Sunday, August 31, 2014

open burning

Opening burning
It chokes the air we breathe
The educated ones
Do they forget?

The smoke get into homes
Surrounding area too
The choking smoke
The health hazards bloom

The air quality is bad
We don't need the open burning
It is of poor enforcement
The culprits just don't bother

DOE officers
Only in cities or major towns
The police and town councils
They evade the issue

Putrajaya isn't serious
With haze looming in the country
As such DOE is not established
In every town or village

it is better to start a new company

MAS better let it go
The losses through the years
The airline already sinks
Why want to structure it?

It wasn't the first time though
MAS was in the deep end before
Bee Anne pumped in public money
The returns never happened

Let MAS go to its end
Bankruptcy is better this way
For the ailing airline with huge losses
It will be a miracle it can return to profitability

Let the ashes burn
From it a new page to begin
Why need to pass a law Mas Act?
It is a company the laws are there

Bee Anne wants to pump in $6 billion
It is public money it never sound like an investment
No clever investor will put in money
With an airline sinking deep in the oceans

This huge bailout of public money
It is better to feed the people's aspirations
For the nation needs it badly
Now who are the ones going to benefit?

one way street

One way street
The traffic rules we learn
Taking up driving lessons
Trying to get it over quickly

Once the license is obtained
The High Way Code seems to forget
The road signs telling the drivers
For our own safety driving on the road

The road around the market
It is a one way street in the morning
Until 12 in the afternoon it stays
Yet there are drivers flouting the rules

The one way street
Becomes a two way drive
Accidents may happen
Who will be blame?

The male or female drivers
The traffic rules forget easily
On the road they should observe
It is for our own good

learn to live with our colours

The crying in our minds
The unity of the nation
Scattered seeds of sorrow
Eyes of snakes
The hungry faces loom
Of the greed and corruption
Of bigots and extremists
Branding a one street vibration

Learn history of the past events
The fabric of our society of many faces
The colours of many religions
Teaching us to respect and honour
Love and compassion
Everyone is different from you and me

It is no use trying to run supreme
It is no use playing the race, religion and royalty
We are living on the borderless world
With a click we can see it in the open

Learn to live in our diversity
Learn to appreciate our cultures
The opportunities should be shared
Help each other in time of needs
Respect the Constitution nobody is above the law
You and I living in this nation

As the sound of Merdeka rings
The celebration of our 57 years of independence
We should remember our history
Together we will make it the best
If we try to divide and rule
The country will go to the dogs
In the end we will be colonize again

So stay united and shared our vision
A united Malaysia with colourful races and religions
Learn to live with our colours
Happy Independence Day Malaysia!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

the gifted souls

Life of magic
We seem to dream
Within our minds
We let it float away

Into the open spaces
We let it stay
We haven't found a way
How to harness our energy

We have seen or heard
The gifted souls in our times
How they are better than most of us
We sweat it for years to learn

These gifted souls
They have it in their minds
It tells us something
There must be God in our universe

happy birthday Malaysia!

The divide and rule
The footprints of our past
Hanging still in our minds
As the nation celebrates 57 years
The independence she achieved
Those decades ago in August 31,1957

The nation seems divide
The political parties and NGOs
Converging of conflicts
Marshalled it by the ruling elites
Tearing away the close knit family structures
Of the early years of our independence

Now the cement of ties
The paint work falling short
The cracks has appeared
Listening to the hate speeches
Rolling out by the Muslim NGOs

We are all immigrants
Settling in the land of plenty
Everyone has a share to contribute
In majority or in minority
We must admit we are

The healing will come
When we change our minds
When we change the party
Enough of its ruling and policies
Let a new page begin for us

No doubt of the gloom
In political circles we hear and read
We are still a Nation
We are Malaysians
Happy Birthday Malaysia!

the port of call

The ship rows up
The muscled men row in tandem
The drumbeats hitting high
On the river rowing upwards

The captain surveys
The clustered trees and bushes
Crocodies swim in the river
Snakes silently crawling on the uneven land

Pull up oars
We anchor here”
The Lord Baron walks in
Why the ship not sailing?”

My Lord” the captain says
My men have to rest a while
This river is winding and tiresome
We need our rest before we begin”

You know how much I have lost?
Every time you make your stop?
The time is running out on me
Captain, you better start sailing!”

No my Lord
I am the Captain of my ship
I take no order from anyone
I am my own leader you know that”

The Lord Baron wants to shout
He controls himself and walks away
Counting in his head the losses
Of time and goods disappear

Then he turns around
So be it captain!
It is your ship
Just make sure you don't stop anymore”

Yes my lord
We will reach our port of call soon”
The sun shining down

The wind shouting in eerie sound

the swarm of small black bees

The swarm of small black bees
They came made beehive
On the branches of small tree
Under the shade in the garden

The swarm of small black bees
Flew in silently
In the morning I didn't see
In late evening the beehive thrived

I was surprise
It was built so quickly
Now my mind started thinking
How to get rid of the beehive?

Put white plastic over my head
Hozed the bees with jet of water
Splashing running rain
The beehive dropped

The small bees came
Attacked the intruder
So I got a few stings
Managed to kill a large number

Later I sprayed pest control chemical
Over the small tree
In the end the swarm of small black bees
They flew away

Friday, August 29, 2014

women will step up pace

We can't deny
Women will stay
The markings are in place
Women will step up pace

The men should realise
Women have the equal opportunity
Don't use religion to put them down
Women can't go away

They have half of the voting block
It says a lot of things can happen
Pas shouldn't forget women's contributions
Women will walk up the stage

Women are coming
Be the leaders of the country
They have the nuts and bolts
The gifts of knowing the men

So why all the fuss?
Women will step up pace
The men shouldn't feel degraded
It's time women make their marks

the games we play

The rats whisper
In their little holes
What are the cats talking?
Something about us?”

The older rat wakes up
What are the noises?
You guys let me sleep ok?”
Sorry ancient one”

Ancient one, a question?
What are the cats whispering
Do you know with your experience?”
Hah! It's always power and claws!”

We are the pawns
We are the meat
Giving them the energy
And playing their dirty games

It's a sad world
We live in the holes
The cats stayed in mansions
The comfort of power

But we will have our turn
When the cats are gone
We can occupy the empty slot
Only patience we will win!”

You are dreaming old rat
The cats will not leave the mansion”
Do you hear of the cat eaters?
They pay good price for them”

Really huh? You aren't lying?”
I am telling you the truth
The cats are worrying with sleepless nights
Now we have our little games”

So the cats grow fat
As the days go to them
Waiting for the moment
On somebody's dinner plate

what lah referee!

The game which is played
The players waiting for the whistle
The referee seems to take his time
Standing on the side line

The spectators watch
Blowing horns and singing songs
When are you going to start?”
Do we rock the world?”

The banners of many parties
Hoisting high and wave
The referee looks up
Checking his watch

But the game ticks away
The referee doesn't care
The players on the field
Anxiously waiting to begin

The millions spent
The referee doesn't care
He abides by his rule
I haven't whistle yet!”

The flags wave
The supporters feeling blue
The songs can be heard
What lah referee!”

when you are at the top..

When you are the top
Feeling the soft breezes
Calling your name
So sweet and powerful

When you look down
The waving crowd
The thundering noises
You feel elated

Once you were at the bottom
Like them waving hands and shouting
Until you lost your voice
But you felt elated

The dream formed
You worked hard
The commitment and determination
The pursuit of your goal

Now the years carry on
The power creeps into your head
You forget who it was at the bottom
You become an arrogant dog

You forget position and power
It never lasts in a life time
It is just a passing baton
Once you ignore the credibility falls

Thursday, August 28, 2014

the pests

The pests”
The dark knight growls
They are making my life difficult
Tell the sheriff my serf”

The dog knights run
Howling in the evening sky
Of dirty clouds hanging
The crescent moon smiles

Sheriff hear us
Net the pests
The dark knight cries
Don't let him ride over you!”

The sheriff jumps up
What's that noise?
Is it the wind howling me?”
Sheriff, get the pests!”

The sheriff opens his window
'Hey you! What's the commotion?
You want to haul into prison?”
The dog knights bark

Catch the pests!
The dark knight ordered
Do it now Sheriff!
Put them in cell”

The sheriff shivers
He is in my town?”
Don't ask question
Do your job!”

The dog knights disappear
In the setting light in the sky
The sheriff mumbles his curses
There I go again!”

the traders

The traders in the morning
Near the market they put up stalls
Selling their products
For the morning crowd

Some licensed traders
Some are illegals
Every stall competing for business
In the morning light

The chatting women
Single and married kind
The men aren't many
They will listen or minds far away

The enforcement officers
They allowed leniency
The unlicensed traders
They are allowed to stay

why wait so long?

The rain fall
The tears seep from the stones
Dripping to the dry grass
Giving it a gift of life

The small patch of grass
Hidden beneath the stones
Slowly it springs into life
As green shoots sprouting high

Nature works her magic
She doesn't take days to finish
Once there is an opportunity
She uses it perfectly

But we can't say
Of a certain ruler of a State
The crisis seems to linger
Acting beyond the Constitution

The perception is wrong
Staying above politics he forgets
He seems to meddle in politics
When the Constitution forbids

Now the rain has fallen
Time for the harvest of the green
It can't be waiting for a call
The opportunity will be gone

The decision must be quick
It takes too long to make it happen
Once opportunity delays
The remembrance will not be forgotten

pas lost its plot

Pas has lost its way
The plot has blown
The pieces will fall
The integrity disappears

The conservatives rule
Dreaming of unity
With the arch enemy looms
Of the years they hit the devil

Now Pas seems colonized
In its mind the glory
The enemy uses it full
The cake of riches

The voters aren't amused
They will know what to do
Come snap election or GE14
Pas will lose

So now it looks like
The hand of Brutus
Stabbing comrades at the back
Sly smile with glee

The devil claps hands
The Trojan horse gallops away
The work has been done
Now watch the pit of fire

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

the bad circle

The Old Man used ISA
Unleashed it to silence his critics
The political opponents in Kamunting
He believed he could stay

The divide and rule
The racial policies enriching a race
There is no shame in broad daylight
Forgetting we are one family

The Old Man cried
The race never progressed
He saw only the favoured high
The majority still lived in struggling lives

The greed and corruption high
The ground of the low society never got it
The people still struggled to live
Crimes gone up

The Old Man left the stage
On the ground he still hammers in
He doesn't like his legacy to disappear
For decades he wanted it stay

Now ISA gone
But elements of it in the new Act
Though the bite is less protective
The critics and opponents have a right

But the present leader
He uses the Sedition Act 1948
The old Colonial law he promised to throw away
He uses it on his critics and opponents

The old wounds come to light
The people don't like it all
We remember what happened
We don't want to go back again

Many political opponents are canned
Even a secondary school boy got in
Even a like on a Facebook page
The Sedition Act will stamp its mark

the voters have to pay

The games politicians play
Running in circles
Telling how good they are
The decisions they dished it out

The voters have to pay
Giving their votes but no prizes
On the believe of a fair and honest play
When it is done something else came

The voters aren't in the inner circles
We hear only bits and pieces
In the front porch we see Sedition witch
Crying out in her hated speeches

One by one the good ones fall
Into her bosom she takes them all
Smiling her wicked smile
Come home to mommy dear”

We have lived through bad times
We have read history of our bad day
We see the politicians play
Running in circles wanting the power relay

patience makes the day

The marriage so near yet so far
The groom to be found out..
The Indian wedding in India
The sound of music he joined in

He shocked the bride's family
Dancing with the music on the floor
The bride's family immediately cancelled it
Leaving the groom in disarray

The marriage so near yet so far
The groom learned his sad lesson
Just one more stage to become a husband
The sound of music spoiled his day

The bride's family
Married her on the spot
To a local villager
He claimed her as his bride

It tells us
Patience makes the day
It nearly happens
But the day belongs to another

the selangor's drama

There is something brewing
Why wait for so long to get it done?
The political drama has gone far enough
The simple solution takes so long

The person who has the majority support
He shall be appointed as the State CEO
By the Constitution without delay
The formality is submitting the candidate

Once this is done
Nothing much the state ruler can do
He can't move away to appoint somebody's else
When the majority support isn't there

The commanding degree
The candidate who gets the majority support
Else the state government will collapse
When the state assembly is convened

The drama in the State
Pas seems the Brutus
The party will get the brunt of anger
When next election is held