Sunday, February 19, 2023

the mental illness


The mental illness

Nobody is aware

Until it hits the score

By then the bad virus laugh

I always think

Enjoy life now

Don't wait for tomorrow

Because life may change

Even falling in love

It can cause distress to the mind

Once the root drags in

It will be hard to get away

I remembered my cousin

Fell in love but parents disapproved

Fell into deep depresssion

Until she became mad in her head

She behaved well with me

Once as a boy I went to see her

She didn't scream or shout at all

She was kind of nice and proper

As you say of drugs cocktail

The people thought it is a good cure

It only brings a loss to the future

When the bodies are flooded with it

But I guess in your line of work

You will encounter the crazy people

Thinking of short cut to get the prize

It isn't happening in reality

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