Sunday, September 30, 2007


Change begins with a lighted candle
Then everyone comes light each one
In the end many will be lighted
Throwing a glorious light in the dark night

Like Catholics in the church
Every time the faithful light candles
Say prayers to bless souls
Forgiveness of things do
Let the World a peaceful place to live

When the faithful walk out of the church
Things will look different in their eyes
As they believe in the power of prayer
Everything will turn out alright

Light a candle
One at a time
Believe good will arrive
In an unexpected sources sometimes

Our elected leaders speak too arrogant
Thinking the voters are half past 6
Maybe we were listening to the slogans
Now we learned our lessons

So light a candle for the brave ones
For the fight for truth and justice
It is just awakened the people
Time for a change
For a better future
The country and her people


Jealousy knows no boundary. When a woman gets jealous, all hell break. It is reported in the Star that a Chinese woman lazed her tablet with rat poison then while kissing her cheating boyfriend passed the tablet to him to swallow. He did and he died. In court in China she is sentenced to death. Is it worth the price to pay? It is so simple to forget. If one can't take it, leave the guy. Why worry sick about a cheating man who never stays true to his words? Jealousy is one of the roots of evil. It makes a person feeling good but when reality sinks in, person regrets the action taken. But then it is always too late. Control one's emotion at all times. Discard jealousy though it may be difficult but it can be done. It is always recommended by me to stay away for a while alone. Think through what happen then when a person is ready talked to friends or relatives or anybody whom a person feeling comfortable with. Dont do something to regret. Life has only one. Why lose it just because someone never plays the sincere game? There was another case about an Indonesian woman cut off her husband's penis in Johore. Apparently it was out of jealousy too. Luckily for the man the doctor managed to stitched it back. About his woman, she has to go to jail I suppose for causing hurt and misery to her husband. Is it worth the price for it?

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Light a candle for a cause
For a man who dares to challenge
But what is the setback for him?
He suffers in agony
The very institution supposes to make wave
Support the dark knights

In the dark corridor of power
Challenges can’t be tolerated
It has to be crushed
For the dark forces never want to see
The light triumph over the dark

One candle one journey
Along the road many will see
We must be brave to marching on
Changes can be seen
When a small light brings hope
Then the stomping feet will walk

It is time for changing guards
Too many ills befallen the nation
Police, ACA and Judiciary
As well as the government of National Front
Let a new chapter be told
From 51 years onwards I hope

I light a candle for the brave knight
Galloping to fight in the darkness
Be it a sparkle will be shone
The way it is we will fight on


courtesy from The Star

Police napped 5 suspects
The Nurin death tragedy
An innocent young girl of 8 years old
Tortured and molested till she died

A woman was discharged
When her statement was done
Though she is pregnant
If she is guilty
Let the law takes its course

courtesy from The Star

The 4 suspects in remand
The police must get it done
The public wants justice
For a crime too many to forget

Don’t go to court
For PR exercise
When the case gets in process
The accused all discharge

The police must do it thoroughly
No such thing as evidence gone
It has to get it good in court
Let the crime be punished for what is worth

No sloppy work
It will anger the public
Let the people believe in the police
As the force keeping the streets safe

So don’t go to court
Just to say you have done your homework
When there is no proper investigation
It makes the police look bad

Friday, September 28, 2007


The thunder of bullets
Rocking on the streets
The stomping of running feet
The departed souls got no reprieve

The army sent soldiers
They just followed orders
Like zombies without brains
Shooting the monks and innocents

The street demonstrations
It turned ugly; it turned into deaths
As the army generals lost control
They ordered the soldiers
Challenging the demonstrators
The chilling effect life and death
Freedom for the people
Lives lost to change the course

The World leaders talk and condemn
They don’t sent help to change the landscape
Asean leaders watched horrors of lives lost
Yet as a member Asean leaders couldn’t help
The monks and innocents will die
As the soldiers go on strikes

The thunder of bullets
The explosion of tear gas
The cries of the people
Choking out into the air

The learned leaders watch
Never send help to protect
The army generals go on the offensive
Knowing nobody will stop them

It is now the monks and prayers
For divine intervention to bring justice and peace
When it is said and done
The World leaders just have no guts to say
Let the democracy prevails
For the people have spoken!
The country turns bright red


It is reported that ACA couldnt locate Lingam regarding the video clip. The DG of ACA is giving excuses. This is the mentality of the officer in the country. Lingam is a senior prominent lawyer. He has house(s) here, offices here, contacts here, families here, friends here including VVIPs.....and the ACA says it cant find him. Even if he is in overseas, ACA can track through his passport(unless he uses another passport then the Immigration DG can charge him for another offence perhaps put him in jail when he lands in the country) He can be traced through using his credit card(s) which I am sure he has many credit cards in his possession and also trace his banks for any money wired out to him and which country and location.....ACA is just slipping on its job. ACA should also trace all the calls made by Lingam and also the other person on the line through the telcos. I am sure the other party will be known. The video clip recorded in 2002......ACA just trace the records of 12 months on Lingam calls. The call sheets are kept in records. CANNOT TRACE HIM AGAIN? Please dont be a laughing stock for the nation! PKR had written an appeal letter to the DYMM Agong to intervene on the judiciary crisis in the country. I wish The Supreme Ruler will act on it soon. He doesnt need for PKR to write him a letter requesting for A Royal Commission of Inquiry. He reads all the major newspapers everyday. From it he should know what is happening in th country. He should act now. He doesnt need to consult the PM. He should send a clear signal that he as the Supreme Ruler will decide the course of the country......He should order a Royal Commission of Inquiry to make the shine back to the country. Will The Agong do it? Something is seriously wrong with ACA. With the ikan bilis type, the officers can locate the people...............I must admit I was taken by the PM slogans then thinking there must be something good for the country. Now my view is shattered by the inept PM and doesnt know PM..................he really doesnt know what he is talking about. He should follow Abe of Japan and resign from his post and live in Oz(he likes to spend his holidays there and he may as well spend it there permanently)

Malaysia has backbone aches now


Too many murders for my liking in the country. Is the police really doing its job to make the streets safe? Now the people shouldnt depend on the police for patrolling. I suppose they have to form their own association to patrol their housing estates against crimes on the people and homes. After Nurin incident, another murder took place in Kepong. Although two Africans were arrested after the incident, police are keen to contact two others still at large. Johoreans had voiced their displeasure of the many crimes in the city and state. Police had been given ample leeway and budgets approval to recruit personnel to beef up the security in the country, yet crime waves still seeping through their hands. We shouldnt point the finger at the police. We should take up our own patrolling especially Rukun patrolling concept to minimise the crimes in the housing estates.


My god no other short abbreviation
This is the equivalent to a male organ
The middle finger if one shoots to the air
Have the lawyers really defying the government yet?

I know there is a start
In life as well as fighting for change
There must be a spark to ignite a fire
Now the lawyers marching into it

The fire must keep burning
For the night will be haunted and cold
The government won’t let it go easily
Any opposition has to be crushed without mercy

This is the law of jungle
The power wants to rule
There shouldn’t be any opposition
Like in Myanmar the monks did
But the soldiers ordered to open fire
When power that be felt threatened
It takes the worst measure to control
By creating fear into the people

When one walks peacefully
Change will come albeit slowly
One feels the strength in every step
To finally arrive to make the change

Let the spark burning
Here in the minds of the people
The leaders can’t fool all the people
They now realize they are worried souls

Lawyers marching for a change
In the government in its administration
Action will carry the weight
In the ballot box so it will be

Thursday, September 27, 2007


courtesy the Star
Myanmar explodes
The monks and people marching
100,000 thousands on the streets
Demanding the rule of democracy

The military rulers should let go
They should defend the country
Let the administration runs by the elected leaders
For the betterment of all

The streets stomping hard
The voices of peaceful prayers
Army trucks, barbed wires run
Stop the marchers, soldiers carrying guns
Drawing line of authority
Else you pay for your lives

The defiant monks and people
They rather sacrifice for future good of the nation
Soldiers open fire 4 dead hundreds injured
It is a dark cloud descending on Myanmar
Religious monks marching on the streets
Telling the people and the world
There is something really wrong in the county

Myanmar explodes
The black smoke in the sky
The ruling soldiers shouldn’t stay on
Let the elected leaders run the nation

As the world leaders watch
As the Asean members call
Will it happen to bring peace?
For democracy to flourish is it?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The PM slogans are buried in his sleep. I suppose he doesnt know what it meant when he said it during the last election. If he did, the country would not be a laughing stock to the world. People branded him as Mr Clean but he never admits it or say as much. I think he is weakest PM the country has today. He can't handle his job. Like the case of Nurin-he should put a stop on the police to investigate the parents. The poor family had suffered enough. In fact for their lives they would always remember their daughter Nurin-kidnapped, tortured and killed. Some of the cabinet ministers showing lacked of parental intimacy regarding of lost child. It is no use announcing billions mega projects just to pool wool over the people's eyes. Is it to cover the many potholes emerging on the new roads? Dato Z palace standing today. Has he paid his fine? The building never brings it down. But when it happens to poorer people it is immediately brought down by the council officers. Dato Z? What about PKFZ fiasco? No investigation but providing soft loan of $1 billion........(Most people view it as bailout.......if it happens in other countries like Japan or Taiwan the minister resigned or PM resigned) Here it is always closed one eye..........One more thing about the High Commissioner Offices in overseas the officers there never really doing jobs. The officers are there to help or assist Malaysians in overseas but they arent doing their duties. As I read the letters to the editor they are wasting taxpayers money for doing nothing there. Even in Hong Kong the officer was reluctant to help my niece but she finally got fed up and registered her child under British citizenship with PR status in Hong Kong. It is always said when the fish head is rotten the rest would follow.................Now the lawyers marching to PM office to hand over memorandum regarding the video clip and other matters regarding the judiciary. When the learned people of law walks in the hot sun in mass procession, it tells the people in general something is seriously wrong in the administration of the country. And PM is still flying in the sky....

Monday, September 24, 2007


When the rape crimes on the rise, the government will blame it on yellow culture. Now with the www it is a free flow of information and entertainment. Nobody in a true sense of the word can control the cyber space. It is a medium of magic glow. You name it, you can find it. Everything you want to find or to learn you can locate it by a click in your finger tip. The scientific data said pornography makes the men commit crimes on women(teenagers, children and women) I am of the view can't agree on the survey. Science always wants to put blame for something scientists think it should be. Yet they can't precisely pinpoint it. In strictly muslim countries, rape crimes too inflicted on the women. I say it is the mind of a person which makes the difference. It is nothing to do with yellow culture or erotic books and magazines. The industry of pornography is billions generating business. So every one will be tagged as would be rapist......mind you millions are watching and buying these videos to enhance their sexual techniques in their private lives. My reason is still on the people's minds. Even those staying in the village out of contact with any media will commit rape crimes. They dont watch pornography. They live in the farms far from society yet rapes do occur. It has never really publish in the main newspapers because there is no report done. The beasts who walk on the streets can be driver, manager, doctor, businessman, professional, banker, house owner or even the security guard, gardener, driver...The social fabric of these people isnt related to the same crimes committed. It is in the mind.


Every day 3 people commit suicides in Hong Kong with a population of nearly 7 million people. Is the city too congested with too many people? The commonest types of suicide are by jumping from the bridge, by hanging and by using charcoal in a sealed room. This is a social problem arising from less inter-action amongst the people. I think it is the pursuing of materialistic wants and greed of getting something out of life; when it is not realized delusion and depression set in motion, and when there is nobody to listen; life is then worthless. I always tell those I meet and in discussion of general topics, it is better to write it down in a piece of paper or in a diary or journal of one's dreams and illusion and things can't be done....In this way it unlocks the mind to freely pursue other things than the darkness of life; of lost dreams. And finally pray to God/Allah who is there all the times. In fact He should be the first to consult with. He can be approached anywhere anywhere anytime..........

Sunday, September 23, 2007


PM didnt want a Royal Commission of Inquiry because I suspect too much dirt will be dug up on the Lingham video clip. Najib wanted to find whether the video clip is authentic or not. Doesnt he recognize the famous senior lawyer? For me I wont recognize him. Maybe for most people out of the city loop will not know him. But for cabinet ministers and corporate honchos should recognize this senior lawyer. Bar Council convened an emergency meeting in respect of the video clip which I believe the Bar Council acted correctly. But not so with AAB administration. The leaders pray nothing will come out of it. It is a bad dream. The current chief justice of the country tight lipped about the video clip and isued a 'no comment' statement. For a man of law he should come out clean on the episode. For a man who preaches all the normal values, he should come out with his positive statement. Has he or hasnt he? The Bar Council will march peacefully to PM's office to perhaps submit its memorandum about the video clip and requesting for a Royal Commision of Inquiry to get the truth out in the open. Will it happen then? Dr M too must come out with his own statement because it happened during his term as PM of the country. This is playing behind the power brokers......AAB has failed as PM now. His slogans can be thrown into the wastepaper basket. He never learns what he preaches. The rakyat mustnt be fooled again. Time to change leaders and vote in the leaders who will fight for the people and nation...


On 21 Sept 07 I found a 4.6 feet long snake in my garden. My CCTV camera captured a puppy running into my porch. So I came down to investigate the puppy but I found a 4.6 feet snake crawling on the pearl grass. At first I thought it was a long branch or something but on closer looking it was a snake. The time was 12.45 am. So I took a pole and tried to shove it away. Apparently it had swallowed a toad so it moved slowly. I told the snake silently to go away and next time I saw it again I would kill it. I managed to let the snake go when I lifted it up with my pole and it crawled out to the gaps between the concrete fence and disappeared to the road and gone. I went to check on the toad resting place in the flower pot....Ah the poor fella gone in the snake stomach. Yesterday too I was cautious about the garden area. I peeped every corner and on the grass to see the crawling creature did not come back again. The cat and puppy still come to the garden. I haven't taken drastic measures to exterminate them. Saya memberi peluang untuk binatang-binatang ini sampai saya tak sabar lagi barulah binatang binatang ini jadi kuih muih didalam tanah nanti.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Explosive backdoor handling on the judges appointment. PKR got the public in earnest demand on the behaviour of top judge in the country on the video clip showing a prominent senior lawyer brokering on judges appointment. Bar Council will hold an emergency meeting and EGM(?) regarding the controversy of this senior lawyer. The newspaper named his as VK Lingham who is reported holidaying abroad for a month. Nazri said he didnt read the blog and newspaper so he couldnt complain. When the fire spreads to his feet he will deny it. He only says it is true when the flame engulfs him. He is just said what he wanted to say without any feeling to the people and the voters elected him to Parliament and his post. PM as usual maintains his elegant silence. These leaders wait for report of so many reports and committees and hope it will die off eventually. I suppose this time the coffin is nailed slowly tight. It may be difficult to get it out. The people have lost faith in the government. This reminds me of another video involved a former sec general of MIC of his recording of sexual exploits of his girlfriends. The video tapes were stolen by his nephew and gave it to DAP. Cases were done in court. I think he won his case citing his personal private collections but the women implicated in the video tapes lost faces. I remembered some suicides were recorded. But this video clip is explosive. It involves the former PM, the judges past and present chief justice and the present government too. Anything new? If you read the press statements, the government always gives excuses.......This is Malaysia where will she hide her face I wonder?


Poor girl died. Nurin gone. The suspect says police will be arrested soon. CCTV images and some finger marks and hairs on the sports bag. I hope it doesnt belong to another victim somewhere. The parents of Nurin finally accepted the fate befallen on their daughter. DNA tests concluded that she was the girl Nurin missing for over 28 days finally found dead and dumped in a passage of an office. My heartfelt grieve to the parents and Nurin. Allah will surely bless her soul. Amen. In the police statistics there were 750 missing persons as at end of June 2007. There must be a study to find out why young persons disappear.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


The light and dark in our lives. This isnt something one makes it up. It is there in our daily routines. The light of day; the dark of night. At one time the old folks in the village used to narrate stories about the dark night. The young people clustered around listening to the scary stories about pontianak...................roaming at night taking souls to satisfy her lust. Walking home late at night with moonlight and shadows trailing behind it was a scary thought after listening to the stories of ghost and pontianak. At night every one will pay extra precaution while cycling and walking never knows what lies beyond the eyes vision. In years the stories forgotten. Now the day has become a scary place too. The evil minds work in the day. A woman was killed in her shop at The Curve.( I dont know about the case now. I think it dies off lacking evidence and trails) Even in my area thieves came in the day ransacked the houses and took the cars......................the latest I heard was an Indian guy stealing gas cyclinder though the house owner shouted at him, he didnt bother with it. He did what he came to do then he fled. Then there was the report about group of people in Ipoh arguing in the early morning at 6. One died on the spot after some commotion. What we have become! Taking lives now seem nothing at all. At one time I remembered Dr M wanted the population of 70 million in the country.................know what the country would be? I dont want to speculate. It is the day or night.Dracula and Hasting...............I better go have my tea.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


PM hardly takes the initiative to actively involved on the Auditor General Report about the misused of public funds in the ministries and state governments and related agencies. Is he still sleeping on his job? If he can't handle the country's finances, he should resign. As PM he should suspend the minister or sec-general of misusing the public funds. There are elements of corruptions involved in the procurements. Common sense will say that the items bought or contracted for are beyond the market prices. Now PM only said the affected ministries officials have to explain. Why it happened? Punishment must be meted out to the officials and ministers concerned. The heads must be held accountable fof the shoddy works. It is the people's money and these officials and ministers are the custodians to spend it wisely for the people and country. Imagine when a product costs only $24 was contracted for $224. When a set of technical pen cost $160 contracted for over $1,600. The officials will give all kinds of excuses to justify the amount paid. It is still involved corruption. Somebody is benefitting from the chain of the procurements. So far I think the PM never understands it. He just leaves it as the AG report about the accounts and statements of the Federal Government and State governments..nothing will be taken to sack the officials involved. It is just another of his 'terhilang' excuse. Time to vote him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So many people missing
So many children gone too
How low must we go?

The cries of parents
Of loved ones disappear
Calling for help
Not many come to lend
Every one is busy
Looking after his own turf
Leaving the rest to others
This is where the predators hit
The unwary and the innocent

Sometimes it is the carelessness of parents
Leave the children running about
Believing the place is truly safe
They forget embrace in their own affairs

Take the case in hypermarkets
Children walk without adult in tow
Browsing on rows of goods
Parents don’t know where they go

It is still happening
In our society
So many crimes on the rise
Yet the adults and parents
Never want to take care

I pray nothing is happening
To the child missing 28 days
I don’t want to read a report
Like today about a child dead
Stuffed in a blue sports bag
And dumped in nearby office
This wasn’t a civilized way
It is a sick mind on the prowl

On this holy fasting month
I pray she is released unharmed
Back to her parents torturing their souls
Knowing every second makes so much difference

May Allah grant the wish we pray


Look at the cats. Sitting smart on the pillar. Eyes look so innocent. Tails wagging as if a good breeding. Or the cats just dont care. One can stare they just pretend this is their world. It isnt one share you know it has to be shared with every living creatures too. Nay.....I am trying to figure it out how to chase them away. I dont hate animals per se. I dislike them for not knowing their turfs. The on going battle to protect the pearl grass in my garden is losing ground. The cat's urine is killing the pearl grass. I dont know why yet that these feline animals want to hang out in my garden. There are open fields for them to do what they want yet they plonk in to my garden. Maybe they want it here because it is clean and quiet I suppose. The next step is rearing a dog. In this way the turf will be handled by a dog. So the cats won't dare to jump over the fence or stroll in from the gate.............I haven't decided yet.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Najib wants MCA to explain to the voters..........................It has been known a long time ago that the coalition partners are not the similar standing with UMNO. When the dog shits, the owner has to scoop it up. But here when the dog shits, the partners have to scoop it up. When the ruling elite creates problems for the other races, it is up to the other partners in the coalition to explain. This is the mentality of the coalition ruling elite. Why can't they talk to each other and find ways to compromise then shooting it in the press? When the other races complain about it, the other party has to explain. The leaders have nothing to do I guess. Before they open their mouths to say something, they should have thought about it. As Dr M said of the present administration, they are half past 6. What will MCA do? My guess MCA has to do the talking and explaining to the Chinese voters. MCA already knows how many seats they are going to lose in the next GE. Penang, Ipoh, Selangor, KL, Johore, Malacca and Negeri Sembilan are the states that MCA will have to push harder in its efforts to maintain its seats there. I still hold the view that MCA should quit the coalition so that the UMNO will be forced to review its rule in the coalition. As it is now, it is only lips talking that the coalition parties work for all races. They should say they work for all Malaysians. Then open up memberships to all Malaysians without putting a race to it. But I am just dreaming like Datuk Onn who thought about it in his life time but his people rejected it.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


UMNO through BN wants to stay in power. UMNO doesnt want to lose the goose that lays the golden eggs. UMNO will use all the marketing tools to hook the Malays to think and believe that UMNO is the only party relevant in their lives. Religion is secondary to pursue. If it is the first draw card, the country won't have the ills for years because religion wants every one to tell the truth, treat every one fairly and compassionately, account of what one does and treat others...So UMNO never takes religion as the first but the materialism(money, goods and power) to foster its hold on the Malays. The other races in the BN coalition will just have the crumbs of whatever balances available to be shared amongst them. Some leaders in UMNO lose sight of the sweat and tears of other races building the prosperity of the nation. What the British did then, UMNO leaders use it to rule - divide and rule amongst the races but using BN as the cohesive party to bridge the races in tow but with its secret agendas to pursue their own wealth while in power. NEP is one of the marketing tools to help UMNO pursuing its agenda that the Malays must support UMNO or else they will lose their rights in the social contract. UMNO never tells the Malays that NEP isnt in the Constitution but it was drafted after May 13, 1969 to assist other races to prosper cohesively. UMNO used it to solely centred on a race leaving the other races behind. It is only for a fixed term but now it seems it never stops. It is now 38 years yet NEP UMNO wants it to stay. Without NEP, UMNO feels it will lose its power base and so loses the golden goose that lays the golden eggs....Keadilan should be the party to bridge the sorrows happening in the country provided the party knows where it is going. At one time it was for Anwar Ibrahim and its Reformasi battle cry..................Now that he is free where is Keadilan heading to? Disagreeing everything about UMNO won't help to draw crowds to Keadilan. The party must find a better way to win the people's heart and mind to cut off the tricks and lies of the ruling elite. In my view Keadilan should appeal to the Chinese provided the party doesnt follow the style of PAS which the Chinese will not support even though PAS now has changed its color to woo the Chinese. UMNO is desperate like a cat caged in its cage desperately trying to escape but instead giving out more meows for the opposition parties to shoot at......

Malaysia on the cross road which way to go..............Cheers for Malaysia Day!


It is Malaysia Day to day
There is no holiday
There is no fanfare
Sad really when Malaysia was born
On this day on 16 Sept 1963
Talking about national integration
Of Sabah, Sarawak with the Peninsula
On this day why so silence?
It isnt an important day, is it?
The national agenda
it will be hard to bridge
Look at the leaders
divide and rule
Though the country has peace and wealth
Harmony amongst the races freedom of religions
There is a subtle manipulation to serve certain groups
For the majority aren't in the loop
Today is Malaysia Day
A nation of many races and religions
Walking and bringing glory
Every day in our lives and interactions
Happy Malaysia Day
Let us remember in our minds
Our struggles haven't finished
It has to carry on
As the nation progresses

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Star rating for secretaries-general......................of how these top civil servants manage the ministries of using public funds. The simple rule is that when one is incompetent in his/her job, he/she should be sacked. How can a person spend hundred millions and escape responsibility and accountability? This is a disease in the government ministries and agencies. It has been carried on for years though Auditor Generals had come, found he discrepancies, made reports, then they too disappeared in retirement. The reports of years ago were forgotten and the illness repeats all over again with new person new Auditor General new excuses more hundred millions lose in the web of contracts. In my view these sec-general never ask for 3 quotations or more to determine the cost of a project. The committee lacks the wisdom and accountability as a result a contract is signed without feeling any remorse about it. They dont pay it out of their pockets so they dont feel the pinch. A cashier is held accountable for any shortfall in the till. The company will ask the cashier to top up the shortfall. In the government depts and ministries, nobody is held payable for a sloppy job. In my view star rating shouldnt be used. It is this punishment - get the best out of any contract or you lose your job entrusted to you. It is so simple to test the cost of a good. Check out in the hypermarket or stores...............just by walking around in the air-conditioned complexes the sec-general or his officers can determine the price of each item display. No they are too lazy and comfortable living in the cozy office to take a field job to save the taxpayers money and country.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Shock after shock after shock what can I say?
Auditor General reports to earth shocking waves
One living up in ill gotten lives others eyes flow with tears
One flying in jet plane others bury under tonnes of earth

Amy Search turning to his religion
Since the day he went to pay homage
In the holy land he gone to seek his peace
Now he talks about his religion less about his bowl and rice
And he even influences his other rock artists to do likewise

So this is shock and shock and shock
I can't say I am in the dark
I only know I have to pay my taxes
Every year the IRD comes to collect

Billions lost in over priced contracts
The greasy hands lent the way
Taxpayers lost in shocking dilemma
Ah ask Amy Search to give a hand

The ranting of religions
The ground swells yet money rules
This is shocking an imam joined the melee
Joining the masses fighting for justice

What can I say?
Shock after shock after shock
The template of many
You know what I mean.......................

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Misuse of public funds...............anything new? It is kept going because nobody paid for the misused of funds. It was an easy way down on the food chain. Every year the poor Auditor General has to report about it. I am sure he will fry his head thinking about it. The Cabinet doesnt take it seriously and let it rots. It is so simple here. It is the tax-payers money and so every year we will hear the same story repeat all over again. Here we have a Sports Minister saying it wasn't her time in the ministry so she didnt know. What she was doing when she took over the ministry? Werent there meetings to discuss about projects from the previous minister or what projects were left over? Even there werent any projects left over, as a new minister in the ministry, she would have requested for accounting records to look at it. It is from the accounting reports one would have grasped some knowledge about the running of the ministry in terms of awarding contracts, signing contracts and limiting authority of signing contracts. How could she pretend she doesnt know? So in my view it could be the same strategy by other ministers too. "I am so busy attending cabinet meetings and meeting people and meeting trade delegations I will not know what is happening in my ministry" I think it is about what I could think of.


The wheel of justice
It has to reign in the country
Let there be no lies and corruptions
Rearing its ugly heads

Tell the truth
It will let the souls free
Yet in our Parliament
The BN MPs monkeys on the trees
“Catch me if you can”

The ministers will faint ignorance
Telling others they don’t know
About contracts signed here and here
“I wasn’t in the ministry then”

Justice jumps beholding to someone else
Doing the bidding out of sight
Listen to the lawyers say
Senior judges are left behind
Because they don’t play balls
On the artificial lawn

Ah the Prime Minister
You should stay home do your homework
Go to the ground listen to the grouses
There are plenty there
Yet you never walk with them

The wheel of justice
The hallmark of its good governance
Managing it poorly corruption breeds
So the people should stay united
Vote for a change
Before it is too late

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Chan Kong Choy tight lipped about his illness. As a responsible minister and a deputy president of MCA, he should let the people know what illness he is suffering. He can't say it is his personal and private thing. He is a public servant as such he owed an explanation to the tax payers and to the MCA members in general. He can't hide the truth. He should stop the rumours spreading in the city. If such a leader comes for the MCA, he isnt fit to lead the MCA. He knows he is sick but what sickness that befall on him until he had to seek medical attention in Australia. He must let the public know so that every one can stop speculating about this and that. He owes the public his explanation. What is he afraid? A leader must be brave to face the battle; a leader mustnt run away when the battle is fought. So Chan Kong Choy you have to tell the people what illness you are suffering.............................


Will the Muslim terrorists learn about the truth of Islam? Will they continue to harp on terrorism to achieve their hopeless aim? Do these followers of terrorism learn why their leaders never go and lead the charge but hide behind? Because they never want to die....In my view it is wrong to do deadly harm to other faiths. Blowing one's soul as a sacrifice to achieve one's objective is a poor taste of cowardice. People of the world are God's children. You can have any color on your skin yet you have a special bond with God to live to learn to explore to spread one's seed to live in harmony with other faiths and people on Earth. Blowing up to kill other people is committing a deadly sin by itself which isnt the way to paradise. Fasting month is approaching................this is good time to sit and ponder the way of the religion. It is really sad that people could be easily fooled by others in the name of a religion and ultimately pays a life for it. Yet the leaders just keep going to spread their brand of religion but they dont want to die. Only the followers want to die believing that they will go to heavens. This is a conned job by men. Only Allah can promise you paradise not through any religious leaders who at best know how to tell you and recite the texts to proof his skills. Every one is sinful no matter what you thought about it. Religion is a bridge to close the gap of one's sinful ways and learn how to be good to others. Vengence is not for the people. It is for God to decide our faith. Shame really. We are in the 21st century yet our thinking is bordering on Stone Age mentality. We think we have progressed in our lives but our faith belongs to the lowest rung of the ladder....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Why people commit suicides? It has become an end without a fight for these people. Pilot flew out from his apartment, a final year Uni student killed herself because of.................................I used to lecture my former employees that grave yards are the place to get silence out of lives. Look at the place itself. Quiet, soft breeze blowing, hot and cold day and night sometimes water clogged and wet on some grave yards yet nobody can complain; everyone stays so serene underground. When you live with life, you must have the challenges. Nothing to fear nothing to run away. This is the way of how life would be. Vibrant, strong, full of colors and magical too yet people lose focus on it. They feel depressed or suicidal because they believe nobody can help them. They forget God/Allah is always there for them. No matter how bad a life can turn out to be, one can make it out of the dark edges of time and feel the good light always hanging there. One should talk to people close by or friends one meets in life. They can be anybody man or woman. When one opens up, the darkness will disappear. Dont feel shy. Your profession doesnt count at all. You just a person to listen to your problems, most of the times you find your way home. Somehow by sharing with people that you know, you find out there are always light in every dark shadow. Life is paradise; death is hell.

Monday, September 10, 2007


Seven people were injured – two with gunshot wounds – when opposition supporters clashed with police trying to disperse an illegal political gathering on Saturday night.

picture courtesy from The Star

The political gathering should be allowed in the country but it must be properly controlled by the police. In my mind this type of gathering should be held in the football stadium. In this way, the police can control the crowd going in and going out. If any one wants to create trouble, the police can nab the person right away. The football stadium can hold say 30,000 people. The organizers of the political parties must be held responsible to control the crowd. The police must be fair in issuing permit for the political gathering. Most of the times the opposition parties can't get permit to hold its political gathering. The BN parties can get it easily. Even without approval, the police won't charge the BN organizers for holding an assembly. I am sure there were cases happened before. All states have football stadiums so why not use these football fields for political gatherings? The parties can rent it from the stadium board then the police can send its force to control for any untoward incidents...yet the police must tell the organizers to be accountable to control the crowd in the gathering. The current methods I think it wont serve a purpose at all. Political gatherings must be away from town or villages. Because these type of gathering are always highly charged assemblies. Every party officials must employ its own guard to control the crowd. It is a normal thing spy will come to create troubles then blame it on the party holding the assembly. My view it should be held in the stadium so no political gathering



On the way to Elephant Stone
There is this uncompleted building
Standing tall and alone
Of love unfinished of time long disappeared

About Kellie
Trying to build his love nest
Somehow he didn’t finish it
Apparently he died of an illness

A man dreams till today
About his desire to plant his memory
Living his delegacy of untold stories
Where tourist foreigners and locals look
Walking in the silence corridors
On a person’s love unfulfilled

If you are on the way to Ipoh
Turned left to Elephant Stone
Visit the empty love nest
Imagine the power it holds

You never know what you will find
Perhaps a loving response
Sometimes people take for granted
In this materialistic world
The romance seems so far behind

In Kellie’s Castle
A romance never dies
It stands tall with the sun and wind
Moonlight penetrating her golden rays
Spreading every corner blossoming of shadows
When you imagine of time past
Perhaps you will understand love
Why it is so powerful and magical
In one’s life


Today I washed my cars in the early morning. After my usual morning exercise, I headed to wash the cars. I really felt good after about 1 1/2 hours of washing and cleaning the cars. I didnt polish the cars if I did it would take me another 1 hour. I was looking at people around. Every neighour will do the same thing every day I suppose. One woman will wash and clean the car. I wonder why she does it though her son should have done it. But then I thought back her son used to sit lotus position on top of the pillar either eating away and sat there like a hawk eyes moving from left to right; right to left. I thought he could have a thing of his brain(?) of which I won't know. There is another woman who uses to wash her clothes in the evening in front of her house. I thought why she did it in her front porch. She doesnt do it at the back of her house which I believe is suitable than washing in front of her house. It reminds me of my kampong days where people washed and rinsed their clothes in the open...............................Then there is a Malay guy who works in the Town Council who used to blast his music very loud in his car. I suppose his family doesnt allow him the liberty to do it at home. In this way he is his own boss. Free and easy nobody can tell him what to do........sometimes I do that. I feel it makes driving easy like I feel the flow of beat in my driving. But most of the times I listen to easy going music...
Then there is another woman who sends her daughter to school and back. One time her daughter used to cycle to school but her mother felt it wasnt safe for her. Her daughter is a tomboyish girl and used to cycle around. Now she hardly does it. Perhaps she finds she has grown up. I dont find her friends coming to invite for a biking around the area. So washing cars allowing people to think something else. In a way nobody will disturb the person who washes the car. Let the person finishes the work......Wash the car liFt off the worries away for awhile

Sunday, September 09, 2007



All Blogs on the rise
The next party in the poll perhaps?
Good thinking kind hearted souls
Want to see the country running
Without the bad hats and gold diggers
But then it is still hard to do
When people dont know
They just want money and money
Becoming slaves to a handful
All Blogs bring the consciousness
Floating in the cyber space
Telling the educated and IT savvy ones
Go and make a better place to live
Get rid of the corrupted leaders in our midst
Tell the people what the main newspapers dare not say
About the practices of the government leaders
Telling lies hiding their ill gotten wealth
The people elected officials in Parliament
They are a group of pecking order in tow
They can't say something different
They eye the whip feeling no gut in their pants
Here you see
The All Blogs spreading its way
Amongst the educated people
They will make the difference


The Auditor General Report for 2006 about mismanagement of public funds and others.....I have read a few but it is always the same old story narratted by a different person then nothing is done about it. No police report or report to ACA. I dont know how the purchasing committees worked. There must be prices comparison from other companies and field work to bookstores and hypermarkets to determine the prices tendered by these companies. The government leaders as usual keep quiet about it and the culprits always get free. I dont hear the cabinet ministers say something about it or the people involved in approving the contracts should be hauled for disciplinary action and or the companies will be sued for cheating...........I dont know how many processes it has gone through until the cost of goods shoot up to something we all know about it. The PM should check his backdoors before he asks others to stop corruption. As I always say before he doesnt know what he is talking about. As a leader he should walk the talk and go down to the ground and shape up the ministries. In this way he can cut down his weight too. As a leader of the country, he can do it. He shouldnt say he has no time. This is an excuse. He can move around in the city. He picks his target select his day in a week and move along. In this way he will be seen as really doing his job as the PM of the country. But I doubt the leaders in the government will do that. It is time a change of guard should be introduced for next 50 years onwards.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


A compassionate Budget filled with goodies for everyone and adequate sweeteners for business that's designed to propel the country into becoming a competetive global players.Budget 2008: Good for all

A compassionate Budget filled with goodies for everyone and adequate sweeteners for business that's designed to propel the country into becoming a competetive global players. The Star newspaper

The PM and Finance Minister tabled his Budget for 2008 smiling with his black bag. It was reported that he went to the finance ministry for a last minute check.......what could he do in last minute check? So now that he had announced it, he will fly to Australia on Saturday for the APEC meeting. The MPs have no chance to question it; everyone takes it as it is. In my view a budget must be questioned and scrutinized before it is approved. Here as with all those years ago, the MPs are sitting ducks in Parliament listening to the budget speeches. In my view the PM should have a sitting with the MPs in Parliament present his budget and let the MPs have a say on it. I am sure the BN MPs won't really open their mouths (the party whip). The opposition MPs will have a go at it. I know the PM isnt schooled in economics and accountacy, he can ask his team to be present in Parliament to assist him in handling the technical questions of the budget. This is, my view, a better budget presentation for the MPs to argue and agree before the final draft is approved. When I turn the pages of main newspapers, I always here the same standard replies from the ministers. I dont hear any one say something different at all. The BN government is still supporting the business community. This time around is the housing developers. The drawback is still the workers in the country. Every one is hoping that there will be a further personal tax reduction owing to the high costs of goods and services. The BN government is not thinking of the workers. Though it makes concessions on waving stamp duty and free textbooks to schools, but with personal tax reduction it is helping every worker. The budget should help the workers. EPF is workers' money. In time to come, it doesnt need budget speech to tell the fund what to do. It can implement it through direct instruction or order to the effect that the workers are allowed to withdraw to pay by monthly instalments of houses bought. So here what is PM/FM doing? Must it come through budget? I still hold the view that the budget must be discussed for inputs from the MPs in a special parliament sessions say for 2 days to review and to suggest before final implementation before the budget presentation to announce to the people. As Najib puts it, this isnt a budget for election.

pig farming in Malacca

The pig farmers in Malacca aren't getting what they deserve. If the methods of pig rearing is wrong(read here unhygienic then what are the state government doing years ago?) the farmers should then be taught how to rear pigs in proper hygienic methods. When the smell and stench become unbearable, the state government decides to shift them out by giving them ultimatum. A government must be caring to its people especially the leaders Najib thought so and he advised that state government to proceed with care taking into consideration of the pig farmers and the Chinese in general in the country. MCA through Dr Fong tried to find a better solution to the pig problem. Shifting gear to other states isnt solving the problem....musical chair method isnt helping nobody. The pig farmers must be sent to attend courses before any new licence is issued. In this way, the pig farmers will learn new skills of pig rearing and ways to properly care the environment.

Friday, September 07, 2007


Too many deaths
Parents may not send
Children to suffer in the camps

Even one death is too many
There must be something wrong seriously
Medical check-ups must be carried out
Before the young adults are sent to the camps

Najib shouldn’t give explanations
It is long time gone
Nobody will listen
He is better going back to the drawing board

Think out of the box Sir
You should know better
Citing statistics giving the standard replies
Sir lives are lost don’t say it anymore

How to comfort the parents of children lost?
I have no words to say
Only it is a waste of one’s life
So young gone out of existence

Deputy Prime Minister
Save the people’s money
Forget about NS
There are other ways to do it
For friendship and discipline
In the young adults

NS Najib has to do his homework

Najib said there were 14 deaths in NS programme so far. He gave so many reasons why the trainees died. He never addressed how not to let the trainees die......The way I look at it he didnt care how many died in NS programmes. He wanted this programme to continue I suppose to benefit his people. It involves something like $500 millions to run this programme. I think it is not so much about racial integration; it is about business ventures. Maybe I could be wrong in my view but I think Najib should rethink his strategy about NS. Even one death is too many already. How could a parent accept that his son/daughter die in NS? Najib should go back to the drawing board to find a better solution of how to make racial integration works. In fact I think there are currently so many clubs in the school where he can pick one to instill the needs of racial integration and discipline. There are Boys Brigade, Scouting, Police cadet, etc Give the schools the funds for these programmes then nobody can condemn NS. Let NS be part of the school activities. Start then from form 4 to form 5 by then enough integration and discipline will be achieved when they finally leave schools. Currently I can't comment on the camps but base on reports I believe Najib has to relook the camps. My nephew and niece attended the camps last year.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Some people just can't have maids. These people have no personal touch to their maids. They treat the maids as animals. Some of these people want to show off them that they can afford maids to do errands for them. If they can afford, who is complaining? It is the ill treatment of the maids that make the headlines. Have these people forgot about helping another human being? Sometimes I sit down and wonder why maids murdered their employers or ill treat the children under their care.....or they poison the food and drinks of the employers. I wonder too why employers too mistreat their maids - hit them, wallup them, caned them, sometimes raped them. The maids have to get up early in the morning doing the chores until late at night and no rest day for them though the law provides an employer must give a day off for the maid(s) And there are employers who call the maids stupid here stupid there. The maids come from remote villages and they may not know the new gadgets in the house. They need time and effort to master the gadgets. Moreover, the maids arent educated to understand English Language on the product the employers branded them stupid. How do you feel about it when people call you stupid? I always tell people that it takes a stupid person to call another person stupid! I had few hundreds people working for me but I treated them as friends......because I view that without them I couldnt do my job. They were the people who really made the difference in the work place so a leader must treat them with respect. I too had heard stories about employers mistreating their maids. I had this couple who are teachers and very religious but mistreat the maid. Woke up morning clean and wash the cars, when they came back from school washed the cars, when they came back from dinner or socializing washed the cars where it could be late at night. The couple just couldn't care less about treating another human being. I dont know what they learned in religion showing so pious in their ways but heart full of lies I suppose. The maid was suppose to take care of his eldest brother's house in Shah Alam but the house at that time wasnt completed so the maid stayed there for a few months. Now the house was completed, the maid moved back to take care of the house. She stays there alone by herself because her employer stays in Hong Kong. I know she is a trustworthy maid.....It is no harm to treat maids with respect. Share the same table while eating be it lunch or dinner or tea time. Let her feel wanted in the family. Show kindness, respect for another human being and be humble which is hard to do for many people..


Now the fighter is moving
Slowly but surely he will fly
Telling us he has his business
To right the wrongs
The country falls

I know we mustn’t lose sight
The man with us for most of our lives
Moving with his ease knowing he has to get into things
Of which we will pray he recovers quickly

Dr M
Many years we will hear of him
Blazing trails putting his finishing touches
Telling the government
Promises must be kept
No half measures in plans and pursuits
It doesn’t work in sleeping mode

Now the government running scared
Building fences before the bull runs
An icon breathing fire
In his recovery room
He writes what he wants in his mind

Across the country
The people pray
For a man who is part of our lives
Waiting for him
To blast the trails once again
In pursuit of a different game


The government spent $100 million for the recent Merdeka celebrations. The government must published these expenses so that the people who pay the taxes will know how the money spend. I dont agree that it is worth only about $3.00 per citizen to spend on this celebration. It is so easy for the government to cover its track by saying that. It was $100 million for a celebration. The government must tell us how it was spent, which companies got the contracts, what allowances given to district councils, city halls, ministries, MPs and state representatives, etc to usher the 5oth year of independence. By right the government should ask big companies to sponsor part of the that the government doesnt have to burden it with the huge expenses. Money saved could be used to help the poor and destitutes in the country....The objective is not to waste public funds - that is the role the government leaders must bear in mind -which is collected from taxes from the people for the purposes to enrich the country. I am not saying the government shouldnt spend but spend it wisely.


erotic art by Samarel

Orchard of haven
In the remote area of town
Away from the preying eyes
Camouflage as a farm

Big cars small cars came
Running through the lonely track
Villagers living nearby wondering
What was it many came?

China Dolls my friend
They came on social visit passes
Wanting to earn money
Any road they don’t care

In this farm
The women stayed
Doing business on the flesh trade
Many men came
Food, wind and women
Dancing in their minds

Orchard of haven
Something new in town
When it became hot
The police came knocking it down

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Dr M a fighter
He doesn’t easily give it up
He knows what he must do
Lying on his bed

The fight for his country
This is what he would do
His unfinished business to amend
The few mistakes he made

If you look at him
Don’t let his age fools you
He has a sharp mind
Eyes sharp as ever

When he speaks everyone listens
The wisdom he expounds
The territories break its lines
This is an icon we have
Living amongst us
For as long as we remember

This is nothing to do with politics
This is a leader I could accept
He walks amongst us now
Telling what he thinks ills the country

God will be there
He will make him strong
And live with us
For as long as God allow him
To do the right for all of us


The main newspapers give us that good feeling report. The newspapers want to keep their yearly renewal licences to be in business so the companies are willing to toe the line of the BN government. In the end it is the people who are going to be fed with edited and tamed news to read and digest. The newspapers must be free to report what the reporters hear and see and collect information from those who know about it. Let the reporters write their news. If they make false news, they are accountable with their report. Why do BN government(read here UMNO so afraid...)? My view there are things they dont want the people to know.....remember the slogan WALK WITH ME AND TELL ME.......the voters got for a ride and PM laughed himself to everything leads to Putrajaya. Tun Dr Mahathir had said recently that he couldnt air his views now because he has been blocked by the main news media or in televisions news too. It is now through the bloggers that could make the difference to put on pressures on the BN government to change its ways. I should add though at one time Dr M didnt like the bloggers when he was in power then. Time has changed. He had now a different perception outside his power base. Now he learns something different. The bloggers especially those blogs who write political news should make a difference to dispense news to the people - locals and overseas. Yet we have ministers who are bent to pull down these bloggers calling them all kinds of if the ministers are always right in their statements. They never open their backyards and smell the rotten eggs and manure in their gardens. The bloggers will go everywhere and they will shine in all the dark corners too!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


courtesy from www.

Pig big piggy drum
The Malacca State government wants to close down
Without proper planning and compensation
A blockage happened farmers and police personnel

The state government forgets its roles
Helping and protecting its people
When the leaders are in power
They forget the normal roles

There is something brewing
Islamic roads to the people
Hitting the road on Islam Hadhari
There MCA and Gerakan spins
What UMNO is trying to do?

The farmers angry and mad
What the government trying to muscle in
An economic the farmers need to survive
The government pays no such compassion
Until a higher up calls to stop the nonsense

Now a reprieve for the farmers
Frayed nerves hopelessness in their eyes
What will happen another time?


This plant is not known in this country. It is grown in African countries that spread it over to China, US, Taiwan and other countries. It is called the miracle fruit because when you eat the seeds it is tasteless but then when you eat any sour fruit like lemon or sour grapes, you taste it sweet! It lasts from 1 hour to 2 hour. It is thought it could help people who are diabetics...I had bought two of these miracle plants to put in my garden. At one time I was told it cost something like $450/- per plant now it costs about $75 per plant. I had tested it....and it is true on the sweetness of any sour fruit. It takes a long time to grow these miracle trees about 8-1o years. Growing by seeds the success rate is about 25%. For commercial use it can be for 4 years to bear fruits...


I thought a medical doctor must be present to dispense his knowledge or advicing his patient what was his problem or what medicine to dispense with. I read a certain specialist doctor only did it through telephone conversation with a houseman regarding a patient in the hospital. This isnt the way to practise. This is a failure of professional duty to a patient. (I fully agree if he can see it on camera and the houseman tells him what is the condition on the patience) It is important to feel the patient so that proper diagnosis can be given. As MOH says if a doctor has no stomach to be a doctor, he/she should leave the profession otherwise it is a disgrace to the profession. It brings me back to the Langkawi Hospital where most staff there didnt know how to use the modern machines. I was told it was kept in the store to gather dust. The MOH should spot check on the modern equipments supplied to the hospitals. It has no value when there is no trained person to handle it. Like all professions one must have the passion of the job. It is no use training and studying it for years finally felt disliking for that these people should quit and go elsewhere to earn his/her living for a job he/she likes.

Monday, September 03, 2007


“Justice and the rule of law”
The very words we used to say
He doesn’t know what he spoke
In the international community
The leaders thought he is damned good
Leading a country of multi-multi everything

Justice, the rule of law, participatory governance, respect for the rights of all, Muslims as well as non-Muslims, and women as well as men ... These were all hallmarks of Islamic governance and civilisation."

Are we hearing it right, PM?
The words you dance in your mouth
Spreading a hot wind blow
Saying that it is ‘alright mama, it is alright’

In the backyard
Have you ever seen what’s happening?
Many potholes filling by the greedy runners
Telling you everything is fine and good
You fall for it and you do it their ways
Letting the people and country
In time you make us shameful and regret
Voting you and your BN colleagues
Bankrupting the country taking us for a ride
Into the darkness of economic decay
Sprucing it up with magical colors
As if we have no eyes and ears to know

PM listen to people cry
You have done dangers
Pulling us into one entry circle
Knowing not what lies beyond
When the world keep changing
We are kept in chains of our minds

50 years already
The country doesn’t need racial division
Lopsided benefits
One track distribution

It is time to make amends
Make it right which you can
In the names of our founding fathers
Let there be no racial line
We are Malaysians don’t you forget that!


The greedy people paid a whopping $35 million on SMses. Who will give you million(s) through lucky draws? People dont get fooled yourself. Sit and think for a minute....................if you win the company or agent should give you your winning when you furnish your name and address. If the agent starts to ask for his/her administrative fee before you receive your winning, you have to take cognizance of the scam that floats around and dont get suck into it. You may have receive winning notes from your email telling you that you have won millions in this draw and that draw........people dont get fooled with written money. You know you lose when greed takes over. Now stop and think about it.....................

Sunday, September 02, 2007


The music industry milks the ordinary folks. The industry honchos always put their fingers on piracy for stealing their rights to 'an honest living and production' and the government goes all out to support the music industry. At one time the government wanted to cap a ceiling price on its product and the music industry players cried and jumped saying it wasnt fair and all those excuses they could think of. Now nothing had been done. The music industry won and the consumers lost in this price war factor. The music players want to earn a living and the industry players want to make huge profits at the expense of the paying consumers.....Yet do the industry players stop and think about it? Customers come first in a product; price must be fair for a customer to pay. I was informed by a local peddler that it costs $0.50 to print on it and another $.60 to print the cover then include marketing and cost of distribution and wont cost a buyer to pay over $45 for a disc............................Yet the industry players say they dont really make much profit. Sad isnt it? Another way to hook the buying public for parting their money. And the government goes all the way to help them instead of looking at the prices charged by these music industries. Consumers should be king if you work in the hospitality industry................but in music industry the consumers arent king but like slave to the music industry. Now the government isnt controlling the prices of the products and the consumers are the mercy of these companies (as well as other companies anyway) So piracy comes in to feel the gap. I tell you the products these peddlers dish out have superior sound quality and they sell cheap too in the market and in mail order business. Why government never follow up on these industry players on fixing their products? What I read is 'piracy killing my business' and the radio advertisement without music but with nature calls and they dont say about price. Lower the price of a product sell by quantity, honesty pulls in the profits in any enterprise; it is the dishonesty of it that kills the industry. Now the players called to buy 'Ori' product forget about 'illi' product. One thing I want them to say is a fair price for a product. Otherwise the industry will suffer in the hands of the piracy peddlers on the move. In Africa the industry is dying owing to the piracy infiltrated in the market - price factor as with all other businesses. Consumers want a fair exchange for their hard earned money.....................will the industry think about it?



The green and white
It stands out bright and light
Sunlight circles it through
Letting it rays make the glow

Feel the fresh air
The cool breeze blow
Forget about the pollution
Take a break
A glass of milo perhaps tea

Listen to the sound
Of humming birds chirping away
Vehicles revving in the day
Night a distance echo

The green and white glow
A peace of the mind
Stay in the ambience
Listening to the sound


This has become a habit for a woman to cut off her husband's penis..............Since the day of John in America, many women had followed his ex-wife antics. Now I read in the newspaper a Thai woman came home and saw her husband with another woman on the bed. When a woman gets angry, the guy better move away. She will do anything to punish the guy if the guy is wrong in the relationship. Cheating on her...........So she let him drunk then finally chopped off his manhood. The police came but couldnt find her, the knife and the chopped penis. Her husband is in hospital without his manhood. I dont hear it happening in this country....................maybe one day I foresee something will happen.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


PM pledges in the 50th year Merdeka celebrations. 4 years ago he did his pledges and he won a landslide victory in the general election. At that time the people thought he could make a difference to the country. Now 4 years down the road, his pledges just that. There is nothing concrete came out of his administration. In fact most people are worried of his ineffective leadership. Islam Hadhari is just his own dream land to drum out his agenda. Islam is Islam nothing to be added to it. According to Muhammad he is the last of the prophet to tell mankind of the words of Allah/God. In that view others that came wanted to cash on the greed of mankind. The words and laws are written in the Holy books so there shouldnt be any form issued to the people. Will his administration follow the rules of the holy books now that he turned around to say it is an Islamic state? In my view he has to get his house in order first before he starts telling others what to do. I remembered once he had so many traffic summons but he said he didnt drive his car then. He didnt own it up. He should follow Prince Phillip or Prince Charles.....they paid for their traffic offences. He should also learn from the Japanese Emperor where he stops his car on the traffic lights like everyone else............obey the laws of the land.


Days of gone
It had been done
It is just a memory
50 years ago today

The Prince came and conquered
Laying his marks in history
The foundation bricks walled up
Let the future leaders build on it
The nation he foreseen
In the eyes to the world

The years gone
Frayed nerves lost dreams
The multi-racial people
Living aloof never like before
Thinking what will be next fall

The divide and rule
The leaders copied from the colonial master
Yet in words they condemned
Silently they pursued their hidden dreams

Nothing really fair now
Races think in narrow lanes
The whole picture can’t blossom
Really do you think it will work this time?

The leaders try to pursue
Walk around the Constitution
Trying to fray its concrete walls
Looking for something
They can break for their own

Days of gone
Era disappeared into memory
Only sometimes we think of it
But the leaders we elected
They try to forget history

Divide and rule
This is what they do
Frying the other races nerves
They think they speak the truth

But really they are the demons
Trying to break the Constitution
Telling lies and half truths
Next election be wiser with these leaders