Saturday, July 07, 2007

they bring bad name to Islam

The incident in Ipoh of Siti Nor Idayu reflected again the poor mental attitude of the religious officials. She isnt earning in any immoral capacity. She is a singer, an honest job, earning her living to survive. Are the religous officials want her to cari kerja lain? She is good in her singing which is her asset to earn a living. In my view these religious officials should be sent to the jungle to learn some survivor's skills then I think they will realize how important it is to have skills to earn/protect one's survival. What stupid reasoning that they gave! Even the Perak Mufti saying too. So what is entertainment to these religious officials? So dont watch television programmes depicting female artistes. Dont watch P.Ramlee's movies....there always a romance part in it. Why not the religious officials raid any official functions in the state and country where the female dressing tempting males' eyes? Big flies they dare not touch them; it is the small fry they dare to catch. This is their mental capacity. Let Allah decides one's faith. Remember Allah too is very compassionate and forgiving. But our little lords of the world stepping on the wrong path to heavens. If they are sinless, caste the first stone. If not dont try to act as one.

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