Monday, February 13, 2023

learn how to fish


The saying is still true

Teach a man how to fish

He will live for life”

The Unity Government should take heed

No use giving alms

It will become a habit and a need

The minds of those receiving it

They will become addicts

The EPF withdrawals

A short term benefit a life time of pain

When old age knocks the door

Will the fund sufficient to live by?

Find the alternative way

Withdrawing from EPF isn't the solution

The jobs of dirty are many

Those in need should go and do the job

The honest living isn't a sin

The honest way of earning shouldn't feel ashame

Even a CEO dares to work in fast food outlet

When he lost his job and he needs to survive

Learn how to fish

The world is full of ponds and rivers

The opportunities are there to have it

Don't go for short cut it will never win

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