Friday, February 28, 2014

don't be a fool to rush in

Driving late in the night
Sometimes in the early morning rise
Don't you you miss your bedtime?
The body needs its rest

The darkness in the night
Do you see the dark angel smile?
She is smiling for a good reason
You never learn your lessons

It is better late than be sorry
When the eyes are tired...
It is time to take a rest
Do it a favour stop by the road side

Close your eyes for a few minutes
It will help you to stay awake
Along the road of dimlit night
The dark angel picking up souls

So don't be a fool to rush in
Life is a gift to enjoy paradise
Know the rules and its pitfalls
You shouldn't forget you have only one life

Next time on the road
Stay alert all the times
Once you forget the dark angel smiles
You may not want to fall into her trap

too much

Too much paradise
In the life will make you lazy
You don't think what life will bring
You think only within the walls

Too much of everything
You are left without a choice
You can't bring your mind to decide
You sit down and grow fat

Too many bodyguards
You think you are a god or something
You believe you can't go wrong
One bullet it takes to make the difference

Too much in life
You better make good use of it
Once death makes its way
You have nothing on your journey

a child is born

In the morning of light
The crying of a child was born
In the hospital under C-section
The world gets a new light

A proud moment for the mother
A child she will be happy to have
The day and day and year and year
She will learn how to take care

There will be life changes
The perspective will be different
A child will bring the joy
The eyes will glow

The sleepless nights
The waking hours will be changed
A child will bring the differences
Of a day of many adjustments

It is worth the efforts
Of a child walking into life
The cycle will begin
The grandparents will be happy all day

the dark angel

Read of death every day
The dark angel just waits at the corner
Sharpening his tool of trade
Waiting for the fools who never want to live?

In Penang a man wrapped in bedsheet
Laid him down on the pavement
Is it something to learn for the police?
A sign of protest or a religious cult?

A murder in open challenge
Catch me if you can!”
The police should work harder
Forget about catching political opponents

In Gua Temporong 4 young adults died
In the early morning they rushed back from Ipoh
Why couldn't they stay back then driving at 5.00am?
After a party now lives gone in the dark hour

Small cars the young adults wanted to speed
Didn't they know compact cars are death trap?
The safety isn't a top priority but price is...
Small cars are meant to cruise around towns or cities..

Don't drive when eyes are tired
You will see double vision the mind playing tricks
It is here where dark angel smiles wickedly
You are a fool now I got you!”

you smoke

You smoke
On the road standing
The motorists passing by
You don't care

You look at the traffic lights
The red, yellow and green
It never wants to change
You smoke

Everyone waiting
At the red traffic light
In the night no temper flare
You don't care

You walk along
Hoping to catch a hopeful
The night is just beginning
You smoke

You see a man waving
One look you know he is trouble
You quickly make your exit
Before he can catch up

In the dark corner
You stop to take a breather
You smoke
Feeling safe for a while

Thursday, February 27, 2014

hunting in the forest

How many times
When in the jungle
Don't get separated
The hunters of animals

So many reported accidental killings
Of fellow hunters mistaken as animals
The shots were fired death in the forest
Who was to blame for the death?

Hunting in the forest
The ghosts or evil angels roam
Don't forget to pray before you enter
Maybe some hunters forget

There are those who disappeared
For days in a daze in the forest
Nobody can find them
Until the spirits release their bodies

So in the jungle
Use sign languages
No name should be called
You never know who will imitate

the rain never sing

borrowed drought

The rain never sing
In the clouds it keeps hiding
The empty dams going to be
The worrying faces no colour no creed

No religion to say
Nature has come
Now we have to listen
The rain never sing

What to quarrel now?
The greedy and corrupted mind
The personal gratifications on the rise
Forgetting partners in living cycles

Nature has her ways
The hiccups on our daily living
Now we have to listen
We aren't the owners of the land

smoke on penang hill


penang hill on fire borrowed

Penang Hill
The cool night breezes
The silence in the quiet night
The hilly people and tourists

The sunny day
The shady trees reflect the heat
The windy breezes on top of the hill
Once you retired one of the good places to stay

But Nature has her way
The hot spells in the country
The sparks ignite the hill fires
The smoke blowing in the air

The people in Penang
Wake up to see the smoke
In the day or in the night

Nature says “it isn't over yet”

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

the kittens on the roof

The two kittens on the roof
Been there for months hiding and walking
In the morning the kittens will come around
Eyes looking down to the ground

The mother cat sometimes arrive
Bringing food in plastic bag....
Jumping over the fence then hop to the roof
The 2 kittens will meow hungrily

The mother cat encourages the kittens to jump
The 2 kittens edge it closer to the end of the roof
Heads popping downwards measuring the distance
Hanging there for awhile before they walk away

Sometimes the Indian woman will throw food
Right on the roof top for the kittens
Cooing them to jump down from the roof top
The kittens just stay up looking at her

The mother cat will spend quality time
The 2 kittens hanging around on the roof
After a while the mother cat will jump down
The 2 kittens just look but stay on safer ground

success through practice

When you try once
You may not get the result
You may lose it
You may get frustrated

You think you have spent time
You think you have spent money
The end result is what you expected
But you fail in it

Take a car test
Some will pass it
Others will have to try again
Imagine the time and money spent

Even trying to hook up the opposite sex
The first move is the hardest to flow
Once you learn and accept your failures
Every time you do you will learn

Don't run away the first hello
You may get the rejection offer
Learn it quickly and come back again
Keep learning and trying the next level will flow

It is just like learning guitar
You learn all the chords, riffs and strums
Yet you can't play a song or a random melody
The work is to get it on with it learn and practice

We live to learn of failures
In time we will master it
It is the first step giving us the blue
Once it is mastered the rest is history

the water woes

The water woes
The hot spells in the country
States in a tight spot
Of water in the dams

The people are angry
What's the use people?
You don't want to change
You want more for your own

Now you see Nature sneezes
The hot spells falling on the nation
The water woes affecting every race
There is no political division

Perlis, Kedah, Negeri Sembilan
Malacca, Johore and Selangor
The water woes unsmiling faces
The temper rising the angry words

What's the use people?
The change you try to run away
Now the Nature makes us realize
We shouldn't be greedy and corrupted

the police still hunting

The bullets fly
The underworld assassins came
On motorbikes with pillion rider
The dead bodies on the side road

The police did try
But where it would end?
The corrupted cops in the ranks
As Macc had found out lately

The underworld leaders could play
The money and hiring killers to do a job
The illegals could be used to do a dirty work
They don't have records here

How else the police still can't find them?
The hired killers on the prowl.....
Death and money on the fall
The police had a tough time hunting

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

listen to the words

Listen to the words
It can change many times
The way of our lives
The political leaders try

It isn't really to our benefits
We lose more than we gain
The political leaders try
The smiling faces then they forget

When the goods are in the bags
They will go away forget us a long time
Until the next election they start to come
Telling us again the story of yesterday

We mustn't be afraid to change government
It is our right to pick and choose on our votes
We shouldn't allow a party to stay too long
They will think the are the lords

We have learned our lessons
The decades past and the recent election
This time we must really change
It is for the best for us and nation

the leaders just can't stay away

The sea of faces
Hands going up in the air
Everyone looking
Who want out?

The last threat
The Chinese didn't buy it
The voters punished Am Ci A
They lost tails between their legs

The last threat
They didn't get it
They suffered in humiliating defeat
Now they did the same thing

The promise to stay away
In the government of race
They just want the gravy train
Less than a year they can't stomach it

So now the leaders twist around
The Chinese don't need Am Ci A
It is only for those who wanted for themselves
After over 50 years what were the sold out?

Now the Kajang voters
They will again teach Am Ci A
Don't twist around to say
In the bin it's the better way

Monday, February 24, 2014

the sweet lamb


The sweet lamb
On the road to a rough battle
On the rocky hill
In the hot sun

The hot breezes
She feels the heat
The sweet lamb
She has no choice

Putting up a front
The promises of her party
The party leaders can't hold it
The ringing bell they yearn to hear

Now the crumbling rocks
She can't run she can't hide
She is routed eyes wide open
The voice hardly sound

In a short while
The roasted lamb
On the tumbling rocks
Yesterday remembered

a few bad apples

A few bad apples
They wanted to spread ill feeling
Using religion, race and royalty
In the land of plenty

These farm out boys
They allegedly got the green light to say
Without any police action or prosecution
The way the speeches were reported

Even police report made
Nothing would come out of it
There was no hurry to interview them
There was no hurry to call them in

It was just a close one eye case
The files or report would be filed away
The police officers would pretend
What was there to say?

A few bad apples
They would make the whole nation looked bad
They weren't the custodian of the nation
They were the immigrants like most of us living here

With a government falling sleep
The farm out boys going out to make bush fires
Forgetting this is the nation belonging to all of us
This is the country we were born, live and die

A few bad apples
Why don't you look into the mirror?
Have you prayed to God lately?
The ashes of sin surely you don't forget

walk with nature

Blame nature
The dry hot spells
The dams are drying up
The essential commodity cries

The decades of mismanagement
Nature has come out to teach us
The politicians and greedy businessmen
Once you destroy nature..payback will come

The eco-system shouldn't be lopsided
It is a circle to benefit every player
Once it becomes a one party system
Nature will pay us a visit

Now the hot spells
No rain some states for weeks or months
Do the greedy leaders and businessmen learn?
Maybe they haven't

The open burning
The bush fires
The dry spells
The nation suffers

Do we learn?
We better wake up
Nature giving us hints

Walk with nature

water oh water!

The Klang Valley
The water issue in the hot sun
The taps run dry for some areas
The hot anger rising, rising and rising

The company never gets it done
The wastage from leaking pipes
The decades down the road
The politics in water control

This commodity shouldn't privatize
Bee Anne gave it to its crony
It is the alleged way to divert funds
The job isn't done too well

When Pakatan takes control of the State
The water becomes an issue
The crony will have excuses to cut water
The players in Bee Anne want to shoot Pakatan

The people are angry
The essential commodity becomes a begging
In Klang Valley Bee Anne forget
We are all Malaysians

Election is over for now
The serious work must get it done
Yet the water issue making people angry

Bee Anne will be paid dearly in GE14

Sunday, February 23, 2014

the cats laze in the morning sun

The cats laze in the morning sun
On the front gate licking its furs
Looking at the passersby
Who are you?” the cats seem to say

The cats ignore them
The cats ignore the owner of the house
Under the morning ray of light
Who want to run?”

The cats rolling over
Stretching legs and bodies
For a while then they lay on the ground
Looking at others walking by

The morning sun beating on them
The cats feeling warm and good
There is no dog to chase them
They have their freedom they know it

the cherry blossom

The cherry blossom
The flowers smell in the air
Only for a time on a season
Then it will fade and wither

On the ground in the park
People will walk over it
Some will ignore and forget
There is nothing much to remember

On the ground breathing its last breath
The leaves soft and tender and crunchy and dry
The breezes will take the leaves away thrashing them
The flowers will be broken to pieces crying in the wind

What will remain of the cherry tree?
The season has gone another time perhaps
Of a political life burying in the votes
Of a party people dislike it many times over