Wednesday, February 08, 2023

the scammers again


The scammers will win

The people will still lose

Falling victims because of greed

Don't they ever learn at all?

Many cases in the news

The police walk slowly

The banks will play safe

It isn't its mistakes

Bank Negara will read

The complaints coming in

Action will be a long time

The public getting annoyed

It is like a ferris wheel

Rising slowly hanging up in the air

Before slowly descends to the ground

By the time the crooks have escaped

The scammers on the prowl

The easy way to make money

The losers are the greedy people

Dreaming of getting rich quickly

It is easy to stop it

Give a call to the bank

Give a call to the police

Advice can be easily obtained

The scammers will win

When greedy people live

Lazy to get their hands dirty

Dreaming of easy living

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