Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jess Teh disowned by her parent!

The Star reported that Jess Teh's parent disowned her after their grand-daughter was murdered. I can't understand their logic. Jess Teh, their own daughter, they didnt want to do anything with her. In other words, to me, they too "murdered" their own daughter. What difference on what they said? If they think they are pure, Jess Teh shows that they aren't. It is also in their genes.........................Shame,humiliated, lose is true but they can't just say "We do not want her anymore!" The parent should accept that their daughter had a hand in their grand-daughter death. This is a fact. They should say she is my daughter and we condemned of her action on her own daughter. Bearing in mind that her daughter is in the midst of a divorce. Maybe Jess Teh is irrational with all things stake against her - divorce proceeding, quarrel with her boyfriend.........these are the mental tortures which could disarrange one's perspective in life. Believe me I know what I am talking about..................

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