Sunday, February 25, 2007

mighty chip ala malaysia

Malaysian production MIGHTY CHIP then what? We have our Mykad and see what happens. We are suppose to have all the facilities done on Mykad but apparently nothing really is happening. The design is meant for the feeling good aura then it will disappear for years. Mykad can't even glue properly...mine has peeled off and I have to glue it back. And the government never tries to make it perfect. Till today people have the same problem like mine....peeling off...long time ago it was made of flexibility where one can crumble it or mend or twist it, it remains the same. But I can't say of Mykad. No doubt every one embraces new technology but it must be tested to see that it can last the distance on its warranty not in a few months then problems surface. If one reads in the mainstream newspapers, it only tells the good part; you dont find bad report in it.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

no worry yet get gastric pain...

I am happy nothing to worry day in day out. I don't have to think hard no more. I just have to enjoy my precious time or day. I am not answerable to anybody or on call (those days working); now I am practically free to do what I please. No spending farang($) in the I dont go for decades. I just hate the smoking environment. I feel I am choking myself instead of enjoying the cool ambience. Yet I got gastric pain on the eve of Chinese New Year until now. I didnt have it for decades. Maybe something acidic I took which I couldn't pinpoint. Too many oranges or Yakut drink? Now I sip low fat fresh milk to ease the pain. So far it is bearable. So I have nothing else to do beside surfing the net yet I get gastric pain which I dont understand at all. There is no pressure now in my life. I am a lucky guy...or perhaps I miss giving orders to workers in a company. But I am enjoying my freedom reaching out to tap my own resources...Psst.....damn it comes on and off...Chow for now!

Friday, February 23, 2007

index hit above 1,200 points

I read the index hit above 1,200 points in the year of the boar. The investors were happy. Maybe they made some pile of money or is it a short term gain? The small businessmen are suffering. I could see why. No business no job available no money to spend no cycle repeats. Robberies have increased. The local people say it is noinde job availability. So thieving and robbery occur quite frequently. Even my own area wasn't spared at all though police car came to ronda yet house break-ins occurred. The government should be transparent in its reporting to the people. It shouldn't be sugar-coated statements which eventually the rakyat would get to know. We aren't idiots or small boys/girls. We know the rights and wrongs and the half truths spinned by the witch doctors. Time to change. We shouldn't allow any more cover ups in the country. The truth should prevail in whatever we do. Dont lie no more!

no snooping dog!

A year or two ago the Cabinet had directed the religious affairs department not to do the Mat Skoding on the Muslim couples. It was then a hot topic in the newspapers. Until some NGOs made protests on infringing the privacy of the people. Now the Trengganu Government is ignoring that directive and set up its own Mat Skoding to spy on the Muslim couples without authority of arrest. Don't the state government read the Federal Constitution at all? I think PM is right to issue the stop order on the Trengganu State Government. I should add he should ask the MB and his state exco to resign! What has the religious dept doing? They should revamp their approaching tactics. In light of is happening, the religious officials should examine what has gone wrong in their approach to teach the religion to the people. When you snoop, you commit a sin whether you perform the act or not. Because you have the intention of doing it. It is still in the teaching of rights and wrongs.

Malaysia going to Ala Taliban? Dont they ever learn at all?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

year of the boar

courtesy of Kickdefella
The drum beats
Heralding the new lion dance
The gong sounds in the distance
Echoing and ushering New Year
The snort of the boar
Upright ready to roar
The fire of golden rays
The ang pows of mix gold
The people come
Dressed in finest clothes
Eagerly wait for good fortunes
Praying in temples
Burning joss sticks
flowing up to heavens
Wishes of many
Health and prosperity
Harmony in living
Sayonara in leaving
The Year Of The Boar
Crackers hit the night sky
Colorful sparklers
In dreams
We hope we pray we trust
The harmony dance
Guide us to the magic

the rakyat lose every turn

Now Rapid will take over the public transport system in Penang. Base on reports Rapid didnt do it too well in the city either. This is like a half baked cake to tell the children mommy made tasty cake come eat it all. Of course the children will come fearing the angry look of their mother.....Likewise in Penang will it be successful with Rapid? I think the authority should say what it means. All the times it is a half baked cake. Never go to the full wrath of the laws. No wonder the problems keep repeating every time. Look at the taxi drivers in Penang...they dont use the meters to ferry people. What do the authority do? Go under cancellation of licence or take the culprit to is the weak delivery system....change government change mindset change the direction...Dont believe what the government says....the leaders dont understand their backyards clogged with rubbish, mosquitoes, potholes, thieving and robbery....I should say I am a strong supporter of BN but recent years I felt cheated with their policies and laws. I think I am not the only one here. One must go for change; one shouldnt feel scared of the new horizon, and if one doesnt try, one will not know in the end. It will be just dreams floating till the ground sinks....Now I read the BORR project was increased to $710 million from $410 million. Samy told the MPs in Parliament it was $410 million for the BORR project in Penang(Butterworth) now it had shot up to $710 million without informing the MPs in Parliament. No public viewing of contracts or it is under OSA again? NOw look at the toll agreements where the BN government must write to the companies requesting permission whether the agreements can be published to the public! Imagine the government has to write to the companies for permission to publish....and in the first place what clauses are disadvantaged to the government ultimately to the rakyat? This is the one sided contract and the losers are the rakyat. The BN government is really incompetent! Every agreement must be beneficial and advantageous to the rakyat not to the commercial enterprises...Damn!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

the year of the golden boar

The year of the Go ldenBoar comes today Yet I find my area is very quiet indeed. Yesterday was the get together for the family members. Relatives from Hong Kong came to enjoy the family get together. My neighour started his praying to the kitchen god to corrupt him to tell sweet report for him and his family. But they werent around to collect his offerings. I played host and the settings like a hotel fine restaurant or close to it. There wasnt any fire cracker let out the bag. It was just an occasion to get together and talked nonsense. Only after 12 midnight I heard others burned the fire crackers disturbing the quiet night. About 5 minutes later it was peaceful again. I will go home on Monday for awhile then I am back to my own house. I guess I have to take about 8 hours driving to and fro inclusive of resting at home in my mother's house.Think about it I dont really like driving in the congestion full of cars. I know I cant find a place to park my least my mother will be happy...

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Gong Xi Gong Xi!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

election this year - watch out!

The government is giving out goodies to the rural schools. How is the delivery system going to work? At one time it was said that the school books were too many for the kids to carry every day to school. I remembered Najib was the Education Minister who weighed the books the kids had to carry. After much publicity then, nothing was changed. Today the kids still carry those heavy books to school. I had seen those secondary students carry books....on their hands and sling their bags at their backs. I think I know why. It wont cause lopsided outline on their shoulders. If too heavy on one side, it eventually will cause a disalignment on the shoulder - I mean one side is higher than the other. It happened to me when I used to carry big rubber trees on my shoulder walking a distance of say 5km each day when I was poor living on things I could find and sell. Life then for me wasnt all rosy and shine. It was hard work without knowing how tomorrow would come. Now the government announced these goodies to the rural schools. Somehow I feel it is the government planning to hold the general election when the leaders dished out the goodies to the people. Like Malaysia hit 1 trillion! Look around ourselves. Do our businesses growing? Every body is feeling the heat of the rising cost of goods and services. The only group of people/companies aligned to the government make the most out of it. Yesterday I had to pay $0.50 for a local Chinese tea ice which I had enjoyed a year ago at $0.40 which 2 years ago was $0.30. Now the fried kuey teow too increased by $0.20 to $2.00 previously was $1.80. This has hit the pocket hard for most people in the country. When oil price dropped in the world market, the government didnt bring down the oil price in the country. It is dragging to effect the reduction on the oil price. Mind you when the oil price hit high per barrel, it will quickly help the oil companies to increase price. I dont know what the government is doing. It is suppose to help the people who elected them but they are helping the companies than the ordinary voters who put them in office. I used to vote BN for the elections now I have to review my sentiments on the government/BN. One thing I feel the leaders are just hopeless and weak..they can't even tell a good Malaysia hit $1 trillion...but what is the bottom line? Now EPF announced that withdrawals can be done in 2 days when EPF upgraded its facilities. It should have done many years ago when computerization came into the field. This is another good news to the members of EPF which translated into another way that the general election will be held this year-maybe in September 07. BN is still scared of Anwar Ibrahim. So if BN government holds the election this year, Anwar can't contest because he has to serve his mandatory 5 years on his trapped corruption charge which I strongly believe wasnt true at all..

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

valentine's day

Valentine's Day arrives. The young and old move along with it or they just let it pass like any other day. Commercial enterprises will catch on the fever and make money out of it. There are those who are willing to pay to show how much they love so and so or to cement their relationships....I think one shouldn't splash it out to tell how much one is willing to spend. It must come from the inner soul. Sometimes things make by hands or words expression to impress will carry weight than those buy in the gift shops. When it has become too commercial I feel it has lost its intended value to share with the other party. I was impressed with today's Star picture of a couple in Taman Kapar, Klang. The wife with good eyes sight hold her husband hands who is blind to carry out their daily activities. She doesn't leave him in a lurch. She loves him through thick and thin, happiness and hardship, smile and sorrow until death takes them away..I think the couple is bless in whatever they do though they find hardship but their love endures through it all. This is what love would be about......not those fanciful dinners or flowers or expensive chocolates or expensive gifts or whatever........I spend my time at home and surfing the net....thinking about it I haven't really belanjar....but I always write my poems expressing my thoughts. To me it is worth many more in diamonds or gold or rubies....

Anyway enjoy your Valentine..

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

toll agreements

The toll agreements can't be published for the public to study. The companies will sue the government(Nadzri) Why sign these agreements advantage to the companies and hide it under OSA? A contract must be equal to both parties. Here I find it is lopsided beneficial to the companies but not the government or the rakyat. It is a laughing stock that the government could be at the mercy of the companies when it is the latter giving them the jobs. The honest way is the whole Cabinet should resign and let a new group of leaders take over the management of the country until the next election. This doest not augur well for the current administration. There is no accountability and transparency in its dealings. The government must work for the rakyat in a fair and equitable manner but not at the benefits to the companies or links to cronies or agents or relatives. The rakyat should decide in the next poll. If the BN wins again by a landslide, then don't complaint about the unfairness of contracts or delivery system.

Monday, February 12, 2007

US should go home from Iraq

Dr M wants more US soldiers in body bags. I dont agree with him. He should ask the US President to call home his soldiers. Let the Iraqis fight themselves on their own destiny. If the Iraqis doesnt want to learn about peace living, it isnt US problem. It is the Iraqis internal conflict. Every time US wants to muscle in because she has the power, it will eventually collapse due to false premise. It doesnt hold her ground. Dont build a house on a porous ground. It will collapse eventually. Likewise US should learn her lesson in Vietnam. US can't beat Asian. The rise of Asians will be in the 21st century. Look at China and India. These countries will conqueur the world economically beside Japan And South Korea. I think it isnt the body bags issue. It is the policy and the ego of each leader. It is time to come down to the basic of loving thy is the way to peace

Malaysia is living in peace.....until one crazy leader destroys the fabric of society

Sunday, February 11, 2007

thieves in the new housing estate

My new housing estate reported many break-ins. As far as I knew of those houses occupied, there are grilled doors for every door or window in the houses. So the thieves went through the roof tiles. Most of the houses robbed were occupants gone out to work or gone for holidays. One of them I heard lost a car! Imagine the car key left in the house! House owners shouldn't be so careless...this is inviting for the thief to easy off load the goods. Currently most of the houses are unoccupied. It is between houses that the thieves could make the robbery. Around this housing estate too most of the houseowners dont light up the premises. And I wonder why fixed up the lights for? Safe electricity? And lose valuables? My new house is known amongst the people here for lighting it up at night. It is standing out differently with the other houses. It is a very cosy place for me with my garden and waterfall. Anyway my house is fully CCTV....I hope the detectives who stayed around here will get the thieves. I strongly believe they should know who did the job.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

act of god my dear!

The floods in Johore causing damages to a tune of nearly $550 million(Samy) The funding comes from the taxpayers for the greed of businessmen and the poor supervision of the state government. The floods have been going on for years; everyone thinks it is the work of nature or God. My view is the poor planning and greed of the people running the companies. In fact the state government too must take the blame for the lack of supervision on the projects. I dont know what the town council president is doing....sitting in the office(?) and not knowing what is on the ground. If my experience dealing with it, I think the town council is incompetent in handling the portfolios in its charge. Now the flood had receded...everyone is facing of how to deal with the daily routines and in time it will be faded into a distance memory. Will the authority learn? I dont think so. Because the town council president(s) isnt/aren't passionate enough to look into areas under his/their preview. This is why thing always get foul up along the way.....and the people will suffer of the incompetence in the town council(s). In my adopted area for example, the class F contractor came to mend the potholes..but only at selected spots. Those potholes of 5oo meter the contractor didnt do it. Who comes to supervise the work done? In about 2 weeks or so I think the potholes will appear. So do it again and claim on the same potholes...This is inefficiency and waste of public funds. Why dont they learn at all?

Malaysia too many red tapes because of no supervision!!

we are the "bosses" arent we?

It was reported that the government used $11 billion to bail out companies. Yet it didnt disclose why the government under AAB did it. Apparently the people are in the dark. We are suppose to be the 'bosses" of the government yet we are shut off after the election. These ministers including the PM and DPM are there for the solely purpose to service the people who elected them. The key word "service to the rakyat" You and I know it will be conveniently forgotten with a wink of an eye. Perhaps we are just children always playing in the drains knowing nothing about affairs of the state/country. So these ministers know best. The people have been taken for a ride long enough. Time the journey of this country should change course before she plunges herself into a deep ravine.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

notebook in service centre

I wasnt available to write my log. notebook was sent for checking and servicing for over 13 days. Apparently there wasnt any fault with my notebook. For those days missing I watched movies on Astro and did some shopping to feed into the new house. I managed to get the furniture for the house - chairs, coffee table, divan, LCD TV and home theatre system and side tables for the rooms. I haven't finished with it yet. I am still sourcing for table lamps...I still can't find the ones I am trying to blend into the house. Now it is dry weather and my garden turning brown. I water the grass everyday yet it doesnt help....Well El Dino is coming.....dry spell on its way........