Friday, July 13, 2007

marrying foreigners

Malaysian female singers marrying foreigners. I guess the guys here aren't 'powerful and long' to make it happen. As I could recall there is Francesca Peters now she is back in KL with her husband. Jac Victor and Ning too. Both engaged to British guys. I read somewhere on the write up by a foreigner living in Bangkok on why he likes Asian women. He said something like smooth skin, aging slowly and submissive. Asian women tak garang sangatlah! Look Asian women know how to treat their spouses; it is the guys who dont know how to appreciate them. Asian women won't run away when problems crop up. They will try to find ways to amend it. It is only when it could't be salvaged anymore (the guys just don't want to change or accept their weaknesses) then the Asian women will let them go. Here in Malaysia, the women too hold that principle. They will stand the abuses, words torturing, stomach the wayward ways of the spouses, physical abuses, mental torturing............etc for the main purpose to stay together. It is only when the guys never wanted to see their own follies or refusing to accept what they have done; these women will then leave with tears and sorrows in their lives.

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