Saturday, July 21, 2007

macam macam jadi 5

The BN government talks on integration. But just wait a minute.................Have you seen what had been done? The BN government does the opposite of its preachings. Look at the police force, navy and armed forces. Look at the civil servants. Look at the school headmasters. Look at the top posts in the government service. Look at the Cabinet ministers. Look at the contractors. Look at the suppliers to the government agencies(Some give orders to solely ordered from bumiputra companies) Now look at the class "F" contractors.........I think God/Allah is punishing on His subtle ways....For example why "F" contractors....when we were in school, "F" grade meant we failed. Likewise many "F' contractors failed and BN government is pumping millions to help these contractors (read to win votes) I view that the spirit must flow with action. Integration must flow from the heart, soul and mind. The Malays by virtue of its numbers are trying to scare off the minority groups in the country. My view the majority race is afraid of the minority groups otherwise BN leaders shouldn't harp issues benefitting only one race. UMNO leaders are trying to win by using the racial card to boost its base and power. In so doing the leaders want to control their own people telling them the bogeyman is the China man. If the Malays never use their own judgement to look at integration towards the future of the country, I am afraid the social contract will be torn to pieces. In a way outside power(s) will enter the country with many agendas. Then we will be colonize once again. Now Najib created a furore about Islamic State in the country. The Internal Security Ministry wants a stop on the debate in the media about his remark. Najib made it so it must be allowed to be debated. Malaysia isnt an Islamic State. She will never be one even UMNO wanted to make it so. I read it to hijack issues affecting the country. Like what is our PM doing? He is not in the news to reflect on issues inter-play within his Cabinet. And we have Jakim raiding entertainment outlets or visiting hotels to catch muslims for not following the tenets of Islam. These performers are earning a living to survive in this competitive world. Yet the remarks made by the officials smacked of lack of understanding for people who need to live. When Muhammad died, the caliphs fought amongst themselves and split. So it goes right to the present time. When one has sinned, one shouldn't tell others not to do so. Jakim should conduct its classes to spread the meaning of Islam and let the wrongs be known and what need to be done and save the souls. What they have done, they commit their own sins instead. Because they have badges, they thought they are sinless.

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