Wednesday, December 16, 2015

you are just a bully

The Giant walks the land
Thundering feet roaring voice
He bellows near and far
The small people tremble and run

The country of small people
They have no champion to fight for them
They pray hard for deliverence
The Giant roars in the distance

The Giant stands tall
On the hill he looks down
I am your lord you hear!
You better do as I say!”

One day a young man arrives
With a smile he can move mountain
He has his gifts of words
He can make things disappear

He stops by and listens
The woes facing the small people
He never say his name
He says he will help

He walks up to the hill
Giant! It's me again!
You know me I am no coward
You better disappear right now!”

Giant runs and stops
Who are you to tell me?
I am the lord of the land”
Don't you recognize me?”

The Giant sees and falls on his knee
I am so sorry you came”
Now go away and let the people live
You are just a bully!”

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