Tuesday, February 14, 2023

the federal constitution suffers in many amendments


The many amendments

The Federal Constitution suffers

The core values must stay

It mustn't be amended for political benefits

The original text of the Constitution

It should stay in English Language

It is the original text in negotiation

It is the original contract in agreement

Anwar and his team

Doesn't he want to reflect on it?

The Federal Constitution must be in its original text

It shouldn't be changed

Though now there is an amendment under article 160A

Passed by Parliament in 2001 to over-ride English text

Anwar and his team need to revert it back

Don't be afraid to spook it for the good of the nation

It was the time of the Old Man

Causing much pain and sorrow to the nation

Though he still hasn't apologized for his misdeeds

As age is nearing his end in his life

The black eye man must remember

The injustice done to him in prison

He must find ways to change most amendments

Let the original text stay for the good of the nation

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