Tuesday, April 30, 2019

the drum beats of the nation

The drum beats of the nation
Carrying a tune familiar to many
Living in this country we call home
With the good and bad in the mix

But there is one race
The shadows they are afraid
Stretching its hold over their minds
Let it string in knots in their lives

Every time they say
It is all about their race
They don’t see the others
They only see themselves

They sink in addiction
Cause by their own kind
They live in the addicted minds
Afraid to say the wrong words

So, in their minds they see
The shadows seem to engulf them whole
They will cry out loud on the cold turkey
They can’t stand the treatment to be free

And they sit on the side road
Carrying placards to feed them
The world does not owe them a living
It is better they start to work on it

The drum beats of the nation
Every race has a right to the wealth
The economic cake must be shared
Every race must shoulder the load of unity

the power of fingers

The erectile D for men
They shouldn’t feel hopeless
They should think out of the box
Don’t think of the blue pills

They don’t have to spend money
They don’t have to think of ways to do
Giving sexual satisfaction to women
The men should be in top chart

Women can climax in many ways
It isn’t always through copulation
Stroke their minds they will get high
Even before anything is done

The erectile D for men
The weak blood flows
The bad physical shapes
The stress in the minds

If men can’t get it fixed
They don’t have to run and hide
They can use their magic fingers
They can flow through

Women want it
The magic of fingers
There are many ways to do
Fingering the guitar fret board

The fingers cause no money
There is the power in the fingers
Use it to increase sexual pleasures
The men will still be The Men

the pied piper song

The unholy alliance
Wing in race and religion
In the country of colourful people
It will never work in real life

They say they are the majority
In every word and action and pray
Yet they will stand on the side road
Tell their inferior complex

Every eye turns
It sees the fear and addiction
The 6 decades of feeding it
The mind can’t think straight

The unholy alliance
The leaders say they are blameless
It is the other race bringing bad tales
They play on fear to stay relevant

The 4R should wake up
Walk on the frame work of the Constitution
Wake up from the addiction and share the load
Wake up too see the colours around the nation
Wake up to stay on their own chase away the ghosts

The unholy alliance
Its leaders do not accept criticisms
It wants its members don’t ask questions
It wants its members to listen to the Pied Piper song

the addiction is a bad way of living

The addicts should realize
They are in this predicament
By their own doing and greed
They can’t blame others for it

The addicts of many colours
Floating on the streets
Sometimes in the news
Sometimes in the grapevines

The addiction of any types
It will become the worst in life
The loss of direction and values
A wasted life causing pain and misery

The addicts should kick the habits
The quick way the better in life
The addiction is a way of bad living
It isn’t a winning way to stay

Monday, April 29, 2019

lucifer on the move

Satan on the move
With his bag to collect souls
Time is running out for him
He has to create chaos for his existence

The fire angel knows his fate
He wants to challenge his Master
He thinks he is good in his art
The truth is he has lost his game

He makes one religion
Sprinkle with half -truth and copying tales
He brings it forth to run his test
He shifts his appearance lying through his mind

The false prophets came and gone
Even today we hear of the familiar tales
People like to believe in stories
Dreaming of paradise dreaming of easy life

The breed of extremists
They think they will go to paradise
Lucifer likes to make his story
He knows he has no chance back to Eden

So, he cultivates the tales
Catch the greedy ones to do his trade
He wants to collect souls in his bag
He can show his Master he has a pool of admirers

Don’t believe a word Satan say
He likes your soul for his own safety
The paradise world isn’t his to give
Don’t fall for his tricks he says he can

blowing your own trumpet

Blowing your own values
There is no shame of doing it
It makes a person to go higher
Believing in his ability to perform

Blowing your own work rate
It makes a person to run ahead
He doesn’t need to stop and see
He has his plate full to accomplish

But there are shadows
They can’t stand the self -praise
They will try to dish out bad report
Using economic reasons to harp on it

These shadows can’t see the world
They live in their own world or they are paid to do
Cranking up their minds to criticize
They want to show how good they are too

Pakatan Harapan leaders have done many
There are still many important things to do
Clean up the mess rectify the faults
In a year it is still a good work rate

Though PH make a few U turns
They shouldn’t follow others drum beats
PH must have their own standard and backbone
Work on the manifesto get the job done

the trouble-makers

The trouble-makers
The opponents in the frying pan
They unleashed their supporters
Feeding them with money to arouse trouble

The easy money for a simple job
Stand in the hot sun carrying placards
Shout it loud for all to hear
The grouses they perceived in race and religion

This is the one-track mind
Believing of ghost stealing it away
The easy target for manipulation
They flow blindly with pack of wolves

The Constitution guarantees it
If only they read it from cover to cover
But their minds are weak the focus is low
They can’t get rid of their addiction

They want to live in luxury
But hard work they will run away
They must kick their dependence
Learn to live in harmony share the loads

But the trouble-makers
They have the broken tracks in their minds
They will support the bad crooks
With money in their bags

The police should take action
Put them in jail for a few days
Let the trouble-makers realize
They can’t go free with their brand

Sunday, April 28, 2019

the drum beats of politics

The drum beats of politics
Politics of winners not losers
Losers can call many names
Names will stay in memory

Memory of a time
Time will change
Change for the better
Better in the way of life

Life in politics
Politics of hardened face
Face of changes
Changes to stay relevant

Relevant at the moment
Moment of the time
Time moves in circle
Circle in the drum beats

Beats of politics
Politics of winners not losers
Losers can say what they want
Want the winners take it all

words of play

A leader for all
All in the days of words
Words are easy to flow
Flow into the minds

Minds can be manipulated
Manipulated to suit a cause
Cause to derail a good game
Game politicians like to play

Play in the arena
Arena of colourful people
People gather and listen
Listen to a leader of words

Words can fly
Fly high or low or nowhere
Nowhere a race can take it all
All belong to the colourful people

People will decide the game to play
Play in harmony or play in disunity
Disunity will cause the fall
Fall a nation can’t afford to lose it

where is the ball?

Where is the ball?
Kick about suddenly disappear?
The players look at each other
The referee stays rooted on the spot

“Hey you! Where is the ball?”
“How do I know I kick it?
But I never see and you ask me?”
Everyone looks nobody is wiser

The spectators shout and boo
They watch the players stand on the field
“Throw another ball and play”
“You don’t know the rules”

The referee blows his whistle
He waves his hand signalling the end of the game
“We call it another day
The game still has to play”

The marching back of players
The spectators shout and boo
There will be another game
It has to decide the winner

don't you worry

Don’t you worry
The bad survey runs the news
It never predicts the truth
There is always a hidden cause

Down in the South
The royal blue strums its way
High volume poor taste
The licks aren’t moved in sound

Don’t you worry
There are fools and clowns
In life on the borderless world
Even comedian becomes president

Don’t you worry
It’s the people who will decide
The future will take you through
Up on the hill or across oceans

The living will decide
The future in the stars
Don’t you worry
You have a part in history

Don’t you worry
The changing will arrive
The rhythmic flow
The eyes will glow

the strays

The stray dogs laze
On the T-junction of the road
Every day in the morning
Waiting for their food

The stray dogs stay in pack
They learn of unity in strength
No human will dare to challenge
When there are so many strays

Sometimes the dogs will chase
The motorcyclists on their way
Barking as the dogs run along
Frightened the motorcyclists

Most of the time
The stray dogs laze around
Until the sun is hot
The dogs will run to the shady trees

There are too many strays
The town council can put notice
In the food court but no action
They like to stay in office

Saturday, April 27, 2019

don't try to plant more tales

He wants to play
He doesn’t know
But he knew how to use
The money in his name

The defence lawyers
Cooked up story
Saying their clients
Didn’t know!

We aren’t in the feudal system
We aren’t fools to fall for the scam
The lawyers should come up with a better defence
Pleading conspiracy to tarnish their client’s name

He signed and authorised it
He used to sign cheques
All flowed through his accounts
He couldn’t plead he didn’t know

The lawyers should be honest
Study the chart and the bank accounts
All the millions credited into it
The client didn’t know at all?

Once the marks were imprinted
It will be difficult to plead innocence
It is best to plead guilty and save a bit of honour
Don’t go trying to plant more tales

we can't escape sins

Everyone dies
The time isn’t known
Even if one prays
Life can be gone

Have faith in a religion
It is to do all the good deeds
For sins will be recorded
On the day when the book is open

The sins in a life
It can’t be easily erased
A person has to do good deeds
To balance it out in the book

Nobody can forgive sins
Once a person commits it
It will stay in the book
Until the day he is called

The best way to reduce the pain
It’s through performing kindness and goodwill
It doesn’t incur a lot of money
A small way a meaningful life

don't let the black spots stay

The mega projects hit the trail
Once it was suspended pending review
Now it has come up stream
Many business players sing high praises

The economy will pick up steam
Once the contracts signed and delivered
The economy will roll into shape
It will help the nation to grow

In the 2nd year of PH administration
The tracks will be laid to bring the nation forward
Though to achieve development status
It will have to sit backwards

The last 10 years the nation in kleptocracy
She wasted her energy to achieve her goals
The bad crooks didn’t perform a good job
They think to achieve their personal wealth

Now Pakatan Harapan has to carry on the tasks
Develop the country carry on its mandate
Work on the economy work on its promises
Don’t let the black spots stay clean it quickly

the fixers run away

The day of playing back door is over
The schemes to try to escape by money
It doesn’t happen quickly now
The fixers run away to hide

Though the members will hope
The kleptocratic man will stay
Giving them cash to play
That was years ago until he fell

Praying many times
Thinking the sins can be forgiven
God isn’t sleeping knowing nothing
The bad hats will be punished

There are still remnants of the old
They have taken so much wealth
Macc will find the way to book them
Now these crooks are lying low and stay quiet

The survey will try to paint a bad picture
It shows the respondents support the bad
They can’t think straight to do good
They think bad is the way of life

Once you fall deep in the hole
You will take a long time to get up
Nobody will hear your pleading
You are alone in the dark

Friday, April 26, 2019

mo1 better pleads guilty

The hot- shot lawyer
He seems to feel that way
Now he put blame on others
A conspiracy claim he says

The SRC trial
MO1 knew what he did
He got the millions
He issued cheques

There is no conspiracy
He did it on his own
Don’t put him so stupid
He had the millions

The hot-shot lawyer
He must be honest
Study the charts
Look at his millions

And he says ‘conspiracy’
He tries to tell tales
In the court he can’t put hearsay
It has to be fact

MO1 had the millions
He used it to enjoy himself
He used it to pay for support
He knew because he was involved

It is best he pleads guilty
He doesn’t have to file appeal
When the trial is in motion
Another trick another excuse

PH leaders wake up

PH leaders wake up
The old system must go
It can’t stay on
We voted you for change

Meritocracy gives the nation glow
She will not sleep dreaming of talents disappear
She will sleep dreaming of the bright lights
When her bright people stay on board

PH leaders pull up your socks
The way forward isn’t on the old
Enough of pampering to a race
Over 6 decades we shouldn’t allow it anymore

Amno baru and Pas
These leaders want to build addiction
In this way the leaders can control
In this way the leaders can enjoy life

And PH leaders you don’t have to join
You have your clean sheet to get it forward
You know what was wrong with the nation
Now get moving and fix the problems