Saturday, February 28, 2009

you got it right

Perak State Assembly Speaker
You got it right to call
The state assembly emergency meeting
Settle it once and for all

With due respect to Sultan of Perak
He should have set the tone earlier
He made his fatal move drawing flaks
Of all people in the country
Only Bee Anne and Harm Noh think otherwise

Now get the emergency meeting in motion
On 3 March 2009 decide the resolutions
Pass it and get it down into history
The Perakians want a snap election
To decide which party administers the state

Though the state legal advisor tries to block
He has no business to interfere at all
He should be charged for House contempt
The state assembly speaker must bring him in

Precaution is necessary
When the event may bring chaos
Harm Noh goons and black dragons
Roaming the streets to create havoc
It happens in Parliament House
They may do a sequel in Perak

I say go for the throttle
Let us decide in the poll
Perakians want the mandate
In our hands we decide our journey
For the state of Perak that is

backdoors champion

Hard Days Work by Dolfino
hard time
by Dolfino from flickr
Oh we are so strong!
The economy fundamentals good
We don’t have to worry
Our reserves can last the pace

When the world facing the crisis
Bee Anne leaders still partying
Rewarding cronies forgetting about economy
Now the crushing time
What lies ahead?

Backdoors champion
Branding own trumpet
Blowing it up smiling on camera
Only the people know
It isn’t over
Many spins will come

On our plates we know
The party is over long time ago
When every where we hear
Bad news swiftly arrive

the dark shadow walks

Dark Shadow by ski 9
Dark Shadow by ski 9 from flickr
The dark shadow walks
Silently blending with darkness
Subtly weaving his ways
Amongst the dark he rules supreme

Outsiders never know him
They only see the whole dark color
Mesmerizing their eyes taking hold their souls
The dark shadow smiles
As he waits for the stupidity crime

In the dark doors
Many exits only he knows
The lamb visitors hardly see
Using torch lights maybe

The dark shadow blends
Capturing his preys
On the wall writes his stories
Of his exploits and greed

Nothing else matters
Only his needs and his play
On people’s hungry of power and greed
He is there ever willing to participate
Then he takes it away
Leaving the greedy an empty shell
Devoid of life devoid of soul
Pity isn’t it?
When one forgets God
You see He plans every thing

is he isnt he?

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi - 5th Prime Minister of Malaysia by srsstudio
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
5th Prime Minister of Malaysia by srsstudio from flickr

The time is near
The calling has done
The date has set
There is no turning back

The sleeping beauty knows
He sleeps through his years
He flips flop in his administration
He is to blame
He never steers ship
He lets it go auto-piloting

Now the time arrives
He remembers all too soon
He makes his pot of wealth
He can retire sleeping well
In the Land of Oz
He often likes to be there

Well he is still the sitting pm
He doesn’t have to go if he hasn’t finished what he wants
There is no law to say he can’t hold his position
He hasn’t resigned thus far we know

We never know
He plays all along
Suddenly he says something else
“I am back sweetie!
Where is my vanilla ice cream?”

Friday, February 27, 2009

the dark corridors of shadows

To go or not to by abstract_effects
To go or not to by abstract_effects from flickr

When truth fails
Lies begin to tell
Amongst the crowds
Listening to the fork tongues

It sounds so good
Life for you and me
Branding it all in economic growth
When we look around
People are losing jobs

Stimulus package
One after another
No details are given
Only in secret
The leaders talk

Then we hear
Toll hikes soon
Cabinet agreed 3 weeks ago
Don’t these ministers learn at all?
The world financial chaos run
They are blinded or what?

The lopsided contracts
Under wrapped under OSA
The people want to know
The Bee Anne hides it away

When truth fails
The greed becomes the norm
The dark corridors of shadows
Milking the country dry

hungry ghosts walk the corridors

Day 195 - Down a Dark Corridor by Left Blue In Black and White
Down a Dark Corridor by Left Blue In Black and... from flickr

Perak PR report
To MACC on the alleged bribery
Money, positions and concessions
Leave the party go with Bee Anne

Millions willing to spend
For the PR representatives to defect
The middlemen talked chasing hard for the sell
Under the alleged leader
The Naheep of the Harm Noh

Instead of welcoming the news
The typical Naheep threatened them
In his position he forgets
It is the people that matter

So MACC what say you?
The ball rolling in your court
Do you have it to kick into goal?
Else you want to dribble it away?

The party hopping is allowed
Without throwing substantial amount
Then call for a snap election
Within 6 months to get a new mandate

What will Bee Anne do?
Smell the power don’t do the right way
Hungry ghosts walk the corridors
Sucking up greedy souls

the harm noh thugs

Karpal Singh pun ada by izam01
Karpal Singh by izam01 from flickr

The lion on a wheelchair
Rolling it along the corridor
Thinking about his life and his dreams
Fighting for a cause he truly believes

When he was young
The roar loud and clear
The opponents recognize his skills
In law and his fights for the weak

From the land of the Pearl
He makes his name and his reputation
He fears nobody as long as he speaks right
The roar of Jelutong the lion rules

Now with 100 police reports
2 live bullets to intimidate him
The roar still loud and clear
Though age has taken its toll

Body weak mind as sharp as ever
The roaring episodes never subside
He still rules the way he is
Until one day a group of Harm Noh thugs came

On the sanctity of Parliament
These Harm Noh thugs ruled
Even the security personnel stood still
Then the wheelchair bound lion was surrounded
yet he never fears
The roar could be heard
The lion rules don’t you hear?

The Harm Noh thugs
The leaders keep silence
The disgrace in public eyes
It’s the end self destruct

The roar of the lion
He knows he is on
He will live to see it
The day the sinking ship dies

a new coat walk in the old

'Spotlight on Macc' by ;-) SHAGGY
'Spotlight on Macc' by ;-) SHAGGY from flickr

No favor no fear
Giving you a new coat
Yet walk in the old

What happen to you?
You have no balls so early
Squeezing you
You let a scream
Heart throbbing mind dying
You follow back the old routine

So many reports on Harm Noh
You dare not even ask them questions
Pretending everything is alright
Carrying out your job with division pursuits
You dare not knock the doors of the ruling elites

You are a disgrace
To the people who pay you
For a job catching the mice

On the opponents
You go so quick no food never mind
No sign of light you don’t care
You jump wholeheartedly
Into the spot without looking left or right

The people see you
A coward in tiger’s skin
Roaring up by command
By the ruling elites

Show us your bravery
Catch the culprits in the ruling elites
Reports and documents submitted
Yet you dare not open files
You look away as if nothing happens

the black dragon

black dragon by vanhelsingrrr
black dragon by vanhelsingrrr from flickr
Thugs in Harm Noh
There is no surprise
People know about it
Long time ago

The black dragon
The Mat Rempit
Throwing money
For jobs need

Even in public protests
Money is allegedly paid to agitate the crowd
The angle to create disturbances
For the sake of party and its leaders

The parade of buses
Students and unemployed
Waving flags of Harm Noh
Shouting slogans hanging banners
They don’t do it for free
Harm Noh allegedly pays for it

This is the game of loser
Knowing the time is near
GE 13 will be the tombstone
For Harm Noh and Bee Anne

The day is dawning
The leaders go running
Knowing not which way to go
Red eyes souls disappearing

one sided investigations

If you only know one side of the story, Do you really know the TRUTH? by ஐ★ღ§wêê†Båbίί®åєღ★ஐ
The goons lapped it up
One after another
Knocking on the Speaker’s doors
When state constitution provides immunity
Yet the authorities came anyway

Who is misusing the authority?
The public will judge on it
This is selective investigation
In the first place immunity speaks

The Police and MACC
The officers came to please
The political elites of Harm Noh
The end of Bee Anne

Read the laws
Know the engagements
One sided investigations
When involved Harm Noh and cronies
“No further action!”

The writing on the wall
In peoples’ minds knowing so well
Fairness should be the norm
Don’t show your wings
When you can’t make it fly

Thursday, February 26, 2009

the illegal racers

Aurora in the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. by jacobssalon
streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. by jacobssalon from flickr
The police siren
Blasting in the hot sun
Chasing after the illegal racers
On the streets of Kuala Lumpur

Revving it up
The Mat Rempit rides
Weaving in and out
No death seems the logic

The roads the life
The illegal racers ride
Endangering others
They don’t care a damn

The police siren
The illegal racers hide
In the back alleys
You see them
Parking motorbikes all in a row
As if nothing has happened

The streets of Kuala Lumpur
Many stories can be told
Mat Rempit is one of them
Death seems to avoid the race
So they are let free
Revving it up on the streets

revving it up

AJ Matela Streets of Kuala Lumpur 000 by AJ Matela
AJ Matela Streets of Kuala Lumpur 000 by AJ Matela from flickr

F1 race
On the roads
Look at the many models
Revving it up
When traffic light is green

The cheap thrills
The drivers go for it
On the roads of Kuala Lumpur
You don’t see it often

Revving it up
Challenging for space
The cars on the road
The drivers’ playground

No traffic police
It is all the way
F1 race
When traffic light is green

streets of kuala lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Tourists and Petaling Street by
Tourists and Petaling Street by from flickr
Streets of Kuala Lumpur
Crowded with people
Locals and tourists flock
On the hawkers’ stalls

Many colorful images
As you walk on the streets
Crowded people jamming in
Cars and motorcycles better park far away

Streets of Kuala Lumpur
On Petaling Street
You smell the aroma of food
The money changing on sex trade
Lurking behind alleys or fronting cheap hotels

Faces pretty tired and forlorn
Body ache eyes eager to make
The life on the streets
Money is the way

Streets of Kuala Lumpur
Stop a while take a look
The locals and tourists flock
Eyes of sadness; eyes of hope
Amongst the crowd
Mingling silently dreams floating away

Streets of Kuala Lumpur
Walk on it see many
The collection of dreams
The forgotten ones too

the joke on us

Mugger, Barcelona by
by from flickr

The joke on us
The government we elected
Rules and laws
The ruling elites waltz around

The ordinary voters
They aren’t wanted
Once the votes are cast
We are history
No value but say it is democracy

I voted in Perak
Though I am from Selangor
The way the affairs going on
It masks of kids playing hide and seek
Will the honest politicians come forward?

Perak Constitution
Follow the rules
Yet the greed of power
Conveniently forgets
Perakians get annoyed
We are not consulted

Still the playing behind backdoors
Dangling millions and positions
The 3 ‘friendly independents’ hide
They are afraid dare not show faces
The perception of allegedly of wealth and promises
The coffee shops talking about

The joke on us
The way the leaders fight
No gentleman warfare
Back stabbing ala Brutus
Will democracy survive?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a new chapter of old

MACC do your job
No favor no fear
This could be a start
Of a new chapter

It never happens
It is back to the old game
Pandering towards Harm Noh
Beholden to its existence

Selective prosecutions
On reports by Harm Noh
When it is the opposition
It is quickly swept away

Hello MACC!
You work for the people
You work not for the government
Let us be clear about it
It is our tax money
You are drawing it

Focus on the issues
Get the balls rolling
No favor no fear
Let us be clear about it

you make right, you make wrong

Shift Your Focus by The Light Whisperer
by The Light Whisperer from flickr

When the going is hard
The weak mind resorts to easy way out
Drowning it in a bottle of whiskey
Forget about problems; forget about life

Maybe influence by movies
When problems arise, they hit the sack
With a whiskey bottle tears of regrets
On the armchairs on the beds

Suddenly the focusing is gone
The mind turns awry dreams get lost
Shutting windows hiding indoors
Drawing regrets forgetting to move on

Life isn’t bed of roses
It has its ups downs
As long as one remembers it
You make right; you make wrong
It is all your own

the decaying buildings

focus by photoreciprocity
focus by photoreciprocity from flickr
The decaying buildings
Pot holes on its walls and planks
Living and standing past its glory
The heyday of yesterday has gone
Disintegrated into nakedness

The dwellers all gone now
They never came to study
Packed what they had waved goodbyes
For the memories of the good times

The diseases spread inwards
Of polices and cronyism breed
Slowly the sparkling life turns hollow
Leaving behind the wasted time and energy

Yet God never shuns away
He knows what His children do
Above the sky the bright light shine
Focusing it a beam of powerful light

Though the old buildings die
On the ashes new ones arise
Our economy may fall drastically
Maybe negative growth for now

The spirit of the humans
They don’t let go without a fight
In time the internal revolution
A rise Sir Knight!


Touchdown, Focused by Sharpeyesonline
Touchdown, Focused by Sharpeyesonline from flickr

Where is the central focus of the economy?
Government leaders all going to self gains
Leaving the economy running on outdated modules
Sleeping into the corridor of power

The world is leaving us behind
Grabbling with its tumbling drives
The world leaders looking to jump start
The stalling cars on the imaginative highway

We can’t go for exports
We can’t go for exporting services
For the world economy isn’t waking up
We have now to look inwards

The consumers in the country
The internal customers to jump start the economy
Give them the incentives lower taxes easy loans
Drive the internal customers to help the businesses

When the government talks about plans
Let us be honest; it isn’t transparent
The government leaders never identity the markets
The segments to benefit; the segments to help

What the government says
Big numbers nothing concrete
The government ministers think it will work
Don’t they learn about budgeting?
Identifying the markets and segments
Find out which ones will start the ball rolling
Effectively to drive the economy

There must be responsible officials
Monitoring and collecting data quickly
The plans must hit the correct target groups
Else we can wave our goodbyes…….

the empty promises

273\365  my beaten heart ! , No bokeh Wednesday *sigh* by ‘Daisy (havin a break)
broken heart
The empty promises
When it is never done
When the election fever grips the voters
Brewing many yet slowly it is forgotten

The elected representatives
The government formed for the country
The promises of many
It is forgotten when power returned

Now the laws
Use it for selective prosecutions
Use it for trial in the MSM
Convict the opponents
Even before it is formally charged

The empty promises
We have been living it for so long
Yet the majority hasn’t woken up
When will they do so?

The wealth of the nation
It is going to the crony dogs
So many reports on the ruling elites
The shadows hide lying low
Else pretending nothing happens
Use the agencies to divert it somewhere else

The empty promises
Don’t we learn it all?
Time we make the change
For our lives and country

PR selangor beware!

100 Hari Pakatan Rakyat by ian ahmad
tan sri khalid MB Selangor
by ian ahmad from flickr

Selangor sinking
Harm Noh wants it happens
MACC barking rabid
“I have concrete evidence
Sinking PR government”

Trial in the media
The perception of wrong doing
Selangor PR MB
On the car and cow disease

Hear me you sleepy head
People will wipe you out
The lap dogs of Harm Noh
Don’t you see the nails hammering in?

The trick to get PR MB
Selangor sultan will think differently
When PR can’t get the administration going
The Harm Noh will walk back doors again

Listen to the ground
The demons will start barking loudly
Waking up the good and bad
Maybe the ugly ones too
Selangor sinking
This is the perception
MACC barking rabid

The car and cow disease
MACC wants to trial in the media
Perception of the wrong doing
Selangor PR MB the target

The lap dogs on selective persecutions
Leaving the Harm Noh free and easy
So many corruption and police reports
No noise no barking only silence
Creeping through the corridors

So PR Selangor
Defense and attack
You know the drills
Dig holes sink Harm Noh in
Let it burns into history

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the colors changing

Sunset, Langkawi by Whalesith
Sunset, Langkawi by Whalesith from flickr

The colors changing
On the sky as you watch it
It is telling something
Use your imagination
You will find your way home

Regrets are many
For people who lived
From young to the old
Life wishes many forget

The whirring fan spinning
Hours in a day
Collecting particles
Debts must be paid

The past has gone
It can’t be had any more
It is only the memories
Haunting the nights
Maybe in the days too

Today life has many
Walk with it live with its magic
For when tomorrow comes
Today becomes yesterday

the sun loungers

Lifes Simple Pleasures by ThePres6
Life Simple Pleasures by ThePres6 from flickr

The sun loungers
On the cliff facing the sea
Wide expanse eyes can see
The clear blue water on a sunny day

The quietness brings peace
Of the roving souls seeking solace
Of the ills happening in the world
Sitting here the unpleasant can be forgotten

The white clouds clustered
Giving a push across the sky
Imagining it life mustn’t be complicated
It is our doing when temptation breeds

The sun loungers
Empty with no souls
Angels cry the stupidity of the loss
When life is hard it is test of will
When life is turned upside down
It is a test to fight and live with it

The sea flow
The undercurrent takes its course
The journey can be tough
Yet life has got to live on

life of simplicity

simple vision by imago2007
simple vision by imago2007 from flickr

The line
Arranged it perfectly
Nothing to disperse it
It reaches out easily

The wind blow
I see it moves
The life of simplicity
It sure looks great

The nature teaches
The way life should be
Simple as it goes
No headaches or heartaches
Mind feels free to dreams

It is when greed grabs
Life becomes a dizzy flight
I know how it works
The fallen is where it would be
The pot holes and emotional echo
Ringing out for salvation
Only God know

get it done quickly

The Perak Speaker
Now you had done your work
The opponents filing police reports
Deceiving themselves
They better study the Perak State Constitution

Now what Speaker?
Charge these people of contempt
Teach these morons lesson
So they learn for life

Don’t be cowed by police
Don’t be cowed by the opponents’ police report
It is time you take other measures
Charge them for contempt
Of the House Assembly Speaker

The impasse in the state government
The dirty 7 runs to seek Queen Counsel
They want to delay the inevitable
The wrongs can’t be put right

Speaker Sir
You have to get the assembly sitting quickly
Don’t delay it
Harm Noh enjoys inflicting pain and sorrow
To the people of Perak and Malaysia
So let the assembly sits in March…

Let the Perakians decide
The party to administer the state
It is in our votes we wanted to cast
The party we wish to run it

simple light of a life

02.2007 the true magic light of very simple moments by Matilde B.
light of very simple moments by Matilde B. from flickr

Simple light of a life
The easy way I find
No headaches and tears
Life seems so easy to glow

Walking on the streets
Feeling the good vibes all round
The warm breeze whirring in my ears
I know what life can be
Once forgetting the roots
The black demons rise

Even driving cars
On the streets, alleys and highways
Once you forget about values
The black demons take your life

Simple light of a life
Living it I know how it is like
The simple pleasures I can find
Glowing in my eyes and mind

Monday, February 23, 2009

God works His magic

Life of crooks
It never lives so far
A short term glory
The splashes of fame and wealth
Finally the hollowness
Then it surely disappears

Likewise in business
Playing tricks and dirty arms twisting
Giving names for personal benefits
Without the correct pathways
In the end it will collapse

foxy browns beach bar with mushroom cloud by Small Boat Sailor
by Small Boat Sailor from flickr
The crafty ways
These people think they are good
Building up wealth
Without solid foundation
When the twister blows
Nothing is left
Only the nakedness of lost dreams

History has said
In modern times we have seen plenty
Yet these people never learn
God works His magic


young lovers at st paul's by phil harrold
young lovers at st paul's by phil harrold from flickr
A13 years old boy
Knowing nothing about the world
The intricacies of life too

Yet it doesn’t stop him
He becomes a father so soon
Maybe he learns about honey and bee
Maybe he knows there is no such thing

So in his mind of romance
He fathered a child aged 13
Alfie the world looks at you
Still in school learning algebra
I know it is hard to understand

Reporters came
Writing it up in front page news
Alfie you got your fame
But the world is looking at you

que sea

Naughty Boy by swatman67
by swatman67 from flickr

Que Sea
Harm Noh gone to see
Flying off minds bewildered
When crisis hit
These people don’t know what to say

The country has
Many trained and experienced lawyers
Retired judges and senior lawyers
These inputs can be obtained
Why jump to Que Sea?

The inferior mentality
I guess this is why it is happening
A holiday camouflage as working visit
Harm Noh way we don’t forget

Past cases the line can be drawn
Within our archives we can light it up
Read what has been handed down
Yet Harm Noh goes running
To the arms of former colonial master

Harm Noh running scared
Go to the people get the mandate
In Perak Constitutional crisis
Harm Noh and Sultan should make it right
Dissolve the state assembly
And move on with life

Sunday, February 22, 2009

pictures and videos

Tokio Hotel Funny Quotes  by Tokio Hotel Official
by Tokio Hotel Official from flickr
Pictures and videos
Floating into the web
Of anything on issues
The bell tolls on whom it knocks

Seriously it is wrong
When permission isn’t granted
The scumbags who downloaded it
They should be charged and imprisoned
For invading the privacy of individuals

The victims must hold head high
Don’t run away just because it becomes public issues
You don’t break law so you are free
Hold it there let learn a lesson well

People will talk
In private in coffee shops
Years to come it is still a topic
Of how and why it becomes

Life has many issues
Live with it carrying on the crusades
One fall out isn’t the end
Unless you have no stomach
You call it quits before you fight

the black dog howling

Barking Dog by justice42
Barking Dog by justice42 from flickr
No two wrongs make a right
Nobody should take credit for it
Into a position at best so suspect
Don’t bark it loud
It is a shameful act

The written state constitution
Clearly states what gone wrong
Learn to respect the state constitution
So that the legitimacy rules

Yeah yeah oh yeah we know!
Barking loud to claim the throne
In the first place isn’t right to sit
When the host hasn’t sat yet

Now the black dog barking
Paws on the fence head in the sun
“Let me out O let me out!
I am the rightful leader
I have the paper”

The tainted leadership
Get it colored before you bark again
It is the people who must decide
Not the kings, rulers or warlords

the lap dogs

Barking Dog by Culinary Fool
Barking Dog by Culinary Fool from flickr
The lap dogs bark
Every street people hear
Telling all and sundry
The bones, the bones!

People gather around
Search on the streets
Only plastic bones
Nothing concrete to tell
Only trying to make sound

The lap dogs wag tails
Thinking it is a good job done
Barking at the wrong tree
The dead wood of a dying breed

The lap dogs bark
People know the twist
Pick up stones and sticks
Throw at the lap dogs
Run back into your dirty holes
It is where you belong

Saturday, February 21, 2009

a new coat old system rules

16th September 2008: Someone's got a new coat by Fundingo
by Fundingo from flickr
MACC a new coat
Underneath the old system rules
Lap it to please master
Nothing has changed

The integrity has lost
Even with this piece of legislation
Running by the handpicked choice
Endearing towards the ruling elites

MACC on a loss crusade
Nothing new to say
In the old system a new cloth
Nothing has changed

As long as it is on the opposition
Moving so quickly telling so arrogantly
The people know you MACC
You can’t hide your preferences

Many reports on the ruling elites
Till today nothing has surface
You think we are fools
It is no more you hear

The nails are slowly hammering in
Stalking the inept of the ruling elites
And the handpicked honchos
The people keep collecting
The nails keep hammering through

elizabeth wong dont go away

Elizabeth Wong by youzi Lau
Elizabeth Wong by youzi Lau from flickr
Morality issues
Nobody is sinless
In our hearts and minds
We have done so many
Only it is not published

Politicians should know
Thick skin getting it on with life
If one doesn’t have it
Why join the political wagon?

Eli Wong throwing the towel so early
Where is the fighting spirit?
One drawback she gives it up
Even Jesus never gives up
He goes in willing to sacrifice
It is the people he cares about
Not about himself no way

Love and sex in relationship
It isn’t wrong for people in love
Forgetting about protocols
Forgetting about morality
Love makes people look so silly
Even make a fool out of it

She said she done nothing wrong
So she shouldn’t disappear
She should continue her crusades
It is a small price to pay
For the good of the majority

She should stay
Fight her good crusades
Hold her head high
Give a smile

the car and cows

Car-eating Cow Sign, Outback, Queensland by NickZse
Car-eating Cow Sign, Outback, Queensland by NickZse from flickr
The car and cows
The prosecution in the media
On the opposition leader
Landing him to look bad

One day after he filed his defamation suit
MACC came out with guns blasting
The reporters gathered bulbs flashed notes written
Trial by media so it was said

It is bad; it looks bad
In African language it is good
See how the lap dogs bark
Selective persecution by the ruling elites
When reports of them nothing come out of it

It is bad MACC fails
Professionalism runs away
Selective persecution on leaders
Calling by the ruling elites

MACC is lending
The investigations biased against the opposition
When hundred of reports of the ruling elites
Nothing is said nothing is carried out
It is total silent damned we are cooked

It is bad; it looks bad
The bell tolls
The nails hammering in
Harm Noh and Bee Anne
The oxygen tank will be ended

the nail is slowly going in

nails by joaobambu
nails by joaobambu from flickr
The sleeping beauty
Woke up saw a problem
He couldn’t handle it
So he said defy the ban
On the silver state situation

He never understands
The democratic works
Only to his party he knows
What to barter for recognition and promotions?

It is here lies the forever never ending story
Feeding half truth but not the whole truth
A State Assembly Speaker has his authority
Under the state constitution
He has the freedom to interpret the rules
When he metes out punishment to any state assembly person

Here we read
The sleeping beauty asking Perak mb to defy the ban
In other words he is in contempt of the House Speaker
He can be charged in court

The nail is slowly going in
Every move it will sink into the coffin
The end is nigh
For Harm Noh and Bee Anne

The change has moved
It can’t be stopped by fear and provocation
God has started His motion
Time the people get it going

Friday, February 20, 2009

the dark moon

dark moon forest by mizukiaiai
dark moon forest by mizukiaiai from flickr

When it happens to you
Nothing will stop you going rock bottom
Defying law and rules
You sink low you don’t care

The rules of democracy
It never applies to those sitting on the power thrones
Life and businesses for them to grab
Without fear for favors and beyond

Arms of brothers
Sealed in marriages
Arms of party
Giving out with smile

Only the people
Out of the loop
Knowing the plundering
Knowing the corruption
Only knowing
The people wait

When the time is right
The power back to the people
The time will be now
Before it is too late

Bring down the horses
Bring down the evils
They aren’t God
They are humans
Like you and me

sins of many

death because of sin by Brent Nelson
by Brent Nelson from flickr
Sins of many
Nobody can escape
The day we were born
We are affiliated with it

Don’t you know?
Still dreaming you are sinless
Walking on the streets
Looking at the traffic lights
Feeling which color to dream?

The wages of sins
Death is the penalty
It is the norm since that day
So accrue credits to lessen the burden
When the day The Lord calls our names

It is only those defying idiots
They want power and wealth
They make life miserable for others
And they say they get it free

Sins of many
Death is the penalty
No way has anybody ran away
You are here for a fixed term
Finally you must return

the money bag

dim_sum hot_and_sour_soup money_bag_dumpling by tofu666
money_bag_dumpling by tofu666 from flickr

The sun never sets
For the ruling elites
Every day is money
Lottery winners everywhere

Crony here in law there
All wrap up nicely in the money bag
Fly off into the sky
Smiling devilishly to the banks

Let the ruling elites do
Give them the hanging
They know it is near
God moves
The big nail coming down soon

Bee Anne and Harm Noh
The twin pillars standing tall
The sun and moon stealing peoples’ souls
It will not be long
When the bottom falls out soon

The world of web
They can’t hide it any more
The hammering nails targeting it
The crooks will pay
The short term gains
For eternal misery

the sins you walk

The Oldest Sin by Delire Lucide
The Oldest Sin by Delire Lucide from flickr

Politicians know the morality
Once you step in there is no privacy
So watch every step you take
Outside and inside of your homes

Even though no laws impeded
Yet on morality issues beware of it
As the forefront leaders to set good moral values
Weigh your options weigh your moves

No doubt you say no laws broken
Nothing to answer nothing to defend
Yet when side step into it
The possessive frenzy of moralists creep

Politicians must know the trade
Hardened skin ignore values on personal issues
It is something of your own
But walk with eyes open

The sins you walk
The baggage you carry
It will be a heavy load
In this modern technology

Thursday, February 19, 2009

the limbo rock in perak

The Smiling Pot Hole by jeff.ramone
by jeff.ramone from flickr
Perak twist
Bee Anne laughed at it
Knowing the pot holes
It will fall in

The saga of Perak
It will never end
The backdoor power grab
It isn’t the good omen

Bee Anne and Harm Noh
History is staring at it
The sultan must wake up
Listen to Perakians
It isn’t glass and diamond
It is peoples’ souls and minds

Perak twist
The limbo rock gyrating
How low will it go?
Perakians aren’t amused
Time for snap state election
It is the way to go

ripples of life

Waiting on the World to Change by FotoRita [Allstar maniac]

Ripples of life
Dripping slowly easing pains
As it reaches the corners
Of changing situation

The flow of breeze
Whirring cry imagination runs
Of the journey what will it be?
It’s in the mind the stake is high

Looking at it
The images and shadows
The eyes blink
When concentration isn’t

Ripples of life
Know where you are going
Don’t let distraction pulls you back
You may not reach there
You may cry of missing opportunitie

the stone on the sand

The Coast is Always Changing by Luka Skracic
by Luka Skracic from flickr
The stone on the sand
Brownish with whitish waves
Catching it up rounding it
The stone stays focusing its energy

The waves cry
Telling the stone stories
Offering positions and wealth
Let the pass be

The stone ignores the pleas
On the sand it stays perfectly
Staring at the whitish waves
Caressing the sand teasing it

No my friends
Obstacles in life are many
Don’t do short cut to riches
It never stays long
Life loses in the end

it is in your hands, mind and soul

"We must be the change we want to see ..........." (Gandhi)
by am_kaiser.... from flickr

Change in the mind
The way it should be done
The first step towards a complete breakdown
It is in your own self

You can read many management books
You can study all you can
If you can’t change with the time
You are in the time of your own
You don’t see the world changing
You see only the little world
Of all places in your mind

You can have string of titles
Telling the audience what you are
If you can’t change with the time
The string of titles is yesterday news

Change must evolve every time
On the move to make it better than before
Amongst friends and acquaintances
In business circles and management principles
Experiences only as a yardstick
It isn’t the way to searching rainbow

Yesterday is what you know
Today is what you are told and done
Tomorrow is where the leadership changing
Within your own; the progress you want to make
It is in your hands, mind and soul

fight the political games

Trojan Horse MH by Beothuk
Trojan Horse by kden604 from flickr

Trojan horse
Lurking behind shadows
Creeping with a purpose
Money seems the way

What else to benefit?
Money for short run fame
Let the other party feels the heat
Trojan horse
The penetrators willing to jail
Of course money
Living until they are release

The innocents walking
Never know what the alleys do
The backroom guys spinning
Shooting arrows to get it going

In the Silver river
The boats got hijacked
Stranded the passengers
Under the dark clouds

Back in the crow colony
The former lover(s) dig in
Maybe for money
When blackmail fails
Sell it to the highest bidder
A lady falls from grace

Trojan horse
It is only money
Pay them well
The biddings come

The innocents must fight
Never giving way an inch
Go the extra mile
Get the crooks
Let them rot
Behind bars for good

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the speaker rules

The Speaker rules
Now is the way
The sitting state assembly
Call in the votes
Let the show begins

The Perakians want it done
To the polls vote for the ruling government
Now the sultan must let Perakians decide
His Majesty should let it happens
When Nizar requested for it

The Speaker rules
Harm Noh can’t run this time
By law it is said
So now is the spinning game

Respect the Speaker
Don’t twist it around
It makes it worst for Harm Noh
Perakians know what you did
So don’t go crying crocodile tears

Be gentlemen
Go to the polls
Let the voters decide
This is what it should be
In the beginning

let the wind sing

RPK image024 by mowadoha
by mowadoha from flickr

RPK sat
He knew his fate
Looking at the judges
They played the script
Choreographed on the hill
The game they acted
Let the audience thought legitimate

The wind of change
The judges must smell it
Past mistakes now is the time
To make a stand
Bring back the glory of its name

No person must be sent
Into Kah Moon Thing without trial
The excuses of the ruling elites
Of national security

Though many express
The outcome is gone
Until the fight is in the arena
Then we will know

The King says
Honor and protect the Constitution
Will the judges take a leaf?
Let RPK walks out free

Judges make your seats relevant
You can make the changes
Pull in the ruling elites
Telling them you are independent

Let the year of the Bull
Be the year changes come within
The chamber of judges on the hill
Let freedom rule let the wind sing

life is a journey of many pitfalls

elizabeth-wong-347x200 by susanloone
by susanloone from flickr
She shouldn’t go
Fight the system of opposition
In politics this is the back stabbing
Now is she a cut for it?

So quickly she lets go
It is just a small price
When larger picture she forgets
Even Bill Clinton stayed on
For his work for the larger population

In politics one must know
There are dirty tricks and games playing
Nobody is immune to it
The day you declare as a politician
The day the file is open

Elizabeth Wong
In spite of her many works
She forgot
Don’t give up easily
When the chips are down

Life is a journey of many pitfalls
Learn the process that everything isn’t easy
There are clowns and court jesters
And the little demons doing it for money

Giving it up now
She has to wait for 5 years
In case she wants to stand in political life
So she has to stay on
Fight the demons; not for her own
But for others after her

the day sets in

The magic light by Dziobak (=Platypus)
by Dziobak (=Platypus from flickr
The day sets in
The light begins to shine
Penetrating through the windows
The glory one sees it through

The dark will shine
It blossoms up the light
Beautifully naturally glow
The hands of God
Nobody can dispute

When hardship knocks
The doors vibrate sorrow crows
Out into the open
People may ignore
God will watch and give strength
On the journey
When it is tough
When hearts and souls
Find no solace
Only God the companion
Every day every where

When we walk around
Alleyways and quiet corners
We see homeless people
Living like there is no tomorrow

It is God’s ways
Some have to suffer
To go to heavens
Some have to live better
Know what to use
Else miss the road to paradise

The light shifting away
The darkness returns
Yet the messages pass
Know the reason
We are here for a short while
So make it counts
Every time every day

if only people take a while

7 hours until spring:  time enough to knit one last winter scarf by Stephanie Nicole
by Stephanie Nicole from flickr

It takes patience
Knitting it away
Hands movements
Creating something out of dreams

Patterns it
Let the world see
The beautiful knit
On the rusty steel
And coloring trees
At least it makes
The colorful sight
On a dreary day

The silence watching
The patterns appear
Something out of dreams
Let the world see
The beauty in knitting

If life can be knitted
Beautifully into dreams
This world will be a better place
If only people take a while
Look within see the pictures

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the lady bites the dust

Another One Bites The Dust by Renae Lupini
Another One Bites The Dust by Renae Lupini from flickr

The lady bites the dust
She doesn’t want to fight
Take the bull by its horns
Go for that ride!

Nay she throws in the towel
The white flag flapping in the wind
The fighting spirit never rears its head
The lady bites the dust so quickly

Politicians are thick skinned animals
No matter what are said and written
They stay on thumping legs rocking chairs
“Just tell me I am wrong
Then I am willing to relinquish
This is intruding my private sanctuary”

The lady bites the dust
Eyes teary mind wrenching in sorrow
Of intrusion of privacy
She thinks it will disappear

Lady you are wrong
It says you take the wrong turn
So quickly surrendering
Without a fight
You take to run
The lady bites the dust

in the darkened hollow

The Hollow by panic-embryo
The Hollow by panic-embryo from flickr

All the righteous people go
Into the fence up corridors
Sitting inside singing their plight
Of the days and years going away

The regime of dishonesty
Breeding it from top to bottom
Set up cronies companies
They milk the country’s wealth
Right in the broad day light

Tainted leaders reigning in
Catching righteous people
Shut up them in jail
Else they play dirty
Dig up dirt to drown in the pit

All the righteous people go
In the darkened hollow
In it they don’t see tomorrow
Only dark line in their minds

For the truth
The freedom flow
The lighted candles
The minds and souls flourish
Engulfing the dark
Beyond the sparkling light

the C.A.T

Devil Cat! by hugsRgood
Devil Cat! by hugsRgood from flickr

O the economy!
Only Harm Noh and Bee Anne sleep
Telling pack of lies
The economy fundamentals are strong
Nothing to worry about

The flute silently blowing
The sad tune whispering in the wind
Ten of thousands losing jobs
Over 300,000 Malaysians home in April
From Singapore she can’t take it any more

Yet Harm Noh and Bee Anne
So busy to run own errands
Political assassinations and bullying
The back alleys politics so good at it

When financial breakdowns looming
These Harm Noh and Bee Anne leaders
They don’t really see it
Maybe they have the wealth in store
They don’t think about the people at all

The King message in Parliament
His Majesty should reign in Harm Noh
The royal command should take from there
The royal message no walking the talk

So we will see
The negative impact in the economy
The CAT gets so scared about water
We don’t see the light as yet

a leader shouldnt run

elizabeth wong and raja petra or rpk
by niknazmi from flickr
A good leader
Stand the pebbles throwing
The dirt and lime and all of it
If a leader can’t take it
Where is the fighting spirit?

Telling others to stay and fight
For the cause of justice and fairness
When the chips are down
A leader shouldn’t run

Stay on and fight
Character assassination
Pouring rain unnaturally
Prepared for the onslaught
Fight it to the finish

When values are broken
When morality hijacked
When honesty trampled on
A leader should stay
Fight the ground
Let no other innocents
Get caught up in the spiral
Of rats hiding in the holes

Monday, February 16, 2009

by law it is said

RPK Candle Light Vigil by Asha Harker
d-day for raja petra on 17/2/09
by Asha Harker from flickr

When life is out
When you feel it doesn’t flow
The mind seems to go
Leaving this world
It sounds so easy

The wheel of life
It turns; it spins; it baffles
Even to the totally disciplined mind
You may not understand
God works so differently

Appeals and counter appeals
The game of law and the money spent
This is the human systems of law
The faults are many; the decisions baffling
When it is decided on political conviction

Yet the game we play
In politics in personal living
By law the grievances comply
By law it is said