Sunday, February 28, 2021

the talk


The talk*

Of the frogs

It's the season

Of the fishing expedition

When a party finds itself

On low numbers to stay on

Its leaders will seek out frogs

The old sin will ring again

The talk

The grapevines whisper

The frogs jumping

The power and wealth

The frogs still unknown

Maybe the bait isn't strong

Yet the talk still flourishing

In the political circle

The talk

Of the frogs

The old sin will ring again

The power and wealth

* two MP from PKR jumped ship to Moo

Sarawak and Johore reps

the heavy fine isn't the way


The heavy fine

The SOP breakers

It will cause the people

To get angry again

Living in MCO

Many have emotional ups and downs

The back door shouldn't introduce higher fine

It doesn't solve the problem of truancy

It shows the back door has failed

In its fight with Rocking Rona

The surges since the Sabah election

It brings its knocks on Moo

Moo should give it up

He shouldn't stay and pretend

The vaccines can't cure but only to prevent

The people still need to follow SOP

We have to brace for the new mutations

It has come to our world right now

Will the vaccines stop it?

The experts aren't sure

The back door only thinks of heavy fine

It should admit it has lost its fight

Let a new team take over the challenge

Battle it in the ring of Rocking Rona

anwar has to get his group to fall in line


Is PKR that weak?

Its integrity seems at stake

The members in Parliament

Are they for the people or themselves?

We had enough of Azzmin and gang

They left the party destroying PH

All for the sake of power and wealth

In the S-move smelling bad in our minds

These duplicitous traitors are trying

To collect more frogs to run in their stable

The usual method is power and wealth

The smell of sunsets and living in grand tours

Currently they know and with Moo

The majority line has lost its way

In this emergency they are trying to stay

Before the wolves really bite into the coalition

Anwar has to get his group fall in line

Do not betray the mandate of the voters

The voters will punish any party or leaders

Who forget their promises to fight for them

Saturday, February 27, 2021

frogs again


It's the dry weather

The hot sun and hot air

Blowing its way

We can feel it

But there is a talk

About frogs again

The offer of positions and power

Enticing the opposition to frog

Moo will try to fish

He has no shame but needed to survive

Since he has no majority

He may not survive in Parliament

The feverish fever of fishing

The game of frogs has come to the fore

The opposition members should speak out

Tell the public who has bartered them

It's the season of hot air

A different breed of frogs come on the scene

The offer of power and positions

Causing us to feel angry

nur sajat 2


Nur Sajat

The religious authority can't forget

It still wants to haunt Nur Sajat

Until she turns her way to live

According to its rules and law

Nur Sajat

Fail to attend syariah court hearing

As a result the judge issues a warrant of arrest

Giving the religious authority to find and arrest her

Why doesn't she attend her court trial?

The religious authority in full war cry

Using 122 officials to hunt her down

What is the authority trying to show?

To intimidate the poor woman?

Nur Sajat

Trying to live within her life

A man she isn't, a woman she is neither

She is trapped in her life

Her parents accept her fate why not the authority?

Let Nur Sajat live her life

She has suffered enough in her days

The religious officials should show compassion

Don't get into sinful ways by doing it differently

The punishment of sins

It isn't by the rules or law of men

It is by the divine hand of God

So let Nur Sajat live her life

the back door afraid to lose power


The back door living in fear

The power going to slip through

It doesn't want to go at all

It uses the uniformed services

Doing its business of creating

Unwanted stress to the people

Rather the group which will criticize

The way of actions can't stand up

To be argued or debated at will

Now we have heard

The police open file on investigation

Of those who will spread fake news

On the vaccines on vaccination

Do the police have nothing else to do?

The bigger bad hats are hiding

The ill-gotten gains need to be investigated

Yet these people can live without fear

Because they know the police will walk

The long circular road

Do we know the long term side effects?

The experts can't tell neither is the big pharma

Because the sample of tests aren't tested in long term

It is still an open debate on the uses of vaccination

We must still wear

face masks, wash hands, social distancing

Rocking Rona isn't staying as it is

It has mutated a few times to become strong

It can infect us easily not like before

But the back door is afraid

Handling it rocks to the bottom

It only survives on the emergency

As Rocking Rona still playing its wickedness

The back door still singing out of chords

power corrupts


When a greedy person

Sinks into the power play

He will not remember his praying

Because power corrupts his mind

Through the ages of times

The sage words never lie

Today we have seen

The greed of power corrupts

It's the ego

The one which refuses to repent

The one which will bring the lake of fire

The owner's of ego shouldn't go

When honour is exchanged

The greedy person will forget

He will not remember his praying

Because power corrupts his mind

Friday, February 26, 2021

GE15? it mustn't be held



It mustn't be held

It will cause a spike

Don't we learn from Sabah?

Sarawak is gungho on it

Maybe we will see history repeat itself

The greedy politicians will want power

They will sacrifice sanity for their needs

And Moo?

Giving ultimatum to the wolves

Also gungho on GE15?

His Majesty mustn't agree

Are we forgetting Sabah history?

Causing the spike of Rocking Rona?

Causing us to have an emergency!

All because of one man's greed of power

Currently Moo has no majority

He has no legal standing to stay on

Be a gentleman don't prolong the agony

Return back the voters mandated party

hooked on drugs


Hooked on drugs

Hooked on cigarettes

You will not escape

Every waking hour

You will need it

You may try to fight

But you will face the losing battle

The craving is too much to handle

It will make you unwilling to give it up

Though you may try

Hooked on drugs

Hooked on cigarettes

You will live on borrowed times

As the bad walls will be built

You can't escape but standing inside

Once it establishes its hold

You can't fight it back

You can't even hack it

You become too weak

You will surrender your fate

This is where

Cancer or Rocking Rona virus

So easily catching you

A ready host with no defensive walls

A chance the virus will multiply

Hooked on drugs

Hooked on cigarettes

You will not escape

Though you may try to dig it out

But you will find it too hard to forget

people make your choice



The choice they will face

Get the vaccines

Though it isn't a cure

The truth of the vaccines

The big pharma and government don't say

The shadows of long side effects

The government has no answer

Even the experts don't have the clues

People have to make their own choice

To get vaccinated or forget about it

Because they still have to follow SOP

The vaccines haven't finished its 4th phrase trial

This is a rush vaccine to fight the Corona virus

As many people never want to follow the rules

They think it is a common flu but it isn't at all


Do you have a choice?

You can take colchicine drug

A drug used to treat gout

It can be effective on Corona virus

Like me I drink baking soda with wild raw honey

A teaspoon of each mix in a cup of water and drink

This drink can kill cancer virus in the body

Though the oncologists will not recommend it

Because the doctors will not make money

This drink only costs about $140.00

It can last about 2 months of drinking

It has no side effects and it is natural

Baking soda mix with sugar

Cockroaches or ants eat it

They will return back to their nests

Before they will be imploded

The other insects will eat it up

They too will be imploded as well

Likewise with viruses in our bodies

The cancer virus or corona virus

By drinking baking soda mix with wild raw honey

In a cup of water it will have the desired effect

The virus will crawl out to catch it

Once they do they drink it and return to their cocoons

Once they have returned the implosion will happen

Effectively it will kill the virus in the body

This is a natural method to kill off viruses

It has no side long term effects

You can drink it every day

It can clean up your body of toxins

People the choice they face

The vaccines aren't a cure but a prevention

Yet we still have to

wear face masks, wash hands and social distancing

Thursday, February 25, 2021

the back door it's time to go


The back door

Time it packs its bag and go

It shouldn't stay longer than it is

It doesn't bring political unity

It shows a race can't manage well

Every day it fights to survive

But against whom really?

It is its own race!

The non-Malay parties

Used to be the punch bags

Everything wrong the blame shifts

The non-Malay parties have to take it

Because its leaders play second fiddle

They dare not say out loud why ills the nation

The people needs are pushed backwards

Only the political elites take most of shares

Now in the back door

A small party giving wolves a deadline

Imagine a cow telling the wolves what to do!

How will the wolves ever get back their dignity?

Because the cow smells their weaknesses

Its head honcho dares not say it loud

He still drags its feet to say the right move

Quit the back door let the freedom flow

Will he do it or will he keep silence?

In the coming GE15

Moo and his gang will face the fall

He has no choice but to face his tasks ahead

He knows he has lost his majority

Unless His Majesty doesn't agree

Because there will be a surge in Rocking Rona

The vaccines aren't the cure but a prevention

Even vaccinated persons still can get the virus

If they forget to follow SOP daily

the choices in life


Many roads in life

A person has to decide

A Jack of all trades?

Business good income low

A specialization in his name

He can achieve his income level

On a skill he knows best

He will gain the respect

That's the old way or it is said

Now with borderless world

The multi-tasking the go job

The income stream will hit high

Though specialization still needed

The people will still pick the multi-tasks guy

Like a one stop agency save time and money

It is to save costs and time

the words will make the fight


The saints and the little devils

The battles they will fight and score

The thunder and lightning will be heard

All standing on the battle lines

The shouting matches will ring

The echo will travel far and wide

The wind will do the whistling

The clouds will try to blank it out

But the energy will flow

Digging into the good and bad of it all

The saints and the little devils

Glaring at each other on the battle lines

The words they will exchange

The expletives will flow like wild wind

Forgetting the cultures of civility

Hurling words on the battle lines

In the circle of lights

The little devils will try to hide

They can't stand the exposure

The advantage will be gone

On the battle lines

The wind blowing cry

The clouds will turn grey

The words will make the fight

come back parliament


Come back Parliament

It has to sit for the nation needs it

There are grievances needed to address

Where is the nation headed in Covid 19?

His Majesty has agreed

Parliament should be reconvened

Let the members get the roar back

Let Moo walk slowly fear of losing

Come back Parliament

The dignity of the August House

It has to be restored back quickly

The emergency law must be debated

It's under the Constitution

The emergency law must lay for members to debate

Before it can be finally approved and gazette

Let Moo walk slowly fear of losing

Now the wolves have to decide

Where they are going to stand?

PH will stand for the truth

But the wolves are good at howling

Come back Parliament

There is hope yet of change

Because Moo has no majority

He has no right to stay

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

the joints pain


The joints problem

It inflicts many people

It isn't on the old but the adults too

They will experience pain on their joints

It can affect every day living

Even tasks will find it difficult to perform

You want to be come a robot but you can't move

You will get the drawback on the pain

You will try to take medications

You spend money but it doesn't solve it

The modern way is always on

Drugs and surgeries

So what choices you have?

Live through the joints pain?

The Chinese and Indian use the meridian points

It is over 5,000 years of history

You can use the natural methods too

Soak olive oil in garlics then apply it

Drink carrot juice or apply coconut oil

You can use “cheddary” yeast mix in coffee

You can buy DMSO in liquid or gel

There are many in the market - Arcticblast-dmso

It will help to cure the joints pain

Now one can live free and be free of pain

the players of 1MDB


The players of 1MDB

They fled the country

Living in luxury life styles

With their ill-gotten monies

Only MO1 is left to carry on

Facing his charges on 1MDB

The rest of the gang can't be found

The police aren't looking for them

It has been years down the road

The fatty Joe is still hiding in China

Though the Chinese government denies

But report circulated fatty Joe is there

The rest of fatty Joe gang

They may live in USA

The police should go

No Interpol bulletin?

Now tax penalty issued

Where are the culprits to pay?

They don't file their tax returns

How Income tax officials compute it?

The players of 1MDB

They have gone from our shore

Only the main one is caught here

He's still facing on his on-going court case

the immigration ignores court order


The court order

Issued by the High Court

Stop the repatriation of Myanmar refugees

But the immigration DG went ahead with it

The lawyers say it is contempt of court

The DG should know the court order

He can't willfully refuse to obey it

As a civil servant he must follow the law

Now what the back door will say?

What will the AG say on this?

Maybe these groups will not comment

Most likely AG will not file his displeasure

In Malaysiakini AG took up the case

Now on this immigration issue he should do the same

We will know how he will react on this issue

No action no contempt of court order

The double standards will come to play

Why allow Myanmar naval ships to enter?

When the court order should be respected

What will back door say? Stay quiet?

The rule of law

Every one isn't above it

Now what AG will do?

See no wrong?

the leader of the wolves


The leader of the wolves

He should make his stand right now

He shouldn't stay in remote control

It will not be good for him

The camp in the wolves

The subtle ways the opposition camp works

There is one openly attacking his own leaders

He is serving his own needs

Now there is a booklet spreading about

The grapevine talking about the leader

Though he is facing his court case

The inside elements trying to cash in

The leader of the wolves

He should make his stand in quick response

Pull out his members from the back door

Those who refuse they should be sacked

This is his only chance to stay

The fighting of leading the pack has began

He should respond in quick demand

Else he will fall within his own rank

we can't return to normal


We can't return to normal

Not anymore with Rocking Rona

It can drag on for years to come

Vaccines can help but it isn't the solution

We will have to stick to our SOP

The social distancing still has to stay

There is nothing much we can do

We may have to take vaccines every year

We are still in the dark

About the major side effects of the vaccines

The vaccine manufacturers aren't sharing it

Because of the quick testing methods

Normally it will take at least a decade to find out

The good and bad about any vaccines in the market

Now we live by fear and so we follow

We have our choices to make now

Don't ever think vaccines can cure

There is no way we should let go our choices

It can prevent us to get infected

If we still maintain the basic SOP