Tuesday, August 31, 2010

spices of life 97


"It's my territory

So don't come here"

"What you mean?

It belongs to the public"

"Can't you read the sign?

It's private property understand?"

"You can't simply put it up

You are just like me running along"

"Hah I came here first

You don't have a stake here"

"Look this beach is big for many more

Why are you so afraid to share with me?"

"Big you say?

Can't you read the sign?"

"What sign you are talking about?

I don't see any one around here"

"Come I show you

You are blind or what?"

"So any sign around here?

You want to tell me a lie?

"Look this is a big place

We shouldn't be arguing

We should stay together

There is enough room for many!"

spices of life 96

Local boys playing soccer on the beach

The sea is still calm

People sunbathing closing eyes

What's there to worry?

Politicians keep changing tactics

The beach of many races

Walking, playing, laughing

There is nothing to worry

As the day will come and go

It's only the crackers

They have jealousy modes

They can't stand the interactions

They want it to divide and rule

The matured people know

As they pump up lives to get free

On the beach flying with laughter and smile

Politicians don't change colours

Do your work for us to live happily

the dark valley 55

The old man still thinks he has balls
Rocking on his chair clicking on his notebook
Using whatever mediums to air his views
On the politics, race and religion
The past date has gone
He still thinks he is relevant
Brewing his thoughts on a race
Instead of the country as a whole
It is sad he forgot
The country of many races
Together with common vision
The common stand to fight for progress
With a man of his one way ticket
A loner as Daim said once to me
When I bought him his favourite mee
When he was in Alor Star on his politics
The old man wants one race to progress
He just couldn't stomach it when others fare better
So he can't give up his crusade to pursue his agenda
He should stay retire; write his memoirs and leave as that

spices of life 95

my-flag1.gif jalur gemilang image by phlowtronica

jalur gemilang

malaysian flag

Independence Day
Wake up to feel the hot sun rays
Blooming array of green and yellow
In the garden smelling fresh and free
The years since 1957
The country progresses leaps and bounds
Capturing the imagination of the people
No 'blood and sand' on the way to bliss
53 years the country feels free
The outside elements have been contained
The security forces and police maintained peace
Through the years as the nation blossom
Politics and religions
Racism and one sided policies
Grinding the people sidelined many
For a race who seem reluctant to grow up
Will the country achieve its 1 nation 1 people 1 vision?
As we hold our flags deep in our hearts and souls
The dark rays sometimes hit the ground with its own agenda
There are still works needed to be carried out sincerely
Racism hurts everybody
In the multi-racial country
Religious tolerance should be encouraged
Amongst the people of different backgrounds and religions
The country's cake must be shared equally
For the betterment of the nation's history and progress
There is enough leg up to one race now it must be set free
The progress of the country all races must shared in common spirit

Monday, August 30, 2010

romance on the beach 49


Falling rocks and pebbles
Along the edge of watery grave
The white waves emerging
Splashing white paint all over it
The rocky backbone holding it
Pushing away the lashes of the waves
Dark hard rock formation in the dim light
Standing high defending its turf in the night

Nobody sees it coming
As the strong wind lashes on to it
The splashing white paint falling all over
The might has fallen to the wet watery pool

It looks like it
From a distance with the naked eyes
Yet the black hardrock stands on its own
Battling nature day in day out

romance on the beach 48


Some say old people

"You have passed your time

You have done your duty

Now go and enjoy your fruits of labour"

One of them romance

The young turks will say

"Leave the field let us have our chances

Playing the field of many types"

The smart older people

They are game for a final episode

Alone or divorced or finding mistresses

Gigolos plying trade for the old bitches

The romance on the beach

The ways of hit and keep

The romance has no age barrier

Every one has chances on the field

the dark valley 54

racism.jpg Racism image by Frank187Castle


Racism in schools
The heads of schools did
They forgot about Malaysia
What were they thinking?
When a Johore rapper made a rap video
About these heads of schools racism tirades
The black knight wanted him to be charged
For he was telling it as he doesn't like racism
Why the double standard Ameeno?
The school heads should be charged
They aren't fit to be appointed as heads of schools
Brewing racial slurs to a multi-racial country
The round-a-bout way of doing investigations
Setting up committee to look into it avoiding the issue
Racism has grown into schools of learning
It shouldn't happen in the schools teaching
Tomorrow we will celebrate
The 53 years of our country independence
Of the colonial rule but jump into the racial dilemma
Ameeno allegedly brewing it to serve its political drama
The country must be free of racial road
We must live as 1 nation 1 race 1 vision
As we march to rub shoulders with the world nations
Displaying our diversity and racial harmony

the spices of life 94


Money get money

This is economic way

Every one should understand

When you borrow you have to pay

The banks ply trade

Money to get money

On loans giving out

Borrowers have to pay

Banks have strict conditions

Applicants must meet the criteria

Many fail to pass the test to get finance

The bank officers will not tell you why

So as the result the loan sharks breed

Capturing the lucrative business...........

The borrowers so hungry for financial support

Jump the pan to the fire as they signed.........

Only when defaults come

Interests chewing up to the sky

A small amount will jump to higher ground

The borrowers will face to the uphill tasks

The agony and fear arrive

The thugs will come to collect

Bodily harm and injuries

To all families of the borrowers

It is money to get money

The borrowers fail fear will reign

So when banks fail you don't go to loan sharks

It is better to appeal to every bank

the dark valley 53

The homemade bomb blast
At Desa Tun Abdul Razak
Delivery in a package
Right to the apartment unit
The penetrator caught in CCTV
The full face could be seen
The police should find it why
The homemade bomb arrived
The blast killed one woman
Seriously injured a man......
Now he's fighting for his survival
On this senseless way to take lives
The city of Kuala Lumpur
The migrants come to call home
Mixing with the locals and behaving some
The hour of peace sometimes change
We don't know them
They came through the back doors
With hunger for survival they will do anything
To get food on the tables
Some are good people
They really want to earn a living
They ply their trades in the honest way
Supporting the workforce earning decent pay
Some are bad people
They come here with ulterior motives
Creating havoc in subtle ways
Increasing crimes or playing part of it
The apartment blast
We will never know the motive
Many reasons can be offered
The police must be on the beats

Sunday, August 29, 2010

the dark valley 52

deathpenalty.jpg death penalty image by wadata
By wadata

death penalty

DEATH sentence
A legal way to commit murder
For a crime in years may proof otherwise
On the laws enacted by humans
By then who will be charged?
The law sends an innocent party to die
Even payment by compensation
It will not pay the tears and shame
The years inflict on the accused and family
DEATH penalty should be done away with
We are civilized nation so must be with the laws
No DEATH penalty by legal way to commit murder
Let's us all be humans
Crimes will be paid not by taking another life
Let's leave it to God to decide on the fate of accused
We shouldn't taint our hands and lives with it
History has been said
Innocents sent to die by hanging
When the truth finally came
How to pay a life innocently hang?
Let us live with no DEATH penalty
Let the accused serve time for life
If fate determines then send the accused free
The law shouldn't legalized a murder!

romance on the beach 47

86PantaiKutaLombokKutaBeach.jpg 86. Pantai Kuta, Lombok (Kuta Beach) image by sutrisno2629

Pantai Kuta, Lombok (Kuta Beach) Indonesia

The beach of white sand
It lasts in the test of time
The old romancing tales
It packages into new sail
The blue colour sea
The light blue and green
The whole water of white waves
The rolling dancing its way
The sucking vampires
The little white ripples floating
As it reaches the shore with glee
The old romance just the beginning
Romance has no fixed rules
You are young; you are old
As long as you are game for it
Just look at the sea: the old and new

romance on the beach 46

Old Waves New Beaches

Old romance

It makes its marks

Of the yesteryears

It seems good today

Don't feel regret

The youth gone away

The generation of the past

You got it made or lost the game

Old romance

There's time to live

You don't have to chase

It has been done ages ago

Old romance

There is no fixed rule

Go and grab the freedom

You still owned it to yourself

the spices of life 93

tumblr_l7f27dSdiO1qbc39m.gif Glee Rachel Tissues and Tears image by Emqtpi21

Glee Rachel Tissues and Tears

Tears of pain
Flowing unashamed
Letting others see it
The sadness on the face
The failures in life
Though nobody sees
How hard the try
Marching to fight
Tears of pain
It dwells in the eyes
It will make it well
When it is done
The long journey
The fear and aspirations
Crying tears say it is alive
In the life carrying on a purpose

the spices of life 92

tears-7.jpg Two In One image by toni420_420
The guard shooting on his colleagues
2 died in Tengku Ampuan Hospital ground
Leaving a distraught mother and families in distress
The hope of the parents casting away
The pressures of work
The inability to accept criticisms
It results in taking lives for nothing
Where have the trainging gone wrong?
Do guards in hospital need to carry guns?
In its compound there are police personnel
So does it require firearms for the security?
This the hospital must address with the police
Now the hope and aspirations gone
House of cards tumbling down in one go
Debts and roof over the head in jeopardy
It will be hard for the family to carry on

the spices of life 91

The puppy stares
At the scene he is in
Chained to the window bar
Pitiful eyes hoping to get released
Barking in the early morning
At around 4.45am waking up the neighbours
The owner doesn't care the nuisance of the sound
In the silence of the morning night
The animals love to be free
Chaining them or caging them no way
The sound of nuisance neighbours aren't happy
Why not just let them go free running?
There is no slavery; animals could be
The humans seem to enjoy master and slave
Putting power telling no uncertain terms
It is my way or there is no way
So the puppy stares at me
Across the street ears up and hoping
Eyes pitiful wagging tail
He isn't my puppy so he has to live with it

Saturday, August 28, 2010

romance on the beach 45

Asian Princess

Like a child
The older people turn
The years seem lost
As new generation comes along
The romance on the beach
The older people try to recapture it
The wind and the sun
The moon and the night breezes
The shadows of yesterdays
They forget they were there
Now the new generation
Walking on the beach.....
The older people try to capture
The essence of youth only they never do
The romance on the beach
Get the menu enjoy its meal

Friday, August 27, 2010

romance on the beach 44


The older generation

Skill of experimentations

Learning through processes

Culled in years of marriage

Now they want a new lease of romance

On the market with deep pockets

The sweet young women

The fun seeking gigolos

They are the ones

The wild on the spree

Money to easy satisfaction

Milk the bulls and the cows

The last hurrah of the old

So afraid they will lose it all

They forget the rule of nature

Each has a part in the sum total

But romance has no rule

So the heartaches and headaches mule

the spices of life 90

Love_Harmony_Happiness_Tranquility.jpg Chinese Words image by debrinconcita

Chinese Words

The Chinese schools
Withstand the heat of time
Though parents changed minds
English language the route to success
As it was then the parents switched
They sent children to these schools
They hoped children would excel
In doing so brought them good lives
For a while it was true
Some parents experiment with children
Some Chinese schools some English schools
Why put all eggs in one basket?
In one decade parents found the result
Were they right taking the pragmatic move?
English educated flourished for a while............
For a few decades the parents thought so
Until China liberalized its communist concept
Mandarin becomes the hot pursuit for the parents
The emerging giant in the economy of the world
Some parents wondered did they do the right move then?
Languages the more the better
Only the racists will control the flourish
Believing that by limitation they can control
The masses through one language policy
The world isn't for one language
They are many mix bag roaming the world stage
Learning language skills will boost one career move
The more the better the languages of our times

romance on the beach 43

Love The Beach

Snowflakes skin

The sign of aging

Nobody can change

The wrinkle skin paint

On the time somebody goes

Into the reinvention of love

Affairs of the hearts

Aging skin blurry eyes

Of a woman married 23 times

She must be holding the Guiness Boof Of Records

A woman 0f 103 years leaving alone

The latest husband caught again on drugs

You think romance die?

It is only perception in the mind

The romance carrying no age tag

Be there flow with the tide

romance on the beach 42

beach.jpg Beach love image by Foreverhere1234

Beach love

The lovers age

On time passing by

Nothing will stop aging

Cream and healthy food

Temporary respite in plastic surgery

The old bones will not be replaced

They spend money to look young

Forgetting nobody can stop time

Some accept fate of life

Let the wrinkles multiply

Now the eyes dimly glow

Only the memories seem to flow

Romance on the beach

Listen to the waves kissing intimately

Thursday, August 26, 2010

the dark valley 51

Ameeno and money politics
The gravy train keeps running
Along the tracks where the handouts throw
On the ground as if God make the plan
The handouts wait for many
On the Ameeno building on false ground
For years the pounding on the gravy train
The oil is slowly disappearing the gravy train will stop
The last hurrah seems the order
Many cronies fighting for a last pie
The writing is on the wall for all to see
The cracks beginning to write on the wall
The running dogs going to be strays
They know the days are slowly disappearing
The black marks are written on the wall
The red paint splashes the warning signs flow
Stop the gravy train
Stop the greed and corruption
The future of the nation
We have to decide once and all

the spices of life 90

The pressures of life

It will not go away

Though you may cry

Alone somewhere trying

It is part of the growing pains

A process of growth, prosper and decline

In between the wages of sin

You can't hide; you can't ignore

You still have to carry on

Live the part you feel familiar

Try a little adventure to light it

Break away from the normal routine

Don't take your life

It doesn't worth your time

Every one will go through it

Face it and start learning again

spices of life 89

havefaithrestart.png Don;t Give Up image by 4lizliz

Don't gve Up

Depression of the mind
It comes when events fail
You forget to put in mail
You let it crawls nail your life
It takes control
You become your own victim
A slave within your mind
As you struggle crying in tears
You try to shake it off
You try to make it go away
It never wants to let you free
It finds a host once willing to give
For all things you have failed to do
You shouldn't fail yourself looking within
You will find the answers cropping out freely
If only you give your mind going breezy

the spices of life 88

don`t ever give up

When external forces pull you down

You shouldn't kneel surrender your fate

You should get up fight for the place

In all schemes of things one is meant for you

Shape of hopes and dreams

It is within your own hands to thread

Every part in your life pursuits

When you plan and execute it in full

Within the area eyes can see

You will feel confident every step of the way

The familiar ground breeds positive values

Only the external forces you never know

When you are hit out of your complacency

You shouldn't stay down for long..............

You must get up and start marching

Else you will lose when time wait for nobody

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the spices of life 87

Forest of Red Woods

The beauty of nature
Lights, shadows and smile
The gifts of God painting glow
Let us see the way it should be
The light of misty dews
Floating between trees
Sharing its glory naturally
If only we stop our greed
The beauty of nature
Immerse the flow feel its healing
It makes the environment cooling
Of lights, shadows and smile
Yet we forget our duty
We think of wealth through greed
We don't spare a moment to witness
The destruction we make to our planet
The beauty of nature
Let her sing her melodies
Into our minds recognizing our follies
The nature of our homes; it's the only one

the dark valley 50

bloodyforest.jpg blood red forest image by xxsasunaruyaoifanxx

blood red forest

Nature the shelter we need
In the heat of the sun and rain
Shelling sheet of rays burning skin
It isn't a joke nature has said
The years of wanted developments
Carrying out for profits motives
Turning natural grounds into concrete jungle
Paint the jungle red as greed takes flight
The developers and cohorts arrive
Minds of wealth tomorrow another story
Giving alms to fool the masses.....
In turn raping the forests painting it red
The sweet talking making waves
Along the natural forests red lights shine
Paint the forests red large sign in our eyes
We are the fools forgetting God's law

the dark valley 49

paint the sky r

Red paint and spirit

Throwing on the places of worship

The knowledge of right and wrong

The culprits shouldn't say don't know

Branding the view of extremism

It has no place in peace loving nation

The men in blue acted quickly

They diffused the situation

The teenagers shouldn't be let free

The appropriate punishment must be given

They are trying to flame racial discord

What have they learned in school?

It's the system dishing out flaming fools

They think they are the lord of the land

It's the country for all races irrespective of colours

Let us live as one pursuing our economic needs

The flaming of fools they never learned

In peaceful country they want to live in chaos

The time for change must be coming our way

As the empire slowly crumbles falling to its knees

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

spices of life 86


Learn to live within the means

As neighbours increase in the crowd

You don't have to play their games

You need to live with your ability

Don't try to copy others

You only see the shadows

You never see what lies ahead

One wrong step you fall stupidly

They always tell you to copy leaders

They always tell you to copy successful people

They never tell you every one is made different

Look at us : yellow, black, white and albino

Believe in what you can do

Up to a certain limit you can go

Just remember every one has a role to play

On this Earth we call home every day

spices of life 85

hudud.jpg hudud image by alep_1
By alep_1


Public shame
On the unlawful act
Of parties involved
Under the religious law
Canning in public
For all to see without shame
Like the gladiators of the Roman Empire
Blood and sand and circle of spectators
What happened to the Roman Empire?
It died completely wiped out of its misery
Islam is a good religion
only the religious officials wrongly move
As a result the history of Islamic Empire
Once it came with much hope and glory
In the end it fell to the ground lost and dispersed
Until today waging the wrong approaches
God laws punished with compassion and mercy
It isn't to shame and build pent up anger and fear
You aren't shaming the wrong doers alone
You shame the parents and relatives
Now who have committed sin?
We all are in the eyes of God
"The wages of sin is death"
We all must return to face our fate
We must show mercy and bountiful grace
As we ask God for compassion and benefits
Likewise we must show the way of peace
Teach the wrong doers never lose faith along the way!

the dark valley 48

Here we go again
God words and implementations
Using it to create fear
Amongst the people of the nation
Are we conned into it?
Even with the severe laws
People still commit crimes
Knowing the laws have no souls
Are we going to be sadists?
Enjoying the pain and suffering of others?
God words and implementations
He is Merciful and full of Grace
Yet the humans close one eye
When the religious officers reign
They think they have the rights
They forget they must show compassion
The path of the sinless soul
It is you and God alone
It is God who will decide your fate
When you return to tell your tales

the dark valley 47

By burger_ling sibu flood

Sibu flood

The city cries

Nature come

Pent up frustrations

The orange river

Breaking up it's hard to do

The wrath of nature

"You ask for it!"

The taking take

Many times over

Do the people realize?

Voting the corrupted regime?

Nature come

Telling you and me

The nature wrath

"We ask for it!"

Monday, August 23, 2010

the dark valley 46

Black Witch

The nature of the beast
It is with us since creation of Man
Into its realm the clutches of its law
Once you are entangled don't cry freedom!
Religious leaders in politics
Know the rules and feeling
It isn't the same road to bridge
Saying one thing doing another
The primitive laws of the Ancient
It was used to control the masses
Yet it didn't make the grade..........
The ills of society still flourished
Men have been given choices
Along the way they should learn
Doing the wrong things and laws
Using Jihad and Crusade to show superiority
The beast walking in our shadows
Cajoling the humans to do its bidding
Of taking lives on sinful acts.......
When we aren't sin free

romance on the beach 41

Sunrise and Seagulls

The romance on the beach

The beginning the sweet flow of rolling waves

The seagulls flying capturing the romantic delight

Calling the wild; freedom of flight, unity of embrace

The moment engaging flowing with the waves

Pulling no punches just let it ignites the flames

The dreams of the older romantic people

Walking on the beach feeling the breezes flow

Circulating around as romance never dies

It makes the romance a chase to make it whole

Now the dreams into the unknown

It's a different kind of romance

Romance on the beach

Once it was great the seagulls call

the spices of life 84

830030567.jpg WINTER NIGHT image by DESERTSUN-2011


The snowflakes falling
In the winter night sky
The road deserted the quiet night
A lonely walker with umbrella walks
The street lights glow
The shadows mix and go
Every footprint the snowfalling in
The track of old disappears a while ago
The common sight of falling snow
The white drops of thousand shots
It parades the angels drying tears
It's the soul cleansing rituals for the humans
The lonely walker takes it along
The umbrella shielding the snowflakes fall
It's the thousands droplets white pieces snow
On the ground the footprints on the go

romance on the beach 40

Eye.gif ah blinkin eye :O image by ItsMew
By ItsMew

ah blinkin eye :

The falling eye sight
The mind still sharp in the night
The echoes of history
Now the older couple sleep
Dreaming of the years gone
Leaving behind their footprints of life
The children grow and multiply
Into their own boxes and lives
The years capturing in their minds
The beach of romance still rolling waves
In the nights of far away dreams
The pages of experiences echo of history
The young women and gigolos
A passing facade of life many pursuits

the dark valley 45

Golden-box-p368.jpg Golden box image by Lach_esis

Golden box

The box of supremacy
The corners every bit a race
The best will steer the economy
Don't let race jump into the pool
The dirty tricks the words of fire
The ribbons pull they don't play role
The box of supremacy
Now it is full of sheeting debris
The smell of decay of the minds and souls
The box of supremacy
It is for the nation to grow
It isn't for a race to take it all
The land the gift from God
It has to share with common stand
Let it glow now and into the future

Sunday, August 22, 2010

the dark valley 44

The little napoleons hitting the roof
Letting out self serving interests as proof
The road of many races united for a common destiny
The little napoleons never want to see
They are party to the racist groups
Believing they are owners of the land
They don't study history where they belong
This land is the gift of our God
The party of a race indulging in racial politics
The need to feel the survival growth diminishes its race
They don't realize they aren't the owners of the land
This land is the gift of our God
We hear and read the written statements
The road of the nation belongs to all races
It isn't for one race to enrich itself
It's for all races; land is the gift of our God

romance on the beach 39

gina_wealth.jpg $ image by gerasimpa
The blind the fall
Greed make the call
Old is wealth
Beware of the con
When romance dies
The revenge of the mind
The bag of sealed wealth
Dangling to the greedy hunters
The fall into traps
It lays out in perfect step
Old is wealth
Passing baton hard to let go
One last hurrah
Thinking they can get back
We have our times
Learn to let go; we just passing by

romance on the beach 38

wealth.jpg Wealth image by Burgman_007


Old is wealth
The years finding it
Men and women flow
As romance shifting
Wealth the game to glow
Blinding minds and eyes
The young women and gigolos
The hunting for the old............
The second wave
Old is wealth
The breezes of golden caresses
The young women and gigolos

Saturday, August 21, 2010

the dark valley 43

The publicity on 1
Too much of a good vibe
It will not last the race
As it so happens goal or not?
The warning on component leaders
MCA shouldn't be cowed by it.............
Umno has shown no respect to its partners
It wants the component leaders to follow the leader
The crab of equal partners in the coalition
It is just on paper use to make it look good
There is no intention to share power............
The other leaders must tow the line
Umno president facing many alleged misgivings
Yet he doesn't come out straight with the report
Swearing on the Holy Quran doesn't serve a purpose
The people want the truth nothing else matters
The hawks in his party engineering setbacks
He keeps watching afraid of the night shadows
They are the ones who will destroy his ambition
He seems to change his mind to suit his party
GE 13 will see the concrete change
The wind and hornbill will not guarantee
The road to Putrajaya will race another horse
Finishing the line savouring the triumph

romance on the beach 37

The women of old
Old with grace wrinkle lines
Lines of nature signs of knowledge
Knowledge the older guys forget
Forget to remember romance
Romance the men think for the young
Young to pursue the hunt and chase
Chase the valley and the swinging pendulum
Pendulum swings both ways
Ways the older women copy
Copy of the older men
Men of young reaching for the older women
Women of substance young men smell
Smell to follow where the women go
Go to the pits of erotic affairs
Affairs of the hearts unlikely so
So the romance changes
Changes for women and men

romance on the beach 36

The affairs of the hearts
Hearts of lovers consequences in pockets
Pockets loaded with cash to catch
Catch the young women willing to sacrifice
Sacrifice of virtues
Virtures lay buried for time
Time to taste the good life
Life of the greedy old men
Men by nature a nomad
Nomad to roam the corners of the world
World of men the women fall
Fall into the whirlpool of romance
Romance takes no age to sell
Sell to anybody who cares to roll in
In the world of romance
Romance has no age barrier
Barrier of the old money help
Help to bridge the gap of romance
Romance in deep pockets
Pockets the older men supply
Supply the young women squeeze
Squeeze for a short cut to live easy

Friday, August 20, 2010

spices of life 83

Perak mufti
Be a politician or be a religious head
You can't be wearing 2 hats
You give your followers scratching heads
The past episodes
You couldn't make up your mind
Plying your trade you said the wrong kind
Leaving the public misdirecting ways
The public respect religious heads
Be it from any branch of God........
Listening to the sermons from the Holy Books
You should stand on your learned principles
Perak Mufti
Now you are at it again
Talking of alternative Constitution
Of somebody handing you books
Use proper channels
Let the Home Ministry issues statement
It has nothing to do with you
Stick to your religious roles
Let others talk politics
They are trained to say
What the country needs
Come rain or shine in our days

spices of life 82

Women why the curse?
Working hard make the men flow
Giving homes warm and love
Yet you are used
The rag dolls falling down
Unwanted unloved and undesired
Into the wayward garbage
You are thrown without second look
All the good years making no difference
You get bruises; you get all the craps
Yet you never give up the struggles
Even though you know men are barbarians
So you patiently do
The lives you are borned into
The lives of gods men forget

Thursday, August 19, 2010

the dark valley 42

The many death lie
On the road on accidents or suicides
Others on murders or wrong place wrong time
The siren of police and onlookers gathering around
On the cold marble slabs
Bodies strip naked baring souls
The cold bodies the marks of death
The coroners will find answers
The truth in murders
The dead bodies will tell
The evidences burying or exposing
The coroners will find the truth
In court cases professionals testify
Offering expert opinion on the dead bodies
What had gone into it and causes of it
It is the justice for the murdered dead bodies
As long as nobody selling soul
The truth will be found rightly so
It is only when coroners hit by money politics
The outcome will be sweet of lies

spices of life 81

Babies dumped
The young women escaped
One night of heating the waves
9 m0nths crying shame
On the garbage bin
The dead babies lost
They didn't know why
The young mothers cheated them
The young women feel sorry
Reality they can't gel within
Bringing young babies in the open
When money rule the world
The issue isn't about law
What the law wants on the hard facts
It is the social dilemma facing young women
When offer of help is the wrong arm of the cage
Tell them the truth
Let them learn the life pursuits
Teach them the moral and religion
For them to make affirmative solutions

spices of life 80

The world of web
It makes a day look easy
Take a mouse click it away
Open your eyes to the lots
Every where in the web
The chapters of stories you read
Of the A-Z you wish to know
Right in your finger tip you do
Then you realize there are hackers
And those idiots who want to make you pay
Invading into your privacy hacking your properties
They laugh at you the nerds in the web field
Why can't they leave us alone?
We want to puruse our interests
Let us enjoy our free roaming sites
But no! They want to show their superiority!
Now others will make money
As these hackers and ilks join the killing
The nerds in the web community
Putting up walls where will it end?