Thursday, April 30, 2020

covid 19 flows like the wind

Covid 19 flows like the wind
Blowing up and blowing down
It never want to disappear
It will host us as its souls

Covid 19 has mutated
It will never stay alone
It has changed its way
Pushing us to our end

Unless we stay united
We have to fight it through
Covid 19 flows like the wind
It has no preference on race or religion

Nobody can escape
If we don't follow the rules
Covid 19 will hunt us down as hosts
It needs to survive

We shouldn't allow it to happen
Covid 19 flows like the wind
We have to stay put at homes
Grow fat as least we are still alive!

go back to PH, Johore Bersatu

Johore Bersatu
Don't cry over spill milk
You got your chances
You were head of the government

Now what you got?
Playing second fiddle to Amno baru
Johore Bersatu now realize
Follow Mukhriz they forgot

It isn't too late
Johore Bersatu play your card
Swing back to PH
You may get the post again

As the head of government
Now do the right way to fulfill the mandate
Don't play second fiddle to Amno baru
Go back to PH save your soul

but life has to move on

The lock down has one side effect
The people will grow fat on the wrong side
Sitting down watching movies or surf the net
Trying to forget about Covid 19

This virus hasn't surrendered
It still wants to play its deadly game
India has reported a 30 different mutations
On the Sars-Covid 2 type virus

Here the back door government allows
Certain industries to start full operations
Don't the coup leaders see the overall picture?
They fall for the trap by Covid 19

The active chart still rising
Covid 19 may play hide and seek
Up and down the chart it sings
What will it be?

The economy has to go down
What else to do but Covid 19?
Saving lives are important
But economy can wait

Don't rush in
Knowing how Covid 19 work
The nation may suffer for it
She can't afford to have another wave!

Most of us will put on weight
The consequences of lock down
Some may feel depressed and worried
But life has to move on

the foxes in the chicken coop

The foxes in the chicken coop
Watching the eggs piling up in straws
Eyes grow big and hungry in the stomachs
The chickens never see them coming

They dream of their world
In the chicken coop they live
They don't need to live in fear
With silver fencing they feel protected

But it is the false hope of protection
The greedy foxes will try to find a way in
They want to steal; nothing will stop the deed
The foxes feeling good no need to worry

They have the control over the chicken coop
Only the chickens still dreaming of false protection
Still dreaming of the time of many eggs
The foxes jump in wagging tails

The farmer aims his rifle
In his hiding place to take shots at the foxes
The chickens run wild flapping wings
Shots fire the foxes stare in death sequences

the laws must apply equally

They broke the MCO regulations
They knew they are wrong indeed!
When they were caught they would give reasons
The police just handcuffed them put them in lock-up

The police would process it quickly
Get them to court and get punished
The MCO breakers would know the truth
Why breaking law has no excuse!

Yet in the scheme of things
We saw the double standards came
Some VIPs were fine no jail term
One was left go without a case!

The ordinary folks would face jail
Some would have to do community services
Is this how our judges work?
Different set of laws for different class of people?

As the past cases gone by
One cardiologist was handcuffed in his office
The police brought him to the station to be charged
One VIP daughter was asked to come to station

She wasn't handcuffed or in police car
She could arrogantly talked back to her critics
Will the police handcuff her to be fair to all?
The laws have no eyes or ears it has to be fair

The MCO regulations must apply equally to all
The police must adopt the principle of fairness
The police mustn't show favouritism to any one
Once the law is broken the culprit must face punishment

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

don't throw caution to the wind

Don't throw caution to the wind
When lives are lost through Covid 19
There is no chance to revive it back
It will turn to ashes to ashes

Don't we learn our lessons?
Covid 19 has mutated into 3 groups
From A to B to C with the main group A
It hasn't gone away from our shore

The authorities haven't broken through
The illegals who are hiding here
They supply the cheap labour to the nation
They hide until the authorities relax the routine checks

Now we have students sending homes
From their places of stay back to villages or towns
From the areas where Covid 19 still in active mode
How sure are we handling Covid 19?

This is the pessimistic view
It is better to face the extreme odd
Then getting it cold when there is no vaccine
It will take 18 months so say the report

Don't throw caution to the wind
Covid 19 hasn't died down on our shore
It still stays active in the air
We may face the next wave?

don't play hide and seek with covid 19

The granting of business full operations
No doubt it will hike up the business activities
The business owners or operators must understand
Covid 19 isn't slowing down as yet

The chart hasn't gone flat
It fluctuates every day in our lives
The risks of lives are now greater
The illegals may come out to seek employment

The business owners or operators
They don't think of lives can be lost
They think only of their profits or losses
Let the economy go flat to save lives

The economy can revive
As history has concluded all the times
But lives lost are forever
There is no chance to reactivate a life!

Are we prepare for the next wave?
Covid 19 is looking for hosts to spread
We haven't seen the chart going down
We see the fluctuations of the chart

We have the active cases
We haven't checked the illegals
We can't be like Singapore
Suddenly the hike of cases in the republic!

Who is going to check the companies on rules?
Will the operators stick to it every day or sometimes?
We are in Covid 19 era now
We can't be playing hide and seek!

the good life has to change

The good life
Has to change
If we want to live
Under Covid 19

Don't make mistakes
We can have the good life
The economy will change
The bad days will come

Listen to the sad songs
The good life has to change
We can't live the way of life before
Covid 19 has changed our ways

We have to take heed
Nothing will remain as usual
We have to change our ways
Because of Covid 19

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

covid 19 is still hanging in the air

There will be another wave
The back door government allows certain industries
To jump start the economy for domestic and export
Bearing in mind Covid 19 is still hanging in the air!

What is the back door leaders thinking?
Life is precious but economy can wait
Don't make mistakes for Covid 19 to spread
The interactions on workers and surrounding areas

Covid 19 will force businesses to stop
There is no second guessing game
When the back door leaders allow business operations
Covid 19 will salivate at the ready hosts!

We fought so hard to contain the virus
We can't let it happen all over again
There will be a new cluster to stare at us
Because certain industries allow to operate

Covid 19 hasn't disappear yet
The active cases are still coming in
Plan the wrong way the nation will suffer
All because of poor leadership and vision

yesterday songs

Yesterday songs
It keeps the mood going
Living in the Covid 19 era
The deaths toll keeping rising

Yesterday songs
It keeps the days flow
Watch the wind and rain
Forget about Covid 19

Today listening
The time of yesterday songs
Feel the good vibrations
Let the smile return

Though living in Covid 19
In lock down going nowhere
Listening to yesterday songs
Lets hear the world of that time

leaving the threads of tapestry

When the voices are gone
Leaving only the memories
Of the shared footprints
in the tapestry of time

Open the pages of photos albums
There the laughter, smile and tears
Remembering the shared moments
Of the years gone with each passing day

When the voices are gone
The sound of echo seems to hear
The flickering moment of hearing
Maybe the wind whirring away

But there is the good feeling
Though the voices may have called the last
Leaving the threads of tapestry
Locking in to the memories

the moves behind the scene

The shadows move
Quietly along the corridor
Under the watchful eyes
Of a leader who spins tales

The moves behind the scene
The people aren't watching full
They are quarantine at homes
Because of Covid 19

Only the NGOs watching it
They will make noises loudly
Of laws of unequal treatment
The old system seems to crawl in

The people aren't watching
They have economic issues in the minds
The worrying faces of prolong lock down
Will there be employment after MCO?

But the shadows aren't worried
They are paid to move around
Looking for kilos and monkeys
Increase the supporting bank

The leader of telling tales
Karma is watching his moves
The sins he has accumulated
He may have to pay back

The shadows move
Hunting for kilos and monkeys
Under Covid 19 people aren't watching
Only NGOs keeping logs of it

Monday, April 27, 2020

no getting away for MCO breakers

MCO breakers
They have to be charged
What's there to prepare investigation papers?
They break the law

Even VIP or family members
They mustn't be allowed to go free
They have broken the law
Why keep silence on it?

The police and AG mustn't play safe
There mustn't be a 2 sets of law
MCO breakers need to be charged
Take them to court, fine or imprison

What's there to argue?
The VIP or minister who break MCO law
They have to be charged and fined
There is no reason they could walk free

We don't need 2 sets of law
The old system has returned?
AG has to make the law apply equally
Most NGOs will keep watch

the coup leaders

The coup leaders
Don't try to paint a bad picture
Of your previous party in PH
They had their time then

Now in the back door
Cheating the mandate from the people
It is a betrayal they would have to pay
There is no way to can escape their sins

They stood on PH ticket
Told the story of greed and corruption
They got voted in by the voters
Now they cooperated with the bad

The coup leaders
Don't spin tales out of the air
Just watch out for karma
She may want to strike down

goodbye Peter Morris

The candles light
Waving with the wind
Light up the darkness
Showing us the way

Life may have lost
The struggle to get free
Once it leaves its destination
A new one will take in paradise

Living with the saints
Learning once more of life
The journey has to begin
No need to feel sorrow or pain

We can share the memories
The years we met long ago
The life of a sailor; the life of working
The places you gone to visit

It's sad we can't meet you
The last time before you leave
We can only remember the memories
The pleasant thought and conversation

The candles light
In our hearts we wave you goodbye
Up in paradise with the saintly saints
You will tell them the story of a sailor-man


Goodbye Peter Morris
The Good Lord will take care of you
Living in His world of paradise
You will be free with joy

the 2 tigers can't live together

The 2 tigers can't live
On the same mountain
It will never benefits them
Because each will try to beat it

The cow is dreaming
Sitting on his position
One tiger will let him grow fat
Then it is easy to paw on him

When the cow isn't aware
The pitfalls surrounding his position
He will fall flat on his face
As they say karma is a bitch

Though he can moo for now
Believing he can hold on to the power
The under currents are on its way
He sits on the support of others

Covid 19 put a brake
He can try to consolidate
But it will waste his time
For one tiger will get rid of him

May he can escape
June or July he may not
There should be a special Parliament session
The cow can't escape the opposition will petition for it

The back door government will fall
When the light knocks off the darkness call
The saints will march and sing their songs
The bad ones will hide in the hollow darkness

Sunday, April 26, 2020

the back door government isn't in crisis mode

Unemployment will be high
As certain industries may close shop
It can't sustain its operations
Living under Covid 19

There is no choice
Economy has to take a back seat
Life is important to save
Economy can wait

Covid 19 shows us
Why the companies are poorly managed?
Without cash flow to survive
Cash flow is a blood in any organization

A company can suffer losses
Through fixed costs and impairments
As long as it has bank of cash flow
The company will survive in crisis

As experts have hinted days ago
About 2 million will lose their jobs
The back door government isn't in crisis mode
Its leaders think of something else for themselves

The economic crisis will happen
Nothing will remain the same any more
We have to wake up to the changes
Work in homes spend less time in offices

the candles for the fallen angels

The candles light
To remember those angels
Who fought hard and died
Took by Covid 19

The candles light
Let us remember the doctors
Who fought in the front lines
They got hit by unseen virus

We are grateful of their sacrifices
The world will remember the moments
Of history on Covid 19
Attacking the world without mercy

The candles light
Flickering with the wind
Casting shadows of angels
They fought hard but lost

May the Good Lord
Bless their souls
Put them among the saints
Sacrificing their lives for the good

playing games in the sheets

Playing games in the sheets
It always have all the benefits
The love, the closeness, the connections
Everything in one sweep everything will be fine

Yet there are many problems
Many people will face single or couple
As if there is always big secret by itself
Many books or articles have written on it

But are we wiser with the tips?
We aren't by the score of it
We still face problems in our games
Lucky for us we have coaches 

Giving us advice or tips of how to get well
Going underneath the sheets to paradise
At times the connection fails big time
The low down and worrying faces

It still does even today
Lasting longer is an issue
Stay hard too in the deep connection
It makes the men losing their flies

Every woman has different tastes
Talking dirty is no way to glow
Even the back door has a seal “Don't enter!”
Because religions come in to play

Between the sheets
It should be fun and glow
Yet there are still problems
When religion comes in to stay

why allow inter-state permission?

Why allow inter-state permission?
There is no reason to allow it
It is under MCO the police should stick the rules
Letting motorists apply defeat the purpose
It is to control the spread of Covid 19
Here the police want to let it happen?
There is no reason for the motorists to travel
Covid 19 isn't a child play
It will strike when we aren't aware
The silent carriers spread it whole again
Do the police know it?
The chart isn't changing straight
It is still the swing of high and low
It means the virus is still attacking
The police shouldn't allow free hosts to it
The spike will chart the scene
Let the green zones stay
Without any one to spread it
We want to control the virus
The police should stop the permission

someone to love

Someone to love
Walking down the street
The sun shining bright
The wind singing in my ears

The cars passing by
With lovers smiling
Eyes lock in to each other
They don't see the road

The motorists riding along
With pillion riders pretty in the moon
Laughing at the jokes with the wind
Someone to love every time

The need of love
In the time of pandemic
It doesn't have to stop
It reminds me there is life

Somebody to love
Somewhere in the universe
There are many tuning in embrace
Loving while the time passes by

Someone to love
Living near or far
Reach out stay in tune
Don't let the time walk by

Saturday, April 25, 2020

the jigsaw puzzle in Moo

The jigsaw puzzle in Moo
He is afraid to lose his post
Though he says he isn't interested
But he is telling a lie

He planned it in sleeping beauty time
He dug in in IMDB and kleptocracy clock
He wanted the position so bad in his mind
He would do whatever it took to reach there

Once he got it
He wanted to tell us a lie
A person who doesn't inspire confidence
Walk through the back door

He is afraid of karma
Though history will say bad about him
And his 11 pieces of gold he carries in his head
The supporters of a shared back door wisdom

The jigsaw puzzle in Moo
The bats may fly away
Now they have the blood bank
But it will not last for long