Sunday, July 15, 2007

when i was young a police man came

When I was a young teenager, a police officer came and wanted to arrest me in my kampong. Because he said I shouldnt hang around with more than 3 persons. Secondly I argued with him which set the tone that he wanted to arrest me. My mother pleaded with the police man who refused to bulge. Finally the village head came to my rescue. He told the police man to behave and let the kampong children enjoyed their young lives. He reluctantly let me go. This was my first brush with the law enforcement officer. During my years working I did meet high ranking officers during the course of my working career. One of them now retired as CPO of Perak a few years back. My brother in law is a deputy OCPD in one of the towns in Johore. Has it changed since then? I doubt it. Police through its special branch still arrest people in the night or early morning or while at work. Those people whom to them may have breached certain protocols in words or actions so they are directed to catch these people. Like Nathaniel Tan. First the police officer said no such person(this is the plot) then the officer brought Nat Tan in court for remand proceeding(this is the entree) then into their official custody(the dessert) I dont have to tell you what these desserts are about. You can use your imagination to visualize the game plan. I pray PM wakes up from his slumber and do corrective PR in his administration

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