Tuesday, February 21, 2023

infidelity in marriage


Infidelity in marriage

It will spell the bad faith

The trust will be gone

The lingering twilight looms

Women and Men in secret glow

The upfront smile and mind of flow

Some will claim it will be good for the souls

Others will say the sin of fire doom

Men and Women in marriage

Stay in tune to the high and low

In married life isn't a bed of roses

Nobody should expect it to be

The sex game is important

It is the foundation of the glow

As the plateau grinding to a low

Many women will go out to crow

They will say

They can't live without intimacy

The howling on the beds

The pumping up of ecstasy

The women don't explore

Any methods to get the high

Running out to commit infidelity

The trust will be gone

Who will be the blame?

Of course the men should share the guilt

The men too will carry out their exploits

Roaming in bars or picking up hot women

They will say their wives are frigid

They have no romance in their souls

With kids and household chores

The women are tired so are the sex drives

Men and Women

Facing the truth they hide

Blaming each other of their faults

Eventually the mistrust sink in

Every excuse will be heard

The lack of communication

The lack of intimacy

Grounds their sexual needs

So they want to be free

Without the darkness in their minds

Going out to the secret hide-out

All about sexual conquests

The problem is

Every one wants to eat the cake

The sharing and intimacy

It shouldn't stay stagnant

Infidelity in marriage

It mustn't allow to happen

Each party has to work at it

Life isn't a bed of roses

If we want to stay free

Without the rules and law

We shouldn't stay in relationship

We should just follow the traffic lights

Infidelity in marriage

Because of the pent-up frustration

Wanting to find a way to release it

Dump the sin and flow into the fire

Sex is always the foundation

Once the dissatisfaction digs in

Infidelity in marriage will happen

Relationships will turn sour

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