Saturday, February 18, 2023

the leaders of tomorrow


The leaders of tomorrow

It is through good education system

This is where the young will be taught

In English and Malay language

Currently the education is bad

There is always the race agenda

Anwar and his team have to change it

The ministers can't perform must be sacked

The current young adult leaders

They have a single track mind

They only see their own benefits

They don't understand multi-racial concept

Look at the crocodiles and moos leaders

They breed their single race to the high

The nation has many flags to fly

They have to admit they are wrong

The current Education Minister

She better walks the ground

She mustn't play on the race card

She better revamps the education systems

It is better to lose

To get the whole back on track

The future generations through good education systems

It will bring the shine to the nation

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