Tuesday, July 31, 2018

lack of confidence

The fools are around
They are so afraid of their shadows
Though they should know
They can’t get rid of it

They keep on saying
They don’t have the confidence
Decades of guiding to the field
They can’t go without it

They should stand upright
Don’t let the weight of addiction
Pulling them to the ground
Losing their souls and dignity

But they don’t realize it
Decades of brain washing
They have lost the road
Get back to see the light

the politics of race

The politics of race
It will never bring us close
It will bring us into division
This is the game for a race

They don’t think of their roots
Where did they come in the first place?
The ancestors of their generations
Honestly, will they admit it?

The police should charge
For the false report
These groups want to destabilize the nation
By harping on race and religion

The police should investigate
Why they call others immigrants no police report?
When others call them immigrants
Why they want to file reports feeling it that way?

Honestly, we are all immigrants
Looking back into our roots settling in this nation
There is no reason to feel insulted at all
We should be proud calling here our home

This is Malaysia 2.0
A new chapter will be written
We should leave race and religions alone
We should stay together bring glory to the nation

Monday, July 30, 2018

CEP should be disbanded

CEP* should be disbanded
When its tenure of 100 days arrives
It shouldn’t stay on forever
The Old Man should remember

His team has arrived
It is time to conduct on the affairs of nation
Let the CEP members retire
They have served their contributions

Let PH conduct the running of government
By now the ministers should have some knowledge
Of how to conduct their own ministries
They will have the support of the civil servants

CEP should stop at 100 days
Let the PH take it from there
There is no reason to stay on
The government is set up ready to go

* council of eminent person

UEC again

Here we go again
On UEC* entrance to public universities
The majority race feels the fever
They should take the Panadol to cool it

Any race can enrol and take the course
As a normal way of an education
It doesn’t side line the other courses in the education system
It offers another alternative to gain entrance to universities

PH and Bee Anne had it in its manifestos
Why Amno baru and its ilk never complain?
It is the voting of election
So, the majority race of radicals keep silence

Now they make noise
Organized rallies to vent their anger
They should come out from their comfort zones
Learn to accept the changes in the nation

The changes will sweep the country
The Malay radicals should wake up from addiction
Learn to accept the changes around us
We can’t be living in a cocoon forever

*unified examination certificate

on the road

On the road
Don’t take away your eyes
Concentrate on your driving
You never know what will happen

Don’t take away your eyes
While driving on the road
Don’t play on your hand-phone
Don’t think it take a few seconds

Life can be gone
It takes a few seconds
There are many devils on the road
Once a mistake is made a tragedy may happen

Like the recent case
3 relatives died on the road
A sad story paints in our minds
When concentration is short-changed

On the road
Don’t take away your eyes
We have one life
Don’t throw it away like that

Sunday, July 29, 2018

live life to the fullest

Live life to the fullest
Not everyone can enjoy it
The poor and sick
They will stare at their fate

Though it doesn’t take money
It is how one plan to spend it
Not everything needs cash
Even praying will say it through

Live life to the fullest
Most of us will equate it
Wealth creations to enjoy life
Traveling and socialization

But many will live
Through day to day
Dreaming of the time
Live life to the fullest

a country mustn't over spend

Once it was SST
Everybody used to it
The tax for the government
Filling up its coffers

For decades it was
Nobody really complained
It was accepted as a fact of life
We have to pay taxes even in death

Then one smart aleck
He wanted to tax every chain
From top to bottom has to pay
Rich or poor the tax came

He rolled out GST
It pulled in the cash
It made the people angry
Everyone started to curse

Then GE14 came
The voters kicked out his party
One reason is GST
Now PH rolled in SST

A country mustn’t over spend
It is a wrong way to develop a nation
Once the debts keep piling up
Even taxes will not help

in history the story will be told

In history the story will be told
The inhabitants of this nation
All of us are the immigrants
We must be honest with ourselves

The true people of the soil
It belongs to the aborigines
They came here to settle
Before the others inhabitants

The aborigines toiled the land
They hunted within their own areas
They didn’t go far and wide
They didn’t have the capacity

In time the Indian Empire took control
It spread its wings to the land and breath of the nation
Pushing the aborigines into the jungles
Thus, the aborigines lost their land from invasions

In time of growth trading came
The traders brought with them their own religions
The religions caught the people then
It spread far and wide

The Malacca Empire embraced Islamic faith
With it the people too converted to it
Though other religions allowed to stay
For Islam spread its compassionate view

The Portuguese and British Colonials came
They conquered the country and spread its administration
The religions weren’t curtailed
They were allowed to spread its way

The decades came and gone
In time we seek our independence
With it we have our Constitution
A document to decide our future


You have your rights to change
You have your space to make it
Let nobody steal it away

You have a reason to stay
Oppose the bad ruling or law
Don’t let it stifle your growth

Look around you
It’s the natural way to live
Once you forget sickness in the mind

The politicians will keep changing
They can’t keep it in full swing
Along the way you have to remind them

The power in your hands
The power in your mind
The power you can make change

Don’t be afraid
Don’t let fear rule your head
Let freedom make you shine

Saturday, July 28, 2018

in unity every race will benefit

The Malays are the majority race
From all the different backgrounds they came
They may have different skins colour tones
They are a race in the population

Islam the official religion
Enshrined in the Constitution
Even the Malays benefits are covered in it
There is no issue to feel otherwise

Why some Malay leaders feel insecure?
They always harp on the erosion of race and religion
Do they want to be fed forever by the taxpayers?
They have to stand on their own to play their roles

Nobody is going to take away
The benefits and religion from them
The forefathers had put it in the Constitution
It is here it would stay in the nation

But it is sad to watch
The Malay NGOs and Malay leaders say
They don’t have confident about themselves
They try to put blame on their weaknesses to others

They have to wake up now
Discard their addiction to be spoon fed
Work for the nation and play their roles
In unity every race will benefit it

BTN must bite the dust

BTN, why let it stay?
It has no place in New Malaysia
PH leaders better give it a boot
It has no meaning to live today

This is a political tool
Used by Bee Anne to get a loop
It has been used in decades
The Old Man had a hand in it

It is time to let it sleep
Wake up the Old Man
Tell him the truth
Let BTN bite the dust for good

It is a brain washing machine
Turn the mind into “follow the leader”
It never brings benefits to any one
It is a waste of tax payers monies

BTN must bite the dust
PH leaders were vocal on it
Now they are in government
Why the need to stay silence?

Get out the voice
Let it be known it has to happen
BTN has no valuable services to the nation
It brings dispute to our multi-colours people

do not vote for amno baru

Amno baru leaders
They lost in GE14
By right they should learn
They never will

The leaders still harp on familiar issues
Race, religion, sometimes royalty
Now they will include LGBT
This is what got it wrong

They dare not talk on 1MDB
The scandal hit the nation
They pretend it doesn’t happen
They turn mute to its spider’s web

While they hate LGBT
They forget they are voters too
They are humans like them
Created by God to test our faith

Amno baru leaders
Do not let them return
Let them bite the dust
Let them learn the lessons well

a small change

A small change
It will make the difference
Thought it takes a while
To get the whole result

Many want a faster pace
They think it is easy to get it done
Now PH in control of the government
It must have the smooth drive now

Many forget of the traffic jams
Along the road there will be traffic lights
Along the road the breakdown vehicles
Along the road sometimes the ambulance

It takes a while to clear it
PH leaders will face a tough time
Turning around the financial health
Where many are still in the dark

PH partners must stay together
In its fight to right the wrong
Of the last administration mismanagement
The Old Man will take his skills to get it done

on the land of the pure

On the land of the pure
Let everything in life take a break
You have a pilgrimage to go
Sail into the purest mind

Walk among the crowd
They too have the same flight
On the land of the pure
Touch the souls feel the beats

A belief of faith
Surrender your sins
Forget about your worldly goods
Give all up for pilgrimage

A shelter on the land
Of the pure surrounding
A food for the mind
A time to feel the closeness

A belief of faith
Nothing should erode the confidence
It is here to learn of Grace
The humility to accept differences

On the land of the pure
Everything in life take a break
The long walk of faith
Fill the mind of scriptures food

the fat man runs

The hide and seek
The fat man runs
Using different passport
He can go in and out

Like a shadow
Throwing his money about
Buying him time to plan
The escape of his life

The modern gadgets he uses
This is where he could be found
The police should up the load
Maybe he is in locked up in China

MO1 will be cooked
If the fat man returns
For his sake he wants the fat man
To stay away as long as he can

The report claimed
The Chinese police held the fat man
As a bargaining tool on mega projects
When the Old Man negotiates contracts

Now he still plays
The fat man on the run
In China’s jail house or running free
His days will be numbered

Friday, July 27, 2018

working life

Working life
You don’t stay in one place long
There will come a time
You have to move on

When there is an opportunity
It lights up your mind to grab it
You will not let it pass away
You will want to ride along

Working life
It should be fun and alive
Once the set routines turn in
You will become restless again

Sometimes it takes a few years
Some even decades to realize
The set pieces have to change
Challenge the mind to innovate

Working life
Sometimes it runs you down
Sometimes you make it to the top
Sometimes you get chained where you are

Still it is in your hands
Grab the opportunity for a better living
Play safe and stay within the comfort zone
Play adventurous hit the road, you decide

mo1 has no credibility now

MO1 stays silence
In his heyday of power
His runners did the talking
Avoiding the issues on his scandals

Now he talks a lot
As if every one will listen to him
He should have stayed silence
Like he used to do

In Parliament he criticises PH
As if PH runs the government for 60 years
PH is coping with the heavy loads
Inherited of the bad management of affairs

MO1 finds his voice
But he comes out in the wrong
He still thinks he has the power
Showing his peacock colours

If MO1 has the mood to talk
He should explain his roles
On SRC and 1MDB woes
Else he will face his long prison

He is currently charged on SRC
Out on bail of $1 million bond
He thinks he has a hot shot lawyer
He better prepares his life in prison

The Singh hasn’t called him yet
On the 1MDB and related issues
MO1 better get his answers ready
No more lies no more blaming or donations

politics a game for the winners

In politics some time you win
The losing has no say in it
Lick the wounds wait for a change
Then mount a challenge again

Even within the party itself
The leaders tend to pick their own sheep
They want to feel the power in their hands
Though it is their own members

Others will cry
It isn’t democracy
It is winner takes all
The losers showing tantrums

It is party members
Why the ill feeling at all?
Today the winner has his day
Tomorrow the field wide open

In politics some time you lose
You must prepare for it
Crying bad intentions
You never make a good leader

Thursday, July 26, 2018

the marriage no show

The sadness of a marriage
Everything was perfect
The stage, the decorations
The inner circle, friends and invitees
The band would play the favourite songs
Every eye on the bride or groom
And the clock was ticking
The joy slowly turned into shame
As the hour came and gone
The bride or groom failed to show
The whispering heard in the air
The tears would fall
Dropping like dewdrops
The sadness and shame
On the eyes and face
It was the great escape!
The cold feet turned to nightmare
For the bride or groom
And the story will be shared
In the whisper of the time

Some never get married again
The shame at the altar
The nightmare of a life
They rather stay single
Maybe have affairs no commitments
And stay alone gradually growing old
Of a life picking the wrong bride or groom
The story paints in the mind of many
Even in decades the story will be told
A bride or groom fails to show
A happy life turns into a shame
As the marriage turns cold
And the story never been sold

the child marriages

The child marriages
Pass a law to make it a crime
Whoever indulges in it
He shall be fine, jail and cane

A law to cut it through
No allowances for religious consideration
It is here the child predators will strike
Let it be known it is a crime

There is no need to discuss
Everyone knows the issue at hand
Get the law into motion
There is no child marriage

The man and the parents who agree
The parties must face the law
Let the punishment be severe
A fine, jail and cane

Nobody should encourage child marriages
It is destroying the children future
Don’t let the child predators find the easy way
Let them face the law, fine, jail and cane