Tuesday, July 31, 2007

NCER launched

The NCER launched by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, yesterday. The cost of the whole project starting from 2007 till 2025 will be a whopping $177 billion! It is expected to create 1.5 million jobs. Combine with the Iskandar project in Johore, the government wants to create jobs nearly 2.5 million. Iskandar project will create jobs of nearly 1.0 million. On paper it sounds unbelievable. Reality will be finding partners to tackle the projects announced by AAB. Will it be half measured growth? The government hasnt found partners to execute the projects. The projects of this magnitude the government must have people ever willing ever ready to launch it. These projects are timely for the GE.......the people will fall for it even though they dont see reality yet. Just look at the Proton teaser on its new car......you think people will book greedily for it. Proton has many images problems. It is better that Proton let the people see the new car now and see what will happen.....I think Proton did the same mistake with Savvy compart car.....Perodua hit right on its nose with Myvi car. What I am saying is that PM launched the projects on paper, will it hit into reality? Last election he said he won't go for mega mega projects which drain the country's finances. Now look at him. He eats his own words. He wants to make a name for himself...........

Monday, July 30, 2007

no double standard please

Zam called the bloggers 'goblok' (indonesian slang for stupid) The UMNO leaders have low IQ. Nobody should follow the government views. We are not animals. We have our minds to digest what is relevant in the leaders statements. Why not the leaders accept what are written in the blogs and find ways to amend what are wrongs in the policies or laws then be man enough to amend it or change it or delete it. Nazri called the opposition stupid stupid stupid!!! Now he wants to use laws like the Seditious Act, ISA or OSA to silent the bloggers. Ronnie Liu of DAP made a police report on AAB on his blog under the Seditious Act. I read the postings which should be investigated under the Seditious Act. Will the police haul up or handcuff the PM for the seditious posting in PM's blog? Tan Sri Muhamad did it to YM Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin on his blog. Likewise the PM shouldnt be above laws...He must be called for questioning or perhaps remanded for questioning.......nobody is above the laws. Now what will the UMNO leaders say? I hope the Police shouldnt play double standard. It is time the Police honoured their badges of honour....What will Zam say? UMNO goblok?

Boh tea or Lipton tea?

Which tea taste the best 'Boh tea or Lipton tea? If you check the price of each product in the supermarket, Lipton tea cost more than Boh tea. When you order tea in any cafe, you will be served Lipton tea. Is it the dealer sold it cheaper to these outlets? Personally Boh tea taste better with its thick aroma and cost cheaper than Lipton tea. If we could have political parties divide into 'Boh party and 'Lipton party', then we will not hear about racial slurs in our politicians. These people want to score points for their own benefits without realizing the consequences to the country. I drink 'Boh tea' in the morning which is a ritual I do nowadays. Previously I dont take my early breakfast. Now with nothing else to do occupy my time, I can indulge a cup of Boh tea, biscuits and my kaya. Thinking about it, the country leaders have no kaya to lead this nation of many religions and races. It is a party for race. Gerakan and PKR are the best bet to transform the country. One is in the BN coalition one is in the opposition. It is there in its basic structure but along the way personal ta. stes and survival may change its landscape. In BN coalition, UMNO is the dominant party. The Malay based party call the shot though it is in coalition. It is on paper that sounded better but in reality it is the Malay leaders who have the pistols pointing at the coalition partners - toe the line or else........................Boh tea or lipton tea anyone? Look even in Japan the ruling party suffered heavily in polls......likewise Malaysians must be brave to change the present government. China can change her clothes to suit the time and see how China a communist country embraces the capitalist's economy. China is now a creditor country. Even USA owed China billions. Likewise Malaysia borrowed about $1.2 billion to finance the second bridge project. Interesting...............China has one party system and she can progress effectively in the last 10 years. One race one party equals progress in the global economy. Likewise Malaysia can too providing the political landscape changes. Right now we have 'Lipton tea' flourishing in the market. A little bit of soap...............(remember this song?) it makes self gratification a while.....you think that is enough? We should go the whole 9 yards to enjoy our fruits of labour. So the next election one vote wisely. Boh tea or Lipton tea? Selamat pagi Malaysia!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

teenagers sex romp

Sex romps by Malay teenagers. A party of religious officials spooked the young lovers in their cars. Some drove away naked. This method of trying to catch the wayward Muslims will not help to instil the moral of any one. It has become a challenge to avoid detection by the religious officials. Just like drugs. Death penalty doesnt reduce the drugs menace in our society. In fact it becomes 'a death defying act' for those who try to make quick cash to life of easy living. For them tomorrow doesnt exit. Dont they learn by it? Raids here and there and trying to instil a brand that doesnt exit.............Let Allah decide what He wants to do with His children. Allah/God doesnt appoint any one to mete out punishments. The book(s) for those who want to read, know it, feel it, learn it or practise it. God know that we always fail.......and He knows that failure will be a measure of success in life. Without failure nobody will know how to cherish the journey to paradise. The religious officials though most of them can recite phrases and scriptures yet they dont ask themselves why there are still problems amongst the people............Dont these people have been schooled and drilled into their heads since young? Dont they see what will happen if they do the opposites? People learn through mistakes; people go through life with values they earned it. Religion is a backbone to push them. If these people never go through hell, they dont believe there are heavens. Earth to me is hell and paradise. Learn it, make mistakes; live with it; grow up become wise then recognize the road to heavens...............the sum one learns to understand the appreciation of paradise in heavens. For now moral of the society will be 50:50 basis. Look the religious officials arent sinless......when they go peeping and videoing arent they committed sins? Vengence or punishments arent belonging to us; it belongs to God who make us.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

macam macam jadi 6

PM AAB disappeared from the country 10 days ago. Now he is back touching KLIA at around 7.00pm. Only a handful of photographers were there to take some pictures and he didnt give any press conference. People want to know why he disappeared in the middle of the night without informing the rakyat about where he was? Maybe about his invol Fovment in oil for arms issue or his son SComi where USA had implicated in her report? YM Raja Petra hinted in his news coverage that could be the reason he disappeared to the land of Oz with his family members. For what the people understand the country is managed by morons..........and PM gone for holidays so many times. AG had cleared Musa Hassan(IGP) and Zulkepli(former DG of ACA) of corruption charges. People in the news had known all along they would be cleared for these charges. Nobody will put their ill-gotten money in his/her bank account. This is a stupid act to do. The money trail can be somewhere else in safe deposit boxes(?) or buried in own plantations until the opportunity arises or in overseas numbered accounts. Now one of the reasons given by AG was no money no case.....and no documents to proof that corruption was indeed taken place by these top civil servants. Then we have our ministers threatening bloggers for writing articles in their blogs showing disrespect to the King and Islam. It sounds to me like ala Taliban in the country. Prophet Muhammad, I believe, wanted Islam to be shared and discussed amongst the people (believers of the faith and believers of other faiths) He already said that one should respect the prophets before him. Yet I dont see this happening. The Islamic terrorists have given Islam a very bad name to the world. Even in our own backyard we have the religious officials acting like a Taliban harassing the Muslims for earning their living in skills God/Allah gave them. These human appointed officials must show compassion at all times when dealing with their own fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. We have read about the harassing treatment for those who wanted to leave their faith. In the secured religious centres they wanted to turn them over. They forget Islam comes freely to the believers; and whoever force it to others they too commit sin on themselves. Then we have Najib saying Malaysia is an Islamic country. Has he trying to change history? The BN government no doubt introduced Islamic administration in the country, it doesnt mean Malaysia is an Islamic country. The social fabric of the country mustnt be changed just for the sake the ruling BN wants to prolong its rule in the country. For 50 years the people had been cowed by these leaders. The country wealth only profits to a few majority are living day to day.................and when bloggers express their sentiments or anger, Nazri (or Nazi) wanted to try these bloggers under ISA, seditious Act and or OSA. If the BN government has no wrong, the government shouldnt be afraid to read and digest what the bloggers write in their blogs. UMNO leaders say seditious speeches and no arrest was made. But I love my country anyway though she has so many half past six leaders running her around

sex a game of heavenly home

A woman has 400,000 eggs in her life beginning from age 16. Every hour 2 eggs will be released so in a day there will be 48 eggs gone. By the time a woman hits over 40 years old, she will find it difficult to conceive if she wants to raise a family of her own. By the time she is over 45 years old, she will find it very difficult to conceive if she wants to raise a family. Maybe she will not conceive anymore because there will not be any egg available in her production system. It is said by then the woman would have her second chance to enjoy her sex life to the fullest. Currently under Durex survey Malaysian couples had about 112 copulations a year and only 38% found satisfaction with it. So there is 62% finding unsatisfied sex life. I think it is sad case. Sex brings many benefits to anybody practising it. It is said when a couple engaging with it, the couple could feel God/Allah presence. It is the supreme bliss......yet I find that many people aren't practising it whole heartedly. The classic excuses are "I have a headache. I am tired. I have no mood for it. I have work to do" and so many excuses down the road. In the end I find prostitution flourishes in every corner of the world. Nobody can solve the prostitution issue. The services will be there for those who feel they need it which they feel they can't get it from their own spouses or boyfriends or girlfriends. Sex is a game of the mind; a game of the body; a game of spiritual bliss; a game of sharing; a game of love; a game of Eden; a game of heavenly home..................

PR status

The government hasnt addressed the issue of PR obtained so easily by the illegal immigrants. Currently it was said there would be 5 million of Indonesians roaming in the country by 2010 which is a mere 3 years away. What about those in Sabah and Sarawak too? Even in Langkawi the colony there too......I heard long time ago on condition that these people vote the ruling elite party. I also read about those spouses finding hard to get their PR status even though they have stayed here for over 20 years.....some even have grown old yet the PR applications are still sitting from minister to minister......because these applicants are from China, Vietnam, Taiwan or European Countries. Mind you these people who married Malaysians hold medical degrees or PhD or degree holders...............and because they dont help in sports or bring the country in the news they arent granted PR status. Give them the PR status (dont look on skin colour please) and see what will transform in the country. The UMNO leaders speak of conquering the world yet the people squating on in the country aren't merit an assistance.....This is the double standard in giving out PR status in the country

Friday, July 27, 2007

UMNO running out of steam

UMNO playing a two timing game with the people. On one hand the party leaders say they will fight for their race, religion and country. On the other hand the leaders threatened the people with laws of every kind to silent the critics. Yet in their own backyards those members of UMNO who uttered seditious words aren't persecuted(Check the last UMNO general assembly) Why? Say one thing blind on the other. Is this party going to be relevant in the 21st century? I know UMNO is running scared because after 50 years the leaders couldnt recycle, reinvent and reissue the same speeches and statements to fight for their race ignoring the other races in the country. Look Dr M says the recent buy election in Ijok is bought over by the BN government. On records it was reported millions of development will be spent in Ijok, titles to land finally saw the light of day in Ijok though the people waited 15 years without result even though they tried for years, road tarred otherwise nothing was done(Read in Star newspapers) Will there be an investigation on it? Or do the people need to file report? The EC should have stepped in to investigate now since Dr M had said it so. My guess the EC will sweep it under its carpet and stays there................until another time. Now according to YM Raja Petra Kamarudin( a cousin to the present Sultan of Selangor) there are 25 cyber-troopers set up to create tension in the country through attacking blogs. These cyber-troopers are headed by Azalina Othman and Norza and these "hired mercenaries" are paid $2,700/- per month/person for the work done to create racial tension amongst the races. In this way UMNO can claim that he never respected Agong and religion....as far as I read his articles he never mentioned or condemned the Agong or his religion so I am really dumbfounded when UMNO information chief made his police report saying he did. Will Muhyiddin and Nazri take action through laws to reign their members seditious postings? In fact these people should be kicked out from their party for postings to incite hatred amongst the races. I believe YM Raja Petra Kamarudin knows who these cyber-troopers are since he had already identified the heads of these mercenaries for hired...........And PM still holidaying in Perth..............maybe he will say "I dont know" I wish the government goes to do their work to bring economic progress to the nation, check and put to jail those who are suspected of corruption (put them under ISA eh?), ministers or deputy ministers and chief ministers too should be suspended or put behind under ISA for the simple reason that they are suspected of doing a disservice to the country. This is my wishful thinking because this government won't do it. And if a PM doesnt know what is happening in the country or he doesnt know what his cabinet ministers are doing, he shouldnt be sitting on the chair. He should step down like a gentleman and let somebody who cherishes the country to lead the nation. Who will be? Where is Neo?

Malaysia wakes up, man!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

UMNO running scared

UMNO running scared. After 50 years of independence, the ruling elite finds themselves in a hot soup. It is boiling rapidly. 40 years ago Lee Kuan Yew slogan "Malaysia Malaysian" rung out loud in the public rally then. He could commnad thousands and thousands of crowd on the field. Then Tunku let go off Singapore saying Kuan Yew's ideas couldnt blend with UMNO and Malaysia. Now see what Singapore has become. A rich nation without natural resources! Now we have Anwar (ex deputy prime minister) and DAP fighting the ruling elite. There are many corruptions amongst the ruling elite that the police just doesnt know where to begin or the ACA just sits massaging its head.....Read Malaysia Today articles and Malaysiakini letters column one can grasp a feel about the ruling elite rendezvous. Even PM and his family gone to Perth, nobody seems to know about it(the people) Najib said bloggers can be investigated and Nazri said that the laws will be used on the bloggers who spread lies and more lies. The thing is why dont they rebut the allegations at all. UMNO has many bad marks around its neck so much so the leaders can't apply makeup on it. It will be there 24/7. Now these elected leaders are trying to scare the bloggers...............these people of blog space love the country more than the elected leaders who manage the country. Nobody can forget Hishamudin keris wielding episodes in the UMNO general assembly. It is a keris mind you while the Chinese uses broad sword in battle...so you can figure it who will win in the field battle - keris or broad sword? our leaders aren't got brains to run this country. Sad but it is true we voted them to power and they do attack us in our backs. Pity really! UMNO too wants to change the Constitution without consulting the other partners(because these coalition partners are sitting ducks warming seats..........do you hear these leaders say anything on UMNO claims of "Islamic State"?) It is the people in blog space who shot the idea down. MCA branch came out with its open letter to Hisham the keris public warning to MCA (saya beri amaran...........) Yet the MCA leaders never say a word about it. UMNO can't change the social contract agreed by our founding fathers before declaring independence. Dont use might to bully. Honestly it can't work. Look at Israel. A small country could defeat a bigger country.............Japan could conquer part of Asia. Holland too could rule Indonesia at one time. What I am saying is that might could not work all the times. Dont we hear the story about David and the Goliath? The Muslim leaders should study the religious texts of the Torah, Holy Bible and the Holy Quran. Likewise too for the Jews and Christians. These are the 3 books given to God's people to study and learn. The problem here is that nobody really wanted to learn it or understand it. Hence our problems with the leaders managing the country will not end. Period. These leaders know how to give speeches here and there. When the real issues cropped up, they run away. Or they use religion to hide their sins or they use force to bend the rules of engagement.
A true worth of a leader shouldn't use force or laws to silent critics. The leader(s) should rebut the allegations. It is their duty to do so as leaders of the country.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

scrapped car policy

Scrapped car policy hasnt approved said the Second Finance Minister. I think for now. When the budget announcement on 7/9/07, there may include in the budget for the year. This policy may affect many car owners though it is voluntary to scrap one's car above 15 years. I should think the government should close down motor-cycle factories. These people pose traffic nuisance and a social problem in the country (read mat rempit) Morover the vehicles cause one of the major pollution in the country. On police statistics, death were No:1 for them. In view of this, it can be a good solution. These people then can buy new proton cars cheaply then the car owners dont have to worry about the motor-cyclists in towns or highways. Of course many people will protest saying it isnt fair........but is life that cheap for these people? Once I rode a Yamaha motorcycle around my kampung then I ventured into town. I felt good about it. On the main road I stopped on my track because there was a police road block. I didnt have a motorcycle licence. So I pretended to have a rest about 2km away. When the police left I quickly drove home. My mother told me not to ride a motorcycle anymore. Period. So I never did after that. I drive car nowadays. It is the danger on the roads. I read about deaths majority is from this group.

China Doll canned by lover's family

The family of a 72 years old man canned a China Doll in Klang. The report said the old man was cohabiting with this young China Doll. The 72 years old "miang" man wanted enjoy his golden aged in life. So he didnt go home for the past weeks and his family came to teach the poor China Doll a lesson. Then the poor China Doll was brought to the police station where the police officer would check her passport.......I wonder why the police never questioned the family members of canning and hurting the young Chinese woman? Come on the old man will kick the bucket any time soon or maybe 5 years down the road. By right the family members should rein in the old man than hurting the poor China Doll. Affairs of the hearts or sometimes lust or sometimes love.........it is so difficult to define. Each person has his/her own rights to do what he/she pleases within the broad outlines of laws. Any fault arising in love affairs it should be handled with care and sensitivity. This is a delicate matter of the heart. Maybe the old man will die losing his young lover. I am not saying it is right or it is wrong. This is one person wishes to enjoy his late roaming life....maybe when he was young he couldnt enjoy it...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

vision 2020?

Vison 2020? It will be a long time to achieve it. What with the government fear mentality on the criticisms in cyber space, the journey will take a long time coming. Economy and progress, human rights and freedom, criticism and support, are hands in gloves. It is there only the weak would seek brutal force to suppress it. Malaysia wants to be a developed nation but the BN leaders are warped in retro. They should discard the race mentality once and for all. Do for the good for all Malaysians. This is the way to achieve national unity. It maybe it shall not happen at all. If the forecast of the ancient is true, the Earth will be gone by then. Let the people sing the songs;let the smile share it all; cheers and be merry; why make obstacles in one's way? The Police should go after UMNO too. Why hide behind walls? Why show double standard here? Malaysia you will take a long time to achieve the developing nation. I say goodnight here wishing you well............

car scrapping policy approved

Car scrapping policy is approved reported by Edge. Luckily it isnt mandatory. It depends on the car owners. The scrapping car value is upto $5,000/- but if your car is less than the estimated scrapped value you will get that amount. It is for cars over 15 years. You can't get it in cash though. You have to use it to buy proton cars! So the government is discriminating on the car owners helping the national car company. P1 is still struggling with its poor performance. And P1 negotiating for a partner is still dragging its feet. Just like what P1 is doing for its new car teaser shots. In the end when the product is finally shown, the people will not buy it. Though it reported 200 cars booking, it is still slow in garnering sales. The BN government is pampering towards the car dealers and manufacturers. The people that count the most is left behind again. I just hope the policy stays as voluntary and there is no subtle way to erode that voluntariness in one's car ownership.

Monday, July 23, 2007

government after bloggers in cyber space

Government through the police is after bloggers who posted or wrote articles belittling the government policies, persons in government, or corporate figures linked to the government(read cronies). First the special branch officers arrested Nathaniel Tan (the 1st blogger in Malaysia to be arrested under OSA), now UMNO information chief made police report on YM Raja Petra Kamarudin of Malaysia Today for his series of articles in his blog. UMNO leaders could say racial slurs and yet got away with it. When the opposing side says the same thing, these leaders say the opposing team is trying to incite racial hatred amongst the races. Damn them! UMNO is trying to scare these loving Malaysians who love the country in their souls by trying to intimidate them. When their own leaders said about racial remarks police never go and catch them. (Case UMNO last general assembly DAP had made police report but nothing is forthcoming!) I believe YM RPK could be right putting his assumptions in his articles in his blog about the inner working relationships happening in Sabah and the Police links to the underworld. Perhaps it is to pull eyes of the people by saying something else while the real truth is buried somewhere. The bloggers in Malaysia will not be easily intimidated. What's more so many overseas Malaysians will ink it by then the whole superpowers will know.....Dr M had already said Malaysia is a police state................imagine from our former PM. The next election the people of Malaysia should decide through the ballot boxes to send BN out into the wilderness. MCA has felt its heat because the party has not stood up for the rights of the Chinese. The MCA leaders remain docile.............MCA too will lose heavily in their seats allocation. After RPK who will be next?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

malaysia dont make it bad

Recently my niece in Hong Kong enquired about giving birth there and her child citizenship status. She is married to a British. So she went to make inquiries about it. She was told she has to give birth in the country for her child to enjoy her citizenship status. The High Commisioner's staff didnt give a good advice with regards to citizenship. The law had amended that a mother can concur her citizenship status to her child like the father of his birth. After much running around, she decided to register her child as a British subject and enjoy the PR status in Hong Kong. Now she says forget about obtaining citizenship for her child. I guess she will be staying in Hong Kong for a long time. Infact she went to study and live for over 2o years out of Malaysia in Hong Kong and UK. With this running around, I believe she won't come back to stay though she will, I believe, retain her Malaysian citizenship. Moreover she has a very good pay and year end bonuses working in a well known bank in the world which has a branch here in KL.

PM on holidays the dogs fighting

I always hear our PM is on holidays. Have you seen his face in the front pages of the main newspapers in the country? Now I hear he is in Perth (again) He likes to holiday in Perth. Of course Najib will brief him on the developments in the country so that he can prepare himself what to say. A job for the PM - say only what! Senang saja jadi PM. Then we see the dogs fighting over their territorial rights. The embattled Port Klang assemblyman is still allowed to hold on to his post. He should be suspended by UMNO pending investigations. But MB Khir Toyo says he is allowed to perform his duty. With his pending cases, he should be relieved of his duty as a state assemblyman. Even the outcome of his illegal home hasnt come out in its probe. It may die just like that. Everything involved about UMNO quietly dies away.............And the police is still dragging its feet on the report against the UMNO leaders on seditious remarks in the last UMNO Assembly though the Supreme Council had reprimanded its members. The UMNO never really took action on these leaders who tried to incite racial tension in the country. Why can't all leaders speak about Malaysia and what to do in the global environment? Why always harp on race and race? We are anak Malaysia. Period. Nothing should be done with race or religion. If you look at religion(s), God/Allah plays his chess game beautifully. Every religion claim it is from Words of God. God makes so many languages to His people.........it is His way to test or confuse His children. Beginning His people spoke in one tongue. Then He decided to split them and introduced so many languages to them. In this way God split His children and let them roamed the lands. As we studied the history of a religion, we are the descendants from Adam and Eve...............In truth we are fighting amongst ourselves for Him. Like in a family the children fight for their parent attention and love. Are we learning our lessons here?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

UMNO has no manners!

courtesy from mob1900.blogspot.com

UMNO youth chief asked MCA to shut up on the Islamic State issue. A junior asking a senior to shut up shows how immature UMNO youth chief is. He had already demonstrated his "keris welding" stance and now he carried it further by calling the senior coalition partner to shut up! UMNO youth should and must be aware the feeling of the other races. They can't claim they can say this and that and other people arent allowed the liberty to say their piece. This is to me a very arrogant person who shouldnt be in the cabinet to serve a multi-racial government. It has been said countless times that the BN is for show only. The coalition partners are just sitting ducks. On paper they show to the world that Malaysia is a multi-racial party government but in reality it is the Malay leaders who called the shots. MCA shouldnt be cowed by threats from UMNO youth. If need be, take UMNO to court on the Islamic State issue. Nobody or party should silence MCA. If Hishamuddin has his view, he should discuss it in the Cabinet. He shouldnt threaten a senior coalition partner in BN. My view MCA should leave BN long time ago. They can't play their roles for the country and the chinese community. In this coming GE, I feel MCA will lose seats. With the bashing as the bogey party and the Chinese, what will happen to MCA when the president and his men never issue statement to alleviate the fear of the non-malays? UMNO youth should tell Najib not to say something contrary to the Federal Constitution. In this way the people will view positively something out of its role. But I dont think I find them doing this. UMNO will always fight for RACE, RELIGION and COUNTRY. It is time the people understood the mask of UMNO. UMNO never wants to put country first. It is the race UMNO wanted to spread its wings. Without fighting for a country, where will the race be? Wrong basic. Time the party will suffer its faith. UMNO had been given a second chance yet the leaders forgot about it. It is sad the leaders dont understand history.

macam macam jadi 5

The BN government talks on integration. But just wait a minute.................Have you seen what had been done? The BN government does the opposite of its preachings. Look at the police force, navy and armed forces. Look at the civil servants. Look at the school headmasters. Look at the top posts in the government service. Look at the Cabinet ministers. Look at the contractors. Look at the suppliers to the government agencies(Some give orders to solely ordered from bumiputra companies) Now look at the class "F" contractors.........I think God/Allah is punishing on His subtle ways....For example why "F" contractors....when we were in school, "F" grade meant we failed. Likewise many "F' contractors failed and BN government is pumping millions to help these contractors (read to win votes) I view that the spirit must flow with action. Integration must flow from the heart, soul and mind. The Malays by virtue of its numbers are trying to scare off the minority groups in the country. My view the majority race is afraid of the minority groups otherwise BN leaders shouldn't harp issues benefitting only one race. UMNO leaders are trying to win by using the racial card to boost its base and power. In so doing the leaders want to control their own people telling them the bogeyman is the China man. If the Malays never use their own judgement to look at integration towards the future of the country, I am afraid the social contract will be torn to pieces. In a way outside power(s) will enter the country with many agendas. Then we will be colonize once again. Now Najib created a furore about Islamic State in the country. The Internal Security Ministry wants a stop on the debate in the media about his remark. Najib made it so it must be allowed to be debated. Malaysia isnt an Islamic State. She will never be one even UMNO wanted to make it so. I read it to hijack issues affecting the country. Like what is our PM doing? He is not in the news to reflect on issues inter-play within his Cabinet. And we have Jakim raiding entertainment outlets or visiting hotels to catch muslims for not following the tenets of Islam. These performers are earning a living to survive in this competitive world. Yet the remarks made by the officials smacked of lack of understanding for people who need to live. When Muhammad died, the caliphs fought amongst themselves and split. So it goes right to the present time. When one has sinned, one shouldn't tell others not to do so. Jakim should conduct its classes to spread the meaning of Islam and let the wrongs be known and what need to be done and save the souls. What they have done, they commit their own sins instead. Because they have badges, they thought they are sinless.

Friday, July 20, 2007

dressing up a house

I have done about 95% of what needed for my current house. There will be some additional items required which currently I haven't got the time yet (lazy for now) and secondly I am looking at the new house of what basic things to put in first. This house is just like "a hotel in case I wanted to stay over". I had put some items in the house in Bandar Sri Botani such as lightings, fans, air-conditioned unit in master bedroom, water filter system in the kitchen, mirrors, refrigerator, curtains and blinds. Now it can be used as a camping.......................maybe end of July or August look for other items. I think it is time consuming dressing up a house. The best one is still my current dwelling house. I like it here.

cat is gone for now

The cat finally is caught in the morning. The orange with spotted blacks and white cat was sent to the makan makan stall about 1.5km away. In this way, it is believe there would ample food for the cat to feed. Thanks Lyn for the website to look at ways to get rid of cats Now I have to watch which cat will take over the place. Animals are territorial by nature so when one is gone another will stamp its mark. I hope I dont have to witness it in my garden. As I read the articles about cats I found the reason why the cats didnt go to the open field because the dogs marked the territory. The other reason could be the nice feel of the pearl grass.....

Thursday, July 19, 2007

PM got a new toy

PM got a new toy
On his lap his eyes glow
Affairs of the state
He didn’t care a bit

Now his mind is full
Of the intimacy flow
PM got a new toy
The sentries worked easy

Affairs of the state
He let it be while he played
Every button he got it done
PM got a new toy

Nuri helicopter crashed
Lost souls prime of their lives
PM got a new toy
He forgot to send condolences
To the men in uniform

J got his name cleared
AG gave flimsy excuse
Now he wanted to revenge
On the bloggers in space
He wanted to find them

PM would have to act
But he was busy playing his toy
A new one he has to learn
Study every curve every line
Before he thinks of what must be done

Meantime the rats have a field day
Stealing cheese and honey
Stock it up in their secret holes
PM got a new toy to play
Never know what is happening

And I hear “Malaysia is an Islamic State”
When did it happen in our Constitution?
Official religion doesn’t equate an Islamic country
Perhaps I am sleeping with my new toy…..

PM raised his fingers
Slowly he made it a sign
“I got a new toy
Give me some time”

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

birds and cats

I dont see the much of the humming birds in my garden. Occassionally I saw the male hummer showing off his colorful feathers in the reflecting mirror. It reminds me of people who want to impress the opposite sex. Manners and dressing. All the good points on the card. You won't find bad points to run away. You will listen to the meaty roles nothing about bad stuff. Sometimes studying the antics of birds can help me focus on my own life. Anyway nothing great to tell. I am just enjoying all the free time I have. These hummers had moved their location to the next garden. Sometimes I did hear their mating calls........................but the cat(s) making a nuisance in my garden. My pearl grass has been hit by its urine and dried up. I am getting fed up with the cat(s) I havent decided what I wanted to do with the cat(s) yet.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

nat tan released on police bail

Finally Nathaniel Tan is released on police bail after his 4 days remand was over. He is considered the 1st blogger to be nabbed for his posting in his blog(www.jelas.com) This is a selective persecution by the Police. The men in uniform should be impartial discharging their duties. Nobody is above the law. Not the PM or his deputy. These leaders too must be subject to the letters of the law. Even the cabinet ministers or their deputies too must be dealth with according to the laws. But in this country it is hardly happening. One was investigated by still holding to his post......and one would think the investigation would be completed fairly...........He should step down and let the Police conducts the investigations properly wthout undue presence of the one investigated. This is Malaysia where the powerful or related cronies are safe from Police investigations. The question now is who would be next blogger to be remanded for investigation? Police must act fairly. But it will be a long time coming....................Ah...goodnight Malaysia sleep tight listen to the knocking sound....who's next Mr Rabbit?

malaysia isnt an islamic state at all

Malaysia is an Islamic State..............says Najib. How can he say that? The Federal Constitution says it is a Secular State with Islam as the official religion. This was agreed by our founding fathers before declaring independence for the country. Recognizing an official religion doesn't mean an Islamic State. Najib is echoing the sentiment of Dr Mahathir who was wrong then to say that Malaysia is an Islamic State. The UMNO leaders are running out of ideas. It is felt that the UMNO elite had gone 'berserk' trying to compete with PAS. If that is the case, the next GE will decide where the country is heading. Look the Non-Malays will not agree that this country is an Islamic State. Najib can say what he wants but I hope he reads the FC and understands its contents. MALAYSIA ISNT AN ISLAMIC STATE AS RECORDED IN THE FEDERAL CONSTITUTION. Whoever says it so many times shouldnt be the leader for the Secular State. The coalition partners are sitting ducks. These leaders arent doing justic to the FC and the people they profess to protect. The Non-Muslims will decide in the next general election.

talented malaysians left

Talented Malaysians left the shore or parents migrating for a better future for the children. It isn't about race; it is about apportunity on a fair playing field. Currently, the government policies are weighted on the majority race leaving the other races collecting the crumbs off the table. The worst is NEP. It should have died years ago. Since it has enriched the elite groups, there is no way the current government will retire it off. Now look at the government scholarships. It is sided heavily on race. It isnt good in the long term for the country. The university enrolments have quotas for the Malays which again will breed "half past six" graduates then we have "half past six" leaders(Dr M 'half past six" government) Do the BN coalition partners care seriously about it? On the record, I dont think so. These leaders care about their seats and wealth accumulation. The future of the country will not be their objectives. The reading is 'Let the future take care of itself' I knew of my former classmates migrated to Australia for better life and prospects. I had read about people woes in this country and harping praises in their adopted countries. From 1996 till today there were 79,000 Malays left the country, about 29,000 Chinese, 1350 Indians and 350 others. These former Malaysians gave up their citizenships. I met a former director of Renong many years ago who said he had migrated to NZ. There isnt much controlling about her people. Freedom is.....................you can do what you want as long as you dont run wrong with her laws. There are many Malaysians staying abroad without giving up their citizenships for decades. The children are most likely be the adopted country. I have my cousins staying put in NZ and Australia (Perth) My first aunty says she receives about RM3,000/- monthly for senior citizen. I also met my former senior in school who had returned to the country. He was staying in Australia for years yet he came home. Expensive. One mixture salted veg soup cost A$5 whereas here is RM1.50. I know many will be migrating to Australia and US. They always think it is the land of opportunities and freedom.....I dont think they have the chances like here to mix all races together and still share a common bond. Over the countries, they will treat you as second class citizen. Period. I still like my country what with our weak government and inept policies or one sided policies benefitting the majority race. It will correct in the ballot box. I rather the present BN government goes for the university examinations to pick the best for each university. Like in China. In this way, there will not be any favour granting to any race. It is now base on talent, mind and wanting to learn something to improve.......Even in the government, it should be opened to all races with skills and talents to match the needs of the country. Every one can be the top in the organization.

Seriously the BN government is not doing this. It is not even considering the seriousness of the people migrating to other countries. They want to lure these talentd people back home but they dont change the shackles of their policies..........So it will be a snail pace to be a global player

Monday, July 16, 2007

FAM must change

Malaysian footballers shamed the country. In the on-going Asian Cup, Malaysian footballers were knocked off in the first game 1-5 and in the second game it was 0-5. The writing is on the walls a long time ago. The FAM administrators should have resigned and allowed sports professionals to manage Malaysian football administration. The current crop has served its time. With the shameful exit, what excuses we are going to hear? Like the coach said his players played their hearts out....If that was the case, he wasnt a good coach. Something must be wrong. One has to admit one weaknesses and one shouldnt give excuses for the losses. Now FAM deputy president, Tengku Mahkota of Pahang, had resigned. I believe he saw the banner put up by the football fans. Our footballers should start afresh. It should be combined with the major races in the country. Currently if one looks at it, it is played by 95% Malays. I am sure FAM can find pool of players in the clubs who can be trained to join the National team. When you hire a coach, let him knows he has to produce result within 3 years onwards. The coach must have his freedom to decide his players and his tactical skills in playing his game. On the FAM level the administrators should attend to marketing and selling of souvenirs to bring money to the association and go beyond local leagues. It is time that it would be run like a company limited by shares. In this way, the public can have a say on the football leagues in the country. Now the deadwood must go. These officers have served their time and they must give way to new lord to take the game afresh.

NEP must go

NEP must go. There is no 2 ways about it PM still wants to maintain it. It is for a simple reason that the UMNO elites want to plunder the country's wealth. Instead of distributing wealth fairly to all races, UMNO wants it for its own. When NEP was formulated to uplift the poor in the country, the ruling coalition partners enrich it themselves. They only give the crumps during or near election times to the majority race. NEP is for all races in the country and it is fixed at 15 years time frame for Malays to be at par with the other races in the country after May 13, 1969. Nowadays you will see that the government anSad agencies employ 99% Malays some even 100% Malays in its workforce. The BN talks about national integration yet in its own backyard is the base race party employing one race to run its departments. Sad, isnt it? As I said before in this blog, NEP will choke the Malays in general. In time the punishment will come. The leaders in UMNO can't let NEP go because UMNO leaders can use to win votes in every election. In the end the Malays will become very lazy. If Hang Tuah is around, I am sure he won't allow this to happen. The Malays must go away from the NEP handouts. They must earn their stripes and compete globally. I know some Malays who are good at what they do. I just wish they are many more like them.........then the country will go beyond our own shores. Vison 2020 I think it will be a sink hole at the rate the government is conducting its affairs and the leaders milking it through NEP or whatever modifications done to NEP policies..........

Sunday, July 15, 2007

the gravy train

Now Nat Tan confirmed in police custody
Detained him on OSA
Right of freedom curtailed
What the PM got to say?
“I don’t know”

The leaders shouldn’t be afraid
Of what are posted on the blogs
If they are clean as they claimed they are
Why worry about postings in the net?

Go and set one
Tell us what you rebut
In this way there will be a debate
Many are willing to drop by

We are the ones
Voted them in every time
Wake up people
Time for change

Passing laws without debate
Saying they have the 2/3 mentality
Quickly make into laws
The peoples’ rights eroded

There is no toll for the gravy train
It goes on and on
Every election the voters forget
Elect the corrupted leaders once again

Are we blinded by faith?
Are we cowed by the heavyweight?
The vote in your hand
It is a decision making a difference

when i was young a police man came

When I was a young teenager, a police officer came and wanted to arrest me in my kampong. Because he said I shouldnt hang around with more than 3 persons. Secondly I argued with him which set the tone that he wanted to arrest me. My mother pleaded with the police man who refused to bulge. Finally the village head came to my rescue. He told the police man to behave and let the kampong children enjoyed their young lives. He reluctantly let me go. This was my first brush with the law enforcement officer. During my years working I did meet high ranking officers during the course of my working career. One of them now retired as CPO of Perak a few years back. My brother in law is a deputy OCPD in one of the towns in Johore. Has it changed since then? I doubt it. Police through its special branch still arrest people in the night or early morning or while at work. Those people whom to them may have breached certain protocols in words or actions so they are directed to catch these people. Like Nathaniel Tan. First the police officer said no such person(this is the plot) then the officer brought Nat Tan in court for remand proceeding(this is the entree) then into their official custody(the dessert) I dont have to tell you what these desserts are about. You can use your imagination to visualize the game plan. I pray PM wakes up from his slumber and do corrective PR in his administration

nat tan arrrested

2 days ago Nat Tan was whisked away by a group of Special branch officers to Bukit Aman. He is considered the first blogger to be arrested on OSA. He is a webmaster in PKR and a Harvard graduate. Today Star had a story about Nat Tan on his having papers on Johari. AG had cleared Johari on a very flimsy excuses. AAB should have taken the initiative to release Johari from the Cabinet unless he doesnt know his job at all. To me he is the weakest PM I had read about. His famouse quote "I dont know" Every cabinet member who has been tainted by allegations should be released from his/her post for the police to investigate or ACA to probe without hindrance. AAB doesnt take congizance of what he preaches. Now Nat Tan will be in remand for 4 days to facilitate investigations. I wonder why the special branch never takes this procedure on Johari? This is a selective persecution on the citizens of the country. No one is above the law..........................now look at it, is it?

The voters should come to their senses soon the writings are already on the walls. If you elect monkeys, you get peanuts. Just listen to your wakil rakyat.......they dont know what to do in parliament. Look how many times the ministers attend parliament? The coalition partners are doing for themselves................the voters only every 4-5 years....You get peanuts people. Time you think of the vote in your hand. You can make the difference for the country

Friday, July 13, 2007


Tomorrow going to the graveyard. Stand in the hot sun and seeing the haze too. What the government is doing? Cakap2 tak berhenti...........yet the haze flies in every year in July. The first time I saw haze was in July 1997. I was on the island. This haze never disappears since. It has become an annual affair in the country. I will be on the graveyard looking at those people gone years ago. Offer flowers and prayers. It is one of the best places to sit down and think about things. Nobody will disturb you there. In fact not many people like to go to the graveyard. I remembered once while I was walking up the slope to visit my aunty's house I saw a coffin broken into by nature or what or perhaps due to poor workmanship. I saw human skeletons in the coffin. I quickly walked and never wanted to look back. Those were the years when I was young. Those old folks used to tell stories about balls of light in the cementary.....................I never stay at night so I dont know about the story. But I did stay in a durian orchard once but I didnt sleep the whole night..............thinking about the night creatures...

marrying foreigners

Malaysian female singers marrying foreigners. I guess the guys here aren't 'powerful and long' to make it happen. As I could recall there is Francesca Peters now she is back in KL with her husband. Jac Victor and Ning too. Both engaged to British guys. I read somewhere on the write up by a foreigner living in Bangkok on why he likes Asian women. He said something like smooth skin, aging slowly and submissive. Asian women tak garang sangatlah! Look Asian women know how to treat their spouses; it is the guys who dont know how to appreciate them. Asian women won't run away when problems crop up. They will try to find ways to amend it. It is only when it could't be salvaged anymore (the guys just don't want to change or accept their weaknesses) then the Asian women will let them go. Here in Malaysia, the women too hold that principle. They will stand the abuses, words torturing, stomach the wayward ways of the spouses, physical abuses, mental torturing............etc for the main purpose to stay together. It is only when the guys never wanted to see their own follies or refusing to accept what they have done; these women will then leave with tears and sorrows in their lives.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

PM this is your calling

Now the opposition parties want IGP to step down on the allegation by Johari. On the surface it is like a tit and tat. My view is IGP should stay on and dig up what dirt Johari has. He shouldn't let Johari go though AG has directed ACA to stop its investigations. ACA should trace the money routes. ACA went up the wrong tree. The agency shouldn't ask the givers of what they had done. Nobody will say the truth. It is the silence that would bring gentlemen together for a common objective - get freedom! The rakyat knew that Johari would be cleared because he is from the ruling elite. Only PM can sack him for going against his directive which he had reappointed Musa as the IGP on contract. The PM has no control over his cabinet and administration which is why every so called 'Lord' wanted to go his/her own way. Now JD should play an important role in the bedroom. Let AAB know what the ground is saying; ask him to make a positive impression and listen less to his so called advisors. These young people had damaged his PR. Go back to rule 1) religion 2) human capital......................PM must show he is in control of his team. He must know his weaknesses and must address it accordingly. Just pick the simple ways to tell. This is your calling PM......dont let others take it away from you. Discuss it in the Cabinet before any minister is allowed to say his/her piece

malaysia the best in the world

Malaysians leaving
And telling their sad stories
They think over the fence
There is much better world

I say stay back fight for change
Running away it won’t solve one’s affairs
It will be there
For generations to come anyway

Every country every culture
There will be racism in many forms
In US of A on the blacks and Red Indians
Australia on her sons of the soil
In China racism on class cultures
Here we hear stories they can’t stomach it

Of course we hear about UMNO
The ‘ketuanan Melayu”
The “keris’ holding episode
The favors for the Malays
And on their cronies and families
In every aspect of businesses
Universities and social structures
Do they think UMNO will do something different?

These Malaysians should understand
Any dominant race will fly up its color
“This is my race; this is my country”
This is the attitude of human race
Religion will help them to understand
Otherwise the dominant race will disappear
As Allah will punish them accordingly

I remembered once
When Musa Hitam was the DPM and Home Minister
I met him while he was on holiday
And he told us young fellow then
True many had migrated but many too wanted to return
But he refused to allow them
Saying these people have no hearts for the country
Why must he allow them to return home?

Don’t always think the green is beautiful across the fence
When one lands there one will see what it will be like

I will live and die in my country
With all her shines and bad feelings
This is my home
The cultures of beautiful drum beats
Songs and dances

dont reuse plastics!

Dont reuse plastic screamed in the front page of the Star today. Why MOH took so long to advice the people? Now I hope the plastic companies should come forward to rebut that claim. Most of us, I believe, have been using reusing plastic containers for years. You can check a family refrigerator(s). You will find many plastic bottles reuse it to keep drinking water or use it for picnics. In this case, will the plastic companies be liable now? Like the case of tobacco companies paying billions to making smokers ill. Some plastic containers printed 'microwave safe' so now the plastic companies are liable?

Jess Teh disowned by her parent!

The Star reported that Jess Teh's parent disowned her after their grand-daughter was murdered. I can't understand their logic. Jess Teh, their own daughter, they didnt want to do anything with her. In other words, to me, they too "murdered" their own daughter. What difference on what they said? If they think they are pure, Jess Teh shows that they aren't. It is also in their genes.........................Shame,humiliated, lose face.....................it is true but they can't just say "We do not want her anymore!" The parent should accept that their daughter had a hand in their grand-daughter death. This is a fact. They should say she is my daughter and we condemned of her action on her own daughter. Bearing in mind that her daughter is in the midst of a divorce. Maybe Jess Teh is irrational with all things stake against her - divorce proceeding, quarrel with her boyfriend.........these are the mental tortures which could disarrange one's perspective in life. Believe me I know what I am talking about..................

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

johari went for tit for tat

Johari went for tit for tat. He made report to the ACA to investigate IGP links to corruption. Now what is Johari up to? His boss extended IGP contract. This is why I said AAB has no control over his team. He has failed here. He should reprimand his deputy or replace him. AG has not released yet the report on the investigations on Johari for corruption involving the crime bosses. The police had completed its investigation on Johari and the investigation report submitted to AG. I make a guess here. There must be some truth otherwise the Police just ignore it; and that would be the end of the story

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

shearwey ooi ying ying

The latest twist to the case the mother of the dead child was remanded. Jess Teh was taken into custody for the murder of her daughter. Her boyfriend, Ong, too was remanded. The police said the case is solved. Jess Teh claimed her daughter was drowned.................but the ruse she pulled it off made headlines for the wrong reasons. A mother shouldnt take a life of her own children..............There must be something wrong in her perception of a life. Her current lover too is not better off. Now who really murdered the young girl? The tears will fall; how said for a child to know; knowing not why her mother let her die...........Rest in peace little girl go and play in the garden of heavens....

tian chua dream picture

Tian Chua faked photograph riled up Khairy, UMNO deputy youth chief. What had Khairy got to do with it? His face wasnt on it. I agreed Tian Chua used it in bad faith for his doctored picture.(Maybe he wanted to real picture to surface in Altantuya trial in the High Court) So Khairy complained to MCMC to take action on Tian Chua. MCMC should also take action on UMNO for doing the same thing on Chin Peng's book in UMNO website. Talking about calling a kettle black. UMNO has done more wrong in the country............................yet the Malays are totally blind to what UMNO has done. The elite group wants to stay in power and harvest gold, diamond, pearl, oil, etc for their own benefits. Look at the kampong folks. They are the worst off. And you think UMNO will help this group of people. Maybe once in every 4 0r 5 years when GE is around otherwise nothing will be done to help the society poor. Or if there is a buy election so there will be many goodies to give away like in Ijok. The Chinese is always pictured as the bogeyman...........The Malays dont need UMNO to progress. Dont they see it at all? The Malays have the numbers to challenge any one. Because of years of brain-washing by UMNO, they are what they are today -good in the kampong failure in the city and the world. Even I saw a programme about a successful Malay businessman in TV where he admitted it was the agencies which helped him along not by his own efforts. Without the agencies rolling in I doubt he could make it on his own. This is what UMNO has done to the Malays. I just hope the Malays will wake up and see how they are playing in the country - they are the pawns in the UMNO empire camouflage in democratic principles. So Tian Chua had his few days of fame for the wrong reasons. He should admit his mistake and moved on; or perhaps he wanted to use it to flush out the party involved when the real picture will be shown.................and UMNO will run baying for his pound of flesh

osa for toll agreements

Toll agreements won't be published. Suddenly the Cabinet decided to keep it under OSA. In this way nobody will know how the agreements benefit whom except the Cabinet ministers, their linked companies, relatives and cronies. It is time to vote them out of office and let the new government takes over the administration of the country then we can read and feel the injustic done to the people and country. In this way, the "previous" government will be asked to explain and maybe send these leaders to Kamunting.(Perhaps use ISA on the BN leaders and see how they react to this piece of shit law from the British colonial master) The BN government uses the "divide and rule' concept which they criticised the British government then. The law of ISA should have buried it after independence. The country has so many laws that nobody really knows about. Besides, the country too has the by-laws of the town councils or city halls and not forgetting syariah laws too. Can't they decide which law to adopt, can they? AAB has no guts because he can't understand how to manage the country. He agreed once to announce it on the toll agreements but then must ask person from the toll companies. What kind of stupid contracts the BN government signed for the country? The toll companies hold the government..............And ISA should have been terminated long ago. It is against the Federal Constitution or the FC isnt applicable to the BN leaders.....like those UMNO leaders uttered seditious words and actions but no police investigation is conducted though reports were made against these leaders. Only the party supreme council caution these leaders. What a sad day for the country. Dont expect the other racial component party leaders to say anything. They are there to make up the numbers showing that solidarity is in the ranks but they are boiling inside on those remarks made by the UMNO leaders. But they never take any action in words or deeds.................There will be a revolution in the voters' minds come the next GE

Monday, July 09, 2007

PM says "I dont know"

Who is the senior cabinet minister involved in corruption put forward by Ezam the former youth chief of PKR? He said he has a "Tan Sri" title which is easy to trace the minister concerned. But AAB said in Penang he didnt know who he is.....It is so convenient for him to say. It was such an important document running to over 632 pages yet our PM says he doesnt know. He wants to fight corruption but when reports were presented he doesnt want to flick it through and see who is the minister involved. Our country is running rudderless. This is what as reported in newspapers crimes rate goes up. In Johore, in Selangor, in Sarawak, in Perak and it is also reported in the web blogs that crimes lead to Putrajaya. One deputy minister was investigated on receiving over $5 million to free the underworld lords. I think most voters like me too were taken for a ride by our AAB (slogans like come walk with me...blah..blah...in the end nothing has been done but more corruption in his administration as the world transparency report stated) There were reports too on Azalina Othman by her own Putri member then in 2003. Yet nothing is forthcoming from the police. Everything is still pending or waiting for Ghani to give the green light. He has already taken so long to make his decision. To me he shouldn't be holding the post as the Attorney General in the country. Even the police IPCMC is overdue yet now it will be conveniently forgotten. He was given 12 months to prepare his views or fine tune the IPCMC but he didnt do anything....Our PM is busy transporting himself visiting countries and leaving the country without a good captain to guide the ship....This is what we got for our 'half past six" people running the country (Dr M said it so)

shearwey ooi ying ying in heavens

TRAGIC END: Four-year-old Shearwey Ooi Ying Ying is dead, three days after she was reported missing. She is believed to have been murdered and her bone fragments strewn in at least four different places – a cemetery, river and an apartment dumpsite in Paya Terubong and another river in Jalan Air Itam. Girl killed

TRAGIC END: Four-year-old Shearwey Ooi Ying Ying is dead, three days after she was reported missing. She is believed to have been murdered and her bone fragments strewn in at least four different places – a cemetery, river and an apartment dumpsite in Paya Terubong and another river in Jalan Air Itam. Courtesy The Star

An innocent 4 years old girl was brutally murdered yesterday. Shearwey Ooi Ying Ying went missing 3 days ago and was found dead. Her body parts were sent to 4 different locations. A couple was arrested in the case. A man showed police where to find her body parts. Crimes come in many faces; it never tells when it will strike. Everybody must stay focus every time you step out of the house. Dont always hope the Police will come to your aids. You have to take your own initiatives to protect your own life and those of your own family. Crimes reporting every day. This brutal murder happened in Penang. Now the sad episode came to a sad end. Her mother is partly to be blame for her death. She could just easily bring her along to pay her bill why left her behind just because it was a short distance? I dont know what she was thinking...........................in Penang one doesnt leave things unguarded. Once in a hotel, a guest left her handbag on the table and went to take her buffet lunch. The area was crowded with people. She thought she just walked to the buffet table scooped what she needed and came back. A thief just walked in saw the handbag took it and ran off in view of all the people in the coffee house. The latest case was a man who lost over $200,000/- in the hotel. He just left his bag at the public area to make a call or something then he found his bag was gone!
In any environment one shouldnt take for granted it is safe to relax. When you out there, nothing is safe no more. One has to be alert all the times. When I was in a cinema back in Klang, I was robbed and knifed. Luckily I didnt suffer major injuries though I got 6 stitches on my stomach area. I thought I was safe inside the cinema but it never was. So I had learned something there. Be alert in any situation one is in.

May her soul truly rests in peace. Goodbye little girl.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

doctored picture

Tian Chua oh what got into your mind?
Doctoring picture saying work of digital art?
Who are you kidding in the web world?

There you published in your own blog
Belittling yourself to get your worth
Will it weight in gold, my friend?
Now see the backlashes of BN

I say honesty must be held in high esteem
You fought for it yet you didn’t realize
The way you did it soiled the efforts of years ago
Tian Chua why scoop so low in this way?

Life is a cycle of dreams
Today you are somebody
Tomorrow you maybe in prison
Of things one is doing
Of things one runs out against the law

Tian Chua you got it wrong
Apologise it doesn’t lose your profile
It takes gut to admit one’s mistake
It takes humility to accept one’s wrong
Say it let’s move on

tian chua

Tian Chua Oh what got into your mind? PKR should take the initiative and withdraw the offensive picture and put up an apology. It doesnt mean one is losing face by doing it. In the first place Tian Chua knew it was a fake yet he published in his blog. Now the BN leaders are clamouring for his skin.................apologise and forget a mistake and move on with the struggles to topple BN. Admit your mistake and let the BN leaders laugh at you. The BN leaders, because they are in power, never want to discipline their ranks; you shouldnt scoop so low as if to up a point with them. You are far way out of your league now. You should wait your time. When the real picture comes along, then you have your chance to get a crack at the BN leaders. Maybe Karpal Singh knows something......you wait for the case to run its course. The truth will come prevail....because every one moves in a circle

Saturday, July 07, 2007

they bring bad name to Islam

The incident in Ipoh of Siti Nor Idayu reflected again the poor mental attitude of the religious officials. She isnt earning in any immoral capacity. She is a singer, an honest job, earning her living to survive. Are the religous officials want her to cari kerja lain? She is good in her singing which is her asset to earn a living. In my view these religious officials should be sent to the jungle to learn some survivor's skills then I think they will realize how important it is to have skills to earn/protect one's survival. What stupid reasoning that they gave! Even the Perak Mufti saying too. So what is entertainment to these religious officials? So dont watch television programmes depicting female artistes. Dont watch P.Ramlee's movies....there always a romance part in it. Why not the religious officials raid any official functions in the state and country where the female dressing tempting males' eyes? Big flies they dare not touch them; it is the small fry they dare to catch. This is their mental capacity. Let Allah decides one's faith. Remember Allah too is very compassionate and forgiving. But our little lords of the world stepping on the wrong path to heavens. If they are sinless, caste the first stone. If not dont try to act as one.

the lords of this world

Do the religious officials listen?
Time and again the Cabinet had to step in
After a while it was quiet
Then the ugly head rears to chaste the Muslim women

Honest living one has to cherish
The religious officials should read the texts
Learn it by heart do it by compassion
The Almighty Allah grants His grace
To all His people rich or poor
He doesn’t discriminate
But the religious officials do!
They think they are THE LORDS of this world

I always maintain in my view
Islam is peace and compassionate in its ways
It is the holy than thou people who made a mess
Like Jesus says
“Many will call my name but they are the demons
They want to rule their little kingdoms”

If what they claim is illegal
Of money earned and living honestly
How hypocrite they become!
They think they get no sin money?
On taxes of many forms
The government and state impose
To pay their civil servants

And what about the air they breathe?
Pure without sin in the sky, is it?
Nobody can claim they are sinless
This is the tragedy of the so called experts
Drawing out keris to ask people to obey
In the end God will punish them
For doing the wrong things

I pray the government of BN
Act wisely to benefit the name Islam
Let the officials know what they had done
Pushing ala Taliban a sin by itself
Allah is the One who decides!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

ctos should cease its business

Ctos should cease its business. A company which has no social responsibility on its data collection should be liable for furnishing "wrong' information to financial institutions or other companies using its services. The company shouldn't rely that it collects information from newspapers or Insolvency agency. It should update its records to reflect its true services. The company CEO just shouldnt deny that he doesn't know what the outcome will be. Look the banks rely on his company services for the sole purpose of approving loans. So he should take reasonable care that his data supplying to banks are correct and relevant. Now he is trying to sue the deputy minister for kicking up a storm over his company services. Ctos shouldnt hide in court to protect its services. So many borrowers had got the wrong end of the stick....perhaps they too can take up "a class action" on the company for making their lives hell in the hands of the banks which rely on its credit information from Ctos. Doing business should be sincere and data must always be relevant; there is no two way about.

police tortured remand suspects

In the ongoing case of Atlantuya murdered story, a police woman testified she was tortured in remand. But the public never make any protest. I knew the police would tortured people in prison. During my kampong days, I had heard stories of those who had gone to prison. The police officers won't leave any physical mark on the body. These Malay officers injured the prisoners internally. By the time the prisoners were releassed, the internal wounds would have been healed. It is a fact. You can ask the police officers serving or retired. They can't hide the fact of what happen in the prison cells. A former IGP was sent to prison for the similar tactics used on a well known political prisoner. Until today, the Police force is on the decline. The public perception is rather low. They are reports in the blogs of Police officers cohorts with the underworld lords. So far the person(s) involved dare not take up the legal challenge.....so there must be something else involved then. My point is that the Police officers do torture innocent people in remand. The government elected by the people should install CCTV in remand rooms to monitor the antics of the police officers conducting their investigations on any suspected people in remand. Because their own kind had testified that she was tortured in remand.(p/s my brother in law who holds a rank of DSP told me it did happen when I put the question to him many years ago)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

fake pictures

There were pictures doctored to pin down Najib in the high profile case of Atlantuya. Why go so low to achieve something which isnt true at all? The pictures were fake. One look at it one could see its true color. It was said done by PKR.....has the party gone nuts? Play politics in politics not dirty tricks to achieve what? Maybe the PKR member(s) were going for laughs....but this case is life or death so it isnt proper to injure people's feeling. Do it by the book with proper documentations. One can't just doctored pictures for the sake to achieve some form of publicity or trying to bring down a person.......when it is fake one gets one's own medicine.

chinese mafia in towns

1) According to those in the ‘industry’, the Kingpin of the organised crime syndicate is a man called BK Tan.2) BK Tan’s number two is someone who goes by the name of Lim Een Hong. He is the enforcer who ensures that all ‘laws’ are complied with.3) The Johor operation comes under Goh Cheng Poh who goes by the nickname of ‘Tengku’.4) The organised crime syndicate -- which, as I said, includes prostitution (in particular girls from China), drugs (four types of ‘designer’ drugs) and illegal gambling (4D lotteries and slot machines) -- started expanding its operations soon after Musa took over as the IGP.5) Today, what we are seeing is the ‘independents’ being swallowed up by a nationwide or national syndicate.

The above piece of information was from Malaysia-today.net. It is high time that AAB should implement the IPCMC before the underworld takes over the security of the nation. Now the Police is implementing the IT solution into the force with the solutions provided by this organized crime. I must say YM Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin done a good job of telling it to the rakyat(those who read his blog and perhaps carry it on to the mamak stalls repeating the story over cups of teh tarik eh?) I am of the opinion that there are merits to investigate the allegations drawing from the documents provided. The PM should summon the IGP and get it from the horse's mouth. Also PM should direct ACA to investigate the allegations. He really doesnt do a good job in eradicating corruption and transparency of any action. Now the Chinese Mafia are in towns copying the style of the American mafias - legitimate businesses fronted by laundry money to turn legit income; then pay company taxes which the people behind it won't mind at all.............................(now the latest transferring of police officers in Johore....................)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

what happen to IPCMC?

What happen to IPCMC(for the police)? It was suppose to be implemented in March but it wasnt done. Extension was given to the AG but it seems to die in there. The former IGP wasnt keen to implement it. The current IGP doesnt ask for it either. I read somewhere in the internet the IGP was linked to underworld bosses but he said he won't take action on the writer who wrote the article. Last few days all those officers in CID, crime or vice transferred out from Johore. Was it the crime boss engineered these officers to be out of Johore? It looked bad on those officers transferred out from the Johore. We should follow Hong Kong police. At one time it was a corrupted police force. When the government set up the Internal Affairs Dept, it wiped out the corrupted officers and those linked to these people. And crimes came down drastically in the colony state. The government of BN should do it. Pass the laws in Parliament and so be it. No...the government is saying one thing never doing the final hammering nail...the leaders have no balls

Monday, July 02, 2007

haze returns 2

Haze returns sweep off our sky line....What can I say now? Who is burning? Stay indoors dont get sick. Cost of living has shot up. MTUC wants minimum wage but Dr Fong says the country will lose her competitiveness. AAB talks about the potential of humans capital in the country; here we have a minister who doesnt think like him. He should understand about quality products not mass production. High class services or street services. The minister(s) want (s) jobs sitting high forgetting abou the rakyat. He should meet the MTUC again and find a better solution to ease the burden of the ordinary people struggling to live in this country. The statistics had released that there are 2.4 million Indonesians in the country where 1.2 million is legal the rest illegals. This is another haze hovering in our country's leaders eyes. They dont know what really are happening in the country.

dont call me boss

As I wrote few days ago
When the grassroots are not consulted
The resistance will be there
Telling the leaders
“You think you are clever
Doing something without telling us why”

Najib said Johoreans want IDR
For money to be made surely glow
Go to the grassroots feel the blows
What will the Malays say when they still do the running?

Maybe LKY has a point
Ditch up his remarks
And see how Johore Malays react
Fail the IDR projects
Down go PM

Hishammuddin “the keris” says
LKY perception in his history
We are told history corrected our mistakes
To deal with our adversaries
We must know the story

Nay….the boss will be right
Calling the branch manager
He will say “we support you boss”
And find ways to make him look silly

It is not too late
Group in all the branch chief
Telling them what is IDR about
Get their commitment
It is for the state and country
Then there will be a cohesive march

Sunday, July 01, 2007

the haze is back

I saw haze across the mountain. I smelled the smoking wind blowing my way. So many talks and meetings yet nothing concrete has been done. I smelled haze. I couldnt believe it. It has made its annual pilgrimage to the country.....the white humid smoke choking the air we breathe. There will be another round of meeting and perhaps teh tarik lagi kerana perkara ini belum diselesai.

IDR sleeping or awakening?

Johore Malays feel slighted when this massive project called IDR isnt shared with them in the formative plans. When the scenic bridge was cancelled, many lost money hoping they got rich with the bridge then. On the bridge then few months later cancelled it. It costs tax payers' money to a tune of about $300 million in compensation(the figure hasnt finalised yet though) The IDR project is to make Johoreans happy. But it hasnt done it. Rules of business changed for this IDR project. The NEP stake of 30% shouldn't be applied. This is a free fall. The Malays in general don't like it as much. It is again the money to be made. The Malays want the easy out again. Government projects they want it. If they fail, government gets the blame and bail them out anyway. So they can't accept the rules change. LKY is still right on his views and observations. This is an outsider looking into our shores. Now the Malays in Johore won't like it all. Johore has about 500,000 UMNO Baru members......they can make an impact in the UMNO Baru General Assembly. And what is their president doing? Traveling round the world(The last count by LKS is 83 trips to foreign countries) Now that PM has the added pumping boost to his body, he should tackle those problems and take a drastic step to break its hold on him. He has to lead the country not by thos unseen hands camouflage as planners or advisors..The government must diffuse the damaging remarks made by a former PM of Singapore now Mentor Minister to the current PM(his son anyway) Now will IDR go full steam ahead? Last I read one contractor rescinded his contract because of rising cost of steel or other products which he claimed he would lose millions. Now this is a drawback to the IDR projects..AAB should get the EPU boys to do the job then the 4th floor boys

Malaysia wakes up from your slumber. I know it is going to be 50 years.....you got to move on