Wednesday, November 30, 2016

don't use God's name

Don't use God's name
To do your bidding to enrich
Turning a blind eye to all the faults
Streaming through your eyes

God will make you pay
Through the generations
It is better you turn around
Before you face the heat

Don't use God's name
To protect yourself of the sins
God will make you pay
For the 7 sins you play

Look at the red and white
They support the corruptors
They give in to greed and wealth
Thinking it is the way to live

Look at the green moon
They want to play god
Believing they have the rights
Citing the religious text

But they are wrong
They forget about compassion
They forget about helping
They forget religion is a private affair

God is All Mighty and All Powerful
God is All Compassionate and All Loving
God doesn't need protection
God dislike liars, thieves and robbers

They will face the truth
When it finally drops to the pit
With rattlesnakes hissing in the dark
They will scream in eternity

you work your destiny

You work your destiny
With your own skills and experiences
You will walk to its place
But don't expect something new

Sometimes it never happens
You will sit there and cry
You may shout obscenity
It never says it is the end

Admit it the wrong direction
Be brave to change course
It may take a while
Though of the lost years

Inaction of the perceived wrong
It will take you no where but sadness
When the years come to a close
You will realize you lose the opportunity

You work your destiny
Don't be afraid to admit a wrong
Reinvent and change course
You may arrive you will feel satisfy

the songs of addiction

The songs of addiction
It rings in the hollow
The red and white glow
Listening to craze it

The sound of tricks
It rattles the brain
The red and white listen
Drowning on its game

The supremacy on high
The red and white sigh
Everyday it is a tale
Confusion rain on the mind

Don't pretend
The addiction will not destroy
The bodies and souls in the end
It makes the mind weak

When it hits the low
Don't cry in sorrow
The red and white
It has to sink to know

time for a clean government

The weak leader
Causing the pain
The nation will feel it
The people get angry

The currency drops
Investors pulling out
Our economic fundamentals strong?
Who is hiding the truth?

The main scandals
It hasn't solved
The denying still going
The agencies playing ball

Singapore has jailed
A former banker linked to 1MDB
Here the culprits still walking free
Just say donation everything stands still!

It is a corruption
No matter how it is twisted
Feed to the warlords
Everything is okay!

The Islamic extremists
Rearing its ugly heads to pursue hudud law
Finding there is a weak leader
It is time to push for it

Though the Constitution spells it clearly
The nation is Secular for every citizen
It is our backbone; it can't be changed
It will destroy the nation of her colourful people

The addiction must turn cold turkey
It isn't too late to turn around and live
Reject Bee Anne of its many lies
It is time to instill a clean government

when we are blinded by religions

When we are blinded by religions
We will commit many crimes instead
We think we do our religions a favour
We actually destroy our souls

We don't practise our compassion
We don't give a helping hand
Instead we destroy in the name of a religion
And we think we can go to paradise!

The religious authorities forget history
How religions destroy nation and her people
It unleashed the animals of destruction
As we have seen today in the Middle East

Nearer to home we have seen
The religious cleansing of misplaced people
They are hunted or they will be killed
When one religion asserts its authority

When religions are linked to politics
It will not find the truth on its way
By collaborating with politicians
The truth will slip far far away

Here we have seen
The politicians use it to divide and rule
They think they will go to paradise
More likely in the lake of fire!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

why catch the small fishes?

The small fishes on the news
The greed and corruption get into it
It isn't going away without a shake up
As long as the top never shackles down

Catch the small anchovies
They are thousands of them around
How many will it be scooped up?
Tomorrow the spawn of many will appear

It is on the top of the food chain
It is there the culprits must be caught
Why monitor the small fishes?
Catch the big white sharks!

The dogs on the hunt
Catching bones instead of the meat
They bark loudly for all to hear
It has no big chunk to parade

get rid of the bad hats

It seems impossible
To get rid of the bad hats
They sit on the higher ground
Plotting for more gold to plunder

In the valleys of flooding woes
The ordinary people counting their losses
They will not think of the under currents
They only think of how to survive

The help of peanuts they gladly accept
They don't think of the higher ground
They only think “We want to go home”
In the valleys of flooding woes

In time of the years
The ordinary folks will not progress
They are involved in their daily problems
The raining season the flooding woes

They don't see the higher ground
They are blinded with the empty pockets
They are pushed down to the low lives

They should wake up and march on

it takes a few brave people

In the valley of the dim light
The people hide behind walls and trees
They are afraid of the dark creatures
They can fly; they can catch

The nights of screams of the unlucky ones
Walking openly daring to go against advice
The flying beasts of the darkness
They will spare no one

The group of brave people
They gathered around in secrets
Behind closed doors they plot
How to kill the night beasts

The flying beasts in the air
Smell the scents feel the needs
They shout wildly in the valley
The eerie calls death on the ground

The group of brave warriors
They open windows and watch
With rifles aiming high
They wait for the time

The flying beasts arrive
Singing their eerie songs
Whirring their wings in the air
They scoop down to the house

In mid-air the rifles fire
The sound and flares in the sky
The night beasts get caught in surprise
One by one drop dead on the ground

It takes a few brave people
To make the change for the best
Even a giant can be slaughtered
Even an empire can disappear

the reflections

The reflections
The ruling elites don't see
They are blinded by the light
They are living on borrowed time

Some talk kok
The way they think
It shows how badly trained
The nation doesn't need them

On the chairs sitting high
They feel they are gods
They feel the power in their hands
They forget the voters who put them there

Some talk kok
The Secular nation they don't see
They go blind going after religious law
They don't think of the drawbacks

Man made laws are flaws
No matter how they spin the tales
The reflections they don't see
They are blinded by the light

Monday, November 28, 2016

walk the bridge of hope

The bridge across the calm sea
Every motorist will see
Travelling on the bridge
Watching the blue and green

The busybees rushing
Driving quick on the bridge
Minds on projects and presentations
They don't watch the scene

Out of luck people
Losing hope to live
Owing piling debts high
Jumping over the bridge

The calm sea doesn't want it
It doesn't want unnecessary crying
What with the wind constant ripples
It doesn't need humans tragedy

Yet the bridge is the connection
The lost souls will jump over to the sea
They think that's the best for their souls
End their lives intact with no dignity

Go and pray everyday
You will find a way
Dying will not solve your problems
It will make it worst

Walk the bridge of hope
Feel the scents feel the wind
Let nature calm your troubled soul
There is a way every day

don't call each party racist

A racist party calls another
It is known its leaders will say
DAP has the multi-racial in its members
Amno baru has only the Malays

Even its name sounds racist
The party leaders should see
Look hard in the mirror
Recognize its name; it hasn't changed

Even in rehearsal there is the slogan
Bersatu Melayu” ring out loud and clear
Amno baru leaders try to see
We are living in multi-racial society

It is better don't put a label
It will point back at you
It is better to work for the people
Let them enjoy the fruits of the nation

Look at your partners MCA and MIC
Why don't you label them too?
It will never end calling racist here and there
It is better work towards the progress of the nation

suicide will not go free

Suicide doesn't solve a problem
It only makes the going tougher
The living souls have to carry it
The sad memories of a life gone

Death by suicide
It has no meaning
It only makes it worst
It can't enter the gate

Life is tough
Nobody says it isn't
We make our decisions
The bad effects it knocks

Once we make a stand
We have to live with it
Life isn't bed of roses
It has thorns too

Love, marriage and money
It is always the menu in our lives
Don't let it ruin the life itself
It has more to give than die

Suicide will not go free
The chains will cuff for life
Is this the way to go?
The lake of fire in tormenting it

Sunday, November 27, 2016

death will stalk us

Everyone has to go
On this Earth we called home

There is no escape
No matter how we try

To live longer
We look for ways to survive

There is no way to hide
The inevitable will arrive

We were tricked
By Lucifer in the Garden of Eden

Promising the eyes can see
The minds can evaluate reasoning

But we were unlucky
We are banished from eternity

The fruits of our sins
Death is the penalty

On Earth we come and go
Live the good and bad values

We have our chances
We better don't lose it away

Do the good deeds
The paradise we may return

One thing we can't escape
Death will stalk us on this Earth

we keep hearing the lies

We keep hearing
The lies, the lies and the lies
The leaders spin their tales
The reporters just take blind

Help the people?
By the mob mentality
Still staying the divide and rule
Using religion to hold on to power

The feeding of cash
The factory regime rules
The one track destination
The addiction hit the minds

The public relation tools
Spreading the tales
I help you, you have to help me too”
The loaded wagon train to the fore

The hit on the gong
The people disappear
The crooks arrive unload it all
Leaving the empty wagon

The feeding of cash
The mob runs free
The police will stay quiet
Waiting for orders to pursue

The people feeling the heat
They have responsibility to take
The empty pockets aren't helping
They will wait for the opportunity

the mob gathering

The mob gathering
Intimidating the innocent
The group of bad hats
Coming from the ruling party

The top leaders stay quiet
They don't say to take action
Silence here means the opposite
They seem to sanctioned it

The blue gang will watch
They don't catch the mob
They let them go free
Not even under police code 504

Only Zunar the cartoonist
He is arrested and probed under sedition
For displaying his cartoons for all to see
Depicting the ruling regime

It is sad to see
The police lose the respect
The people have long concluded
The police have turned blind

ali baba

Ali Baba
And his forty thieves
He will not apologise
He will dig in

The coffers now easy
Nobody will say he is a crook
He can take at will
Just say the magic word

Open sesame
Let me come in
Let me take what I want
Don't close down on me”

Ali Baba
And his forty thieves
They run the show
Steal the money shout donation

No law will stick
No agency will come knocking
It is the wagon loaded train
The easy picking on the way

Ali Baba
And his forty thieves
They walk in circles
They can't find a resting place

Saturday, November 26, 2016

the religious cleansing

The religious cleansing
Of a race on the land
The ruling government
It should treat all fair and square

There is the danger
When religion links to politics
The ruling party will talk nonsense
They want to clean up the illegals

Myanmar government
It's ministers should show compassion
Though these illegal Muslims come in peace
If you can't accept them, turn them away

Why the use of force?
Why the use to cleanse it up?
The practising Buddhists
Don't play the political game

the arrogant talking kok

Legally stupid
A minister says
On the Bersih supporters
He plainly talks kok

Apply under PAA
Charged Maria Chin under Sosma
Saying she is trying to destroy democracy
When she bloomed to ask for clean government

The jittery of Amno baru leaders
They are facing the crumbling walls
It will be laid bare in time
Walk the talk? Look in the mirror!

A widow, a mother of 3
What threats she pose in Bersih?
Amno baru leaders afraid to see
The outcome in time to fall

The silence of coalition leaders
They have no voice to say at all
Too much addiction in their heads
They hear the drumbeats of the fall

The cracks on the wall
It will not stay together for long
The Amno baru leaders
They will fall for a song

the day of importance

The day of importance
It is the day you came to the world
There you will sing your praises
In the world you will take flight

Nothing will stop the dreams
You will take the challenges
Out in the open field and fight
Carving a name in every place

A new age may have arrived
You will still see the world of opportunites
Knocking at your door waking you to take flight
In the field where you will carve a name

Sometimes it is best to take a pause
Gathered up the links and see where it will go
A new way of seeking opportunities
A new bridge to walk through

A day you were born today
See the fruits you have made
Take stock what will come

The field is open; opportunities aplenty

hades world

Hades world
Don't go there
If you have a brain
Don't let it pain

You may cry
When you face reality
One or two lashes you hold
A hundred lashes you will faint

The stinging pain
You can't sleep through
Hades world
It's the divide and rule

Adultery is stoning to death
The Federal rule put it out
Otherwise it will be hell
Even thinking will be bad

Hades world
Don't dream of the virgin brides
They aren't coming
For greed and inflicting pain

Hades world
The seeds of the bad
They will feel the fire
The lake will take them all

Hades world
Don't be the innocent lambs
You will be slaughtered
They will party until dawn

the seeds of the bad

The seeds of the bad
Sad episodes in our lives
They come in numbers
They come with bullying

The small party leaders will scream
How good they have managed for us
They forget to tell how much crumbs they pocket
Along the way of the wagon trains

The billions got away
The agencies can't touch the bad
Instead they go after the small fishes
Shouting loud for all to hear

The white sharks swimming away
Splashing waves of water spinning tales
The shark hunters stand and watch
They have the seeds of the bad

The good seeds wait
The time will come to germinate
With sufficient rainfall along the way
A new generation of change

Friday, November 25, 2016

the echo will not die yet

Ah Mo1 sits on the swing
Pushing by itself to go higher
Shouting out loud to the air
Who can touch me?”

The shadow swings
On the ground to the air
The yelling of loud satisfaction
Nobody can touch me!”

The squeaking swing
It takes Ah Mo1 higher
The feet never touch the ground
Air-borne feeling so great

But the ants bite
There is the loud yelling
The screaming reaches to the ground
The painful crying on the swing

The barking dogs run out
Where is the enemy?”
You fools! It's the ants!”
Then we can't help you”

Ah Mo1 falls down
Tumbling to the ground
The ants swarmed around
The giant cries feeling the heat

the mob in parliament

The mob in Parliament
The breaches of security
What is the security doing?
Outsiders can just walk in?

Luckily nothing serious happened
The mob from Amno baru
Reported from Salak South
Amno baru leaders what say now?

It isn't their culture?
They know how true it is
They just want to twist around
Thinking the people are children

It isn't Isis terrorists
It will be a shameful disgrace
The lapse of security
The bad elements take over

The police should have rounded up
Those bad elements causing physical commotion
Why wait for them to show up?
Because they are Amno baru members?

Play the game equally
Let no element of favouritism
On the cards there is
We see through it right away

the peacock on the field

The peacock spread his wings
On the field under the sun
He doesn't care what others say
He stands proud feeling the hot wind

The colours of magic on the wings
All eyes click and photograph it
The peacock on the field
He knows how to get attention

With subtle movements he makes
The stealing of food nobody sees
It is so easy when the eyes are occupied
On the wrong side of the wings

The peacock stands on the field
Waving his wings of colourful lights
Under the hot sun bewitching the crowd
He has his elements bewitching eyes

The crowd is delighted
Capturing the peacock on cameras
Flashing and filming in the sun
The peacock picks what he wants

leet's play a fair game

Maria Chin of Bersih 2.0
Ambo baru just wants to discredit her
The police will do anything to charge
Even saying they have the documents

The Bersih office insists the police
Come clean with the evidence
They say they have the list
What the raiding party took away

This is obvious sign
Finding ways to discredit her
A widow, a mother of 3
What terrorism is she involved?

But with MO1 nothing swift
No taking of computers, notebooks
Handphones or bank statements
Only say it is donation everything gone quiet!

And with the Red ring leader
Lock-up for 4 days no charge!
Though he threatened with bloodshed
Hooliganism, bullying, and physical harm

Don't play a game of selective persecution
Let's play a game of equal fairness in dealing with issues
Nobody is above any law and so it should be
And the police should play fair and square

Thursday, November 24, 2016

let the green moon go

The Kelantan voters
By the next election
It's time to say your piece
Say it loud and clear

Pas has not brought developments
Its leaders are too busy drafting hudud laws
It is to create the fear and divide rule
Pas learned it quick from Amno baru

The green moon hasn't shone
The like of Tok Guru who had gone
The good ones have left and formed Amanah
The way forward is to kick out Pas

Let Pas roam in the dark
Let the leaders have no place to rest
The hardship the people face in Kelantan
The floods causing damages and lives lost

Till today the marks are in the minds
The premarital sex bringing shame and sorrow
What happen to the teaching of the Islamic preachers?
Maybe spending too much thinking of hudud laws?

Going forward isn't in hudud laws
Going forward is to implement economic activities
Let the people grab the opportunities
Let religion be a private matter with you and God