Saturday, February 25, 2023

the Felda borrowers


The Felda borrowers

They want to cry

In financial difficulty

Asking the government for help

Moo agreed then to waive it

Over $8.3 billion!

This is a bad policy

The Felda borrowers could escape

Now Anwar in the helm

He stopped it until further investigation

Felda borrowers shouldn't be allowed to escape

They need to pay their loans

There shouldn't be any special entitlement

Borrowing monies for self benefits or maybe of greed

When the wheel turns upside down they are at a loss

Crying hard for government bailout!

The Felda borrowers

Borrow monies need to pay

They made their calls

Now asking for government assistance

It has to stop

The nation wealth in low gear

It is better to bite the bullet now

Before the nation sinks deeper in red

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