Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the economic cake

APs on the roll
The legal way to reward cronies
Rushing them to become millionaires
The people welfare keep it under wraps

It is the legal way
Find it hard to charge
It is above board
Only cronies or related companies benefit

The people are fed
The way Bee Anne thinks
Pull them by the noses
Like the obedient cows
Mooing all the way to the field

And Bee Anne leaders say
'Now graze your grass
See the green be happy
We bring developments
The rakyat benefits”

But the rolling waves
Leaving its debris along the coast
The dirty line eyes see it plenty
Bee Anne thinks we like it....

APs only a few
Smiling to the banks
Enriching cronies
And Bee Anne says
“We help the Malays
To bridge the gap with the Non-Malays”

Now the secrets out
It is time we look for change
The country's wealth must be for the people
To enjoy and live economically happy

tainted in money politics

Isa Samad
Why Umno going for self destruct?
A suspended party member involved in money politics
Yet Umno wants him to contest

The Umno division leaders in the State
They want him to contest for paying back allegiance
The way it is showing the voters how politics play
Now Pas must exploit it to the full
The country can't afford to have leaders
tainted in money politics

In Malacca Umno has one
Found guilty of money politics
yet still allowing to keep his post
Betraying the trust of the voters

What's new with Umno?
The leaders sending wrong signals
So it is money and politics
The 3Ps will rock them in
It has already done years ago
Now the heavy weight of sins
Bringing the bridge.....only the falling!

ACS Kampar

ACS Kampar
You don't miss it
Driving through the town
On both side of the street
The primary and secondary

In its heyday
Thousands of students came
From Tronoh, Jeram and Gopeng
Besides Kampar own students

ACS Kampar then
The school got name
Parents feel proud
Encouraging children to enroll

Years down the road
More schools built economy derailed
Parents couldn't afford
The enrolment dropping

Now it may have around 400 students
Trying to stamp their marks for the school
Within the walls inner cracks loom
Cracks and leaking, potholes and paint fray
Is this the way to go for a 107 years old school?

ACS Kampar
The former students should rally
Don't let the shine dim
Let the old school shine again!

dont act like a thorn bird

The traffic flow
Every minute on the roads
There is no stopping it
Even traffic lights
Silly jokers will drive through

You think it is your way
Look ahead steady reflexes
You never know some drivers
So eager to beat traffic woes

Impatience breaks the code
Of life living to the fullest
It brings life misadventures
Dreaming of becoming F1 drivers

The traffic flow
Stop on it
Brakes it full
Live to the fullest

Don't be a fool
Don't live short term
like 'thorn birds”
Singing sweetly never realizes its potential

money politics

Umno and money politics
The party has not controlled it
Now in Bagan Pinang...........
The ugly truth finally sings

The branch divisions supporting
A tainted politician involved in money politics
He was out in the cold in National political games
Serving his suspension found guilty by his party

Now his supportes want him to contest
On the by election in Bagan Pinang
Has Umno no 'honest' candidates?
The ghost works in her ways

The black knight stares on the map
On which spot the ghost will strike
He has no idea he is totally blind
The susurrus whisper he knows
The bridge is broken; the fall is waiting

The end is near
The changes will come
The country needs it
On the world stage
She will stand proud again!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

overseas malaysians

Overseas Malaysians
They get paid so well
They get huge benefits
They are treated as equals

They don't face racial discrimination
All employment opportunities
The best fit takes the job
Skin colour doesn't interfere
It is talent and experience and education

Most Malaysians working overseas
They enjoy the freedom they think they have
Basically it is money and education
They help the adopted countries prosper
Back home they forget.................

They find the walls too high
They say they can't fight
Too many obstacles favouring one race
How to fight and win?

Learn from history
Of how a country progresses
Of how oppressed people engineered
Kick out the fake lords one and all

If they don't come back
They can't blame the system and government
For they never participated to make the change
So in overseas they thought they can progress
Back home many suffer in opportunities
But many fight to make it a better place....

pakatan battles inner demons

PKR running out of ideas
Rotating CM in Penang?
See what happen in Sabah?
Now Umno conveniently takes over
Started off as rotating CM

Let the party has the majority rules
Others have to take the cake sharing ratios
PKR shouldn't even say it
It is wonder there is another clash with DAP?

The Pakatan leaders should put a stop
The nonsense brewing from the subordinates
It has become a mouth piece for Umno
We wonder are they bought over already?

Now the trojan horse galloping
Into the open issuing statements
Read it well it means something else
Pakatan leaders reign in your underlines

Much is expected since March 8
Maybe the power and greed have gone into their heads
Bee Anne a good case study.............
Don't be silly falling into it

let perak be the case study

Pas Selangor
Collision course with Pakatan
Leadership doesn't follow concept
Will it last by December?

Pro-umno in Pas
These leaders generating friction
For the sole purpose to bring down Pakatan
The way they say; the way they conduct affairs

Selangor Pakatan
Take heed the demons at your door
Don't think you can sweep them away
Pro-umno Pas the agenda in the open

The black knight wants Selangor
He wants Pas Aduns to frog over
In this way there will be a chance
He will take Selangor
Port Klang Adun seems swaying away
Leaving the harbour going out to sea

Let Perak be the case story
Don't let Selangor sinks into it
Get your act together
Bite the bullet if it needs
Declare a snap election
Kick out the 2 face demons

turn the law into favours

The bulldozers came
The cows got no place
The villagers got to go
Enough publicity and sorrows
Time to start a new

Don't start blaming
Lliving there for decades
Never want to finalize the heritage
Until it was pulled underneath

Supporting Bee Anne
Decades hoping to get rewards
Of land you lived , greens and cows
Got played out in the end
Now the village gone
A chapter of life history
it is in memory

The sad tales
Political plays
We believe what they say
Underneath the rules change

Now the dusts
Find the loopholes
Turn the law into favours
Otherwise Federal Court judgement stays
On this issue of High Chaparral

Monday, September 28, 2009

look at the traffic

On the road driving
Don't day dreaming
Look at the traffic
Reflexes must be flowing

No hesistation
When traffic flowing
Once you forget
The oncoming drivers
They will slow to react

They think it is free flow
The traffic on the go
Don't be rush to get anywhere
It is better be late
Then getting jammed on the road

On coming traffic
It doesn't wait
The drivers should stay alert
No more dreaming
Talking on the road

the guide posts everywhere

Fight and learn
The journey isn't coated with honey
Learning it to become a better person
On living learn it well.......don't repeat

Learn the pain
Know the sorrow
Without it you will not understand
The journey you want to go

The resume of life
The guide posts every where
Open the mind and eyes to see
Recognize it nothing comes easy

Broken homes well to do families
Every one must learn make mistakes
Know the pain know the sorrow
It is a gateway to become a better person

know the ground rules

“Billy don't be a hero”
You will lose your life
On the battle field....
Be a coward fight for another day

Want to help
Know the ground rules
Protecting yourself
It is a must in pursuit

Highrise buildings
Chasing robbers and thieves
Don't be a silly fool
Climbing down from the balcony

You break the rules
No supporting ropes
Playing life and death swing
Isnt it a stupid thing to do?

“Billy don't be a hero”
Know the ground rules
Before you charge in pursuit
Once you fall there is no help
You will scream knowing life will be gone!

pas leaders dont get carried away

Politics the way it goes
Saying it you become a hero
Getting hit back the way it is
Name in the newspapers

Party leaders support
You can win your party
It is the voters you will lose
When election comes
We know what to do

Pas leaders
Don't get carried away
We want change
It isn't the way you think

Hassan Ali
The drawback to Pas
The Pas leaders never give positive vibes
It will be a telling in the polls

We want to be transparent
Even the district officers must change
Doing it in close doors
Why are they so afraid in the open?

Pas leaders
Don't get carried away
It is the voters who will decide
Follow the team spirit
Let Pakatan work
For the country and her people

Sunday, September 27, 2009

you are born for a purpose

Don't hold on to a death
Remember memories of shared values
Walk the steps the footprints will disappear
In time only memory clinging to live

Suffer in memory
Forgetting to live life
It is one of the worst sins
One ever commits

Think about it
You are born for a purpose
Don't keep crying in sorrow
Live life enjoy your gifts
God gives God takes away
You learn the pain and sorrow
Now you learn again to live

Death is another planet
The bodies decay souls evaporate
Living presence floating in the breeze
A new journey past is just history

Remember memories
The shared values in years gone by
The living must go on gathering
What they are born to do
Every step you take
God gives God takes away

acquired credits

Any one you choose
It tells you
Be good

No religion
Asking you to do
Bad things and get free
No way if you read
What is allegedly written down

It tells you to give
The best way to help
It never tells you to go for broke
Then what will happen to you?

Read the advice
Heavens never easy to go
Earn your credits
On Mother Earth learning the rope

Learn it well
Earn as much credits as you can
You will need it
When your face your God
He will decide where you need to repent
For the sins we carry into our lives

the chess board

Do you stop and think about your life?
Why so many prophets came and go?
Is God trying to test His children?
From the Torah, New Testament and Holy Quran
Besides other religions people sing and pray?

In the beginning until today
His children don't know which way
Each prophet came with one story
It never told the full............
Another one came to continue
Telling you the old story gone
A new chapter for you to live with

Even today paganism flourishes
The symbols and worship idols reign
Look around the places of worships
What have you seen every time?

The grandeur of buildings
Each religion telling its followers
Is God wanted this way?
I don't think so
“He is everywhere anywhere
You can pray and talk to him
Any place free like the breeze”

God never tells His full story
He sends 1001 prophets
Telling stories of 1001 nights
In the end when you wake up
What part you forget?

God like to play his game
Moving us around in His chess board
Which part is you................?
You will never know

the frogs to umno

Hassan Ali
Frogging to Umno
The way he barks
He is trying to bring Pakatan down
Motivational speaker

What he is doing
He forgets what he taught
You don't go undermining your Boss
In the State administration

Now the rules
Any motivational speaker should know
In harmony to respect the collective stand
Anything you don't agree
Raise it up in your Exco meeting

He just wants
Barking for Umno
An Exco member
He forgets his uniform
He better join Umno again
And get what he wants

Pakatan Selangor
Enough of his antics
And those who profess to join him
They are the pro-Umno in Pas
Undermining the people's choice

Take him out of the administration
He has caused enough damages to Pakatan
This man he will never learn to work as a team
A motivational speaker he doesn't heed his own teaching
Though his party warning him twice already.........

Saturday, September 26, 2009

the frogs of wealth

The frogs of wealth
Sitting coolly in the pond
Pretending they are
No cozy home

The lotus leaves
Each has one to float along
The pond ripples with the wind
As the going getting tougher each day

The backdoor entrapment
The winner and loser engaged
Bantering it to gain the upper hand
As the dusts haven't settled

The people are angry
Votes got hijacked backdoor slammed
The snap election dares not call
The party participated will get its doom

The frogs of wealth
Fighting hard to keep it afloat
Something will move
The mysterious ways nobody knows

the haunting of the mind

The haunting of our lives
The mistakes and regrets we make
Along the journey of our times
Be brave to admit it will set you free

These are guide posts
Erected for us to understand
The destination we arrived and gone
The journey continues..............

Nothing to be afraid
Living bounds to make mistakes
Owned it up when you are found out
Renounce your errors understand it

Friends and others may shy away
Close relatives and friends will understand
The way it were the way it will be
Nobody is perfect in this world
As long as you understand it
Living will be much easy to accomplish

The mistakes and regrets
The guide posts bury in your mind
You can't hide; you can't run away
You will live to make it free

the new imprint

The dead gone
Into another world
Living on starting new
A fresh new start
When record of past deeds
Serve the punishment
Then a new world begin

Yesterday dead and gone
Crying for a moment then it is done
No memory of the past..........
No shackles to bring it down

On the new imprint
The dead flesh and bones
Rotten then decay
Ashes in cremation
Sins batter trade

The new book opens
A new entry writes
On the day you step it on
You will know
A second chance
No more sin
Hell is waiting!


Misquoted the easy way out
Give it a maximum damage
Run away with tail between legs
Laughing in the dark corner
See the effects on the tales

They are professionals
Highly educated personnel
They know what they spin
It is the game brewing shame

The intelligence acquired
Experience on the trade
Blaming on the other party
It takes them a day or two
Then they complain

Misquoted the malady of creating chaos
In the published reports for a day or two
Then they hold a press conference
They will admit they don't say
What the papers printed

Smile, video, reported
Yet they say reporters get it wrong
Serious looking eyes
Breath of lies......

Friday, September 25, 2009

why worry when nothing to hide?

When you have no secrets
Why worry when you are called?
When you have nothing to hide
Why get angry when you asked?

Checks and balances
It mustn't be just words and law
It must be happening
For public funding is peoples' money

Nobody can claim
“I am embarrassed to be grilled”
Even CEOs and General Managers
The Board will query on sales, expenses and profits
Together with cash flow projections and products
Not forgetting marketing strategies and objectives

What more with State fundings?
Are the Dos so afraid they can't explain?
When you have no secrets, no worry
When you have nothing to hide
You shouldn't get slighted or angry
You are a public servant
Working for the people and nation

What you do
Somebody must check
Balancing the right approaches
You aren't serving for your own kingdom!

the directional signs

The directional signs
Watch out in government buildings
It makes you running around
Trying to find...............

The administrators should walk
Think like outsiders walking in
Foreigners trying to get into it
What will you think standing around?

Most of the time
Wasted efforts and running around
Is this the way for KPI?
Start from the bottom

Better use colour codes
Standardized it as far as possible
Any one unauthorized shouldn't on the floor
If it is for public, give a standard colour

What I saw
Lately a sign board no directional arrows
On the board just say name and block
Imagine for a while what it wants to tell

The directional signs
The administrators should walk around
See like ordinary outsiders
Think what the signs can convey

suicide a sin

Suicide a sin
A heavy price to pay
You can't go to heaven
In hell is the place

Whatever faith you in
Suicide isn't the way
Jihad within one self
Jihad suicide bombers living hell

These people
They are terrorists camouflaged in religion
There will be no place in heaven
Though they think they will

Even those Crusaders
Fighting to uphold Christianity
It was wrong; it is even now
They forgot it is the same God

The simple truth
The Crusaders forgot
Jesus never founded Christianity
It was Paul ex Roman soldier
Who founded it........
Basing on the ancient religion
Of the father, the son and spirit
And it took off during the reign of Constantine
Then Emperor of Rome

The Crusaders of the past
The Jihad bombers of Islamic extremists
They shared the same platform
Protecting their own interests
Not about religion..........

If they do
They will know
It comes from the same God
For the Torah, Bible and Quran

tourism ministry nothing to do

What is the claim on food?
The Tourism Ministry has nothing to do
Going after food claim...........
It makes us looking bad

Food cook and eat
Enjoy the feast and solidarity
It's no use going after a futile exercise
Just like Penang.........

We take other dishes
Make it as good as the original
Share it to bring branded name
Malaysia a food heaven

Tourism Ministry
Promote the country
Good food good service
Malaysian are proud showing the way

Thursday, September 24, 2009

backdoor key registered

The line is drawn
Backdoor key registered
If Pakatan Selangor sleeps on it
The evil will march in

You have one
Branding out of line
Brewing his lordship
As if he is running the State

The team spirit
He never shows he has it
Time to kick him out
Let him stick his neck
On the wilderness of his choice

Learn the lesson
Silver State gone
The leaders forgot
When rumblings hit
They didn't take notice

Now in Selangor
One is trying to dig in
Take him out of the equation
Let him rot in his own garden
Do it before it is too late!

too much

Albino leaders
They dare to show
Palatial homes
Living like kings

Politics of horse trading
Galloping to share secrets
Hiding it in legality
Even it is allegedly true
The law agencies will not touch them

They aren't afraid
They are the special breeds
Above the law they seem to get
So they flaunt it
The olden era of the sultans
They did what they like
Nobody could touch them

The breeding in Albino
The fast track to richness
They don't see the wall cracks
The rivers dry the forests raped
They think it will last forever

People are the future
The party can disappear
Leaving no trace only in history
When too much greed and corruption
An “empire” can collapse

the lord speaks

I am the angel
I bring you freedom
You don't have to ask me
I give you all the same

Now you have got it
You never know me
You let me in distress
You jump into the black hole

I am the angel
You make me a liability
You never appreciate your freedom
You cohabitat with the devil

Now you are in deep hole
You call my name.........
I am the angel
You have forsaken me

The world of money
The eyes of corruptions
The minds of lies and deceits
You never want to listen

I am the angel
I guide you to see the light
I give you the freedom
So you can fly

But you never do
You fall into the devil's lap
In the cage you struggles
You forget my name

I am the angel
Be it light or dark
Day or night
I'll be there
When you call me

take the bull by its horns

The Trojan Horse
Hiding amongst Pakatan
Triggering unhappiness
The coalition partners

Perak fell
On corruption charges and wealth
Escaping jail sentence
Let the coalition failed

Now Selangor
The poison statements
The work of a trojan horse
Pakatan Selangor better disfuel it
Before it burns to the ground

Barking like rabid
Crossing over the fence
Belittling colleagues
And the coalition

Stop the trojan horse
Axe the scenes
Don't wait any longer
Take the bull by its horns

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the early morning rise

Days and nights
Dreams will fly
Even when you studying
Even when you are working

It just keeps you
On your toes as you drill the daily routines
Every day rising in the early morning
Looking for life changes
This day again and again

The daily works out
Education and corporate world
Every minute dreams come in
You want to go free

9 to 5
Midnight to morning sun
Some live easy
Some live hands to mouths
Day will be the same
Smell the same aroma
Light and dark
In between dreams
Let you dream free

Days and nights
Work it out
The best you can
For the rest..........
Dreaming all you can

double park

Kah Moon Thing
Now occupancy low
Keris-modern can't take it
He wants to fill to the brim

He wants to catch
The rats who are threats to national security
Where is he when his members roaring into it?
Cow head protestors he supported by meeting them
What was he trying to show to the rest of us?

He should check himself in
Kah Moon Thing feels his way there
Next round he will know what to say
Now he is barking near the window pane

I say 1Malaysia will not be working
Look at the leaders brewing silly statements
It is the end of a regime.................
They haven't seen the writings
Atlantuya writing for us

what with penang's name?

You have nothing else to do?
“Penang” let others promote it
Let them use her name

Let the corporate and others
Promote “Penang” in their ways
Even for donations people should check
The onus on them why you worry?

Giving “Penang” a bad name?
If you don't do your work properly
You will give her a low image
So LGE brushes the important ones
Why on the minor issue you bring?

“Penang” here “Penang” there
Spreading across the nation
Even into the world stage of tourism
Let them use why seek permission?

There are many important things to do
State economy State tourism products
State employment State housing
State needs and people too

Get your priorities
Don't indulge in petty issues
You have the people's mandate in the State
Govern it your best
Now and into the next election

pakatan selangor dont wait!

Hassan Ali
What's your plan?
In Pakatan Selangor
You want to play Trojan Horse

An Exco Member
Brewing like Umno
The coalition talk
You were promised MB post
You got into your head
Now you try to make it happens

Tan Sri Khalid
You should reshuffle your cabinet
Now pick the ones who can work
Toeing the general consensus
Though disagreements allowable
Within the doors of the coalition

Washing dirty linen in pubic
Hassan Ali is running your administration down
In your corporate world you will know what to do
Disciplinary action will be taken............

Hassan Ali
You make a bad name
For Pas that you embrace
Now gunning for personal gain
Look in your mirror
You will not survive the next election!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

rigidity spoils the pursuit

Believing is one journey
You have to work hard for it
Living in dreams will be just dreams
When no action is taken nothing happens

As you pursuit your interests
You wish everything is smooth sailing
The ripples will be seen in the water
Allowances must be given........
Rigidity spoils the pursuits

Ships anchor in the harbours
For a moment breathing space
Then the ships will set sail
Across the oceans economic activities

Life in anchor
You make sure you don't drown into it
You must be prepared
Life jacket in case it never goes the way

Flexibility changing perception
The direction you want to go
Sometimes it needs changes
Don't be afraid when it arrives

In accounting there is a debit and credit
When you can't find its sources
Put in suspense account
You don't have to waste time
When free time looms
Then go find the source again

bagan pinang

Bagan Pinang
Umno thinks it will win
The branches want a tainted person
To be fielded on this by election

Umno doesn't learn
Permatang Pasir fiasco
It wants to be repeated
On the road to self destruction

Though it is Umno
Pakatan on paper seems to lose
Nobody knows the voters values
Let Umno get a zero
Teach Pakatan to co-exist

Atlantuya blowing
The Umno leaders will be fooled
Let them have the good feeling
Go again the party is cracking

Bagan Pinang
Let no sentiments
The change will arrive
Go for the new dawn
It is always better than the old

the cleansing process

When the journey arrives
Jobs will be allocated
Sins will be judged
Which way you will be

Let the mind explores
The various ways it will happen
Every one will go through
Cleansing the soul liberating it all

There is no special room
It is open affair
Everybody will see
The recognition of sins

Bribery no way
In Hell the accounts settled
With balancing debits and credits
Walking in the darkness
Feel the worry and stress
Each step of the way

Ages away just in the mind
It is one day journey
Cleansing of soul and mind
When the angels sing
The light of paradise

the road of darkness

The road of darkness
Hell is where it could be
Blindness will be learned
Walking stick probing away

Every step a hazard
It is test of skills and knowledge
In Hell it is fire flame
The cries never sleep

In the mind it is said
Nothing to burn nothing to evaporate
It is in the consciousness where it begins
Hell is yelling for recognition
Otherwise who will know?

In this world
A half way house of paradise
Learn it earn credits
You need it to barter trade
When the day arrives
It helps to reduce the loads
When the gatekeepers ask

Monday, September 21, 2009

marching to our destiny

ISA review or amend
It serves no purpose in running the nation
It is just for the leaders and supporters afraid to face the truth
So with this draconian law to silent the critics

The elected leaders work for the people
In managing the affairs of the country
It isn't a free authorization they could do what they like
The checks and balances must be locked in
A leader shouldn't be afraid to admit mistakes
A leader shouldn't be afraid to be open like a book
Let the critics come along sign their works

Catching people who tell the truth
For the best interests of the country
ISA has no place in the nation
We mustn't be afraid to change it

Enough of Bee Anne antics
Afraid to lose in any battle field
The head and tail seems to go astray
The sins finally come home to live

We read the silly statements
Each trying to score points for KPI?
The fabric is frayed slowly it will be torn
The stitches will just barely holding it
The next round in the ring
The wallop and the fainting spells

ISA throw into the bin
Let history talk about it
In our daily lives we don't need
Marching to our destiny

the last judgement

Is there a hell?
We live we die
The light and darkness
It dwells amongst us all

When there is God
There will be Hell
It's so simple really
When we die
Underground 6 feet
The sign of Satan

Satan wants dead bodies
He thinks he can make them alive
So dead we all return
In hell kitchen for Satan

Through ages of history
Satan can't make dead alive
God has not given him the secrets
So he keeps trying all in vain

When you believe in Him
Some say it is Her
Whatever gender one thinks
Our ultimate aim is heaven
The land of promised paradise

Before we can go
We have to live underground
For ages or centuries
Suffering for our sins
Unless we burn your bodies
Scattered into the wind
Maybe we can get a glimpse
When the wind blowing

the whistle blowers

The whistle blowers
You want to make right
The wrong you see in your mind
You can't live running away

Life for you
A sleepless night
Grabbing the truth
Haunting you in your waking mind

When you do
The civil duty beacons
You believe you do right
Then the police come
Citing OSA........the leaders scared!

Unleashed the running dogs
Searching and investigating helping to hide wrong
The whistle blowers
You will not be forgotten
As history will tell your stories

The corruptors
You can't hide
The day will come
The light will shine
The evil will vanish

rights of land

When it is under your name
You think you own it?
Think again

Under National Land Code
The government can acquire it back
Paying you compensation
You have to let go of the land

You may cry of sentimental value
You may scream of generations gone before
You may protest loudly and legally
When the government wants the land
Nobody can stop it

On paper it only says
The land is still owned by the government
You have the rights to sell or mortgage the land
Anything you want to do to prosper yourself
When the government wants it back
Under NLC you must accept

Even the burial ground
If the government wants for developments
The dead must be exhumed and made way
Nothing in law can stop the government
Acquiring land for the people and progress

Land on paper it says
The ownership written boldly
Under NLC rights of ownership can be taken away
By the government of the day
For developments and people interests

Sunday, September 20, 2009

you have a choice

Life and death
God and Satan
Paradise and hell
You think you learn it all?

God send thousand of prophets
Each telling different story
Chapter by chapter
Until it becomes scary

Scientists hold a different concept
God has no meaning in their minds
They need to collect facts and understanding
Else it will be fiction
A legend or folklore tale

So many prophets
In the religious texts you read
Each one saying something different
It is God way to test?

We will never know
The way humans change its game
Only one must be good and compassionate
Helping others and pay your tithes

Life and God
Death and Satan
You and I have a choice
Build up credits
It will make your life journey
A happy one indeed!

bukit antarabangsa


Bukit Antarabangsa
Nature send her sneezes
Uprooting slopes ground opens
Falling trees and debris

The dwellers look
What to do?
Hill slopes developments
The developers sing their tunes
Like the Paid Piper of folklore story
Wake up before it is too late

Now she sends warnings
The natural disasters will begin
Sending physical messages
Don't's only a matter of time
Disasters will knock your doors
You will be shell shock to run

Enough nature warnings
The natural settings destroyed
For nature can be kind
She too can be angry
When you knock her too many times

What now?
It's only a matter of time
The falling cards the crying fools
They still sit on it
“Aiyoh good feng shui
Sitting on the hill
Kings in the clouds”

When the legs aren't on the ground
Asking for troubles the saying of old
Get out before it is too late
Nature sends warnings
Heed the advice run for your life!

don't hide under osa

Don't hide under OSA
The Cabinet works for the people
With decisions arrive
The people have rights to know

It involves public funds
It isn't your money to do as you want
You don't have to tell us in detail
Only the summary we will know

For over 52 years
Many hide under OSA
For 1Malaysia to work
Dismantle all the hurdles
For good governance

Now we must change
Bee Anne isn't helping
The wealth and projects
Enriching a few
And they say “We govern for you”

Don't let them take away
Our rights our wealth
We mustn't be afraid of change
Bite the bullet makes it happens

flip flop mca

Flip flop MCA
EGM agreed
Yet the Central Committee
Overturned the Presidential Council decision
Now CSL got 4 years suspension

Once sacked from MCA
The battling horses requisitioned for an EGM
Party leaders agreed on it
Now what the Central Committee done?

Nobody is sin free
Private affairs nobody should interfere
CSL a gentleman pointing out it was him
The culprits who did it they are free

Recording in video private affairs
Without permission just to drop a bombshell
Degrading leaders private affairs
Tell me are you sinless?

Even God forgive
The harshest crimes inflicted
CLS private affairs
It belongs to him
And his family to deal with

MCA leaders
His sex affairs tarnished the party?
Boy you better get rid all of them
Let no sinner casts the first stone

Saturday, September 19, 2009

kind and compassionate

“Let the cane hit me”
The woman who drunk beer agreed
Though it may sound a minor offence
The Islamic court had decreed

She wants to get it over
Though God is kind and compassionate
Only we behave otherwise
It is best to let her serve in community services
Let her feel her mistake in life

Don't let her feel her agony
She wants it done so be it
Filing appeal to challenge a verdict
When she doesn't want to

Though it may look unkind cut for women
Let the Islamic law be merciful and compassionate
Otherwise we will dig our own tunnels
Thinking we get it right.................

pkfz whispers

PKFZ whispers
Let me alone
You make me
Now let me go for it

The land hiked up
Willing buyer willing seller
On the ground the rats smile
Human's greed never dies

For a while the singing
The drumbeats projections
The good feeling
PKFZ waving around
The flag flying high

Then the disputes
The sour taste looms
Partnerships disorganised
The milking starts to run

The sad affairs
Finding blame
The flaming torch
Aiyo how to hide?

PKFZ milking output
Cabinet papers got into the net
Now the government using OSA
What is 1Malaysia slogan?
It never works I tell you

MCA fights
Umno stays aloof
MIC licking wounds
Tax payers fuming mad

$12.5 billion
Milking the country's wealth
No more committee
Enough reports done
PKFZ sings its tune
“Help me make it
It's a heavy burden on my neck!”

atlantuya treats

Atlantuya treats
Albino gets into her traps
Doing things signalling doom
Every time the leaders choose

Permatang Pasir
Entangled with Bar Council
On the candidate CBT
Disbarred yet Albino wanted
Thinking the voters are fools

Now in Bagan Pinang
Tainted politician
Involved in money politics
Found guilty by the disciplinary board
Barred for holding any post for 5 years
Now Albino wants to field him back!

The shadow of Atlantuya
She doesn't want to go away
Life gone blown up to pieces
The crying isn't done

The shadow walks
On the corridor of the Black Hill
Blowing her aroma descending to hell
The susurrus whisper the breezy wind sing
It's time; it's time
You can't hide

goodbye sam

Goodbye Sam
Pack your bags go away
You have your day
Now you must go

Act of god
Unfinished agenda
My people still need me
You aren't honest
Goodbye Sam
You are irrelevant

You have lost
You have no standing
What a shame!
You still never hear
Goodbye Sam
You turn a liability

Past achievements
Don't harp on it
The truth will be dug out
You are so afraid

Goodbye Sam
Why wait any longer?
Pack your bag
Hide your alleged ill gotten wealth

Friday, September 18, 2009

the charter boat sails

The hands of beautiful colours
Reaching high aiming it right
One people one Nation
They stand proud
Hearts beating echoing familiar beats
Into the rowing boat

The charter boat sails
Into the planned journey
Reaching out to every part of the nation
Selling idea telling story
One people one Nation

The songs fill the air
The fight in the ballot boxes will not end
The nation must be free of shadowy politicians
Brewing half truths hiding in shadows

The rowing will be hard
The journey will be fought
The victory will not be a dream
The charter boat sails

the royal spat

The royal spat
Criminal offences and intimidation
Amongst the royalty
They don't talk do they?

Now we watch
The royalty game in the fore
One has manners
One has reputation of disobeying
The rules of engagement

Letter of demand
Into the play initiated
Now let see what will happen
On the royalty disputes

The police and AG
No charging yet
Sitting reviewing the case
Happening since November 08

The royal spat
They don't talk
Letter of demand
Let see the game play

creating public sympathy

The ruse reveals
The toyol sings his blue
Telling the public
“Aiyo I got threatening letter
This is real.................”

The toyol says
“I received many
This letter spooks me
Now I want police to investigate”

The toyol in Macc
In day only spending time
It is just peanut comparing to TBH
Until the wee morning hours
No rest and death took him away

Is toyol spooked by it?
The shadow waits
When you take the wrong turn
Everything seems coming to you

So creating public sympathy
Hoping he can run away
The public has known his antics
“Aiyo you don't believe me?
I am not crying wolf
This is it!”

the filthy scoop

The filty scoop
Rearing poultry in the flat
An adult man wants to earn a living
Selling fowls among his neighbours

Living in poor hygienic conditions
The potential disease looming
The neighbours aren't amused
The poor guy thought he could

The authority came
They took him away
The unemployed man
The flat better makes it clean

The enterprising way
On the wrong side of the law
Health amongst the flat dwellers
He doesn't take care
He thinks of himself

If you want to survive
Earn the right way
Sweat it out knowing the rules
And God will make it happens

Thursday, September 17, 2009

wasted money


F1 dream
Malaysian car on the race
Challenging the track
Wasted money

The country doesn't need it
Enough of cronies milking the economy
Time to do for the people
The money better spend constructively

The money burn on the tracks
When backyards people are suffering
We should understand our priorities
It is our people make them live joyously

F1 dream isn't 1Malaysia
We are a small country
Thinking too big for her own good
Get our objectives right
F1 is for rich countries

What we currrently do
Earning income to hold its races
The profits can be projected
Don't lose the focus
F1 participation
We aren't ready

power can't stay forever

Ong or Chua
Any difference to the nation?
Problems arising amongst leaders
It's the 3Ps what else!

EGM to settle scores
MCA time to go
The mantra of helping the Chinese
A camouflage to make your gain
MCA changing pattern
You mustn't wait

Make it a multi-racial party
Open your doors for all races
You should reflect the country's multi-racial image
It is the way to go to survive
Personality clashes
The downward spiral hitting bottoms

Ong or Chua
Private matter culprits got free
The innocents involved got punished
Afraid of shadows alone walks the race

The racial party under Bee Anne
Whatever you do read the signs
It is always 3Ps.........the voters ignore
The house is cracking.........yet still fighting
Not for the people interests but party

The road lights up with flames
Telling it is no way to go
Ignore the signs brushing it aside
It is the end as it is written
The final curtain better take a bow
Power can't stay forever!

the new malaysians

New Malaysians
Welcome you to the nation
Be prepared to sacrifice
For a country you settle down

You will be part of a new light
Sweeping through the country
The changing pattern will emerge
The voters will make the change

You understand the political climate
The winners take the major share
The losers will get the crumbs
Sometimes nothing at all

Do listen to the political plays
Sometimes make you laugh and smile
Sometimes make you look like fool
On the silly statements made
By the leaders ruling the nation

As you join us
Knowing we are multi-racial multi-religious
We can talk and argue until red faces flow
End of the day we know we are Malaysians
The potpourri of colours of many patterns
Marching as one nation one people

a new light for the nation

The new dawn for Japan
The voters dare to make the change
Long ruling party got the boot
Disrespect the voters
This is how politicians got

The voters are the king maker
Bee Anne better wake up soon
The long hibernation in your world
Don't take voters like fools

We know what you are doing
The leaders of Albino
The wagging dogs no barking at all
Seeing it willing to sacrifice principles
For greed and wealth

The final curtain is closing
The walls have spoken its messenges
The voters ready to make the change
A new light for the nation

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the small bird

The small bird
Two days no return
Raining in the dark sky
The journey delayed

The rain drumming on the streets
On the puddled holes spreading wide
Cars came splashing all over
The inconsiderate drivers
Under the table licences?

The bamboo trees
No bird to touch its surfaces
Waving with the wind
The chirping sound of little bird
All silence shadowy images

Tomorrow will be another day
The lights of freedom anywhere will be
The small bird gets choices
The vast open sky and green

life of dreams

Life of dreams
The school kids can't get away
Wishing they grow up soon
Hit the jackpot sing the songs

The way the grown ups do
Women, cars, houses, wine and song
Men, gold, wealth and power
Beautiful clothes and shoes
Travelling around the world........ of dreams
Children too playing in the field
For them this is freedom
The parental warlords disappear for a while

On the field the cry of innocence
The weary world of making a living
They don't get it there yet
When they do time for reflection

Life of dreams
On the desks children imagine
“Let me grow up I can believe”
When the time arrives
Reality bites into life

malaysia day

Malaysia Day
The unity and diversity
Flags waving in our minds
Do you see the publicity?

It is so low affair
Malaysians where have you been?
Even newspapers put it aside
Malaysia Day
We seem to forget

The hearts and souls
Across oceans
Yet we never seem to click
East and West Malaysians

Affairs we have been
Legally binding in the formation
Yet we still live in different ways
You are East I am West

The walls should be knocking down
It is a hindrance the 20 points system
Do we need it now after 46 years?
Malaysia Day
It is East and West again

the stitches finally waving it through

Across oceans
41 fly into land
The colourful balloons
The touchdown in thundering applause

The 31 seater bus
Smartly coloured waiting by the entrance
The onlookers get a second look
The smile of the sunny afternoon

The land below the wind
The rushing waves completely breaking rules
On the coastal lines singing its tunes
The fairy tales finally get the hearts beating as one

The songs of angels
Rapturing through the sky
A bright and sunny silver day
The harmony draws into the minds

The mosaic of colours painting
On the walk to a beautiful life
The stitches finally waving it through
Now the strength to sail
The 7 seas and be on your way

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the luck has gone out

Bee Anne
You sing sad melody
The wind doesn't want to blow away
You have sunk deep into the sea

Once there was a big ship
In years it was changed
The leaders of Bee Anne thought
They are flying on a carpet
So why need it?

They branded together
They banded closely
Only one party speaks
The other partners wagging tails

Discredit the opposition
Saying no experience how to rule?
Look at us
We have 52 years exposure

Bee Anne
They sink alleged gold
They hide alleged wealth
Contracts to cronies
And related connections

Granting favours to agencies
The top leaders must follow
Policing and judgements
Two sets of law reign

Enough of the concerted lies
Let us voters bury them for good
Remember Malaysia Day
Merdeka should be in history

Bee Anne forgets its root
How it came about.......
Now growing big and arrogant
Division on two sets of law

Come GE 13
The knocks will be hard
The fall will be heavy
The luck has gone out

when we fall sick

Operation for a better cure
Nothing to worry nothing to be afraid
God's will God's way
Let us live and pray

There are many sins
Hovering around us
Telling us many manufactured goodness
Only we must not fall blind
When we can see it all

When we fall sick
There are reasons to reflect
It doesn't just happen suddenly
It grows in years of yesterday

When your body is strong and healthy
You don't feel it; you don't take care a bit
You think life can be had..........
Forgetting to sing praises for The Lord

When punishments arrive
We cry we blame all except ourselves
When we get sick
It isn't today happening
It is years backwards we forgot
Now God is telling us
“Remember Me
You will be fine”

high chaparral ashes

The memory edges in the mind kampong buah pala penang

High Chaparral breathes its last
The houses gone the residents cry
Tears flow misery faces
What good does it now?

Complacency staggered strokes
Living on borrowed times
Decades breathing the fresh air
Decades living in total grace
Only in 21st century the rug pulls them away

And they never know
Still believing Bee Anne
The good cowboy guarding their interests
When it is alienated to a Malay cooperative
Overnight they become the squatters

When they start to negotiate
They don't blame Bee Anne
They blame LGE and DAP
Forgetting their plight!

Greed comes to play
Demanding until its final day
When you are at your weakest point
You have lost the ball the time is done

High Chaparral
Memories bury tears by the wind
On the ashes into history
Of complacency and greed
Of decades living good lives
Until they forgot
They didn't have good titles
On the land they thought they had

where are we going?

Where are we going?
The country's wealth and economy
The half truths spinning
Committees and kopi me

The fire a good slave
A friend if it desires
It can be a devil
Skinning alive burning to ashes

Where are we going?
1Malaysia the slogan spins
When action erodes its meaning
It is just for a race
“A is Malay only”

The enforcements
Forgetting this country is multi-racial
All religions free to flow
Cultures and folklores
Let them be

God decide God take
What now when politicians play?
Spinning gold none to show
God only smile
What fools we have!

Monday, September 14, 2009

bury the evils

Bury the evils
Cut off the demons tricks
Pray hard to our Lord
For His wisdom for our transgressions

Praying to cleanse souls
It isn't for just make belief
It isn't just for fulfillment
It is action showing tolerance
Accepting others of their faiths

We can't go saying
Majority is the rule of a game
God has given his guide posts
Minority can rule
A lesson in life
A lesson in religion tolerancy
Don't make God punishing
He moves in mysterious ways

There are many religions
A reason God plays his game
Do we learn to be kind and gentle?
Are we fools thinking we are gods?

Testing of faith
Every day we will face
Every time we must know
God's angels are watching
Have we done His works?

you cant say you arent involved

Angels and demons
In politics you will find
You can't say you aren't involved
It cuts through your everyday life

Look around you
Work, peace, stability
Greed, corruption, backdoors antics
You hear about it
It affects every aspect of your life

In economy and business
Stable political climate
Business flourishes and work plenty
People are happy
Money to spend

When rampant corruptions
When greed rears it ugly head
Angels and demons
You draw your own conclusion

Don't say you aren't involved
You will be just artless closing your eyes
When politicians stake claims
The economy will wait and see

Jobs will be put on hold
The uncertainty will drag the country
The people will of course get poorer
You can't say you aren't involved

Angels and demons politicans stage
In the life of the people and nation
You can't hide in the closet
You must make a point to make a difference
So you can't say you aren't involved

be kind and gentle

The acid rain
The sky falling it
The people running
Umbrellas rising

Don't you listen?
The way it shouldn't be
Nature sending messenges
You ignore it all

Don't you feel it?
The sorrow and pain
Running the lines
Getting wet by the strong wind

The water rising
Floods in certain areas
You see it; read about it
Don't you listen?

The susurrus breeze
Telling you be kind and gentle
The nature in your care
Once you lose it
The acid rain
Falling million pearls
Holes in your body
Crying in vain

the way out

S.Subramaniam the hammer down
Semi “act of god” value wants him out
Of the party into oblivion
He doesn't care of party members
It is his vendetta to finish his opponent

Aged 73 years old
The man who says he hasn't finished his agenda
Leading a party for over 30 years..........
Only to allegedly protesting his interests

The party members
Are they still sleeping in the dark?
Maybe they seem to
They are afraid to change
Complacency the drive to a spiral
Electing the alleged weak leaders
As Semi “act of god” value admitted
So he can guide them under his way

The destructive leader
As Dr M says about him
Semi-value arrogantly attacked his former boss
Knowing he speaks the truth

The party will fall
The way when empire disrupts within
There is no heart and soul
It has already been said

S. Subramaniam
He will be sacked from his party
It is known by now
The disciplinary committee just a show
The decision has been done

Sunday, September 13, 2009

the bridges of paradise

The bridges to paradise
The colourful lights
The shafts of blinding rays
You walk in thinking it is true

You smile waving your hands
When you start to look around
You don't see anybody
All white golden shaft of rays
Brilliantly display

You feel around
Touching it feeling the vibration
You think you are in
Yet you fear you are trapped

The bridges of paradise
The orators sing its praises
They make you believe it so
Until you walk in you realize
It is you to build the bridges

The bridges of paradise
Within your own you will make it
You don't have to go so far away
God values right in your mind
Within your own you should try

the penan report

Penan report
Alleged rapes and abuses
Why some Sarawakian leaders deny it?
Because they don't see it happen!

The hinterland mass of green
It takes days to go into it
In this forest of nature
The powerful takes control
In the law of the jungle

A good political leader
Read the report and allegations
Go down to the ground
Before he throw words
Denying it ever happens

The symptoms breed
In Federal and State leaders
Always deny or wrongly quoted
Favourite words hiding the truth
They think people are fools
Wasting time and energy

Go to the ground
The forest of silent crying
The truth will be unfold
The plight of the indigenious people

they didn't go for it

Semi “Act of god” value
He got his wishes
The 'yes' men triumphed
On the party election

The delegates got no direction
Putting leaders rejected by the voters
The leaders wanting changes
They didn't go for it..........

You think the old ideas work?
It had been buried in March 08
You believe Semi-value unfinished business
He never will he knows it too

A sad day they never voted for change
The party will be irrelevant in the next poll
Semi “Act of god” value
He wants to protect his interests

the fabric of unity

Don't ask Ah Chong
Don't ask Muthu
Don't ask Ali
Don't ask Paul
They have gone

Trekking the jungle
Searching for a line home
52 years had gone
The fabric of unity
It frays by the politicians
“The 4 heads serpent
Brewing magic beer
Wooing the greed and corrupted”

Ali in the North
Ah Chong in the South
Muthu and Paul
East and West
Will there meet
On Malaysia Day?

As the race base parties battle
Amongst its own circles
The “yes men” collecting crumbs
They think it is good for them

The nation tries to pull them in
Let them see the glorious past
She wants them to stay as one identity
Malaysians in their hearts and souls

Where is Ah Chong?
Where is Muthu?
Where is Ali?
Where is Paul?
They have gone
Searching for a line home

Saturday, September 12, 2009

the nation waits

The nation waits
The clear cut policies
The economy needs to grow
Race base parties twisting
Self serving agenda

Some people get hooked
Some people get carried away
Some people get angry
Some people just don't bother with it
Some people just flow blindly

The politics holding back economy
Branding racial instrusion leading backwards
The nation achieved independence
52 years ago yet we can't work as one nation one people

The policies and laws
Perception of two sets flow
Even the judges seem ignorant to follow the laws
Pandering to the wills of the political masters

The nation waits
For the light to point the way
Backdoor tactics, corruptions and lies
Put a brake take them away

Look our perception of doing business
Dropping to 23 from 21 last year
The spiral low drives..........
1Malaysia is falling asleep

too many anchors drop into the sea

A country of 2
Subdivide it
There will be 4

Sabah and Sarawak
Holding on the point systems
Guarded in full measures
Afraid to get 'AH1N1'
From Peninsula Malaysians

Peninsula Malaysians
Subject to its immigrations
We can't move freely
We aren't welcome

East Malaysians
They move freely without restrictions
We are telling them we are Malaysians
Yet for 46 years they put up barriers
Citing always the point systems....

In politics we witness
The bumiputras and non-bumiputras
The flavoured ones the outcasts
The rich ones and the poor ones
Like a caste system of India of decades gone
We have seen it planted here

The ills of our nation
The social economic disparities
It still rings in our heartbeats
Forging us to look inwards
Building bridges within our people
Before we can even go forward

1Malaysia never works
The recent events and remarks and judgments made
These occurances derail its concept.............
Bee Anne just want to feel good
The leaders know they can't make it
Too many anchors drop into the sea

the changes

The changes
The clarion calls ring
Into the minds and souls
You can't just ignore

It will come
The people gathering
They are the ones
The changes

The corrupted leaders
You can sing your 3Ps
Using all kinds of coercion
The changes will come

The stitches will unite
The common goal will find
The changes in our lives
The political landscape can't ignore

The changes
You can't hide anymore
The melody and top charts
The people gather
Drumming hearts and souls into one
For a new chapter
In our nation history

no free entry

No free entry
for Peninsula Malaysians to Sabah
Kitingan brothers said their view
as immigration under State control

We are Malaysians
Unless these brothers say something else
East Malaysians move freely in Peninsular Malaysia
Here we welcome them as Malaysians
And in Sabah and Sarawak
Peninsula Malaysians are treated differently

1Malaysia the States embrace
So why bar the concept of it?
We are Malaysians
We made ourselves known
Through the Federal Constitution

The 20 points concept
It is time to let go
It is going to be 46 years old
Here we are
Peninsula Malaysians can't go
To Sabah or Sarawak freely

The Kitingan brothers should wake up
And those who share with them similar views
We call ourselves Malaysians
It is time to embrace totally
No more point systems

Friday, September 11, 2009

the lonely little bird 2

The lonely little bird
No where to go no friend to warm
Flying out in the early morning
When the sun set returning to its place
On the bamboo branch sleeping away

Nobody will disturb
Let the lonely little bird rests
It has been around at least a week
Sitting alone sleeping night away

Quietly it hangs there
Even the cats will not smell
High up on the bamboo branch
Near the window panes
Bird watching so easy

The quiet solitude
The dreams of its mind
Gripping hard on the bamboo branch
Let the world spins
It needs its beauty sleep

mca time to retire

MCA battles
Within the party spreads
When the economy needs shoring up
MCA did it backwards

MCA always on business
It is the root from the beginning
When business interests aren't protected
The jealousies and back stabbing fights

MCA did the unthinkable
Sacking its deputy president
He didn't film the video
Catch the culprits who did it
It is alleged the inside work
Of MCA whisperers

Dr Chua Soi Lek had paid
For his own indiscretion
Caught on his pants down
He already paid in 2007

Now on the same charge
MCA sacked its deputy president
Throwing the party into camps
The economy will spin them by

MCA it is sad you go this way
Time to retire when the going still sailable
When the sea is still calm...........
Just don't wait longer
The waves will suddenly claim you down

it is just a matter of time

Pirate of pangkor
Do you really know about law?
You want only your own thing
The party leaders set of domination

Perakians see through it all
The comedy of errors the judgements delivered
One hand says it is wrong
One hand at the same breath it is right

Delivery through the backdoors
The smell of forgotten feelings
The minds try to stitch together
Finding it hard when 3Ps glow
In the eyes and in the minds

The 7 deadly sins
The humans will suffer
Burning in souls and minds
The Lord will take
The Lord will punish

Dare not test strenght of governance
On the Perakians in the ballot boxes
Spinning wheels of deadly sins
It is just matter of time
A short one to burn to the ground

the little bird

Alone and so weary
Flying high searching for mates
Looking everywhere tweetering loudly
No same feather comes

On the antennae singing
Loudly in the early morning rays
Tweetering the agony to start a family
No same feather bother to reply

Alone and so weary
The little bird flies
Into trees and bushes
Why are his own kind?

When nightfall
It flies into the garden
Perched on top of the bamboo tree
Closing its eyes and sleep
Alone and so weary
Into dreams maybe it can tweet
“I am here! I am here!”

Thursday, September 10, 2009

play the games play it right

Frogs in Pakatan
The 7 deadly sins spread
3Ps convey to the minds
Waiting for the right moment

And the Pakatan leaders
Carrying out divergent routes
“Hi guys the enemies at your gates
What are you going to do about it?”

Maybe you want to create an illusion
Let the Albino falling into its trap
The Perak fiasco will be a reminder
You can't close your eyes
Dealing with the black knight

The Trojan Horse in Selangor
A few wanting to jump ship
The 7 deadly sins they row their boats
Though they see the high waves
They get blinded by wealth

Pakatan illusion of fraying
Play the games play it right
Trap your enemies pay back times
Let Albino feels
In the dark hole without lights

the mosaic of colours dance

Once you have nothing
You try so hard spend money
Believing the world owing you something
You want to build bridge to walk the other side

You try the old traditional method of roasting
Putting in the oven rising temperature
Eyes glowing rising to heaven of buttery light
White virgin oil heart beating as one

Now you have
The world in the eyes change
A real beauty striking harmony
You want it happens so it has

A few years down the magic carpet
You try again to make it happens
The perfumes of the old method roasting
You want to break the divisive walls

Yet it doesn't happen
The silent traps the headaches beat
Out a little the harmony dissolves
Yet the mosaic of colours dance
In the eyes the walls disappear
The hearts still beating as one

read the law

The State Speaker
In his own House he is supreme
No other agency should intervene
This is called separation of power

Yet when it is convenient
To suit the Albino and gang
The decision bends backwards
Interference with open eyes

The State Speaker
The authority lies with him
Under any State Constitution
No judge or agency should step in
It is so constituted it is his House

Now we have Federal Court
Appeal Court and High Court
Judging the State Assembly
By the Federal Constitution
They have no authority

In Kedah and Perak
The intervention to suit Albino
The judges delivered not following the law
1Malaysia a fool to believe in slogan

In Perak
Let the people decide
Too many decisions
Never follow the laws
Don't take it we are fools
When GE13 arrives
Prepare for the new life

ayer slapping own face!

Perak crisis
The judges sinking low
Giving judgements never flow with the laws
Only on their own alleged benefits and Albino

Quoting FC
When it suits them
When it is Albino
Nothing on law

The forceful election of speaker
No decorum no meeting declared open
Yet the judge could give his judgement
He was legally elected!

When a suit is filed
He said he couldn't interfere
Citing article 72(2) as his reason
This was a comedy changing colours

It is about physical abuses
Physically imprisoned by the police
The police had no business in the State Assembly
The judge never quoted Article 72(2)
He delivered judgement for Albino

How low the judge(s) sink?
The respect of the law gone to waste
Trained in law protect the law
The comedy of errors twisting law

Black knight
Talk big dare not do it
Dissolve Perak crisis
Let the game begins

Enough of silly judgements
Favours all seen clearly
The pirates shouldn't allowed to run
Without legitimacy there are squarters
Giving orders liabilities will abound
Go to the people let they decide

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

another comedy another delay

PKFZ hot news in the world
The Bee Anne trying to delay
Now want to set up high powered committee
To probe the fiasco again

The transport ministry had done it
Over thousand pages of reports and documents
Police report lodged already in the past and now
Why waste time, energy and money?

Those official reports not valid?
This is Bee Anne work
Going round and round
The leaders know they are cooked

So they delay waiting for another group
Investigating then filing report
PAC had conducted interviews
Reports and statements issued
The culprits have been identified
Why wait again?

Now lawsuits file
To delay the commercial crime
The police and Macc why wait?
Catch them interrogate the named persons
Let the closure runs quickly

she is the king maker

Pregnancy a life to a nation
The life cycles the nation needs
The suffering in the early stages
The headaches when a baby is born

When a child grows
Become an adult free to go
The parents will hope for the best
The grown adult will make parents proud

The truth pathway
It is still a gamble of fate
Nobody can say how a child will turn out
Into the world a mother brings

The after romance
The seed sends into orbit
The balloon expands
Some questions damned irritating

The cycle of pregnancy
A woman will go through
The world will be populated
The romance and the curse
Which way you look at it
She is the king maker
In her womb the future lies

get it right

It was rumour
Then it was a statement
Curry favours wanting the roles
Destabilizing state governments
The Albino will do

The arrogance pursuits
In the house facade beautifully painted
Behind the doors the ugly motives
Bring it down at all costs

1Malaysia many fall
They don't realize it
It is never the intention
It is just to make believable
The Albino leaders say
We have a short term memory
So they play into our mindsets
We see many jump into the wagon
Brewing lyrics out of tune
Of reality bites into our daily lives

The rumours in Kedah
The onslaught in Selangor
The Albino has started the games
The truth has finally rears its head
The leopard never changes its spots
Now the people know
Get it right when it is time

bridges of unity

Bridges of unity
We have so many
Temples, churches and mosques
Yet the unthinkable happens

Practise compassion
Each bridge you walk
It sways the same
Open your mind
Let the eyes see

Bridges of unity
We walk by; we don't see
Blinded by greed
Egg on by corruption
We walk the bridges
We forget its meaning

Bridges of unity
Don't fall for devil's works
The broken bridges hard to build
For when the mind is betrayed
It will be dificult to amend

Bridges of unity
Flow with our faith
Glow with our compassion
Be good and multiply
The joy singing in heavens

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

the month of hungry ghosts

The month of Hungry Ghosts
The restless souls must be appeased
For lives had been unceremoniously dumped
For crimes they didn't commit or proven yet

The way decisions made
The silly statements we read
Cane tapped on his chair
“Yeah you can cane the woman
There is no pain with the cane”
“I want Selangor”
Atlantuya died in her soil
Kugan severely injured and died in custody
Teoh Beng Hock fell to his death in Macc

And don't forget the cow head protest
Idiotic and seditious campaign
Out from Umno the party cracking within
Atlantuya slowly venging her death

The month of Hungry Ghosts
The gates open the spirits roam
It is this time the vengeful spirits fly
Searching for revenge to appease their souls

And MCA cracking within ranks
PKFZ will be its sinking bed
It is time to taste its own medicine
Instead fighting for the community
Its leaders only fight for themselves
And the business opportunities entail

The month of Hungry Ghosts
The susurrus calling in the night wind
The vengeful spirits will wait
When the fire is low the time to hit
It is happening the way I see

the idiotic drivers on the roads

The idiotic drivers on the roads
I don't know what to tell of their behaviour
They think they are the kings owning the streets
Do what they want care not of other drivers

The bus driver on the road
Suddenly without signal the driver turns right
Squeezing his way missing car by about 3 feet
Then he swerved to the left again
Apparently a passenger needed to drop off
The reckless bus driver so much talking
Action is slow to nail the culprit

On the traffic light
The dreaming driver couldn't understand green light
He held up traffic for one turn
He didn't move his car
Behind cars all got stuck waiting for the next
When it finally came
He didn't bulge until a car horned him
Finally he drove his car......
Dreaming or colour blind?

And there was this driver
Slowing down his car on the trunk road
Combing his hair could you imagine it
Maybe nearing to meet his girlfriend
He turned right into Tesco

The antics of drivers on the roads
One older guy puts his signal left all the way
Driving slowly thinking he was going left
Then he turned right into the side lane

And then you have the bone cracking car
All rusted holes and paint peeling off
He is still driving on the road
Endanger to himself and other drivers
Yet no action is taken........

The drivers on the roads
Mindful of manners and traffic rules
The tragedies befall on their carelessness
On the streets they think they are kings

Monday, September 07, 2009

peter pan of the east

He is haunting himself
Andy Lau afraid to be a man
He is one of the acclaimed “4 Heavenly Kings”
Only Jacky Cheung told his good news
Wife and the press

For 24 years Carol Chu lying low
Hiding behind walls keeping her faith
Andy Lau says he is worried about publicity
For Carol Chu.......

The poor woman living in shame
With a man many drools over him
She had her publicity years ago
A former beauty queen

The old man passed away
Maybe he didnt know
His daughter got married in 23 June 08
Registered in LA a place of quick marriages and divorces
Maybe he wants to be “Michael Jackson of the East”
Playing his games hiding out his loved one
Giving excuses of crazy fans and reporters
Just like the late gloved one.....

For 24 years he plays
Carol Chu keeps her fate
Believing in every word he says
Finally he comes around
Marrying her in LA

Now in his late forties
He wakes up one fine day
He isn't Peter Pan any more
He better be a married man
And a father soon.......

let moderation paves the way

Islam practises compassion
In whatever we do there must be a way
Asking for forgiveness for minor offences
It should be granted to save blushes

Even in working mistakes
Employees are given warnings to change
Giving them sufficient time to mend ways
If the wrongs still persist or the employees refuse to obey
Then disciplinary action will be taken with a view to sack them

We want the world to know
Malaysia is practising moderate Islamic values
We can't be so “uncivilized” so eager to cane women and men
For minor offences planned by the authority

History has given us
The many lessons and guide posts
Yet we see how it is done
Impose authority giving no compassion
Even God grant His grace to sinners
When they pray hard for their sins

Though Kartika agrees to be caned
She wants to get over with it
She wants to close the sad episode
Of her life generating so much publicity
In her own way Malaysia gets caned instead

And we have a Home Minister
Agreeing to the demonstration
What does he know when he isn't the one?
He should try on himself by his wife
Then he makes his statement

Kartika has suffered her humiliation
She has received her lashes already
Now the whole country may know
She takes beer and so she pays

Let Islamic compassion leads the way
One shouldn't be so eager to mete punishment
For a wrong which is a minor one under Islamic law
Convert it to do community services
In this way we gain respect and values
Malaysia land of moderation

don't be like a comet!

The seeds planted
March 08 2008
Pakatan Rakyat gallops
Into the territories
They know well

Only the leaders
They can't see the light
Squabbling about party ideals
You aren't a single party
You are now 3
United for a common purpose
To serve the people and take over Putrajaya

Within the house
These leaders must balance their act
No party should exert its influence
In running the way to Putrajaya

Currently these leaders forget
Hiccups in Selangor Pas
Weaknesses in PKR representatives
Easy for Albino to manipulate

Giving wrong signals
This is multi-racial country
It isn't a single race nation
We are collectively called Malaysians

New leaders new ideals
Albino is on the way out
So are its coalition partners
You should seize the opportunities
Marshalled your combined forces
Be prepared with a common manifesto
In the context of multi-racial balances
Just don't act like a comet
Beautiful sight suddenly disappears!

Be the party for change
The new dawn is beginning
Give and take the way it should go
Party ideals meant for members
Don't throw to all the masses
It is just plain stupid to do it!

saying don't know, i am not stupid!

I don't know cash flow projection
Give me the money
I will know what to do
Ask me about technical terms
I faint right in my mind

Ask me to sign documents
I don't think I have issues
Ask me to approve projects
I am glad you ask me to
Ask me to approve payments
I sign it on even I know it is wrong

The unclear line of authority
The guidelines totally ignored
Exceeding authority the Board doesn't know
Sitting with me I run the show

Who will believe?
I don't know about cash flow projection
Once I say I don't know
Further details will not be forth coming

Poor fellow PKFZ
You were fleeced
You only shading tears
Hoping others will do you justice

The culprits can't escape
The truth will be uncovered
The documents and letters telling stories
PKFZ will finally get to be free

the people decide

The Albino afraid
Spinning tales to boost ego
“I can run; you can't”
Forget about Usain Bolt
He thunders down the block!

Perak spins
Backdoor entry Albino silence
Face the Perakians in the ballot box
We tell you what we want

Illegality triumphs
The laws say it shouldn't
Judges fail to understand the laws
Under the thumb of Albino

Now in Selangor
The deja vu seems to flow
Create tension to sow bad influences
Police fails to act let them pass
Now P.I.G says he needs more information
Catch the culprits he doesn't do
When Pakatan people protest in candles light vigils
Ban ISA and wearing black to show dissatisfaction
Quickly arrest these people no excuses

We can't let them spin
Enough of listening to alleged lies
It is them and only them......
No other people should run

No Sir enough of it
A new dawn will rise
It is the people who decide
The destiny of our nation

the jaw singing

The jaw singing
In the rain I hear
Moving it in a hollow sound
It never tells.......

The vibration knocks
The jaw singing
The day will run slowly
Swallowing is a tortoise

The jaw singing
The b-boy routines
Twist and turn; hop and run
Challenging the sound

I hear it
Of the cold and warm relationship
Come now gone for a while
Then the jaw singing

Sunday, September 06, 2009

section 23 shah alam

Section 23 Shah Alam
You make a bad screen test
Loaded into the world map
Malaysia's ugly race

Dialogue sessions
You came to bang
Disrupting meeting
Making noises uncalled remarks
Your family must be hiding faces
Shameful to see it
During Ramadan

Be a gentleman
You can't decide
Bulldozing it through
Finally you got the prize

At what price my friends?
Belittling religious values
During the month of holy fast
You better get rid of the demons
Breeding right in your mind

Cow head and majority
It is a poor reasoning
You can agree to disagree
Look around us
Then everybody starts to do the silly
Maybe inflicted by the “cow head disease”?

Section 23 Shah Alam
Learn history learn the guide posts
It is there for you all to understand
In the Holy Book(s) it says it all

the jolts of life

The jolts of life
You can't run away
It will remind you
Be good be kind and multiply

The jolts of life
The ways it tells
Earthquakes, diseases and greed
Corruption and telling lies

You can't hide
The face and mind
It isnt your own
It is God's will

Some say God is a Man
Others say maybe God is a Woman
I tell you God is alone
Working on his magic
He says it is good; it is good

The jolts of life
It tells you life is fragile
Take good care of it
Don't spend it unwisely
For you will not get it back
When it is done and gone

The jolts of life
It is God's ways to send signals
Now that He never sends His prophets
He deals direct with us

So know what it is
Your journey will be steady
The strokes of compassion and harmony
Do it before the whole walls catch you napping