Sunday, July 22, 2007

PM on holidays the dogs fighting

I always hear our PM is on holidays. Have you seen his face in the front pages of the main newspapers in the country? Now I hear he is in Perth (again) He likes to holiday in Perth. Of course Najib will brief him on the developments in the country so that he can prepare himself what to say. A job for the PM - say only what! Senang saja jadi PM. Then we see the dogs fighting over their territorial rights. The embattled Port Klang assemblyman is still allowed to hold on to his post. He should be suspended by UMNO pending investigations. But MB Khir Toyo says he is allowed to perform his duty. With his pending cases, he should be relieved of his duty as a state assemblyman. Even the outcome of his illegal home hasnt come out in its probe. It may die just like that. Everything involved about UMNO quietly dies away.............And the police is still dragging its feet on the report against the UMNO leaders on seditious remarks in the last UMNO Assembly though the Supreme Council had reprimanded its members. The UMNO never really took action on these leaders who tried to incite racial tension in the country. Why can't all leaders speak about Malaysia and what to do in the global environment? Why always harp on race and race? We are anak Malaysia. Period. Nothing should be done with race or religion. If you look at religion(s), God/Allah plays his chess game beautifully. Every religion claim it is from Words of God. God makes so many languages to His is His way to test or confuse His children. Beginning His people spoke in one tongue. Then He decided to split them and introduced so many languages to them. In this way God split His children and let them roamed the lands. As we studied the history of a religion, we are the descendants from Adam and Eve...............In truth we are fighting amongst ourselves for Him. Like in a family the children fight for their parent attention and love. Are we learning our lessons here?

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