Thursday, February 09, 2023

the dress code in government buildings


Anwar has to make his stand

On the dress code in the government buildings

He mustn't stay quiet and let the extremists win

The civil servants are to serve the people

In Najib era it was decided

After much hue and cry on the dress code

The Cabinet made the decision then

But the little napoleons ignored it

Now the current issue comes again

Anwar mustn't be afraid to spook the Malays

It is only the extremists are afraid living in fear

No chance to go to heaven so they claim

The moderate Malays will know the situation

The dress code mustn't apply to the public in general

As they are the bosses paying the civil servants through taxes

It is the services provided not the dress code of the public

What will Anwar stand on the dress code?

Some ministers have spoken on it

While Anwar seems ignorant on the issue?

The Renaissance Man must act fast to stay relevant

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