Sunday, February 26, 2023

the history of the sheraton move


The history of the Sheraton move

Every voter should remember its days

The bad leaders came through the back door

Smiling like roses but it cause us plenty

The low drive economy

Running through the nation

Loss of jobs were plenty

Companies closing in many

The death toll was high

Nearly 40,000 died in Covid19

A few hundred billions were spent

Without telling the public the monies went

The Emergency law was declared

Only to support the back door leaders

There was no check and balance

Contracts were on direct negotiations

The nation debts high

It stands at $1.5 trillion

No thanks to the back door

Busy picking up the good vibrations

The tales of the Sheraton move

The voters must remember its history

No more to such leaders again

Though the bad ones keep on plotting

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