Monday, February 27, 2023

the UUCA Act


The UUCA Act 1971

The Old Man did his way

Stifled the growth of minds

He didn't want his order challenged

It was during the heyday of Anwar Ibrahim

The university students demonstration on the streets

Anwar was the leading student leader

The Old Man couldn't stomach it then

This Act lowered the gears for the university students

Even the university administration will be appointed

With it the freedom of choice will be curtailed

The student bodies have no say in the universities

Anwar should take it away

Let the universities have the freedom in education

We don't need students living in fear in their minds

We need an active student bodies to enrich the nation

PH promises to take away the Act

Let the students have their say in election

Let the student bodies be as vibrant as it was

In the days of Anwar Ibrahim

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