Sunday, April 30, 2023

the economy the vote bank


The economy should gear up

This is where the people will smile

They don't have to worry about the next meal

They recognize the efforts to grow

This is the basic driving force

Sharp up the economy

The vote bank will flow

No need to campaign

The results will show

Every one will be feel it

The bread and butter issue settles

The vote bank will grow

The unity government

The driving seat to get it done

The Renaissance Man will have his chance

Grow the economy everything will fall in rhythm

the women of the night


The women

Of the night

On the glow

On flight of intimacy

On their own

Work for the pimps

Work for a syndicate

It's about money in exchange

Some countries are legal

Some have legalized districts

Some countries will not tolerate it

Afraid to corrupt the mind

The women

Plying their trade

They take the risks

They know they can provide

In this world

It is about Men and Women

Don't talk of tastes or preferences

It is them to exchange

The trade still alive

Because there is a need for them

Though authorities want to clamp down

Going underground the activity survives

no chance for the crocodiles


The crocodiles

Nothing good will flow

It is a one track mind

Only for themselves

The ripples in the swamp

The enlargement for their kind

Stalking it quietly of their needs

Nothing to share but their own

The crocodiles

Moving for the kill

If give them a way

They aren't going to stay blind

It is the weak mind

The voters can be manipulated

Easily lead to the swampy land

Be the meat but not the hunters

The crocodiles

Stay away from the bad

They have a one track mind

For their own kind

the wolves stil never learn


The wolves

The old DNA still intact

Even losing badly in GE15

They didn't get the message

They still haven't learned to be humble

They still don't get it they can't perform

Without support from other parties

They will face their decline

Even a convicted wolf

They still want to protect and support

The public isn't going to keep quiet

The wolves need to change their stand

Joining PH to get into the groove

It helps the wolves to stay in the game

But they need to change their stand

Don't issue threatening messages

The public knows the wolves

They will be hard to change their ways

As it stands today they are in denial mood

GE15 they should learn their lessons and change

the battle has began


Anwar's Raya open house

A game of perception

The opposition camps feel the heat

They sense the defeat

They ridicule it of waste of funds

They can't come up with better ideas

They feel the fear encroaching in their minds

They will recognize the loss of power too

Anwar onslaught on his campaigns

It is a publicity effort to shore up support

PH needs to win big in the states election

This is one of the ways to ring the flow

The battle has began

The open house to shore up support

The unity government will go on to win

The states election going up in June

Saturday, April 29, 2023

the monkey on the cable


The monkey has to decide

Sitting on the cable high above the ground

Staring at the scenes feeling his loss

Alone undecided where he will flow

The heydays of his time

It was gone so quick he couldn't believe

He is now an outcast without a party to stand in

He was kicked out from his group

In the air-waves he tries

Telling his tales giving his opinion

But reality bites him to lose

Alone on the cable he has to decide

On the wrong move he knows

His time in his game will be gone

He will be considered a has been

Pick the wrong horse he will not find success

The monkey on the cable

Eyes looking at the many banana trees

Small, medium or big

He has to decide his fate

it isn't about closing time


Who is right who is wrong?

The civil servants should know

Why they keep quiet on the row?

On the bail counter closed early

It isn't about closing time

It is about services to be fair

Working extra hours for the people

Because they are paid by them

Now every one wants to know the truth

Who is not telling as it is?

The civil servants shouldn't hide

They are paid to perform for the people

The lawyer could be right

He was there to attend for the bail

He was present so he could be right

A simple sorry but it drags on the controversy

Maybe it is time

The civil servants work in shift

Day and night to cater to the people

The minister should step up his gears

no way for MO1


No way for MO1

No pardon should be given

Let him stay in prison

Until all his cases dispose

His Majesty will not agree

The nation and people he has to think

MO1 has caused us shame in the world

He hasn't returned the monies

The wolves stayed quiet now

Maybe they knew the outcome

There is no way pardon could be given

The rules on policy need to observe

No way for MO1

The pardon he seeks

Let him stay in prison

Until his cases dispose

the 6 states election on its way


The 6 states election on its way

The state governments will be ready

The opposition states announced will be in June

So the rest will take up the challenge

There is the upbeat feeling

The good vibrations on the rise

The people will have the confidence

The unity government will win

The opposition camps are worried now

Macc has put them in fear

The leaders some had been charged

Even freeze the bank accounts

The good saints will march

The glow of lights will never fade

The bad leaders frogs or back door will cry

The dark will forever can't shine

The 6 states election on its way

The voters must give the clear mandate

The best is still with the unity government

Let the opposition camps bite the dust

the rain


The evening rain

It doesn't want to go away

The last few days still do

Even before Raya

The thunder drums it

Rolling loudly in the sky

The wind rocks the trees

The leaves playing rhythm

The slow dancing rain

Before the tempo begins

Brushing it along

Whirring by the wind

They say of angels cry

The tears for our sins

Everyday while we are living

Forgetting we have to pay

So the rain falling

The angels' tears of sorrow

Along the coasts flood may occur

The people eyes may glow with fear

Friday, April 28, 2023

the changes need time


The changes need time

Nobody can do it in a short duration

Because the bad root digs deep

It will take a tractor of many digs

The roots of evil

It buries deep in the mind

It will take a political will and law

Get the right persons to handle it well

Though Anwar will know in his first hand

He was there running the government then

He knew what it is to change

With coalition partners he has to balance his act

Because many seasoned politicians may not agree

They may feel comfortable with the old ways

Cutting a new cloth needs many persuasion

There is always a fear of change

macc on the hunt


The veteran politicians

Those heydays of their times

The wealth they had

Many will envy in the eyes

Those who are in Pandora papers

Macc will be busy hunting around

Finding ways to catch the bad politicians

For the sake of the nation and name

Those decades ago

Many would have been protected

The wealth that was gone

Now the bell is ringing loud

Macc is on the hunt

Many will feel the fear run

The veteran politicians will hide

They can't face the shame and pride

the renaissance man has a tough time


Malaysia walking on ice

Feeling the heat flow

The debts of $1.5 trillion high

Pressuring her to cry

Yet the politicians are busy

Playing the game of back door ring

The veteran of the back door

They can't feel happy out of the loop

They are still plotting

Every time to get the door

They can't see the economy

The debts accrued in their time

They think they can fly

Leaving their trail of debts high

The Renaissance Man has a tough time

Finding ways to cut through the ice

Malaysia walking on ice

The $1.5 trillion arise

Anwar has to find ways

To cut the debts to size

the grapevine sings


The grapevine sings

The back door rings

Paying for MP to resign

Triggering a by election

15 members are targetted

They seemed eager to betray the voters

For the millions they ought to receive

Bankrolled by the veterans

Apparently these veterans are afraid

The Pandora papers came to light

The names mentioned and the wealth

Some may have called in by Macc

This move is a back door

The chief wolf will know who they are

Now there are no names mentioned

It is still a grapevine tale

Thursday, April 27, 2023

the wheelie couple


The wheelie couple

Young on the road

They take life cheaply

Thinking of their joy

The stunt they performed

On the street in Kota Baru

The faces of joy pulling the trick

Riding motorbike forget about law

The tragedy waiting to happen

The police looking for the young couple

Dare to do their stunt on the road

But hide from the men in blue

The police should charge them

Give them the maximum jail sentence

In this way others will have to think twice

Don't do silly stunts on the road

the voters will reject the bad


Pee Anne can dream

There is no law to prevent it

Using the bad boy from Perlis

Trying to woo Selangor voters

Is this Pee Anne can do?

Moo is in trouble with the law

Even in defamation suit he will fail

Thinking of taking Selangor?

Some say there are many Kelantan people

Working and staying in Selangor

These are the good people escaping from Kelantan

They knew what's wrong in their home state

The majority of Selangor voters

They will vote out Pee Anne for good

They want this party to close shop

It brings no cheer to the nation

The 6 states election

PH and Bee Anne will take the states

Even this time Kelantan will fall

The good vibration will spread

the wrong way to start living


The drug addicts; the drug mules

Once into it a life time of misery

Even pain for the drug mules too

If they are caught crossing borders

The judges will say

They have to follow the law

The police will say they have to enforce it

There is no compassion if caught

Still the rise of the drug mules

The quick way to enrich easy money

The drug mules think they will try

Because there are addicts wanting a fix

There is a huge demand

The drug addicts rising in society

The rich or the poor or the entertainers

They need to fix the life time of pressure

The drug addicts will not listen

They know they are dead in the long term

The drug mules want to help for money

In the short term they face the hangmen

The drug addicts; the drug mules

The wrong way to start living

Life isn't a straight road

There is always a test of resolved

show compassion a better deal


The city down south

The drugs will go in

The mules will ride

There is no stopping it

Even death penalty

The mules still ride

Thinking of quick money

Like the time of gold rush

The sparkle of gold

Many died trying

Many still went

Even the smell of death

The city down south

Addicts are there on the sheet

Addict to smoking though legal

Some may go to the hardwares

The addicts need the fix

The city like other countries too

The drug mules will ride on

The drug lords will escape

It is better to show compassion

Why take a life just for drugs smuggling?

There is a need for it so the trading on

The death penalty isn't stopping it

The city and other countries too

Show compassion don't face hell

God will show compassion

If we practise it well

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

the moos falling


The moos will fail

The spinning tales

They don't speak

The corruption in it

Only the fools will say

They don't see the bad deals

They only see the crumbs

Picking up to feel good

The moos will not escape

The sins on their faces

Karma will blend them well

Until they have blurry minds

Now the walls they see

The hide-out will not last

There are cracks appearing

Too much sins too much lies

On the radar of Macc

The moos have to behave

The past deeds will not disappear

This is where moos falling

don't forget our roots


Don't forget our roots

This is where it all started

Rich or poor in living

Know the way once we had

Even if we are leaders

We will stay on stage

Every sentence will be like god

Nobody wants to stay behind

On the top stage

We must show grace and humble

Because we have to step down one day

We will be like the ordinary folks then

We can study all the leaders

Who will be remembered with grace?

Who will be remembered for the bad?

We mustn't forget our roots

pick the best not on seniority


The civil servants

Pick the best for promotions

It shouldn't base on seniority

It should be on competency

Pick the best to lead

The changes will flow well

Do not pick leaders who curry favours

The changes will not happen

There are too many gremlins

Playing their own games to succeed

Bringing with them their own followers

Wanting to stay to the top

The deadwood must go

They can't change; can't follow orders

They only bring the services down

As their incompetency will show

Be brave to change

Be brave to pick the best

This will wake up the work-force

The competent ones will rise

the plotters game


The plotters game

Gearing up to fame

Once they did it

They want to go again

The power and benefits

Ringing in their ears

Calling them to hurry

Before Macc catch them

Once in power

Macc can't do a thing

The agency will be caged

The officers can't run ahead

The night will not sleep

The plotters sink in deep

Finding ways to gain an upper hand

Though they know they are lost in cheat

The plotters game

Gearing up for fame

But of the names

It isn't good in frame

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

the power in the hand


The power in the hand

The fortunes will be had

If the bad get into its fold

The profession of the old

The mind will be corrupted

The different juices dancing through

The smell of money giving the ring

The weak mind and soul will fall

Don't blame the money

Don't blame the society

Don't blame by association

Blame it on the weak mind

As the fire flares in the mind

The exit doors seem all locked

The panic will sink into the mind

The power once had suddenly disappears

time to bite the bullet


The little napoleons

Decades of crafting it

The tentacles reach all over

They are immune to criticisms

The decades of grooming

Learning the craft and its uses

They can do or work as they please

The people have to wait or suffer in delay

The incompetent officers

They will be promoted by years of experience

The changes will not happen

As they are afraid of it

Look at the police

The decades against IPCMC

They are afraid of it

Giving their own excuses

It is time to bite the bullet

Anwar has to initiate it

He got his black eye in police lock-up

He mustn't forget that incident

The little napoleons

Time to sweep them away

Let the new breed take up positions

Let the fresh faces shine

Anwar has to hold the nation together


Anwar has to stay relevant

Holding the nation together

There shouldn't be any more hiccups

It will not sound good for the people

With a huge debt of $1.5 trillion

With a massive civil servants in force

It will cause a drain on our resources

We can't be carrying on the extra load

When the nation falls

No race will benefit

The consequences will be high

The nation maybe colonized

Look at the current trends

There are bad forces still playing back door

Wanting to force by elections to gain power

If only the voters are stupid to fall for the trap

Anwar has to hold his reign together

He is the best bet the nation has

Slow and steady as they will say

He will finish the winning line

the plotters in the game


The plotters in the game

Within the unity parties

Some will know their names

Because they speak out of line

The plotters can't sleep well

They are worried about their lives

The skeletons in the closet

Macc on the hunt

They want the seat of government

They know they have no choice

The luxurious life will be gone

When Macc get hold of their wealth

The plotters in the game

Counting the eggs worrying about their names

Macc on the hunt

Unlocking the skeletons in the closet

Monday, April 24, 2023

the grapevine says


The grapevine says

The Old Man plotting his game

Toppling the unity government

Because he doesn't have his say

He doesn't want Anwar

Running the country

He can't stomach it

Now Anwar is the Prime Minister

The grapevine says

He wants to lure the wolves

Resign from their party

Trigger a by election

But he forgets

Sabah and Sarawak will stay

There is no hope yet

Even for Pee Anne

The Old Man

Age isn't on his side

Maybe somebody uses him

As the poster boy to cause problem

The voters will reject

Those who resign and contest again

They have enough of back door

The 6 states election will show the way