Friday, August 30, 2013

you must believe in yourself

When you want to learn a trade or vocation
You have to put your soul and energy into it
You shouldn't go changing every time
When you find the going is hard to climb

The obstacles are ways to make you run
It will tell whether you have the stomach for it
You can feel the hunger rising into your body
Will you fight it on believing you can do?

It takes years to hone a skill
It takes years to learn a trade
There is no short cut to get there
There is no failure unless you say so

The opportunities everywhere
The endless flow of sights and sounds
It is only needed your time to get it
The determination to pursue dreams

don't take your life

Don't go take your life
Why must you want to go so early?
Is life so unbearable to live?
Work pressures and examination failures

It is part of living
Everyone has to go through with it
Once you pass the road
There will be more on the horizon

These are the small sacrifices
It is to build your character and resilence
Once you mastered the foundation
The life's journey will be smooth

So don't go taking your life
Learn the struggles of Job
You will learn how to live
Life is precious don't waste it for nothing

the old buildings

The old buildings in Ipoh old town
The tourists attraction to see a bygone era
The owners of these buildings
Some take a long time to renovate

Some become an eyesore
The poor conditioned of the buildings
With cracks and unkempt state
The owners hardly notice?

The city hall can't do much
The mayor can only advice
The work the owners have to do
As the time fly the old buildings die

Some wait for tragedy to happen
Falling concrete walls or window panes
The signs are there for all to see
The old buildings in Ipoh old town


The Merdeka Season
It's the time of the year
The remembering of our nation's sacrifices
The honouring of our forefathers of independence
The people of those times writing our history
The nation of one people and their many tastes

It will be our 56 years as a nation
Gaining popularity in the world stage
Mostly on the wrong reasons of our leaders behaviour
Running against the grain of common dignity
The nation of people just can't accept it

As a nation we are proud of it
The various races and religions will sing together
The songs of unity for the glow of the nation
We aren't down yet though much has to work on
The political divide branding the people

As the nation matures to be wiser
The elected leaders should have learned
It will be a long while before we see of changes
The nation waits for the time of new curtains
The long of march of our independence in flow

Thursday, August 29, 2013

enforcement weak

Watch the construction workers
The experience men on work
There is no supervision
The men know what they do

Everything going on plan
The contractor doesn't come to supervise
Every segment the workers understand
What are needed to get it done

What I observe around
The contractor never provides mobile toilets
The workers have to build a temporary shade
Of zinc erected on the site

The enforcement officers
They hardly come to check on site
The provisions on the bylaws and regulations
There is no movement from the council

This is the scene
I suppose in most construction sites
The enforcement is always weak
Until the public complaint

the smell of flesh

The smell of flesh
The beauty on a wholesome body
The smile of an enchanting woman
The highest officials will fall

Men can't escape it
It is programmed in their minds
When they watch beautiful women
The minds will go fox hunting

Some will bribe or threat
Using the political office for personal gratifications
The beauty walks on the parade
The smell of scented sheets

It is nothing new
In the political power game
It happens in history
It happens in ancient times

The beautiful women
The fall of mighty powerful men
The body shapes the pretty smile
It's back to basic instincts

the illegals

The illegals
How they come here?
The police and immigration
Is there any answer?

There are millions here
Some officials aren't performing
Letting the illegals walk in so easily
The enforcement is weak

Maybe money make the wave
Closing one eye let the illegals arrive
The agents who are in this business
Harvesting the lot on misery of others

The flash out operations
It must be carried out constantly
It can't be as a need basis
It will never solve the illegals coming here

Apart from border patrols
Covering the landing points
The Sulu incursions told us our porous security
It's time the police and immigration step up operations

sleep nourish the soul

Sleep to nourish the soul
The hard day work of the day
It's time the body takes a rest
It is suppose to go that way

In life pursuit of many things
Sleep become hard to come by for many
The unfinished work to be done
The negatives flow running into the mind

So sleep become a treasured commodity
The share suppose to go up every time
When the time has come to fall to sleep
Many count the sleeping sheep

When age has come
Sleep will become less
The clock will realign its pattern
It's time to watch the world

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

the bell tolls for whom?

The endless possibilities for one Malaysia
The laughing stock the world look at us
We have leaders with creative licence to boost
The tourism industry needs it to flourish

The endless possibilities to tap dance
Around the wealth the country's profits
The bill of taxes will come to the rescue
The leakages roam without accountability

The handouts are just peanuts
Now the people will come to realize
The whopping new tax will come
Swipe away your smile on your face

With it the host of other increase costs will arrive
The people will have to pay complaining all the way
Now the people realize they voted the wrong party
The trial of the next 5 years have begun

1Malaysia endless possibilities
The Bee Anne leaders should spend time
Listening to the woes of the people
The economy, the crimes, the religion, the races

patriotism should come naturally

Patriotism shouldn't come by law
Neither should force or cohesion flow
It is the natural obligation for each person
What it is that patriotism brought?

Forcing people to fly national flags
It doesn't instil the patriotic feeling
It brings the downward spiral
It never brings the natural call of patriotism

Humans do not like pressured into anything
They enjoy their own good intentions in many
Let the people decide to fly the national flags
Many may want to fly it in their minds

Those who do trade and business
The agencies buildings, hawkers and companies
These groups must fly the national flags
These should be obligated on their buildings or stalls

For the rest of the people
Let them decide to fly the national flags
Forcing it down will not work
Patriotism to each his own way of looking at it

deficits haunting bee anne

The Bee Anne government rules
The country's finances in doubts
The over spending like no tomorrow
Now the deficits haunting its leaders

There is no transparency
There is no accountability
There are many leakages
Even the culprits aren't punished

This is the Bee Ann way
Enriching cronies with various projects
Running costs always over shoot
There is no penalty but giving leeways

The mega projects or the super projects
The public funding will come into it
Hiding many under OSA the public has no clues
What is like in monetary value?

Now the GST sales tax will come
The Bee Anne government wants to find funding
Taxing is always the easy way out of financial woes
The country's wealth draining out her bank

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

the hanging rope

The 5 years old girl died
The mother just abused her child
It isn't the way to treat her baby
Now she suffers for her crime

The hanging rope waiting
For a woman charged with murder
There is no reason to escape the gallow
Once a helpless child died

If one can't handle a child
It is better not producing one
It puts on pressures to one's life
Why waste it?

Now she is in police custody
The trial will begin...
What future will she face?
A stupid move nobody wins!

the flesh trade

Prostitution and gigolos
A time for the sex hungry person
A short interlude of pleasures
In private homes or hotel rooms

Some businessmen use them
To get a quick contract of a business
The knowing look and gestures
This is business nothing personal

Once I overheard
A pimp told his woman
30 minutes I will come around”
The woman walked up to the hotel

In major hotels
There will be business
Though not in the open
It is through contacts

Prostitutes and gigolos
There will be business
The way of lonely lives
The frustrated husbands and wives

the stories of midnight

The cheap thrills
The open dark night air
The lovers would go
The crushing times

Listen to the workers
Sweeping grounds at the Botanic Garden
Once living in Penang Island
Of the rubber sheaths throwing around

The lovers had no shame
Once the act was done
The evidence to tell
The sin of the night

The stories of midnight
The enforcement officers gone underground
Catching the wayward lovers
Of a night of passion with the wind

teach them to live in society

The Indian gangs
Now they are majority
The police say about 71%
The loose cannons of society

It is better to teach these criminals
Some of them have families and parents
They haven't progressed to the hardcore
Tell them the evil ways of crimes

There is still hope for the Indian gangs
The way of life hasn't shout them out
The authority should find ways to help them
Rounding them up isn't solving the problem

When fear runs to the wall
The fight back will come
There is nothing to be afraid
They are pinned down

Show them the way out
The olive branch for a trade
Teach them to fish
Crimes will be gone

Fight fire with fire
There will be the losers and winners
In the end revenge will rear its head
The crimes scene will not go away

love has no border

Love has no border
It has to be or nothing
The good flow in humans
It makes the stories

A woman from Malaysia
She married a man who can't move
She says she loves him
So she flew to China got married

Some may say
Can't she pick a better man?
Sometimes it isn't about sex
It is about sharing of likes and tastes

This is a story
The beginning of their lives
The end story will come
The test of love without borders

the echo of fear

The echo of fear
It never goes away
Every walk day or night
The whisper of the wind

The echo of fear
Right on the door step
Once it is forgotten
The bad will materialise

The safety measures gone
The watchful eyes forget
The echo of words
Many tend to put away

In the false hope of security
Gated communities flourished
Once it happens the minds wonder
Then echo of fear

Walk with ears and eyes
Be alert and stay on defensive mode
Do not show the worrying face

The whispering words keep you save

Monday, August 26, 2013

negara-ku in cinemas?

Stand up for Negara-ku in cinemas?
People go to cinema to enjoy film shows
For once they don't want to listen politics
They want to entertain without interference

In the early 60s and 70s it was done
It wasn't a popular amongst the moviegoers
Not many wanted to stand up and wait
What's the point in doing it?

Eventually it was withdrawn
Now a minister wants it to return
He better interviews the older generations
He may get an ear full of criticisms

Negara-ku should be played on special occasions
It shouldn't be used for commercial purposes
Instead of bringing the people closer together
It may backfire on the ruling government

you work for your happiness

Whatever you do
You don't wait for praises
It is what you wanted in your life
You have to take it all

Some may give you
The 2 cents worth of their minds
As if everyone has to fall in line
In whatever they want to do

Apart from obeying the laws
You are at liberty to do what you can
Believe in your self ability
Everyone has it

Whatever you do
There are critics around
They will put their words
They don't care how you feel

You work for your happiness
This is your mission to get it done
Critics can shout until the sky turns dark
You don't have to follow

the police operation

The hardcore gangsters on the run
The police coming for them
Into the underground hide-out
They will stay for a while

This is the knee jerk reaction
The police should do it a few times a year
After the spate of shooting in the country
Now the police flex muscles

Nobody will say it isn't good
It is high time the men in blue patrol
Let the criminals and gangsters run
There is no place for them to hide

As the usual way
Only for a while until the next major crime
The men in blue will fall back on their rounds
The rats will run out while the cats are gone

Sunday, August 25, 2013

the bird watchers

The past time of many years
The bird watchers and their birds
In cages hanging around the shade
Surrounded by trees the cooling effect

With a former mining pool nearby
The one way small road to the shade
These bird watchers will congregate
Talking about the many type of birds

Now the housing project came
The road will be made a two way traffic
The developer had intended to make the road
Leading to his housing project

Now the bird watchers never congregate
The time has come to change
The years of their meeting
It has finally come to an end

money any which way

Some say
Money make us confident
In our daily lives pursuit
Of the tangible ones

Money has power
In the pockets to rule
The endless stream of delightful pursuits
Where money can override

Some say
That's the truth
Without money
Where will be our place?

Money in soldiers' lives
It makes no difference
On the war zones they know
When will the bullets get them?

Some say
Money will kill
In our lives
If we forget the evil curse

planting crimes

The gangsters spread wings
Soaring high to catch the preys
The school children telling them stories
Be like big brothers standing up for them

The poor students in the schools
The abused children studying there
The rich kids who want to taste the power
These are the groups the gangsters will rope in

The school children are easily influence
In their lives they think it is a big deal
The act of indiscipline and defiance
Who dare do and whom will fall?

The police are aware
Observing the threats to schools
Yet the police never want to go around
Telling the children keep away from crimes

The police should do a monthly round
Going to schools to tell them about crimes
It may sound like a record keep on playing
It is better than the future of criminals

keeping secrets

Keeping secrets
It burns up your brain space
The time can be used to a better life
Now you can't keeping it a tight lid

You want to share
Maybe to let somebody knows about it
You want to put it away
It takes down your way of life

You think you can
The years fall take its toll
The space of the brain
You want to put it to rest

Keeping secrets
You have to put a face
The good person who can be trusted
While others galloping free

Saturday, August 24, 2013

don't forget to plan

The life stories
Watch the old people on the street
Look what they have to go everyday
The hardship they face

When they were in their youth
They forgot to plan for their old age
They thought they would stay young
The life mystery knocked them down

Now the weathered faces
The old age crawl their skin
The eyes will see the miss chances
Of a time they forget to plan

The life stories
The young adults should learn
Don't wait until it is too late
Like them a time has lost

flying the national flag

Flying the national flag
Bee Anne wants to pass a law
Compelling the people to do so
Is that the right direction?

It's the action that counts
Even one flies the national flag
What will he think?
Will he think of country?

It's what in our minds
The love for the nation
The soil we will return
The know we are one

Maybe it is to profit the cronies
Every one has to buy the national flag
Just imagine the hundreds of millions coming in
In the end what will it be?

now who killed atlantuya?


Now who killed Atlantuya?
This is the hot question running in the country
For a woman who had no immigration record
For a woman who was murdered into pieces

The two former police officers are freed
Six years in prison now walked free
The culprit has not been caught
The main players have to be called

In the trial the missing players
Both parties refused to call
Now the perception finally came
It was just a stage show wasn't it?

The story never ends
The civil suit will commence
Atlantuya never rested in peace
The pieces of body blown away by C4

of a time the souls are free

The dead of night
The silence walk the road
The night breezes whirring
Of a time the souls are free

The black dogs watch
The eyes glow nothing to see
It's the time the souls are free
Once a year on a particular month

The living of a faith
The roadside praying of candles and joss sticks
Offering food and chines wine
The black dogs wait

The gold and silver papers offering
Burning into ashes believing of the bounties
In the Hades world for getting good scores
Of a time the souls are free

Friday, August 23, 2013

the graduates flow

The graduates flow
Into the jobs market
The eyes to the future
It has to start with a job

The language of commerce
Many fail to grasp it
In the jobs market
The graduates learn the hard way

When the graduates marketability is suspect
The jobs will not land on their laps
They have to relearn a tool
By right they should master it in secondary schools

The relearning process
It takes them backwards for a while
Never feel of losing out

Once you get it the music flow

the door still closes

100 days to his new term
He is silent on every front
The country has no clear movement
The shadows move in different directions

The debts have not addressed
The economy has no clear cut indications
The negative on the country's rating
There is trouble in the horizon

The currency value drops to 8%
It means we will face the lost of our values
In terms of importing goods and services
The country it seems never move the right direction

He sits in office
Worrying about his position
The party election will smell the outcome
The price to pay the circle returns

The prime minister worrying mind
He dares not open his door to shout
He can't speak his intentions
He's stuck with his party election

The country will can't go
He sits on his throne
Worrying about his position
Forgetting he has a job to do

atlantuya never ends

The accused got free
The Court of Appeal released
Now who is the killer?

The years gone
The body turned into dust
The memories of you
Brutally murdered or killed in our soil

The immigration had no record
Of you in the country
But you had your hotel stayed
The trial never adduced the case

Now the former police officers
They will walk out free today
Atlantuya's shadow will linger on
The murderer is still out there

Most of us knew
It was a shadow play
The perception on the public
We hardly seen the accused faces