Wednesday, February 08, 2023

born. live. die 2


Born. Live. Die

Once we came to live

We mustn't play the dirty games

Learn the art of living

Learn to live in harmony

Learn to live in joy

Many don't realize

Once they came they would run wild

Play the hard games play it dirty

Telling all the lies without blinking eyes

They think they are great

Born. Live. Die

Once in the cage

Many will regret wanting to fly

Yet in their eyes they recognize

The hardship they will face

Waking up in the early dawn

Watching the sun rays

Born. Live. Die

Feel the world

Feel the paradise

Don't let karma grin

It is bad to see

The bad ways we may have done

The politicians are good at it

Telling the bad ways afraid seem none

Different audience telling different tales

They eye the wealth and power games

Born. Live. Die

Karma? They will just smile

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