Friday, December 18, 2015

we can't pretend

The enemies at our borders
They will come with every means
They can't stand the peace and harmony
Using religion to forge a discord
Using drugs to crack the minds
Leaving the addiction to take control
When it is done the enemies will know
We have fallen on our stupidity

Besides the enemies use money
Throwing to selected few to make an impact
Using them to break up the harmonious pattern
The enemies at our borders will laugh
So easy to dupe our senses
With monies flowing into personal accounts

The hardcore Islamic militants
They sneaked in building cells
They intend to cause political damages
Using the locals as the sacrifice lambs
Causing disharmony and discontent
Knowing too well the political heads still arguing
For decades they can't seem to agree
Religions or stability?

The enemies at our borders
They have spies and militant cells
We have to assist our men in blue
Tackling the diseases cropping to destroy
They are green eye monsters
They want to create chaos
So they can rule with military hardwares

So we have our choices
We sleep on it pretend it never happen
We smile and laugh and share our jokes
See no evil hear no cry and we walk by

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