Monday, September 30, 2013

rose chan

Rose Chan
The strip queen of a time
She could tease the audience
The way she could do

She was good with her craft
Learned it through experience
The older crowd who were there
They enjoyed the bantering on stage

I watched her performances
In the city those decades ago
When I was a green horn
I didn't know who she was

She could open a cap off a bottle
Down her valley with so much ease
The big applause from the older generation
It was something to remember

Years later she was reported sick
The newspapers ran the articles
A few months she was gone
The strip queen once she was

the indian barbers

The Indian barbers of yesterday
They traveled by bicycles going to villages
Offering personalized services to the children
Saving time for the parents too

Those were the years
The Indian barbers came
The parents would wait
The children kept waiting

The bell ringing on the bicyle
The Indian barber arrived
The warm greeting the children sat still
On the rattan chair under the shady trees

Modernity came
The Indian barbers on bicycles disappeared
Now it is the expensive hair stylists charges
In the modern hair studios

the window display

The window display
Around the shopping malls
Every month a new theme
Walk about to see

The creative guys
They should stay on their toes
The generating traffic
The sales will come

Some never change
It is the familiar one since the day it opened
The stale look and out of time or season
The shops will eventually lose business

The display should be simple
It doesn't have to look complicated
It should interest the eyes and mind
The traffic will come so will the sales

the demons in our lives

The demons in our lives
They don't want to go away
They will hang around
Playing tricks to get us down

We know what they are
They are here to stay in our minds
Whispering to us all the times
Until we fall into deep hole

By then it will be too late
The demons have won the games
We are just plain stupid
Believing in every word we hear

Uplift our station of lives
Projects to help the needy and poor
The cheap housing for all deserving people
The country's wealth will be distributed fairly

It is the same sounding song
It has beens said before in our times
Look what have happened then?
The divide and rule again!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

there are too many laws already

The old M
Gave a thumb up for the harsh law
Saying the country needed it
Maybe he is afraid

The minister issuing statements
Thinking we are the fools to believe
PCA is the new ISA
Put you in jail without trial

2 years in the 4 walled
The police don't have to investigate
Even there is a safe mechanism to avoid abuses
There are too much lies to believe

The members of Parliament
They have to think beyond their duties
They owe it to the people
It isn't for the party or anybody

There are many laws in the country
The police still saying they can't fight the criminals
They are just never trained properly to handle cases
It is time to learn and be a better force

the new gadgets on display

The new ones on display
The latest gadgets come on line
The old struggles to get important
The chips can't handle it so it dies

The waves of new gadgets
It comes to steal your pockets
The cash fly into the net
Once it is in you can't exchange

The gadgets of any kind
Once it is bought it has become old
There are new toys coming out soon
It is to clear old stock for the inventors

Every time you walk pass
The window display of new toys
The eyes and mind play tricks
It encourages you to buy

This is to keep up the time
When you don't have to at all
It is to tell you don't be square
Jump into the pool and get wet!

the cat and mouse game

The gangsters on the run
The big connected leaders hide
They may have flown out to safe destinations
They have the money to stay away

The police operations to flush them out
It shouldn't be serving the political interests
Once the time has passed the police shouldn't wait
They have to keep up the monitoring of the gangsters

The hunt must be continuous affair
Let the gangsters know they have no place to crime
Every branch of the police must be on the toes
Let politics play by the politicians

In this operation it is more towards political game
Leaning towards Amno leaders to gain mileage
What about the millions of illegals scattered in the country?
What are the police doing about them?

The gangsters on the run
The police march to stop crimes
Now the threats from both sides
The game of cat and mouse

tell the truth we will be free

The history of our nation
It can't be viewed in a race
It was the part played by the races
In bringing independence to the country

The earlier freedom fighters
They have a place in our history
Without them we would still be a colony
They fought for our independence

It is the divide and rule
The ruling elites and its ilks refuse to admit
They use the familiar story to tell
We should be honest to admit our mistakes

The freedom fighters in our history
Be they Chinese, Indian or Malay
They fought to drive out the enemies
Now the ruling elites refuse to give credit

The ruling elites spinning tales
With the running dogs barking all day long
The noises floating in the air irritating others
They think they look great hiding away from the sun

History will tell the reasons
On the records we have in the archives
Let us accept the roles played by the freedom fighters
We don't need to spin tales to support a race

Saturday, September 28, 2013

let children be children

The young children
Look at their eyes
Watch them closely
The heavy loads they carry

The young children
The missing development of children play
The parents want them to study
Everyday of their lives

Tuition and activities
The children have to learn
The pressure to achieve success
The young children's heavy loads

The time of their lives
They will miss it when they grow up
Leaving the nest to pursue personal interests
When the doors open the tough life waits for them

how many lies we hear?

How many lies we hear?
Of our governing leaders of the nation
When laws are enacted to serve whose interests?
They will say it is for the people

ISA was for the terrorists
It was used against enemies of the state
When it was implemented
The opposition leaders and vocal leaders arrested

This was the ISA
It was used to silence the critics
Of the wrongs the ruling elites done
Afraid to answer the questions

So after many demonstrations and NGOs fought
It was finally repealed and kept in the bin
Before long the ruling elites use another law
PCA with the current amendments in debate

The familiar lies we hear again
It will be used on the criminals
Nothing to do with political leaders or NGOs
We have heard it so often we would fear

The tools to suppress dissents
The country future and beyond
So change has to come to this nation
GE14 should be the Waterloo

viagra overdose

Viagra overdose
The old man pays
The long erection
The cry of fear

The manhood spear
The eyes see the swelling
Of nature gift to his life
He thinks of short cut

The throw can't land
In his mind he thinks he has
The erection still stays
He finds it hard to hide

The swollen manhood
The star falls from grace
In the hospital he may lose it
The gift of God in his life

Age on graciously
The fun and joy in the minds
Stay healthy lots of water, fruits and vegetables
No viagra no dangerous health issues

the anger of God they can't hide

The terrorists in our lives
The wrong approach to cement a lie
Taking lives to pursue a cause
The dilemma for police, soldiers and people

They think they have a cause

Venting anger to pursue a want
Recruiting gullible followers
Telling them of heaven and paradise

They don't understand the scriptures
Telling in peace the way to progress
Killing lives and properties
The anger of God they can't hide

The terrorists hide and run
In camouflage of faces
Using weakness of followers
To inflict damages of lives and properties

Sometimes lives are lost
They say it is justified in their mission
They are the murderers whatever slogans used
The punishment of God they can't hide

Friday, September 27, 2013

nobody can handle everything

Some people
They wake up see life differently
They think it is a curse to stay alive
Facing their fear and subject of low down blows

In their minds of events
They subject themselves to different sets
They blame themselves for the imbalances
Of time they share with others

They bottled up their emotions
The fear and weaknesses
They never ask for assistance
They are afraid to expose their failings

Nobody can handle everything
In a life one can learn so much
It is just a part of the whole
Ask for help there is nothing wrong with it

teachers don't play politics

Teachers don't play politics
The profession wants you to be fair
In everything you do in schools
Let no racism and hatred breed

Too many incidents of teachers
Playing the game of politics
Flapping wings in schools
Scoring brownie points...

We are all Malaysians
We have our differences and religions
Teachers don't fall into the political traps
Of the divide and rule policy

If we don't sing Negara-Ku
It doesn't say we are unpatriotic
Everyday we sing and hear
It has become a non event

Negara-Ku must be sung
On special events and occasions
In this way it brings value to a song
Too much of it children will get bored

In the working world
No employees will subject to sing national songs
They just require to come on time finish job and enjoy life
They have enough of it in schools

the sound of cock a doodle doo

The cockerel and its harem of hens
Walking on the pile of sand around the empty plot of land
The early morning cloudy sky appearing to welcome them
The sound of cock a doodle doo

The cock craw of no fixed time
The cockerel flapping its wings to crow
It has no bearing of what's the time
The sound of cock a doodle doo

On the uncompleted concrete fence
The cockerel and its harem of hens walk
The aerobatic show in no particular order
The sound of cock a doodle doo

The black dog runs passing by
Along the road watching the hens
Sitting like Humpty Dumpty on the wall
One wrong move the dog's free food

The sound of cock a doodle doo
The old people will wake up early
The old parties will struggle to survive
The infusion of the young Turks take time

The wealth on the wagon trains
The old will not give up so easily
The temptation is too good to let go
The sound of cock a doodle doo

is it the truth?

Is it the truth?
A minister son bought a $7.3 bungalow house
An NGO highlighted it for general public consumption
And the father says “ It's not my problem”

The ruling elites children
Where they get the wealth?
There is no declaration of assets and cash
Of how they manage to get so much?

The income tax officials should start moving
They better go and find out how he can afford it
Without proper job and income to pay a loan
Of how he get his funding in case of cash purchase?

Macc officials too must wake up
Don't hide around viewing erotic stories
For a mere $2,500/- causing TBH's death
Now a minister's son any answer to the public?

We all know in our minds
There are 2 sets of laws in the country
The authorities should start moving independently
You are paid by the taxpayers so do a good job

Thursday, September 26, 2013

let the children play

Let the children play
The way they should enjoy
They can't be children all the times
One day they have to grow up

When they are young
It is time to let them mix around
The games children use to play
The sound of children laughter and smile

But modern families
The parents think otherwise
Tuition classes and more extra activities
Leaving the children missing their childhood times

What will the children be like?
We have seen how the young adults behave
The root causes while they were young
They were pressured to study hard

They never learn to fall
Learn the hard knocks and survive
They are tasked to do many works

In the name of education

the new isa

PCA the bad eye
The nation doesn't need it
The draconian amendments
In the name of crimes

It is shoring up the inadequacies
The police in handling crimes
Detention without trial for 2 years
Without judiciary review

The return of ISA
This is the way the ruling elites wanted
To control the rule of divide and rule
They don't want to lose power

The ruling elites do not want dissent
They will catch any opposition members to jail
Without trial in jail for 2 years...
The songs of a Pied Piper

Even trampled on the national flag
A sentence of 15 years in prison
This is too much to fattened up the PCA
What happen if the flag falls you step on it?

The ruling elites are running scared
The way the country is moving forward
With so many laws for the police to use
They scream it isn't enough to fight crimes!

Where to O Malaysia?!
You don't have capable leaders to rule
The minority government wants to muscle in
Treating the majority as fools...

through the back door

The dead law sets to return
A few years lying in its coffin
Behind the power throne waiting a signal
The years finally bear fruit

Through the back door
It claws its way under camouflage
PCA 59 it rears its ugly smile
People..I am back!”

The NGOs and concerned people fought
It was finally laid to rest so they thought
For a few years the ruling elites kept low
Thinking of ways to plan its return

Now under a piece of legislation
PCA59 the laughter rings in Parliament
The members of the house mustn't be swayed
The people expect the members to do the honest way

The power crazy rituals are back
The haunting shadows will shoot fear and divide
The minority people who voted for the tyranny
What now people is back to square one?!

the ghosts of the past

The ghosts of the past
Of our independence pursuits
Those freedom fighters
Some remembered some condemned

The history of our shadows
There are those who wanted us to forget
Blaming them for all kinds of evil deeds
The truth is we don't admit our mistakes

The ruling elites keep digging holes
One after another to cover the statements
The people aren't stupid to fall
The songs of a Pied Piper

The wounds of the nation
It has to heal by knowing our facts
Running through the course of our history
Don't speak of one family what about the others?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

learn the pitfalls

In life
There is good and bad
There is evil and angel
The honour and lies

Don't ignore the signs
Put it there for all to see
With it to learn the pitfalls
In life the arrivals and departures

Through history the stories unfold
Of the period of our times
Will the people learn from it?
They say it isn't their time

So we will live through
The good and bad of our lives
The signs are there for us to see
With it to learn the pitfalls

get the people involved agree

In 18 days the fast and furious
The paces trigger unhappiness in the air
When plans are pushed through
Without the ground support it will fail

The air of changes
Floating without foundation
Once it never achieves its support
The failure will be the report

The first rule of change
Get the people involved to agree
Get them to feed the ways they like
Combine feed back and ideas to work

When the changes of structure
Every party is involved with it
The rate of failure will not rank high
They have a part to make it a success

The badminton official learned
The paces of fast and furious in the air
Without support from the ground

There is no way it will pull through

promises and contracts

Man made promises and contracts can be broken
It is inked by the humans minds and hands
There is always the passage of unfulfilled dilemma
The world of humans the fall of many in our times

Only words of God can't be broken
Promises of God will be kept
It is written in the holy books
Through the prophets for our times

We are living on our temporary world
Learning the good and evil all the times
Sometimes we will fall
We are just humans

As we live our days
Many promises and contracts will be written
Along the way we will break it
The unfulfilled ones and the pain we cause

mothers of our lives

Mothers of our lives
They are there to enrich our times
Building wall of protection
Guiding hands of heaven send

Mothers aren't there just for number
They are here to make us a better world
Giving children the best in their minds
They live in satisfaction when love is done

The world without mothers
Where will be the warm, laughter and smile?
Mothers make us know our values
In time of need and sorrow mothers always care

In the rush to make wealth
Most children tend to forget
The mothers back at homes
Praying for their good lives

There are mothers who work
To put meals on the table
The love and care they cherish
Sometimes children forget

They seek revenge
Putting old away in welfare homes
Let them feel the neglect of their times
The children forget mothers give them lives

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

the bogeyman

The bogeyman
The country will have
Every year the name will be written
Among the people sometimes in whisper

The Amno leaders and its bandwagons
The henchmen and their fork tongues
Going around trying to stop the bogeyman
The ashes of shadow blowing high in the sky

The laughter ring in the air
There is no way to hide the face
The bogeyman has his dues
The exact vengeance dishonouring agreement

Every year the country will sing
The parade of celebrations the colourful races
Now there is a shadow lingering longer in the nation
The bogeyman rises to make his presence