Friday, November 30, 2018

this is the land of our home

We all are immigrants
Descendants from far-away lands
Our forefathers came here to live and work
It makes no sense to divide

One race can’t claim the land
The land has the input of many workers and time
Breaking their backs to nurture the nation
Finally, our forefathers stood together fought for independence

This nation is home for many people
The many colours flourishing in our eyes and minds
They shouldn’t be any division in our pursuit of progress
We have to stay united to make the nation proud

Yet we see and hear of a race
Branding the uncalled for remarks in politics
We hold the nation’s flag and promise to defend her
This is the land of our home; we live and die on this land

the free speech

The free speech
The matured democracy will strive
But with all free here and there
There will be bottled neck

Some may not know how to handle it
They will let their emotions run high
Talking or writing without proper perspective
They will lump everything together

The free speech
For the responsible people
Those we can’t control it
It is best they stay quiet

The free speech
It comes with responsibility
It isn’t something to shout and forget
The rule of law will apply

find an amicable way to avoid conflict

Respect the land
Where a religion is set
Do not try to cow it to submission
There is no way to win

It is better to find a solution
Find an amicable way to avoid conflict
Nobody can predict about tomorrow
Why can’t let a religion stay on the land?

It will build much goodwill
There will be blessing
The joy and smile bring happiness
The world has enough ills

No need to inflict misery
The conflicts shouldn’t have happened
It is the 7 sins bringing bad news
One has to change to look at things

Respect the land
Where a religion is set
It isn’t built on it yesterday
It is there for decades

Though the temple sits illegally
The people who manage it should be blamed too
They don’t buy the land during those years
They think they can get it free?

Now find a way to solve it
Buy the land on a goodwill gesture
Let the owner willing to negotiate
Don’t let the 7 sins betray one’s religion

the loan sharks standing high

The loan sharks still standing high
The victims can’t pay will feel the heat
It is easy to obtain loan without security
Once the borrower fails to pay, all hell break loose

The interests will jump up many times
The strong- arm tactics will be enforced
The borrowers will feel the harsher time
Some disappear afraid to meet the loan sharks

It is always the runners enforcing the demands
They will use all kind of tactics to get the money back
Shame the borrowers or throwing red paint
Physically injure the borrowers or issuing threats

It is better to plan your finance
Do not spend more than you earned
Do not feel envy of other people
Live within your means then you will be okay

Thursday, November 29, 2018

owned up to the wrong

The story of the financial scandal
It is bit here and there to the ears
Things have seen said and done
It is better to owned it up

The opponents shouldn’t stay quiet
They are part of the equation to find the truth
They have to make a stand on the issue
Keeping quiet isn’t solving a case

The missing wealth must be found
It has to be brought back home
The crooks can’t be allowed to keep it
They may stay in prison then enjoy their lives

The ill-gotten wealth must be found
It can’t be carted away and left it on the run
The laws have to reach to find out
The crooks will have to spin it in

don't let emotion rule

You call me a liar
I call you a cheat
In the heat of argument
There will be no winners

When we can’t discuss rationally
We let the emotions take control
We will not see the right way
We will fall into the pit

Money can’t solve everything
It may help to grease a situation
It is still compromise and compassion
To seek a better way for a win

When they argue to be winners or losers
Nothing good will come out of it
The sins will grab their souls
In the lake of fire, they will roast

the lovers ring

The lovers ring
The eyes of yearning
The flow of lights
The songs sing its blue

The ink in the pen
The writing of words
Of the time of ancient days
Now it is in the web

The lovers never care
In ancient or modern times
It’s the pot of juices
Doing patterns on the canvass

The yearning flows
In the mind through dreams
Walking down the road
The loving ring by the wind

The sign on the wall
The ink in the pen
The writing of words
The mind can’t forget