Sunday, May 31, 2009

ah longs on the run

Shark Loan by muhd amirull
Shark Loan by muhd amirull
Are Ah Longs on the run?
Police now wake up to catch
The rats running wild in the padi fields
Giving headaches and sufferings
Now the catch me as you can!

The police have all the information
Police reports and complaints
Do they take a serious look at it?
Base on trends police put aside

Only selective monitoring
To soothe the temper then lying low
Now police declare they know
The kingpins of Ah Longs

See...police never catch them
Ah Longs become a social disgrace
It is the thugs doing the hitting
Employed by Ah Longs to protect interests

The business cards plastered on public buildings
Business cards throwing into homes and housing estates
Sometimes big banners advertising
No enforcement for the sleeping cat doesn't care
So the rats run around in every place
Looking for cheese

The banks so hard to get credit
The conditions so strict people can't afford
So to Ah Longs these people beg
Then the crying and mental tortures
At times physical abuses and red paint on homes

Educate the people
Set up small credit agency to assist
Giving out small loans with easy conditions
Have a heart for people who need to live

Otherwise Ah Longs will rule
Now they run hiding for awhile
When the heat is over
We will hear the story all over again!

the neighbour

Logan's Building by lcy
Logan's Building by lcy

Even birds have preferences
The party to share
Nestled among the trees

The big birds and small ones
They can't share neighbourly
Each will try to exert control
Building nests on the trees

I am really not a bird watcher
It is so happening my garden attracting birds
And the nearby trees tweeting it away
Early morning afternoon and evening

Even like us
We choose our neighbour
Wrong neighbourhood
The sleepless nights
When neighbours step over the line

the back door can't be right

Pirate Skull Wallpaper by jciv
Pirate Skull Wallpaper by jciv

The pirates will not tell the truth
As the ship sails on the high seas
Challenging the waves rushing to embrace it
Feeling the power gliding through
Thinking of law must be out of the mind

It is the free taking
On the hard work of the people
This is what power stealing about
The hard work somebody credit

The backdoor appointees
The court legalizes it
It isn't by the people
It is through the back door

So now the pirates spin
They respect the law
They don't tell they infringe it
They smile hungry eyes of power
They spin for own benefits

The underground whisper
As the sea waves hit the rocky shores
White foams high tides
It will be the time
When lies and deception die

Saturday, May 30, 2009

the abused children

Stop child abuse... by XAVIER (K & X FOTOGRAFIA)
Stop child abuse... by XAVIER (K & X...

The cry of a child
Alone abuse in the home
Nobody knows
Only tears flow

The neighbours don't know
They are too busy with working life
Some come home late at night
When silence whisper

Some don't want to bother
It is that family affair
Let them have it their way
They mind own business

Yet the child crying
Begging for help alone in the house
The abusing parents or maids
The child alone seeking out deliverance

The consciousness rule
Finally a knock and a help
The bewildered faces of parents
As their child is rescued put in welfare home
Until the court decides

There are many children abused
In the homes by parents or relatives
The crying will be knocking into society
Nobody should turn deaf and keep silence
Help must be rendered to society
For it is our duty to make it safe

we arent fools any more

Black Sand Beach 2 by Snelvis

Black Sand Beach 2 by Snelvis

A wool over the eyes
Nothing to benefit people
It is just a slogan
For the black knight
And his nights of round table

The ills of the nation
It is self interests rule
Telling publicly of Imalaysia
Implementation sulks

Now so many things
Wear and discuss in public
It becomes seditious
Prompting fear
The people aren't fools

I remembered in my kampong days
Discussing in house compound
An off duty policeman came
Wanted to catch us for illegal assembly
Saying it was more than 3
Argued with him he wanted to send me to lock up
Only the village head intervened I was free

The ills of the nation
We will see it many
Until we change the government
Then we will see

The lies and deception
Billions lost to cronies
Hatched up in tidying legality
For now we know
We aren't fools any more

the jealousy wind

Drips_From_The_Storm by Cataract_eye
Drips_From_The_Storm by Cataract_eye

The jealousy wind
Angrily blowing in the late morning
Whirring echo
Rattling roof tiles, branches and leaves

The wooing in the darkness
Only street and porch lights shine
Casting shadows wavering politely
As the jealousy wind cry

I can imagine
The inhabitants sleeping snoring away
Ignoring the whirring cat calls
Sound asleep oblivious to it all
Others wake up for praying

Then the heavy downfall
Cleansing the haze and dirt
Of the sky and rooftops
Thundering to the ground
A cycle begins once again

The jealousy wind
It makes one staying awake
Crying of lost values
Of people forget
The basic of our being
The inheritors of heavens
When we learn it right

people make the church

Saint Francis Xavier Church by Guide Viaggi
Saint Francis Xavier Church by Guide Viaggi

The Catholic Church Penang
Showing the flock the way to good living
Let them take shelter under the lights
Of the Lord of Heavens

It is the flocks of the innocents
The invalids and the homeless
The flocks of needy souls
O Church of Catholic faith
Why must people suffer?
When you don't use the land

Show the way you preach
Not the way to acquire
Of things never needed in heavens
Have you forgotten it?

The Catholics in Penang
Show the Church the door
For the Bishop has forgotten
It is the people who make the Church

Friday, May 29, 2009


Pharell on Wealth by Jungleboy
Pharell on Wealth by Jungleboy

The eyes see
The taste buds chew
The mind mixture of choices
Yet undecided blaming others

The people search
The people want it
The power and wealth
Flavours of the mind

It is why politics
The power tools to enrich
Though nobody will tell
See them display
Properties, cars and wealth
You know something
The selling of souls

In the dark corner
Flavours turning sour
Favours have to return
Souls must atone
Return all to basic
Where the beginning will tell

personal problems dont play into politics

Pkr logo---1_589881748m by 林尚豪LIM SEONG HOE & LIM 'S 林GALLERY---KEADI

PKR sue
The ex-party leader singing
The publicity materials
In Penanti voters sentiments aside

The tweeting noises
The press and television stations
Propping up the candidate
PKR will surely win

The backbones dig
Like the dog yearning for it
Thinking there is something to be made
On party affairs

The dirty linen for publicity
Don't draw a line
Once a party member
Who want to believe?
When seeking out revenge
For personal gains

The people will know
Personal problems
It shouldn't play into politics

the old soldiers

HPIM0263_960x1288 by adesalme2004
Tugu Negara by adesalme2004
Old soldiers died and disappeared
Leaving their stories for others to tell
The heroes and the ordinary ones
Blazing trails keeping history alive

History books on selective narration
Depending on what the authors wanted to say
It is through the eyes of former soldiers
The good management skills are highlighted

I remembered General Borhan
A strict man tolerating no nonsense
Once when he was a Colonel then
Conducting a course for other army officers

One Lt Colonel who misbehaved
He was quickly packed off with disgrace
Colonel Borhan then didn't like what he received
So he acted quickly installed discipline

The last time I met him
When he was the Army chief
Still the good jolly man
Now he has retired from the Army

I too met ordinary commando soldiers
Battling stories to tell about communists
Fighting day and night in the jungles
One ex-commando said he didn't take prisoners
He shot them when the communists surrender
He was angry for them causing military problems

The good soldiers history will say
Friends and military officers will sing
Remembering the pathways travelled
And the memories shared and fought
Only we don't forget
The sacrifices they made
Protecting peace for the country

Thursday, May 28, 2009

it's people business

The police intimidation
On the people on a peaceful protests
The people want to tell the ills of implementations
On a horde of issues

Let the game play fairly
On the field; out of the arena
It doesn't have to be this way
Catching the innocents with placards on their hands
The police forget the roles play
“Mesra Rakyat” isn't coming our way

Now wearing black under Sedition
What is police trying to do?
We pay our taxes for them to protect us
It turns around and bite the tax payers instead

Even writing “Daulat Tuanku” under Sedition
Base on a report filtered out today
Is the police trying to challenge democracy?
Let the game play fairly

The fear of the black knight
Hiding behind walls directing operations
Telling the way he wants to implement
Fear and loss of freedom
He wants the people to get in line

The wrong strategy
The fall of many
In business and politics
Wise up it's people business

the darkness in the homes


Mother and child
The beauty in the eyes
The gift of nature
Don't shut out the light

Abusing a child
The tortures and mental scars
Inflicted by a mother
A dark secret a child bears

The days of physical abuses
Scaring a child for life
In the mind of tortures
Pain and alone

Sometimes a father
Problems take on a child
Without realizing the inflictions
It makes a child into vengeful spirit
When growing up seeking the dark

The loving breeze blow
Along the sadness of a child
Hoping good foster parents
Erase the tortures
Let love shines

the bird nest hanging

humming bird nest by zoso_86
humming bird nest by zoso_86

The bird nest hanging
By the branch of a tree
It sways with the strong breeze
I think it may fall one day

When the little birdies hatch
The weight may break the branch
Precariously hanging for its life
By then chances of survival
Dim into the night

Maybe I dont know about it
The humming bird should know better
Yet when I see the branch sagging low
On its own weight chances are
The 4 eggs may not see the day

So I do the safety way
Tie strings supporting to other branches
In this way I hope no incident
Of eggs or little birdies fall out bottom

declare assets

2006 Kerala Assembly Elections / Assets of Candidates as declared by naamhs

Sometimes I just can't understand
The politicians in government find it diffult to declare assets
It takes them years to list it out.......
The more they delay it becomes worst in perception
As if they have something to hide
Giving excuses of forms
Type of format what to list
Damn they should get the forms
Any reputable companies got it
Under Capex of schedules
By now they should have their records
Receipts and S &P, shares holding and profit statements
Assets they have before and after in government services
They shouldn't procrastinate any more
Why so difficult?
Write a list of what they have
Before and after declare it as the truth
Of asets they have then and now
As you and I know
By end of this year it will zero declaration
Hoping the people will forget they think we do
It is better the state exco declaring it now
Even half measures like in Selangor
At least there is something to tell

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the black and red

Malaysia Politics by pinkturtle2
Malaysia Politics by pinkturtle2

The black and red
On the roads wait
Shields and batons
Standing idling public funds

The gathering
Sitting for a point
The black and red
Lining up on the roads

Wasting public funds
Backdoors wide open
Mat Rempits and gangs
No law for them

Important duties
The blues forget
Priority shifted
The bad-hats free

The palace fence
Shielding away
Of the people pleading
Deaf years blowing with the wind

The hunger strikes
For a cause of civil rights
Freedom of choices
Freedom of peaceful gathering
Under the Constitution

It is only the black knight
Eyeing shadows everywhere
The dark windy breeze
marking him in every step

the black maria

'Black Maria' Morris LD by kenjonbro
'Black Maria' Morris LD by kenjonbro
1Black Malaysia
The police go arresting peaceful protestors
For the civil liberty cracking them away
Any one walking nearby will be hauled up
Into the Black Maria

DAP Ipoh
Sit in for hunger strikes
Many got arrested
For trying to sell a point

Is the black knight so afraid?
About shadows lurking in his mind
He has to come clean tell the truth
Sowing fear it will not work

The Black Maria
And the red trucks on the road
Blocking civil liberty
Harassing people's representatives

The peaceful protests
The black knight so afraid
Putting obstacles in peoples' way
As 1Black Malaysia looms

We don't want it to happen
We want democracy to work
Stifling people way of expression
On a peaceful sit-in
For hunger strike to make a point
Give back Perak to the people
They are the ones who decide!

the people will do

20081007-raja-petra-trial by my1001malaysia
raja-petra-trial by my1001malaysia

Interpol busy
RPK sunbathing
The PIG writes messages
The black knight can't sleep

The country crimes
The PIG doesn't crack it
He is too busy running errands
Leaving the back gates open

RPK circles around
In the web domain he spins
Tales of Albino, cronies and 3Ps
The peope read forming opinions

The crack-downs by police
Even for peaceful vigils
The black knight slogan
A whitewash a lie to behold
“1For Me Nothing for You”

So RPK runs
Not to say he is afraid to face the court
It is perception of kangaroo frogs
And the lopsided treatments

It is best he is out of the country
Rallying for a cause to help the nation
The truth will be known in time
As the digging holes widen every night

The people will do
In GE 13 it is
The country isn't belonging to politicians
It isnt belonging to the uniformed agencies
It belongs to the people!

write it down

Write down your thoughts by pansch
Write down your thoughts by pansch

When the mind is trouble
The reasoning is hard to see
Sleep won't come easy
As you toss into restless dreams

It is said better to watch fishes
Swimming in the aquarium
It helps the mind to focus
A new perspective to see what's wrong

Learn from the fishes
Controlled temperature feeding times
Swimming endlessly within its walls
Knowing the taste of life differently
They will make the sacrifices
What else the fishes can do?
Nothing really as the script is written

Now think of yourself
The intelligent being walking around
Problems are tiny spots
Don't let it grow
Control or eliminate it quickly
Recognize the setbacks find solutions
Many go through the familiar settings

Write it down
As the troubling thoughts arrive
Let the mind be free of impediments
File it if it isn't important

Problems part of life process
It makes a person strong and innovative
Finding solution already diverting it
You will feel fresh eager to start a new chapter
Yesterday is gone; today something to learn
Tomorrow hasn't started but it is life

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

we change many times

Another day goes by by awe2020
Another day goes by by awe2020

Life can't be the same all the times
The outlook and the perception will change
As age catching up and still doing it
The mind will unfold let out scenes to be played

We dream of many things to do
In our lives any part of the World
We wish we can do it in our times
You and I know some will just remain as dreams

Taking responsibility a change of scene
Giving back what we used to do when we were young
Taking care of younger siblings the progress flowing
You take charge you know it will work

Testing new adventures
It is part of learning curves
Know the rules and repercussions
Why certain adventures can't be had

Take drugs which addicted the mind
The short term euphoria the long term living hell
As you have seen in the neighbourhoods
The slums and the wealth streets
It makes no difference; no colour no religion

Yet as you review your life journey
Sometimes it is good to be alone to taste the silence
Bringing you a sense of joy nobody to boss you around
You are your own destiny living in your castle

As the dreams floating away
You remember the traffic jams
The cars cruising and the mad rush
And life will continue as it is like
It is you and I changing ourselves

the beauty or the beast

2009 Honda City brochure by harry_nl
2009 Honda City brochure by harry_nl

City or Vios
Economy or speed
Easy handling easy parking
Hijack money eating sambal belacan?
Is it beauty on the road?

Where the eyes seek
The mind will tell
The confidence of a car
When you drive on it

City is for women
Singing on the road
Playful yet commanding
Telling others don't try
Toyota Vios by Tom BKK
Toyota Vios by Tom BKK

Vios quiet on the road
It doesn't show the tantalizing curves
It is just like “Susan Boyle”
When you dress it up
She shines on the eyes

I had seen Vios
Make up into sporting shine
She looks pretty for the eyes
Spend a few thousands
The ugly duckling turning beauty

City comes naturally
The curves and the proud look
It is designed for women
Proudly cruising on the road

perak the waterloo

Ipoh White Coffee by miss Beee
Ipoh White Coffee by miss Beee

No matter what Albino wants to spin
By court to legitimize it
When we know it is allegedly rigged
In Perak fiasco for all to see

Backdoor entry
2 tainted politicians
Cases take so slow to go
Maybe we don't hear at all

Hee Haw screams
So happy to receive
What it is?
She says she doesn't know
Driving her Merc
Trick or tease?

Perception seen by many
Albino can't claim ignorant
The signs are there
Perak crisis the final nail to its coffin

Perak the Waterloo
Albino will sink into
By GE 13 the power of the box
Perak injustice we remember!

lies and bribes

DSC_0057 by shufiyan
Penanti by election by shufiyan

Lies and bribes
Prostitutions and projects
It just never ends
In our lives
We hear it so often
Amongst politicians
Companies linked to Bee Anne
The way contracts arrived
Even in local councils
Many have to move
Under the table so to speak
Then things get moving
On by elections
Goods and services
Announced and freely given
Dinners and shows
Tempting people
Now in Penanti
Independent claimed
Positions and bribe
Touting with disc
Suddenly appeared
Truth or tease?
In newspapers and TV
Branding it for all to see
Who believe?
When she is a nobody
Getting some cheap publicity
By elections
Lies, bribes and prostitutions
Money and contracts
It comes home to roost
It never fails to do

Monday, May 25, 2009

haze again

The Penang Bridge by lspeng
The Penang Bridge by lspeng

Haze in the country
Driving in to book the bitchiness
Of people and government
Tall highrise buildings to roadside stalls

It usually arrives in July
Government meetings and promises
With neighbourly country promising clampdown
Every year the same script is written

The situation never changes
The flu like symptoms will hit
Don't forget about swine flu
It comes to claim its place of history

Here we are
Hazy sky hot terrible weather
It burns hot flashes on skin
Yet it is the annual affair

by elections

MALAYSIA-ELECTION by shamshahrin

Penanti runs
Kelantan waits
The black knight
No way to hide

The God disposes
The way He wants to play
The games of politicians
Now the chess board
On the table

What reasons?
None to give
The fight will be staged
On the chess board
So they say

Now it isn't
About economy and people services
The black knight will not say
It is a wastage of funds

North to East
Maybe West to South
We never know
When future seems so dark
The black knight gallops
Fear in his eyes
Of the dark shadows
Hunting him down

the spinning dogs

Colourful 'yarns' for spinning tales by Pseudomonas
Colourful 'yarns' for spinning tales by Pseudomonas

The spinning dogs
I hear the barking
Running along the streets
I hear the messages
It never sounds true to me

Once there is a lie
It will be hard to make it through
The perception I have known
It will be hard to touch base

The lie I hear
The words in black and white
Glaring out to fool me
The barking in the far distance

I want to make a change
The way honest leaders will say
Be honest be true be humble
We are here for a short while

Yeah the spinning dogs
They don't stop barking
I hear them in cages
Whining old ladies

Sunday, May 24, 2009

the black knight escapes in penanti

Poster Calon PKR Penanti by pendunkclanz
Poster Calon PKR Penanti by pendunkclanz

Penanti black knight escapes
He doesn't want to soil his legs
Giving his excuses to manage economy and services
People come first
Penanti the way it will be
The fight on the ballot boxes
Maybe proxies and Pakatan
Don't take it lightly
Penanti no bashing
Quietly campaigns
Men in blue busy as usual
Maybe wasting peoples' money
Voters must send a clear message
Wipe out the deposits of independents
Only then the black knight will understand
Penanti patience will win
Know the enemy know the shadows
Pakatan must walk with confidence
Listen it well articulate with sincerity
Penanti folks
You have to send a positive tone
The forerunner to hole in Albino
And Bee Anne into its depth
Of depression finally internal implosion

the good dogs run

dogs on the run by lekym
dogs on the run by lekym

Good dogs run
Barking all the way

People hear
They come out to see
On the hapless dogs
When bluesy runs

The bad menu
It serves it raw
Batons and nets
Good dogs run

Breathing hard
On the roads spread
For the bluesy doesn't catch
The road bullies
And Mat Rempits ride

Good dogs run
The lines are drawn
There is freedom
The bluesy puts into fear

We pay good money
Taxes for them
Yet we are treated
Good dogs run

when the mind is dark

Some Truths are Better Left Unknown by Manic~Mind
Some Truths are Better Left Unknown by Manic~Mind

There is no sunshine
When souls are sold
For wealth and power
In the short time

On Earth only a temporary sojourn
Learn to live, share and help
Prostituting for favours
The holes in hell

There is no sunshine
When eyes and minds glow
Of losing integrity
Of hungry of temporary richness

When mind is dark
Hands tainted black
When eyes hunger
The degrading soul dies

The way to heavens
Only potholes wait
Pop in pop out
The fire of hell!

silver state crisis

Perak State Assembly on May 7 26 by The Edge Malaysia
Perak State Assembly on May 7 by The Edge Malaysia

Has procedure followed by Sultan of Perak?
When a sitting MB has not resigned
In all normal convention nobody should be appointed
Patience is the key to good governance

As Perak Constitution stated plainly
The Sultan has no power to dismiss an existing MB
So how can he appoint one when there is no resignation?
This is the crisis erupted in Perak

The Sultan of a State act on the advice of MB
So in normal convention a Sultan can't act on his own
He is only the constitutional monarch so he can't act by himself
Again by convention when MB requested for a dissolution
A Sultan should be convention accede to the request

The Perak crisis
Of convention of constitution
Of players wanting to test ground
And so we have this unpopular rising
Of entry through the back doors

High Court judge gave his good reasoning
It is only through the Assembly where MB can be voted out
It shouldnt be in any other form to determine it
Alas the Court of Appeal judges never saw it that way
Other factors can be considered as a legal ground to remove MB!

One did the talking two got no say
In one stroke they say the Sultan has power
So the Sultan has absolute discretion
To sack the government leader of the day

The constitution has spelled it out plainly
It is through the Assembly where it all begins
Democracy of the people by the people
It is how it should be working
Court of Appeal judges allegedly never understand the separation of power
In a democractic system of government

Government for the people by the people
There shouldn't be any other body to determine the legality of it
It is the people who will decide the party to govern
A constitutional ruler is just a symbol to bridge the parties
He has no absolute authority to determine the government

In the democratic elections
It is the people who have the final say
Of the government for the nation

Saturday, May 23, 2009

the evils never sleep

catch my soul, by ashley rose,
catch my soul by ashley rose

The evils never sleep
It always stays in our minds
Pushing and carroting it
Until we become pawns for life

The way it is whispered
Slowly caressing it through
You don't know it is happening
Until one day you realize

The evils have taken control
You have no life of your own
You try to escape yet there is no way
You make your choice
Of power and wealth
And so you sell your soul

The way of evils
Life is all they needed
Catching the humans
The sins they do

Power and wealth
We see it so often
It captures us in its net
When we are in
There is no escape

the pirate ship sails

Pirate Ship by pink-punk
Pirate Ship by pink-punk

The pirate ship sails on the sea
The battle fought won it by gold and jewels
The bright day the cloudy sky
The pirates sing and the barrel of rum

The pirate captain knew
The script wrote and delivered
The battle was a show case
“Lads celebrate and sing
The barrel of rum
And women on shore”

“Hee Haw! Hee Haw!
The wind sing along
As the waves rising high
The drowning of voices
And the barrel of rum!”

“Ah Hoi! Ah Hoi!
Land on sight
Lads partying time
Women and power glow”

The pirate ship sails
Singing the songs
Rolling with the waves
Of backdoors pot of gold
And a barrel of rum

black friday

Langkawi, sand castle time by tparks_california
Langkawi, sand castle time by tparks_california

Black Friday
We know it coming
The teaser and the hard knock
Will it be history in Federal Court?

Freddy in Elm Street
Terrorising the people into sleep
Here he will take souls
Unless you follow his rules

The spinning wheel
Scooping up depositing it down
The weight of the democracy
It has to come around

The whip cracks
A line on the soft sand
Porous it should be
A decision of integrity fall

The sand of democracy
It will rise and take its place
For it is the people who will have the say
They are the ones who make it happen

the battle hasn't ended

Battle of the beetles by ALViaNa D'BoRNeO
Battle of the beetles by ALViaNa D'BoRNeO

The battle hasn't ended
Filing will be to Federal Court
CoA decision makes Agung and Rulers
Now they can sack PM and MB as they like
It is back to absolute monarchy
It isn't in the Federal Constitution

It was a speedy decision
Delivered less than 20 minutes
Tilting to the favour of Albino
Pakatan Rakyat lost

We hope to read CoA judgement
On what views they came to their conclusion
Citing the sections and Constitution
We hope to get a true picture

Perak crisis will continue
The dissolution should ease our pain
The Sultan must listen to his people plea
He can't ignore; he can't say he is right
The government is elected by the people
It isn't for the courts to decide

The pirate of Pangkor
He can sing on his ship
Sailing back anchoring at Lumut port
He now feels he is rightful leader
To rule the state
Yet the Perakians will ignore him
As the days drag on to years

Albino enjoy these few years
When GE 13 comes the people will finish it off
Into the bin of history................
And Judiciary will need house cleaning
So is the police force

Friday, May 22, 2009

CoA got through the script

The Droplet by The Taleteller
The Droplet by The Taleteller

CoA got through the script
The ordinary folks knew about it
The days leading to the appeal court
We knew the game had played
Nothing shocking really
The outcome had come early
“Stay order” granted within hours
When Nizar filed in
It took CoA 8 days to hear
Albino won with tainted script
No matter what its leaders want to spin
We in Perak will not forget
The Constitution dies today
CoA judges
They fail to address the Constitution
Lay out to bind the government and people
The way it should be now falters in time
The Judiciary in black
It's a sad Black Friday
The Perak crisis will seal Albino fate
And its coalition partners......
The Waterloo in GE 13
We will never forget!

CoA get it right

Sultan Abdul Samad Clock Tower by Cyber Integra
Sultan Abdul Samad Clock Tower by Cyber Integra

Decision today
CoA get it right
Don't make the flaw
It isn't

It is clear cut
Back doors rampage
The causes of its fall
Don't rule it otherwise
It shows biase

Constitution lays out
The conditions to prevail
Let it be said
It rules the country
The backbone of legal harmony

King and Rulers
Act on the advice
Of PM and Chief Ministers
And by convention they don't decline

The people decide
We pay our taxes
For the good of the country
So we must have our say
In running the affairs

Thursday, May 21, 2009

parents silent tears

Flowing Tears by mai_serratos
Flowing Tears by mai_serratos

Parents fear
Children run fouls of the law
Into jail they go
Family honor disgrace

Parents hope
The children grow
Upright citizens following law
Behave show courtesy

Parents know
Children can be hard to control
Growing up years changes form
Children can be bad
Only crying in silent prayers

No parents want
Children to be bad
Sometimes they happen
Questions of motives
Thinking the years of neglect

Parents silent tears
Minds feeling loss
The shame in their eyes
Yet lives must go on

the black protests

ORANGUTAN MALAYSIAN t shirt orangutan by 'DANVILLAGE' The Art Of AnuarDan

Black is illegal
The police will catch you
Even when you stand alone
To protest silently on the street

The police phobia
Running out of control
Catching common people
Trying to make the country safe
And landed themselves in jail

Yet for the love of the country
These people are treated unfairly
Protesting for rights under the Constitution
Holed up in midnight jails
Because of Black protests

Human rights and freedom
Police will not tolerate
Catch them quickly
The ordinary people are blame

The crimes of the nation
The police slow to tackle it
Leaving these crooks to hunt hungrily
While ordinary people pursuing in indignity

The trial of the ordinary people
On the human rights and freedom
Police watching with eagle eyes
They think we are nuisance

we aren't here forever

A Ray of Sunshine by latenightowl
A Ray of Sunshine by latenightowl

When the sun shines
On the ground to the sky
There is a moment of truth
We aren't here forever

There is the moment
Cherish it while we can
We never know when
It will go away

When the smile glow
It helps there is something new
When life seems to go awry
There is hope yet in misery

For God never forsaken us
He is always there watching
Over the sky, sea and land
There is a moment of truth
We aren't here forever

the constitution rules

Palace of Justice by CGAtlan
Palace of Justice by CGAtlan

The era of change
CoA must be brave
Give the people
Something to talk about

Judiciary on low esteem
The people can't trust the judges
The perception seems so obvious
So make the people proud
You can stand on your own

Rule on the Constitution
It spells out so clearly
Don't go trying to play backhands
It will not serve the people
They will know the truth

Let the devil lies in his grave
Let him stay don't let him to play
For there will be misery
When Constitution and laws broken
Into values of token sake!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

if only she wakes up soon

Full Moon - Langkawi, Malaysia by JL 2009
Full Moon - Langkawi, Malaysia by JL 2009

The devil lies
Watching waiting for the right moment
When he roars out into the open
Full moon sparkling bright

The humans walk
Along the streets
Back lanes and busy streets
Mind dreaming about money
Living life breezy wind
Crazy life nothing else

The traffic lights
Turning colors stopping moment
As the red arrows it
The devil flies

The night of feast
It is where humans lost it
Wine, song, gaiety
Guards down losses bound

The screams in the dark night
The eyes see the evil plays
It isn't a good sight
It is night of the undead

The silver State
Shining bright under the moon
Casting the evil helping the needy
If only she wakes up soon

dont spare the cane

HDR- Selangor State Legislative Assembly Hall by Belakios a.k.a. Naz
Selangor State Legislative Assembly Hall by Belakios a.k.a. Naz

MPs and Aduns
The rules apply
Nobody is exempted
For the order of the Assembly

Proper conducts and procedures
The committee gathered and dispensed justice
Fair chances allow for them to participate
To rebuke and challenge the charges

When one fails to appear
When one refuses to stand to defend it
Then the person has no moral right to represent
The voters who elected him
He has failed in his duty
Even before the Committee suspends him

“Spare the rod spoil the child”
The basic root yet adults forget
Even MPs and Aduns shouldn't hide
When they are called
They must appear to defend the charges
Showing no respect calling themselves leaders
They fail the voters for running away

When elected MPs and Aduns fail to discharge duties
They have already forgotten the voters who elected them
Don't be like “Teh Kim Poh cancelled funding for Pandamaran”
When he lost in his election bid in March 2008
It was for his personal interests nothing to do with his voters
Lucky for Pandamaran folks he was voted out soonest

The Toyol deserves his punishment
Too many alleged charges yet MACC dragging feet
We want the big fishes in the net too
If we don't change the Federal Government
We will not see changes in the country

For Toyol it is only in State Assembly
He will not feel any thing
He has money and properties
So he can go holidaying

church shouldnt be in business

Rome and Vatican City by * Toshio *
Rome and Vatican City by * Toshio *

Lucifer has clawed in
The Church is his domain
The way the activities done
Money and idols ring the bell

The Church has evolved
The days of the Saints gone
Preaching and helping the destitutes
It has lost its direction

Cultures of others
The dominant ones creep into the Church
The way it is done right to the decorations
Is it necessary when we talked about religion?

Selling properties to self worth
It defeats it purposes on Earth
It is to spread the word
And the belief in the faith

If one were to read
About past history of how the churches flourished
It was appealing to the congregation for help
And how these people worked stay united for a cause

What happen to these days?
Lucifer hacked in Church trembling
For it is foretold the Fire Angel will
Through the Church in Rome to hit the world!

The European Union
And second rise of the Roman Empire
And the people will feel the wrath of anger
The Fire Angel inflicted on his adversaries!

nothing should stay static

Life can evolve anywhere.... by Arvi - the wanderer
Life can evolve anywhere.... by Arvi - the wanderer

Life changes
As one goes with time
Events and conditions
Economic spills
The renewing processes
It shifts with its needs
The journey and the pitfalls
It is life bitter sweet fall
Nothing should stay static
It has to evolve and move on
Even the beyond may blind
One has to get on with it
Even love
And life mixture of ingredients
It has to evolve to stay relevant
For the past is history
The present and future need to be written
It is alive and so it matters
It is always on a small step
Once it is taken the journey bounds
The whirring wind; the mystical melody
Young and old; blind and see
Time to rejoice time to go again!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


At the Butterfly Garden, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia by Joe Gratz
At the Butterfly Garden, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia by Joe Gratz

Butterfly winging
Freely into the unknown
Scrolls of letterings
History seems to call

Years on the job
Nature gifts to all
Yet we seem to forget
We must cherish our bonds
Make this Earth glow with us

Butterfly whispering
flapping wings to see
The caves writings
And human greed

Butterfly searching
A place to call home
Nature gifts human destroy
On the writings
Plastered in our minds

gua tempurong

gua tempurong 2 by edward27_photo
gua tempurong near Kampar Perak by edward27_photo

Gua Tempurong
Nestled out into the kampong village
Outside the trunk road
Only the notice board

Before the present road was constructed
One had to pass through a narrow kampong road
Any car owner would wish the road was traffic free
Otherwise it could be tepi sana tepi sini

I went once by this narrow road
It was such a long time ago.........
So it is an arm chair journey
Looking at the pictures of Gua Tempurong

I haven't set foot there again
Even when it is easy to drive in
Though I stay not so far away
Hijacked from my home base in Klang Valley

Gua Tempurong
The dim light and streaming water
Cool sometimes eerie feeling
Thinking of spirits

Yet it is an adventurous journey
Looking at setting of kampong life
Though by now it has changed its scenes
As people go there to enjoy nature gifts

the china man

The Face Of China I - Waste Not by Expatriate Games
The Face Of China I - Waste Not by Expatriate Games

China Man always looking for wealth
Every part of the world he is there
When there's money to be made
Boy you will hear China Man there!

Political affiliations
Projects and wealth his base
China Man isnt worried
The brickbats and ridicules
When money flows
The stuff people dreams

Businesses and politics
The rules blur in the scenes
Only in public domain
Brewing the sweet talk
Nothing change behind the walls

When it is the ruling party
Leaders go trade off bargains
The waves of cronies
Frogging into the line

There are so many
Deals and handouts
In the walls behind the scenes
They smile
And the China Man whistles
The day just begins

penanti bee anne runs

Penanti : Anwar's fortress by Abdul Rahman Roslan
Penanti : Anwar's fortress by Abdul Rahman Roslan

Bee Anne decline to contest
On Penanti by election
And so goes the stimulus packages
The small businessmen gearing up for

Penanti Albino fear
For giving reasons mind can't accept
For economy and services
A spinning wheel rears up again

Intra economy
It can be done in Penanti
Small projects and revitalize the economy
Spending our money Albino declines

So there will be crying
Penanti folks you are sacrificed
Albino wishes aren't for you
Now you know the concerted lies

What you lose
It may be gain in Perak
We wish for a snap election
And don't give us the wastage funds lie
Albino you are running scared

Penanti let it rolls
The independents shouldn't contest
You know you will lose
Why waste time and money?
When the outcome is known already

Monday, May 18, 2009

dont label us children

Come with me by deqalb
Come with me by deqalb

Law and Order
All walk on by Albino
And its leaders telling lies in souls
Guarding their interests at all costs
And the ordinary tax payers short changed

We listen to all these nonsense
We put these people there
We are the fools thinking we made the right choice
Of all the years gone
We haven't learned the tricks at all

Only in 1998 we got truly involved
Of the true nature of Albino and Bee Anne
Guarding their turfs at all costs
For power, projects and prosperity

In March 2008 the ordinary people woke
Finally realized enough of all the lies
It was time to hit back through the ballot boxes
The voters ruled

Yet there are blinded fools
Hanging on for the projects and wealth
They don't realize they get crumbs
While the leaders take all the wealth

Our leaders crying without tears
Hoping to win the hearts and souls of ordinary people
I guess too much have gone under the bridge
We need leaders for all races
Willing to sacrifice for the country and her people
Personal gain shouldn't rear its ugly head
It will spell the doom for any party leader

hammering in


The 7 deadly sins for radio
The Djs can't spin out into the air
It is taboo under Albino
And the black knight wills it so

When it is gone underground
People will talk until the cows come home
It doesn't flow with the current slogan
It is just meaningless tagline

Basically afraid to lose power
Along the way projects and prosperity
All these summing it up properly
Culled the peoples' minds
Don't let them free to discuss

It is the black knight
The baggages heavy he can't throw away
The village lords bowing to wash his feet
Now they can roam freely

Every decision against the people
A nail will be hammered in
Until such times people bidding time
Occasionally making some noises

When GE 13 arrives
It is party time!
When frustrations and disappointments
They rule it democratically in the ballot boxes

sungai pulai johore

my part time job by Chai Yen
Tanjung Pelepas Johore by Chai Yen

Nature wetland gone
Corporate greed government leaders forget
As the sign of developments nature bulldozed away
Leaving it devastated as profits collected
Sungai Pulai in Johore
The wetland destroyed corporate greed
The Albino allows it
Singing the familiar tune
Developments for the State
At what cost to the environment?
The natural habitat conveniently destroy
The nature domain man forgets
The rising floods
The poor quality of air
Water catchment areas
Nature will strike
The balance of life
It has to stay equilibrium
Otherwise disaster is waiting
When nature strikes
It is death warning
Corporate greed weak government
Of the leaders elected yet they don't protect
Going for short term strategies
Long term damages nature will hit back
Note taken from Malaysiakini
Politicians in bed with bad company at Sg Pulai by Green Pea