANK)



it isnt a waste of money helping the people

At least Selangorians get free water
To salvage some pride with costs high

The previous state government
Enriching the cronies and powerful chieftains
Swallowing up billions of tax payers’ monies
The poor people only wait for handouts
It was long, long queue to get help
And not forgetting the white elephant projects
Reminding the people of wastage of funds
Of the BN government

I don’t expect much headway yet
For the PR government to administer the state
At least the state government has shown
A semblance of sincerity in its administration

For the next 100 days
Maybe we will see some new agendas
For the state of Selangor

the misty white haze

borrowed vuokko)

The misty white haze
Clouding the sky
Out into the misty daze
The frogs cry

In the land under the wind
One party dares to make the wave
Knowing fully the consequences
Yet some of its members dare not go
Thinking of positions and rewards
Not about people suffering on the rising costs

On the main land
The silent explosion on a statutory declaration
On the people walking in the corridors of power
About murder case involving high society

If this isn’t enough
The Rela officials behaving Taliban
Branding bad name to the country
All under the pretext of catching illegal immigrants

And the corrupted officials
Closing one eye on many things
The ills and bail outs running into billions
No answer from BN government leaders
All stayed into mind boggling silence

The opera shows
The colorful and sad narratives
Crossing into the fabric of our lives
And the country name
Black marks on the globalize stage

And the frogs eager to jump
For it is for the best for the country
The misty clouds changing
Something good must be coming our way

Saturday, June 21, 2008

rpk wants the truth

RPK explosive statutory declaration!
The heat is on no wonder I felt so warm
I got headache for the past few days

What now the BN government?
Will there be an investigation?
Will the PM and his SIL collaborate the statement?
Will they plead they don’t know about military intelligence report?

Let the truth roll
Wash away the dirt in our soil
The corrupted officials and the runners
Let them step forward account their sins

The notch has gone one step higher
Reaching out to the leaders in the power ring
Roll out the truth save the country’s image
And the people worry what they did

RPK done it again!
Love his country wants to give the truth
Others in the corridor of power want to take him down
He stands tall roaring with his pen
Time tell the people
The truth will set us free

dont you forget!

Again we hear party whip
BN MPs must toe the line
This isn’t democracy
This is self preserving interest

All MPs must vote
On their conscious
It is for the people
Don’t you forget!

Party whip
It shouldn’t happen
The MPs must represent the people
It shouldn’t be kowtowed to BN party

The people have declared
The power in our hands
The voters who decide
Don’t you forget!

The big fat dinosaur
It can’t move at all
Using party whip to make a point
It is time it should be barbequed
For the good of the people and country

The party whip
The oily flow
The people know
It shouldn’t happen
Don’t you forget!

yong ripples the giant

It takes a small party
Like SAPP to make public
The crack in the BN coalition
The heat has finally arrived

Though other coalition leaders
Singing praises of the peacock throne
Colorful sometimes magical too
Colored their eyes they forget
The people they should represent

Dato Yong Teck Lee
Knows his political career is at stake
And his party SAPP too
It is better to fight for Sabah rights
Then forever begging for it

Some may paint colorful adjectives
It is the peoples’ needs important
It isn’t about the leader
Of any party in the coalition

Now if BN doesn’t wake up
The BN will be history
The writing is on the wall
I don’t know why they are still stubborn
Arrogantly refusing to acknowledge
The people have spoken

Some may argue about Anwar Ibrahim
Currently he is the best bet for the country
Anwar has to make his move quickly
Before the country’s wealth gone missing

And Dato Yong ripples the giant
For once the giant knows he can’t do as he likes
In or out there this bee flying around
The sting can be painful……………
He better wakes and listens
The people demands and concessions

Friday, June 20, 2008

sabah the child bn forgets

Sabah the child BN forgets
Taking her milk letting her goes hungry
The natural resources draining it away
The Land Below The Wind suffers

The coalition partners sing
The merry making songs
Out on the streets
The Sabahans see the unfairness
The BN government gives

The illegal people
Somehow get citizen rights
And the populace mushrooming
Taking over the livelihood
The locals resented

The natural resources
The Sabahans never get it plenty
Only the crumbs that too by begging
Will Sabahans rise up to demand it?

The bell is ringing
SAPP is trying to do
Then the coalition partners sing
SAPP is a traitor stabbing their backs
It is greed for them
Not for the people of Sabah

Will it happen?
The people watch the drama
Of their lives on their land
And the hope for change
For the country as well

we are malaysians

Racist here racist there
What about Malaysians?
The country of our birth
It is the fools who thought otherwise

Branding other racists
Of fellow Malaysians
What have we learned over 50 years?
We haven’t united under one umbrella
We are Malaysians

When leaders retired
The next in line forget
Now you hear these leaders
One time singing praises of their former bosses
Now they attacked them
Since the day they have no power

The current leaders’ memory
It seems so easy to forget
Dr M knows how it works
So are other leaders before him
In politics the new leaders will forget
Who are you when power has none for you?

Racist here racist there
We are Malaysians
Politicians forget
The ills of our country
The fools we have in our mist

demons and saints

Demons and Saints
We are all the same
Enforcing one rules
The democracy ruins

Don’t forget
The minds rule
Remember the sins
Knowing the glory too

Leave the dissatisfaction
In this blog I put up what I believe
Even in background pictures
Just to remind me
There are Demons and Saints
We all are the same

The enrichment of one soul
It can come in any Holy Books
As long as it helps people to glow

Whether you are
Muslims, Christians, Jewish, Buddhists, Hindus
And any sect you believe in
Just don’t impose your believe
This is my blog
You are welcome to read
But don’t tell me your believe

Every one has choices
In this world of bountiful
I want to be reminded
About Demons and Saints
And Allah ways to let it known
There is salvation
On the road to heavens

The corner stone of stability
Democracy the gateway to exchanges
So Demons and Saints
Reminding me of what it will be

the greed of all

The greed of all
Blindness takes its way
Pledging blind support
Letting the people down

The elected representatives
Where are your hearts and souls?
Where are your conscious when people suffering?
You let your greed walk you into the darkness

The people welfare
The leaders don’t care
The country’s wealth the magnetic pulling
They think we can be used as they liked

We are fools too
Believing them slogans
Now when we surrender our votes
They forget about us

The recession await
For it will surely arrive
When costs of goods sky rocketing
The people suffer
When they try to find ways to stay afloat

The greed of all
Finally rules
Don’t talk of saints
When we have given away
Our votes believing in them slogans

Thursday, June 19, 2008

there is hope yet

borrowed Valley)

Raped, plunders, murders
War on countries big and small
Robberies, thieving, corruption
Destroying nature and animals
Humans are self destructive

This is why there is God
Playing His mind games
On His children
They think they know everything

Lies, back stabbing, false hopes
Preaching these are words of God(s)
Do the right way else no salvation
Look around ideas turn into nightmares

Nourishing the people
Giving them life of sanctuary
Yet what we do in our paradise?
We bend on destroying every bit of it

The fire of destruction
Filtering through our minds and souls
Yet there is still hope
For there are people who still care
Struggling to inform and correct
The imbalances in our way of life

And God smile
There is hope yet
For the human race
In His schemes of His plan

sapp on the roll

SAPP on the roll
Rocking the sleeper awakes
What’s happening? What’s happening?
As he rubs his wide eyes
As the sun rises beautifully in the sky

The tabling of ‘No Confidence’ Vote
In Parliament sitting one day
The coalition partners jumping to defend
For the country or their positions they chase?

The opposition parties gearing up for the battle
The agenda of toppling the BN government
SAPP sets the ball rolling
The ripples in the political landscape

Now we will see
The goons and the champions of the people
Throwing into the gallery
The gladiators eyeing each other
Words, papers and pens
Waving high telling cajoling whining
SAPP going for peoples’ interests

The grounds set to vibrate
Into Parliament House it will be known
Will there be sufficient numbers?
Are these MPs got guts and balls?
Are they just the barking dogs?
We will know soon

it isnt about management skills

TNB makes billion in profit
It isn’t about good governance
It is more about tariff hikes
It is just robbing the people

This is to offer them
Go and plunder the peoples’ money
Let them pay on the tariff hikes
TNB officials get pay hike of 100%
It boggles the minds of the people
By July the tariff hikes light the pockets

It is time the government controls it
Back to the noble ideal to help the people
Utility businesses aren’t there to make money
It is a service for the people
The BN government should reassess its roles
It has become a feeding ground to reward cronies
And I feel the BN leaders can’t unshackle it
They want to roll the good times
Before the fall of the great one………..

The rewarding to the top officials
It should be last resort in any company
The employees should be the first to get it
As reported they got a mere 5% increase in salary
It really makes you wonder……………
And I don’t understand why the union leaders agree?
A barter trade off with the committee is it?

I used to negotiate with the union leaders
They won’t go for 5% hike in salary
Looking into the profit and loss account and balance sheet
I doubt the union officials gladly agreed on it

The in coming government
Consider this company seriously
It must go right to the people
As a service not a profit making machine
I view privatization is a failure
By Dr M during his administration

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

it is good lge dares to fail

100 days for Penang
The PR government tries
In its administration to satisfy
The wishes promised in the March 8 election

Things may have moved
Albeit not all can be done
In 100 days I don’t expect much
Give PR 3 years before one tries
To say they can’t keep promises
Made to the people for the people

At least there is something done
A slow growth nothing to feel sorry
Like a young shoot it will grow big and strong
Flexible in distribution its goods
In time the benefits will shoot in

It is good LGE dares to fail
Then doing nothing at all
In a way he tries
There will be improvements
When he gets on with his agendas

BN roaring and shouting
Barking for gold light
As they walk into the dark
Will the MSM media say anything?
It is only within the 4 walls it sinks

The spinning top
It makes BN headaches
Where it will land?
Somewhere on the piracy island

LGE will carry it through
The hurdles he will chop off
Slowly a new horizon will be seen
For the people……….

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

whispering in the wind

People have felt the misery
The costs of living sky rocketing

Some haven’t recovered
Some have felt the erosion
On their money in their pockets
Today I went to Post Office
Cashing on the rebate

I found just manageable crowd
Taking forms collecting cash rebates
Every one there talking on costs of living
The worst is the petrol hike………..

And we hear the government saying
Introducing ways to ease the strain
In the first place the government doesn’t have to hike
It is the money they wanted for something else
They found the grounds got angry
So they said ways to improve the burden of the people

The BN/UMNO leaders spin
The tales of helping the people
They are the ones who made the misery
Now they come out to champion the masses

The whispering in the wind
The trees and branches too
You hear it in the seas
Amongst the rivers and alleys

BN/UMNO growing too fat
The doors begin to shut on it
Finding ways to trim its fat
It growls in the tight door way
Nobody to help slowly will collapse

pas has its dreams

PAS has its dreams
About Islamic country
About Hudud Laws
About things Islamic and its ways

PAS party I am afraid
The leaders are still consistent on display
The ideals they wish to implement
If they ever rule the nation

Look PAS can’t run by itself
They don’t have the sufficient MPs
They want to give priority to its ideals
Cooperating with others
They have to give up certain objectives
Islam if these leaders learn it well
It is about compromise and submission
For the better good of everybody
In a multi-religious circle

They are given their roles to play
What got to do with PAS ideals?
These little chickens should go back to learn
Restudy its forms and understanding it well
For there are entertainers in God’s world too

In Holy Quran it is said
There are beautiful maidens for the pious ones
Drink wine to soothe the minds
Don’t tell me Allah forget about entertainment?

PAS Youth leaders miss the objectives
Entertainment relaxes the souls and minds
Nobody wants to stuck in the 4 walls
Listening to the crap without a gateway
To listen to some entertainers
Glorifying the souls…….

bring in the new horses

Changing government
The people eagerly wait
Many ills have fallen
In our pursuits to be the best

Along the way
The country’s wealth robbed
Manipulated, riddled it away
Corruptly siphoned off
In legal companies and projects

BN must go
The coalition partners better wake up too
Too many years dreaming it away
Fighting for racial rights what bullshit!

Yet the BN leaders
They don’t learn their lessons well
They still talk about racial lines
We are Malaysians
What nincompoop leaders we have!

Changing guards
To bring glory to the country
Enough of over 50 years
Telling many lies
Now beginning to crack

Time the country has
A new CEO to manage her affairs
Bring in the new horses
A new gallop into the future

Monday, June 16, 2008

o yeah where is the money?

Yeah where is the money?
Filling the holes so many out there
Living in high society
Spending to keep cronies smiling
No Brutus at the back

The garbage trucks
Arriving at clock work
Throwing all rubbish
Maybe something else
We never know

Oh yeah honey
Where is the money?
I leave it with you
And you got married
A new flame in your life

What can I say?
Diverting sensitive questions
Let the many know
I never hide at all

The leader smile
The dogs wagging tails
Looking hungrily for the T-bones
The coalition partners stay mute
Saliva flowing with the breeze

The susurrus whisper
The many gang up on the streets
Oh honey give us back our money
It is our sweat and tears

cronies again before the fall

Fleet card or fuel card
The BN government storming it
Somehow I feel
It is business to cronies again

Imagine the millions
The motorists have to pay
Using the cards
Giving the excuse
To help the motorists

The BN government makes a mess
Here I hear the BN leaders say
‘We take the motorists dilemma
Into our meeting to find a way’

Can you believe it?
Say 500,000 motorists
Plying the roads in the country
Feeding cronies before its fall
Legitimate business disguising as helping motorists
One hole after another
The BN government will fall
Like the Roman Empire
It never sees life when it is gone

The BN leaders have years to manage
Yet they fail to help the people
The ground-works have been laid
The fall is just a matter of timing
When these leaders wake up
It is all over!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

hudud laws keep in party

Malaysians in general don’t like Hudud Laws
No matter how noble and sincere it touts to be

Now Pas Youths want to moot the idea
In all the PR states…………….

Pas can’t work by itself
The party has no mandate to do
Don’t these Pas Youth leaders think about it?
PAS isn’t the majority in the opposition equation
They have DAP and PKR to think about

Maybe PAS too has its own Trojan horses
Hiding in the flag waving the religious laws
Leave it in your party
This is multi-racial Malaysia
Don’t you know that?

Even the BN Malays shall not agree
The harmony of the people will be questioned
Hudud Laws let it be in your own party
You can’t try when majority disagree

tell the truth 2

UMNO and coalition partners
They don’t publish accounts
And so are the opposition parties
The leaders should, shouldn’t they?

Championing of transparency
The political leaders ignore it
When the base is rotten
Nothing comes out right

So you hit me I hit you back
Dr M now discloses he handed over $1.4 billion of party funds
To the current president to manage
Now UMNO members should ask
Is the money still there?

UMNO the sins you make
The cycle comes back to haunt you
You can’t escape the wrath of members
Knowing what you have then kept in secrets

God is working mysteriously
Hammering the nails into its doors
In time God will trap them
Let them shout and cry
Nobody will hear

The ground cracks
The hole enlarges wide
Aware where you stand
A slight push sayonara
Tumbling into oblivion

Saturday, June 14, 2008

security labels

Security labels
For the cronies what else?
In legitimate companies
Milking out the country’s wealth

BN/UMNO leaders find ways
To run businesses on legal template
So that no corruption involved
We smell a rat running around
Now where is the cat when we needed it?

This government must change
The many holes on the ground
They don’t fill it up
They say they have no time
They are after the milking cow

Money the government can earn
The leaders just throw it away
Give it to their cronies, families and friends
Let them enrich close one eye on the peoples’ suffering
They walk to banks
We struggle to get by

We want cheers in our lives
Yet it becomes difficult each waking up day
Struggling to find our momentum
Then we read JPJ recruited 757 staff
Only 15 are Non-Malays……………

BN/UMNO growing too fat
It can’t move now
Struggling to get hold of its position
Dishing out favors to get it moving

say the truth

Dr M should disclose the truth
People want to find the reason why
They don’t want any cover up
Though the truth hurts
It is better this way…………..

Owned it up
Rebut Datuk Ian Chin disclosures
He is a High Court Judge
There must be truth in it

Events had happened years ago
If a leader handles fairly
There shall not be any ripple in the ocean
What goes up; it has to come down
The law of physics won’t change

Judiciary has nose drive
Years ago until others aren’t confident
About the court cases in the country
It takes years to get an appeal
Like Irene Fernandez…………

Say the truth
Let move forward
If a wrong has been done
A leader must be willing to say sorry

the gentlemen pact

The gentlemen pact
The UMNO 2 leaders decide
They still think
The party through BN will rule the country

Time has changed
The people too evolved
Too much headaches and holes in pockets
It isn’t the way the people want

Too long on power
These leaders forget
Hundreds of billions disappeared
Into schemes and bailouts decreed

These leaders should go
Know their mishandling of economy
People aren’t smiling to the banks
They are worried where will be the next meal
When events running out of control

With all these hikes
Petrol and electricity tariff
Fixed deposit interest rate never changes
Is the BNM governor staring into space?

The cost of living
It will be high in no time
Price changes arrive
Many wrinkles on the faces will show
How to budget when money suddenly disappears?

Let them have their pact
Into the oblivion space
Sitting on the moon
And sing their hearts out
Into the emptiness
We don’t care

big foot in the jungle

borrowed for beth)

Big Foot in the jungle
Nobody sees the giant
Is it true or is it just hoax?
The story comes again

People living around the jungle
They sure feeling the worry
Is the giant eating people?
They dare not speculate

Big Foot in the jungle
Footprint found on the ground
Will the story be told?
The wind of silence flow

Maybe it is an alien
How else to suddenly appear?
Once reported in China and Canada jungles
Now in the jungle of Malaysia

Is it the way to divert petrol hike?
Let the people have something to write
Forget about their pocket holes
This giant footprint bewildered the mind
Big Foot in the jungle
Is it true or is it just a hoax?

Friday, June 13, 2008

it is better be late than never

It is better be late than never
What Datuk Ian Chin disclosed
It has to be investigated
So that the truth will be known
And the Judiciary can get back its footing

Calling for sacking
It shows how immature a person is
Proper investigation should follow
Find the reasons and let the truth prevails

They are many skeletons to disclose
In BN/UMNO ruling in the country
It takes courage and right minded civil mindedness
To disclose part of history of those decades

When the truth needs bursting out to be told
Nobody can stop it because it has to flow
You can’t stop the sun from shining do you?
Every morning you see the glory light in your eyes
And you feel so bless that Allah allows you live

Let the truth comes
Let the other judges give their views
What they have been through
No more hiding in the closet
The first step has been cemented
The people want to know

o sleeping beauty!

Wake up sleeping beauty!
Why do double job just to justify your cronies?
I am talking about the JKKK
In Pakatan Rakyat states

You know how much you waste it?
Let these clowns doing the same jobs in the villages
It costs the taxpayers over $1 billion to shelve out
Don’t you know it is wastage of money?

You want to cut costs
Yet you don’t know where to find it
Listening to your advisors
People oriented programs shelved
It is always your strings of other strings

Don’t you hear the streets demonstrations?
Wake up sleeping beauty!
You can’t sleep forever
You have to walk on the streets
Are you so afraid even to try?

If you can’t do a proper job
It is better you go and sleep some more
Why waste your time and peoples’ anger?
Haven’t you learn you must work for the people?

O sleeping beauty!
Wake up see the ill-feeling
Going down on the streets
Time for change
Don’t you ever know it?

we dont believe the clown

The clown jests his way
On his court he smiles whole day
Nobody cares to listen
The words fail to impress the people


The cabinet ministers nodding
Eyes on the ground dare not say
No more grand holidays
The clown says it is good for the country

At the back door he plans
Another court to filter his words
Right to the correct people
Get it going before it is too late

On the streets
The people find it is a rat
Nipping away their hard earned cash
Floating away with the wind
The call of austerity drives
They don’t understand…..

Say one thing trying to tell the people
Look we do what we preach
Somehow it never rings true
The clown who can believe him

In the corridor of power
The elected leaders find ways to play
The game of the streets
They will lose heavily
They aren’t cut out for it

The clown knows
He is buying time with his jokes
The day is approaching near
He has lost control of his stage
The eggs throwing
And the shouting matches begin
He quickly makes his way
Underground in hide away

Thursday, June 12, 2008

no ego trip

Waste of money?: The Selangor state government’s new billboard
along Jalan SS2 in Petaling Jaya has become a subject of discontent among residents.
If the Selangor Government doesn’t know
Now is the time to take it down
Who put it up there?
Somebody from BN camp to play a joke
On the PR government

I guess the state government
Shouldn’t spend time looking for the culprit
Just take the ego trip poster down
And get on with state administration

I remember I saw a huge poster
During the election campaign in Pandamaran
Put it up by Datuk Teh Kim Poh
He lost his seat to Ronnie Liu
Was it a sign of bad omen?

Ego trips no leader should engage
It will bring the downfall of many
In history lessons we learned it well
Be humble work for the people
This is where the legacy stays behind
After the person gone

demonstrations on the streets

Demonstrations on the streets
The world trend setting into it
People get angry now they can’t take
The cost of living
It isn’t the same no more

The sleeping beauty said
The government will cut only 10%
Of its ministers’ entertainment
And others wasteful expenses
So all the while the government
Like nobody business wasting public funding

People are now angrier
Stretching their imagination on how to budget
Double hits into their pockets
It will be hard on the people on the streets

The economy hasn’t moved
The BN government only thinks of wealth
Of how to gain control into power
Leaving the state of affairs motionless
Let the wind blow any direction
The focus is gone

Demonstrations will come
One after another till the game is up
The new kid is gunning for the throne
It will happen before September

The sleeping beauty makes mistakes
Flip flopping till the end
No focus no plan
Until the day he disappears
Out of our radar screen

hold the horses yet!

No petrol hike at end of year?
He must be joking again
Earlier he said it would be reviewed every month
Now he flip-flopping on his wagon

The world crude oil will jump
By end of year it may hike to US$180 per barrel
The economy will have to change focus
So are the costs of goods
And petrol hike will come

He is worried about his position
Now people are angry with his stupidity
We are oil producing country
Yet we are paying many extras…….

Has he gone to sleep again?
Wake up finally finds he has to do something
The wrong decision he sits on his worried face
The time is running out for him
He knows it so are his own ministers

This is the nail
Going into the ground
A long goodnight for BN
The people will not miss the party