Sunday, March 31, 2024

the wolves still never learn


The wolves

Fail to learn their losses

Lost in 2 General Elections

Yet they haven't found why

In unity government

PH gives them shelter

Against the tide and wind

But the wolves never learn

The chief wolf

Allowing his charge to howl

Hoping to get support

Forget to learn lessons

The way it has happened

Using 2R to garner support

It is a lame excuse

Causing anxiety to economy

Now the wolves will fail

Even their members refuse to support

As the last election had shown

The wolves need to learn compassion

renaissance man still watching?


Renaissance man

Staying silence on disharmony run

He should be quick to comb the heat

Catch the culprits; cool down the smoke

His oratory skills

He seems to be tongue tied

He should bring in the junior wolf chief

He is causing much bad publicity

Tell your Home Minister

Back up his job and crack on the cases

Stop whining on the citizenship amendment

It doesn't serve the needs of the nation

As one lawyer says it coolly

Just amend it to “father or mother”

Of granting legal rights to citizenship

Why need to all round the bush?

So much hope for Renaissance man

But he seems to blow it on his head

He should be in control and lead the charge

Stop the bad elements on the track

Will he wake up soon?

Racial harmony is on heat

He must get back his back-bone

Or he will “hoist his own petard”

the life of crime


The life of crime

A short while of fame

In the neighborhood

In the surrounding areas

Once the robbers or gangs

The popularity rises the chart

The police will wake up and track

The new kids rising from the block

The life of crime

The story will be short-lived

As the crimes escalated in time

The police will hunt the bad

The wanted criminals or robbers

They may challenge the police

But in all outcomes of shooting

The police will win all the times

Yet the life of crime

A new wave will come on board

The police will keep on tracking

The bad hats will keep on running

the chameleon


The chameleon

A different story in every stage

The promises can be said

It is just words to play

The audience will listen

Believing every word in the air

Once it is said and gone

The chameleon will disappear

Appear in another place and time

The chameleon will say it again

A tale of win for his success

It is the word play in the mind

The chameleon

Likely it will be with politicians

They have to win voters in different locations

The needs will vary from town to city

the racial harmony


The racial harmony

The bad hats will not care

They want to indulge into their own

About others they don't see

The racial harmony

Compassion will hold the key

Recognize the light will flow

Everyone will benefit

The world we live

So many bad keep coming

The bad elements will not see

They want the bush fires

The racial harmony

Walk in the path of glow

The lights will benefit all

Not hiding in darkness

Saturday, March 30, 2024

the shadows of the bad


The shadows of the bad

Hiding behind back doors

Instigating to cause political unrest

Wanting to bring a bad name to the nation

A minor issue in our everyday life

Somebody will make out a big issue

Using 2R as the bogey-man

They want to make the nation look bad

There are many hiding

In political parties or NGOs

They don't have economic ideas

They just want to cause troubles

The police should know

They have their networks to run

Finding the bad isn't difficult

If only the police want to pursue it

The shadows of the bad

The hidden agendas causing us to worry

They don't like to live in sharing

They want their own kind to prosper

If there is no unity

Different horses galloping different ways

United to progress will take a long time

Currently it leaves a bad taste

the bad elements


The bad elements

Running loose in the country

They are the cause for the problems

Hiding behind the political badge

The police will not run

They wait and watch

Because 2R is still riding high

Painted with the same brush and color

The IGP has said it clear

Everyone should stop harping issues

Causing problems to the nation

He may be late but he is serious about it

The IGP should get hold some of the wolf leaders

They are doing to hurt others' feelings

Shouting boycott of businesses of others

They bring shame to the nation

The bad elements

The police should catch them

Don't wait for them to show

Don't wait for police report too

$500,000 found in a bag


$500,000 found in a bag

A security guard found it in public place

Now the police has custody

An IT director claims ownership

The man still hasn't come forward

The police waited for him for days

Maybe he can't explain about the money

Trying to find ways to get it

In a normal situation

We will quickly go out and get it back

It isn't about stealing

It is about a bag of money forgot

We will support with documentary evidence

One or two witnesses to claim ownership

We will not wait for days to make a return to claim

The IT director finding ways to claim the cash

The police will wait for him today

The IT director must bring his bank transactions

Maybe his witnesses to help him claim ownership

Else the police will confiscate the money bag

the man in Putrajaya


The man in Putrajaya

His footprints he seems to forget

Gone to prison; got a black eye

Did he learn his ill-treatment?

Running high in opposition

He could say many things to the audience

The draconian laws and regulations

He could make his promises to change

Many voters would believe

The right man for the job

Change the bad laws

Boost up the economy

So much hope to see

The crucial stand he should deliver

He diverted his attention elsewhere

Causing him to get the negative wind

The recent incidents

He didn't seize it up

He worried about his survival

He didn't want to spook it

The “mun mun lai” man

He has to wake up to defend his promises

Talking too much without action

Renaissance man may have lost his focus

Friday, March 29, 2024

STDs on changing partners


Changing partners

The PUAs and followers

Testing skills roaming in sheets

Minds full of tweets

The consequences

Causing rise in STDs

Changing partners

Roaming on the streets

Now STDs mutated

The resistance to drugs

Causing concern in society

Of those playing in the field

In China the health officials alarm

The drugs can't combat STDs

Changing partners rising up the tide

The health officials may ring up the bell

STDs rising

Now it may cause concern

The drugs aren't effective

Changing partners should take precaution

the police should take down the bad


Stay in focus

Stay in unity

Don't let the bad

Jumping over the fence

Once they do

The damages will ruin

The stability of the nation

Don't ever give them an inch

Look at Sabah and Sarawak

The unity of many colours

They aren't affected by their religion

They live together knowing their faith

Not here in Malaya

2R always jump up ahead

Others will have to stay quiet

They can't say much about it

Forged into Malaysia

The 2R still running high

The police should clamp it down

Let the nation prosper for all

the police


The police

Chase the culprits

Throwing the molotov bottles

They are causing stability issue

This isn't something to forget

It is always linked to extremism

Playing by the bad politicians

Enriching their own agendas

It has to be stopped

Even the bad politicians too

They mustn't be allowed to walk free

Don't let them causing instability

The police

Don't look at race or religion

Focus on your role

Peace be upon the nation

the moo should face his dilemma


The Moo

Lost his bid in COA

His case directed back to High Court

Yet he files appeal

Asking COA to revisit their decision

Is he trying to make a mockery of the judges?

He has lost his appeal

This is the final he could go

His corruption case

Trying his best to stop it

He should be brave to face the court

Let his case begin

Once he talked a lot

About 1MDB on MO1

Now he faces his own dilemma

He doesn't want the brush to paint on him

He has to face his music

Even his son in law dares not return

Hiding somewhere in overseas

He has no reason to appeal but to delay

Thursday, March 28, 2024

promises must be fulfilled


Renaissance man

Get your promises fulfilled

It is still waiting to get it done

The nation will wait to be free

Until you get it flowing

Don't think of returning as prime minister

As the voters may not like it

If your promises unfulfilled

So much hope on you

Taking down the draconian laws

But you have gone the wrong way

Giving salute to 2R flag

Get your promises fulfilled

Don't try to get others not in your list

Focus on what you promise to the voters

Else your party will lose in GE16

You have 4 years to turn your fortune

Let the voters know you are the man for change

So far you have gotten it in a wrong direction

You still have hope to change the way

the red eye ravens


Once there was no small red eye raven

There was no such different cry in the air

Many can be found in Ipoh GH

Clamouring for attention with their noises

Hanging around the trees

In the morning sun rises

Now it can be seen

Once there were 2 hanging by the electric cables

Tweeting their morning call in the sun

In time there are many flying in droves

Circling high in the sky making their calls

From one tree to another

Now it can be seen

The many red eye ravens on cables

Where they are food to be eaten for free

The small ravens will fly with glee

the Indian voters


The Indian voters

Angry with Am I See

They want to shift votes

Backing up the wrong tree

Don't jump from the frying pan

Hopping over to the fire

They think they will get a good deal

If only they don't get grilled badly

Don't turn blind

Angry has its down-slide

They don't see the devil tree

The true form will swallow them all

It is best they still stay

Within the frame-work of unity parties

They will not be left far behind

They will have a chance to smile

the political trouble makers


The political trouble makers

They sense the weaknesses

Of the government ministers

Taking too slow to get on the responses

When troubles flare up on the ground

It is always best to put out the fires

It mustn't take too slow to response

By then the fires will have spread far and wide

Especially with Renaissance man

Doesn't he read the ground well?

Once he walked on it far and wide

As the opposition leader knowing the grouses

Now he is in the power groove

He has forgotten how to response

Even his black eye while in prison

He drives his car too slow on the road

Now the political trouble makers

They raise their stakes high in demand

Using 2R to bang on the drums

Only the drama of fools will fall for it

Boycott this boycott that

In the end who will lose it all?

The political trouble makers

They are only interested in their own needs

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Covid 19 in cat-nap


Covid 19

Don't let our guards down

The virus isn't disappearing

It is staying low and watching

It has mutated

Losing its sting

The scientists will say

But it isn't dead!

While we can go on living

Feel the sun, the wind and seas

But we mustn't forget

Covid 19 is still sleeping

We may not hear much now

Nobody wants to spook the public

We have to stay alert while in public places

Covid 19 can wake up and start to spread

Covid 19

Stay alert while in public places

We shouldn't forget its history

It may wake up causing misery

where action will take a slow run


Too many MOUs signed

It reads good on papers

The few hundred billions

Rising the employment chart

In reality rounds

It will take a while

Some may not happen

As parties may pull out

As the latest controversy issue

It may cause a rethinking

The intending companies

May not want to pursue

The stable government

It will help in the run

With the 2/3 majority

It will be stable to manage

But with the quiet management

Letting the bad politicians taking sight

They will cause the bad publicity

Where action will take a slow run

the good fighters


The good fighters

The nation seeks to find

The years she is facing

The sparks flying low

The country facing

The challenges ahead

The 2R controversy

The police act slowly

The good fighters

They stay quiet

They don't want to fight

They see it as a losing sight

In a way they may be right

The bad politicians smile

The good fighters

They still hang around

Though the nation cry

The good fighters stay quiet

why are the police waiting?


Why are the police waiting?

When the wolves keep harping on it

The police say they wrapped up their investigation

Now no politicians should harp non-stop

The culprits were caught and swiftly charged

There was no waiting time or lawyers present

They were hauled up in court and sentence

On a word on the sock controversy

The police should charge the wolf leaders

Who still arrogantly display their 2R

They may have hurt others feeling

Compassion should be the way in living

As a result the molotov throwing

In Taiping and Bidor of a chained outlets

This type of behaviour the police should hunt them down

Don't play the double standard game

Renaissance man still calculating

He shouldn't act so slow in 2R

He has to act appropriately facing the challenge

Don't let it out of his control

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

the pages of life


The pages of life

Everything should move

According to a script

Living in peace and joy

As we all know

The mind will play

Moving it in many directions

The focus will stray

Then come the bad politicians

The race base NGOs singing a different tune

Everything about their own needs and desires

They don't see beyond their race and religion

The pages of life

The bad will want to tear away

Leaving them a hollow to jump in

Thinking they can be great calling it their own

When heavy rainfall appears

The flashes of flood rising

Asking for help nobody around

The pages of life they will remember

Living in compassion

The way to live to enjoy life

In unity everyone will not be left behind

Every success everyone has a share

the shadow


The shadow

It always stick around

It will not go away

No matter how hard you try

You can dream

Flying high thinking you are free

Soaring high breathing in your space

In reflection you will see

Nothing you can do

It is your own shadow

Every step of the way

Watch your back days and nights

The shadow

Dark and stay cool

You can't shake it away

It stays like a magnet

let PSSC take a look


Why in the hurry on citizenship amendment?

As if it is so serious it needs to be done?

Many concerned groups have expressed displeasure

Yet Renaissance man through his Home Minister push it on

The NGOs and opposition groups request it

The Bill send it to PSSC for reviewing and recommendation

Is this so hard to allow it to happen?

Renaissance man better wakes up soon

The important issues affecting the nation

He should stay focus on it now

The economy, the bad laws and 2R

Be firm on it for the changes

Most of the MOUs signed

It will take a while to turn in for progress

This should be his efforts instead of citizenship amendment

It will make him going to lose his votes in GE16

So much hope for him to deliver

All the promises during the campaigns

It seems he has forgotten about it

Maybe he can't remember his black eye?

Let PSSC take a look

It will show his willingness to oblige

But power seems to blind him

Just defer the amendment for a while

worrying not about tomorrow


Live the life

We have only one to survive

Why want to create bad faith?

Leaving a bad memory

Though we live

In the dark and light

We know it

When we grew up to understand

Yet we still fall prey

To greed and power games

Making many fall from grace

Dreaming of heaven there is no race

Live the life

Worrying not about tomorrow

We will never know it

Live today glad to stay alive

the road to paradise


The road to paradise

This is Mother Earth

We are living in it

Yet we don't seem to enjoy

The politicians make us cry

With their ego so big in the sky

We see bad vibrations

The road to paradise

Look at the super-powers

The kind of political games they play

Front doors, back doors and side doors

The road to paradise we cry

The tears of memories

Of the World Wars and border clashes

Many were sacrifice and forgotten

And still we don't learn our history

The tears dropping

Washing our windows of our souls

Remembering those painful events

We still don't learn our mistakes

The road to paradise

It isn't through religions

It is through our efforts to live

In compassion and harmony

Monday, March 25, 2024

arrogance has no place in politics


Home Minister

Arrogance has no place in politics

You should know better

Because the voters didn't vote for you

You lost your seat in Kulim

You are in the Cabinet through the back door

That you forget your standing

You should stay humble and listen

Consultations and arguments

Part of the parcel to good governance

NGOs have the knowledge and experiences

You don't have it in your exposures

The amendments involve knowledge of law

You don't have it in you to visualize it

It is good to hear from outsiders

But your brush them aside at will

Remember the voters know

How a minister conduct his work and networking

It isn't for life to a politician

Tomorrow he may have to join a NGO