Thursday, December 31, 2015

the old has the fun

Once he was an office assistant
Working 9 to 5 to pass his time
He got married have children
Part time he is a musician

When he was retired
He started to open a stall
Selling nasi lemak and chicken beehoon
It got him the money

His family's secret receipe
It gives him the gold mine
He gets rich bought a house and a van
In time he got another wife

He still runs the stall
He still plays his band
He enjoys his life full
Who say old has no fun?

self defence no defence?

Self defence is no defence?
Is this way we are facing?
The bad hats can come to our homes
We can't defend ourselves?

We have to play dead?
Let them rob or rape or plunder?
We can't raise our hands to strike back?
So the bad hats can laugh at our law?

Police have had killed many
Has the police officer got the right?
He can't claim self defence can he?
When he has a gun the bad hat has a knife?

The man was stabbed
He had to defend himself
Instead of praising him
He is charged for killing or murder

The AG should shade light on it
If the law needs to be amended
AG has to submit his report
We don't want to be cowed for doing right

the year comes to a close

The last day of the year
Winners and losers share
The same time and day
Watching the closing sunset

New Year welcomes aboard
Some will write resolutions
What they intend to achieve
Eventhough they know it falls flat

Many will carry on
Life on the same crusade
Eat, work, business and sleep
In between wine, song, men and women

But we all hope for a better year
Cruising on an even gear in our lives
The world is changing so will be our minds
Cultivating the good deeds all the times

Then again it is a Monkey Year
He always wants his way
So we have to watch out
What potholes he will make for us?

Now stick some fireworks
The last day of the year be remembered
We have learned our lessons
We will not be fooled again

oh Malaysia

Oh Malaysia
You wave your flag high
You cry for the misery
Tears fall from your face
You hope something good
Coming your way

You can't hide your face
You know you lose it already
With politicians tarnishing your name
Oh Malaysia you can't take it anymore
You hope something good
Coming your way

You look down on the people
The colourful ones you always see
What has gone wrong in their minds?
The majority treating bad the minority
Using religion as a tool to create disunity
You cry silently you know they are the fools

Oh Malaysia
Once you were happy
Living out the glory of your name
The comfort of racial unity
Nobody wanted to talk bad of each community
They shared and laughed together
Understand each other faith and cultures
Now what has gone wrong?

Oh Malaysia
You wave your flag high once more
You hope something good
Coming your way
You know you will smile again
The concerned people will rise up
Sweep the stage clean once more
You will smile; happiness in your eyes

the dictionary of life

The dictionary of life
It is how one view with it
Each menu isn't the same
It will keep changing

The spices of life
You are rich; you are poor
You are homeless; you are a beggar
It is how you define it

The envy of life
The rich will enjoy
The joy they seek
With money earned they fly

The homeless, the poor, the beggar
They want to feel jealous but they can't
There are there for a reason
The fate in a life

The circle of life
It is always back from the beginning
The fruits of labour should be shared
Once we forget the red spot in our lives

the last day of 2015

The last day of 2015
High hopes in the beginning
Scandals plague by the end
Old murder cases nicked the time

The lies we saw
The truth hidden from view
The wealth got to a few
Hit the road marks of money

The civil courts should be supreme
Somehow the judges abdicate their duty
Of cases involving religious issues
When one party isn't a Muslim

The rule of division and by race
Using religion to rake up the chart
It shouldn't work in a colourful nation
The policians should embrace it all

The police playing politics
With taxpayers monies they forget
With Amno baru close one eye
With critics and opponents drive in fast

The economy still struggling
Though by statistics it told a different view
Don't believe in statistics believe the real numbers
Look at the malls see how many closed shops

The monopoly still strives
Even taxi drivers demand it
When alternative taxis came
They cried loud of lost income

Race based malls came
When issues couldn't settle
Short-cut answers don't work
In the end the hollowness crawl

Isis militants came
Got the cells in civil service and military
The wrong approach on a religion
It rings bad to the nation

The men in blue ever vigilant
Catching the militants in quick successions
Leaving the culprits no chance to escape
In prison waiting for their fate

Banks or companies
facing losses or low profits
Cutting staff always the case
When the end closes today

Economy moving slowly
Consumers holding back spending
They face a hard future
Knowing not what will it be

The corridor of power
Giving out nice crafted menu
Depending on oil with price low
GST rocks the segments of society

The jaw of discontent
It will not go away
The fight back will come
The last of the ruling elites

old age shouldn't stick to time

Old age shouldn't stick to time
Go out and enjoy the life
Some ask to dress according to age
There isn't a rule to say it should

Why want to stick to rules?
Old age shouldn't draw to a close
Don't hide life away
There are many ways to see

Enjoy the sunset
Watch the birds and insects
Watch the young run
Listen to their cry of joy

Old age shouldn't bear excuses
Walk maybe slow eyes may fail
Listening skills may falter
But there is life to enjoy

Until you are infirmed
Until you have no way to live
Then you know it is time
Say a soft prayer and wish the best

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

kuantan red sea

Kuantan red sea
The residents woke up to see
The red on the shore line
What did it tell?

The locals and tourists complained
They didn't pay to watch the red sea
The polluted water in the morning rise
What gone wrong?

The local businesses would be affected
As the news spread people would shy away
Why pay to watch the red sea of pollution?
What did it tell?

It told a story
It never wanted to go away
Until we change the landscape
The old horse has to go to pasture

the street of silence

On the street of silence
The wind slowly breathing through
The night insects flying around the light
The sacrifices they bow and die

They don't ask why
They know the time has come
The noble gift to the light
They flutter slowly dropping dead

On the street of silence
The stray dogs watching
Eyes full of hope
But they know there is no food

They gather under the light
Waiting for a good Samaritan
The night will be long
On the street of silence

The houses on both side street
Light showing on the balconies
It is the silence greeting the night
On the street of silence

The bright moon in the sky
Shining her light every where
The shadows in the back alley
It is still the silence

On the street of silence
The wind slowly breathing through
The bright moon in the sky
Shining her light every where

the romeo black dog

The romeo black dog
Walking around the neighbourhood
Marking his territory
Every morning he will patrol

Once he has a partner dog
When they were young years ago
They went together brothers in the band
Patrolling their marks of dominance

They didn't allow outsiders to nose around
They would fight the other dogs to protect territory
Most of the encounters they won
For years no other dogs dared to step into it

The years had taken his toll
His partner dog passed away
Leaving the romeo dog alone
Knowing his time will come soon

Old age has taken his shape
He doesn't chase away other dogs
He knows his time and place
He isn't young anymore

hard habit

Hard habit
It gathers in the years
It will hard to break free
When the will isn't there

We all have it
Some will say
We are obstinate
We refuse to see

We think we have the experiences
Honed it through the years
We should know by our knowledge
But sometimes old isn't gold

Even young may know better
It boils down to common sense
If only we remember the basic
Nothing will get wrong

But hard habit
It brings many down the ladder
Sometimes old isn't gold
Learn to change accept the new

Hard habit
It gathers through the years
We all have it
Some will say

what time is it?

What time is it?
The year seems falling fast away
The year will be over soon
The moment seems like yesterday

We drew resolutions
Plans and hope for the year
How did it go this time?
Some got it some got away

We didn't see the scandals emerging
It hit the country's image badly
The denials and hiding the truth
It doesn't go away anyway

The religious fanatics roaming
The Isis militants emerged
Was it the wrong teaching?
What time is it?

The red shirt and yellow shirt
They had different template
One afraid to change
The other wanted truth and accountability

What time is it?
The ring of time again
Resolutions and hope
As we wait for the new page

the accident cars

The accident cars
Displayed on the side road
Every motorist will see it
As they drive pass the workshop

Do they remember?
Do they realize it?
Do they race with each other?
Do they think of the images?

Maybe they think
It will not happen to me
I always drive carefully”
All motorists should stay alert
On the road whild driving

We never know the drivers' habits
On the driving seats most drivers change
They forget about danger on the road
They think they own the free way

Yesterday a driver never stop at T-junction
He just drove right with the traffic flow
He didn't care what he was doing
It is his habit one day he will get his medicine

The accident cars on display on the side road
It is to tell other motorists to drive carefully
It is better late than falling deep into the hole
Will they remember as they drive along the free way?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

unity the mighty sword

Quick results cut corners
When it falls blame it on God
It never fail to get away
It never fail to get us angry

But what can we do?
The chain of cronies run
Helping each other in time of need
They have the muscles and monies

On paper it looks a tough run
Until we stand united that will be the day
History has shown us the way
Why empires and emperors fell

If we want to make it right
Through the generations to come
We have to stand together
Hit the road and make it works

the bridge of ghosts

The Penang Bridge
The connecting of an island to the land
Save time on the destination
Increase costs of transportation

It is the bridge of the news
The place for the lost souls
The place where suicides fall
Into the water of no return

The bridge of ghosts
They wait there to take souls
Of the living souls in low fire
Believing living isn't worth the time

How many died jumping over the bridge?
Some were saved by the alert public
Many jumped too quickly and lost lives
A tragedy if only they share their misery

The bridge of ghosts
The bridge for the falling souls
With glare of lights and passing motorists
A wrong way to go a wrong way saying goodbye

the car parking lots

The shop-owners
They refuse to pay parking fees
A reduced monthly charges
They think it's a waste of money

The shop-owners will do
Putting plastic chairs or bicycles
On the parking lots depriving others
The chance to park their cars

The shop-owners behave they own the lots
Refusing to remove the plastic chairs or bicycles
They will come out to stare at the motorists
As if to say “Nowhere you are allowed to park here!”

We don't expect the town council officers
They only stay in office waiting to hear complaints
They don't walk around the street
Getting first hand experience

This is what we have seen
The shop-owners will never pay
Reprimand once, reprimand twice
The third time offence send them to jail

the litterbugs in our lives

The litterbugs in our lives
We think educated people will behave
In the interest of the general surrounding
How wrong we are believing it

With education comes power
With the people think differently
They feel they are the masters
They can do as they like

The littering we have seen on the highways
In the playgrounds, on the fields
In the cinemas, in the markets
In food courts sometimes restaurants

Woe the educated people!
With the gift of knowledge
They forget the basic training
Keep clean all the times!

The Malacca city council
It's the right way to go
Shame the litterbugs
Let them walk the street

The litterbugs in our lives
They bring shame to the people
They are the educated lot
They failed to apply their education

live in bliss live in pain

Some live the bliss
Knowing not of the bad
Some live in pain
Scavenging day and night

Some live in the tower
With servants for every meal
Living the good life
Feeling not of the destitute

Some live without homes
In the day hunting for jobs and food
Any type of jobs as long as it brings cash
Living the poor life day in day out

Some say their prayers
Some get angry of the unfairness
But life is good and bad
It's God way to test our faith

the red spots

The red spots
Every lane in our minds
We know it long ago
We can't do much about it

This is our faults
We don't wake up and realize
What we have done to our nation
Letting the fools make us cry

The red spots
In our eyes we see
The eye doctor will say
We go the wrong way

What can we do about it?
We have to realize it and change
Now the toll of laws to protect
It isn't for us we realize that

Sedition Act, Sosma, PAA
Now the NSC bill to cow us
The incompetent Bee Anne leaders
They want to rule until we cry no tears

Only Sultan of Johore
He always makes the call
Criticising the government
A wise ruler learned through the years

Now we have to make the way
We can't let Bee Anne stay forever
The party has its time and day
It's time to have a new kid on the block

Monday, December 28, 2015

when the house is empty

When the house is empty
The stray cats stay away
They sense there is nothing to show
To disturb the owner

The stray cats like humans
They too want to show or mark their presence
In the parade ground to show
Hey guys we are here!”

The stray cats recognize the value
Of disturbing the human race
The cats never show appreciation
They think they are the masters

The cats will thumb noses
At the humans even feeding them
They don't appreciate your good deeds
They will say it is our job to make them full

When the owner returns to the house
The stray cats sense it and so they jump over the fence
Put their marks in the garden or sleep on the shoe racks
Hey guys! We are here!”

This is how the cats behave
They think they have servants around
Picking up what they leave behind
They thumb their noses at the human beings

the liars

The liars still hold
The string of power in their hands
You don't need a university degree
You only need a power to inflict pain
Once you have the gift to play with words
The world of hungry souls in your hands
You can promise the stars and the moon
They will not turn around and run
As long as they think there is a way
To get off the hungry look in their eyes
They only wish the pain to disappear
Join the chorus of singing praises
All it takes to show them how
Get them into it let them feel the need
Once they are hooked into it
The addiction will make them slaves
Then the power of pain
The forever crying in vain
The liars smile
They live in style

the chords of life

The chords of life
What scale you play?
Do you change it often?
Do you stick to it all the times?

The chords of life
Routine helps to feel needed
But don't let it breed you conceited
There are many scales in the playing

It changes to get out of the rut
It makes the look of life interesting
The chord of life
It shouldn't stay in a scale

A song can be played
In many forms and scales
The sound still sound good
So don't settle for a set routine

karma for the old

Age takes hold
The old get the respect
This is what we are told
Growing up in the years

Sometimes it never happen
The old get the mistreatment
In public transport or in government
The services provided merely below the grade

The young think they own it
The old have passed their grade
It is time they make way
It is the age of the young

Educated or uneducated
On the ground it tells differently
Sometimes the old get no respect
They are thought as a nuisance

Maybe it is karma
The cycle returns to haunt
There is always a reason
Why old get kick about sometimes

we can't forget without the truth

The digging holes
It never seem to get away
With rainy season the water clogged
On dry weather the big holes

We try to ignore it
Every day we hear the story
The spinning wheel keeps turning
We can't find solutions to its worry

The corridor of shadows
The apple-polishers ring
The story of our times
We try to ignore it

It never get away
We live; breathe on it; and dream
How can we land so low?
Our dignity our faces our values?

It's the lies that breathe
Breaking into our minds
It never want to get away
We can't forget without the truth

Saturday, December 26, 2015

the season of joy 4

Some missing on Christmas Day
The family gathering event
Though we know some can't make it
Across oceans to share the joy

Looking at the faces
We know through the years
The Morris and Webb families
We miss all of you

But our thoughts share
Across oceans on Christmas Day
And everyday through the years
The joy we share in our lives

May The Lord grant all of you
All the wishes and hopes in the year
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
May good health flourishes and wishes sing

change our way to see the light

Joy to the world
Let the bell keep ringing
The soothing songs in our minds
Let us stand together and share

The share of pain and sorrow
It rains every corner of the world
The bad we do to make our progress
We forget to keep the peace and joy

We forget to build bridges
We think we can fly instantly
We make pain and sorrow
In the world we share and live

We should stop giving excuses
The world needs peace and joy
Let us hear the soothing songs
We should bridges of sharing

It is still never too late
The world we live and die
Change our ways and see the light
We will never get it wrong

religions build bridges

Don't be afraid
The other religions want to flow
In the world of billions people
Give them a chance to worship

Religions bashing
It brings us nowhere
One should respect other faiths
There are here for a reason

No religion should run down others
It isn't scripted in the holy books
Every religion should share its values
Every one wants to cross over the paradise gate

The fanatics shouldn't be allowed to grow
They will threaten the bridge of peace and joy
They don't understand their roles in play
They think they are qualified few....

All religions should build bridges
It is what God wanted us to do
There is no such thing one is better than the others
It is the wrong door others fail to see

the game of hiding the truth

The scandals find no answer
It still haunts in our minds
We wish it can be settled quickly
But it never come our way

The game of hiding the truth
The shadows become quiet lately
Every one packed home
Taking a break before the season ends

But the truth on the scandals
They bring with them home
In their minds they will think
Why it should happen in the country?

The answer finds no words
The corridors keep quiet
Using legal eagles to scoop it down
But the opponents aren't cowed by it

The nation needs it
She wants to be free
She can't have rope around her neck
She wants to breath easily

The scandals find no answer
The shadows will not escape
The net is closing in...
The nation needs it