Tuesday, February 28, 2023

out of politics


Out of politics

Out of the stage

The veteran politicians

Never should complain

Those go to jail

The end of the road

Stealing the country's wealth

They will not return to the stage

Though tomorrow is not known

The bad birds should know the rules

They will not be wanted in the pool

They can only sing in their own bathrooms

Out of politics

Some find it hard to live

They will cry of dry tears

Living in yesteryears

the 2 seasons


The two seasons of wet and dry

On our land we know so well

We live, prosper and die

Taking with us the memories of our times

The two seasons of politics

The front and the back doors

The politicians will play the game

They will want to get rewarded

The two seasons of conflict

The greed of wealth and jealousy

Every living person will run through it

The satisfaction to stand on stage

The two seasons of truth

The trust and the honesty

In every way we live and learn

The paradise world can be a calling

The two seasons of life

Hell or paradise

It is how we played our destination

A grey mist or a beautiful golden light

the natural land


The natural land

The toxic waste sink in

Meandering through tributaries

Spreading its evil poisonous juices

The natural land

The hiccups have happened

The political leaders must listen

No more talking but action

The land we live and stay

If we never learn our mistakes

We will condemn ourselves

To the early graveyards of bad decision

The crying of the land

The tears of sad memories

We still haven't learned

Our mistakes on the toxic waste

The natural land

The history of bad decision

The political leaders must listen

No more talking but action

just do nothing


Just do nothing

For the lazy in the mind

Living in their dreams

Afraid to walk the reality

Even the rich will not stay idle

They will think of something else to do

They say the rich will get richer

Because they don't stay retired

Walk the road

Feel the breezes

Feel the wind on the hair

Feel the heat of the sun or moon

Only the homeless

Living in their world of hopelessness

They will do nothing

They resign their lives to bad decision

Everyday everyone needs to do something

It will give them the hope or grace in living

It can be small things, a help, a smile or an encouragement

Only don't just do nothing

the land of poison


The land of poison

Buried it underground

The eyes are blinded

The mind doesn't say

The underground routes

Spreading out far and wide

The snake meandering slowly

Filling it up to hit the scene

The rain fall heavily

The rising tides and floods

Mixing with the land of poison

Returning to the water catchment areas

The careless humans

Thinking of profits and short term values

Damaging the land to waste in poison

When they are hit with terminal illness whom they blame?

The land of poison

Time the politicians wake up

Don't play a game of reports

It can't cure the poison on the land

Monday, February 27, 2023

the UUCA Act


The UUCA Act 1971

The Old Man did his way

Stifled the growth of minds

He didn't want his order challenged

It was during the heyday of Anwar Ibrahim

The university students demonstration on the streets

Anwar was the leading student leader

The Old Man couldn't stomach it then

This Act lowered the gears for the university students

Even the university administration will be appointed

With it the freedom of choice will be curtailed

The student bodies have no say in the universities

Anwar should take it away

Let the universities have the freedom in education

We don't need students living in fear in their minds

We need an active student bodies to enrich the nation

PH promises to take away the Act

Let the students have their say in election

Let the student bodies be as vibrant as it was

In the days of Anwar Ibrahim

the shadows of the eagles fly


The bad politicians

Now they feel the heat

The sun shining hot on them

The shadows of the eagles fly

Eyes sharp for details

Wanting to know how the bad enrich

Without sweat and tears but back door

Running into substantial amount

Every person in the know

The stories will be told

When they gather in coffee shops

When they play golf on the greens

The bad politicians

They will deny their roles

They can't say what they do

But the Pandora papers will say so




The black mark in the mind

Once it takes control

The corrupted soul rules

No use talking

It will fall on deaf ears

Nobody will want to listen

As long as no action is taken


Ring the wealth role

The short cut to riches

The greedy mind rules

It has been decades

The manifestation transformed

Running to every part of the society

It's the money corrupting the mind

The corrupt soul

The darkness descends

Everything for self benefits

It will become a land of waste, sorrow and pain

Sunday, February 26, 2023

the intelligent women


The intelligent women

The men shouldn't feel intimidated

On the outside the women appear

The rating high in intelligence

The intelligent women

Some may be bossy

Others may like to be friendly

The men in the game should filter it out

Because intelligent women

They still need men in their lives

They still need protection

The men should rise to the occasion

The women still have the cave mentality

The craze for men to protect them

Though intelligence may camouflage outlook

On the basic level they are still women

the history of the sheraton move


The history of the Sheraton move

Every voter should remember its days

The bad leaders came through the back door

Smiling like roses but it cause us plenty

The low drive economy

Running through the nation

Loss of jobs were plenty

Companies closing in many

The death toll was high

Nearly 40,000 died in Covid19

A few hundred billions were spent

Without telling the public the monies went

The Emergency law was declared

Only to support the back door leaders

There was no check and balance

Contracts were on direct negotiations

The nation debts high

It stands at $1.5 trillion

No thanks to the back door

Busy picking up the good vibrations

The tales of the Sheraton move

The voters must remember its history

No more to such leaders again

Though the bad ones keep on plotting

the madani budget


The Madani budget

It all depends what we want

The budget of over $388.1 billion

It doesn't cover it all

In every budget

Nobody will feel satisfy

There is always some grouses

There is always a cause

This budget caters for B40

Throwing some for M40

But the T20 will pay more

This group shouldn't complain

The opposition cry of no budget

These MP should learn how to service the people

They should learn it from the Rocket

The opposition shouldn't wait for hangout

The government linked companies

The loss making must close down

The over-lapping ones should merge it

Though Moos leaders crying foul

Because there will be no easy picking

Jobs may lose as a result of it

It is the nation that counts

Why should we pay for the loss making units?

Now the crushing numbers begin

No more leakages no more escape

The units must be held accountable

There shouldn't be any free lunches

the Old Man can't forget his politics


The Old Man joined Putra

A party of a race fighting for Malay and religion

It is nothing new in the political game

Still saying the Malay needed assistance

The 4 eyes on a race

Nothing about the Malaysian colours

It is always them and the rest

Still saying they are far behind

The Old Man tendency

Leaving one party for another

Hoping he can find a link

To his own agenda in his old age

He should take his cue

When Langkawi folks sent him a message

Retire gracefully and live out his old age

He doesn't need to play in politics

But the Old Man can't forget

The centre stage he used to have it

He may want to make history

But it will be his unfinished story

Saturday, February 25, 2023

the faction in the police force


The faction in the police force

It has been known for years

It isn't something new to the fore

The clique of a game betting the right horse

Study the history of the police force

Around the world of nations we will see

The pattern is in the same category

The clique in the inner circle to progress

Even the bad will get the groove

As long as the group bet on the right horse

Every one will get a just reward

When the horse turns out the winner

It is imperative IPCMC should score

It has been stayed in limbo for years

Why the police afraid of it?

It is the clique within the police force

the old tiger


The old tiger

Wounded and old

Still never want to retire

Living the end of his days

Running in shadow

In the jungle of dark and light

Pursuing his dream

He forgets his age

Wounded and old

The eyes still sharp

But the strength has gone

Living in the jungle a game to fight

For his own?

He should have enough

The years on his top game

But power clouded his mind

The old tiger

The sign on the trees

Telling him to do good

Forget about his unfinished dream

the Felda borrowers


The Felda borrowers

They want to cry

In financial difficulty

Asking the government for help

Moo agreed then to waive it

Over $8.3 billion!

This is a bad policy

The Felda borrowers could escape

Now Anwar in the helm

He stopped it until further investigation

Felda borrowers shouldn't be allowed to escape

They need to pay their loans

There shouldn't be any special entitlement

Borrowing monies for self benefits or maybe of greed

When the wheel turns upside down they are at a loss

Crying hard for government bailout!

The Felda borrowers

Borrow monies need to pay

They made their calls

Now asking for government assistance

It has to stop

The nation wealth in low gear

It is better to bite the bullet now

Before the nation sinks deeper in red

cuepacs woes


Cuepacs woes

Dreaming of revising pay

Living in the dream land

The union should be happy

They still have their jobs

With pay and benefits

They must read the country's economy

Paying for the bloated civil service

It doesn't carry good point for the nation

It has been a huge billions to pay

The taxpayers aren't happy with it

Cuepacs woes

Ask the men on the street

The leaders may get the negative responses

Yet they don't read the situation

We are in pandemic

The economy still on low gears

Cuepacs woes

The union should be grateful

The jobs are still intact

Nothing has changed thus far

The taxpayers aren't in the happy mood

Don't think of your own needs but the nation!

Friday, February 24, 2023

the Old Man can't stay retired


The Old Man

He can't stay retired

He wants to get involved

Act like a busy-body

Once Daim told us

Decades ago his boss couldn't retire

He will live and die with it

That's the Old Man dilemma

Now he wants to stay relevant

But the Langkawi voters told him to rest

Live quietly in his sunset years

Maybe apologize for his bad administration

But no for Dr Mahathir

He joined up with Putra

Fighting for a race and religion

That's the way of the Old Man

Why he left Pejuang?

So that his son can manage the show

The Old Man wanted him to mend the road

As he lopped himself to Putra

The Old Man wants to stay active

He is afraid to lose his mind and will

By staying in politics to share his mind

He believes he can play his game

cosplay crocodiles


Cosplay crocodiles

In a hall it should alright

But marching on the road

Waving their flags

They want to intimidate

The public at large

Though they want to show

The meaning of cosplay

They forget the rules

Do not intimidate

In show on public road

Rightly police reports lodged

The police start to investigate

The wayward crocodiles

They think they can do as they please

It is their hidden agenda

Showing to the public

The people aren't fools

So rightly the police think so

Macc will not compromise


The back door leaders

They had their time in power

Now they are afraid of their own shadows

As Macc running on investigation

True or false?

Let Macc find the culprits

The paper trails can't disappear

The records need to be kept

Crimes of any kind in life

It will not pay in the end

Karma will see to it

Payment has to be made

Monies in bank accounts

Direct or indirect in control

Milking the nation wealth

Karma isn't going to forget

The back door leaders

Macc will expose them

Attorney General must carry through

No compromise in pursuit of justice

the internal fire


The internal fire

Causing political setbacks

The wolves can't afford it

They better water it down

Some leaders sacked

Some suspended for 6 years

Yet the internal fire sparks

The rogue members will hit back

The top wolves better sweep it clean

Do not let the smoke causing fire again

The disgruntled members will boycott

In the ballot boxes in the states election

It is about power and wealth

The nation can't afford any more leakages

It bleeds the nation in loss of income

These members must realize the outcome

Under PH role

The wolves have roles to play

Giving them a saving grace

Let the wolves get back to fight again

Thursday, February 23, 2023

dreams and pain


Dreams and pain

Into it where reality escapes

Living free is always a choice

But most have chained into life

Pain in life

The eyes see and cry

The mind slowly rises

Wishing it to go away

But will it?

The pandemic kills

Lives and economy

Making lives in pain

Though in escape mood

Dreams and pain

Living free is always a choice

But will it?

the stateless people


The stateless people

The Home Minister should look into it

During his time in the opposition

His party leaders talked a lot

Now he has the authority

He shouldn't waste time in office

Get his officers to fill in the forms

The stateless people need help

These are the stateless people

Living here for decades

PH leaders should know the dilemma

The leaders are fighting for them

The NGOs have all the details

The Home Minister should be proactive

Send feelers to these NGOs

He can easily get his 10,000 applications

The stateless people

Living here for decades

PH leaders should assist

Now they are the party in control

the amok people


The amok people

They don't listen to reason

Once their minds are made up

They will see differently

Any slight provocation

The amok people will rampage

Those on their path will suffer

Sometimes death may occur

Even those who are mad

Though on medications to cool it

Still we have to stay alert

Coming in contact with them

Incidents did happen

Latest one in hospital

The mental patient ran amok

A public got injured

The amok people

They should be quarantine in hospital

The family members can't help them

They aren't going to behave well

the toxic crocodiles


The toxic crocodiles

Out from the swampy pond

They think they can talk in lies

Belittling the people's minds

The mouths of bad odour

The tails of marked sins

Yet they don't see it

They think they can go to paradise

The law of the land

The toxic crocodiles will get sucked in

By the time they will face the truth

They will get stoned in the deep

Now they still can tell lies

In the long mouths of sins

The law of the land will catch them

They will sing a different tune then

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

don't lose the confidence


Failures in life or business

It isn't the end of the road of life

There is always something to learn

Adapt and believe and have confidence

Every failure one has to learn

If we don't learn we will repeat it again

The time we will waste and efforts loss

Everyday something to look or something to listen

Confidence is the catch word

Without it we will be dead

In everywhere we go or stay

Because we can't move ahead

Every failure will cost us

Our confidence to take the challenges

Once we lose it we will face our bad fear

We will not find success in life

Failure in life

We can feel pain and sorrow

But don't get it down to the deep

Cry a few times the memories stay

Find the light again

Though the shadows will remain

Yet the chance to look ahead

Nobody can hide away

the moos bad tracks


The moos bad tracks

The leaders have felt the shiver

It isn't over yet in the investigation

Macc have to dig deeper to find more

Now it is the hot news in the city

Everyone will be sharing or talking

The moos Malay first leader will realize

He may face the blues

Though now they speak

The selective political prosecution

They should have said it is corruption

The monies of millions flowing into accounts

Even the main party accounts

Macc have frozen it

They want to find out how

The party received $300 million in funds

It isn't over

The Moos leaders will have to sweat

They can say all they want today

The past they talked too arrogantly

Macc on the hunt

They will dig up accounts

The moos leaders will shiver

Thinking of the times in prison