Sunday, February 26, 2023

the madani budget


The Madani budget

It all depends what we want

The budget of over $388.1 billion

It doesn't cover it all

In every budget

Nobody will feel satisfy

There is always some grouses

There is always a cause

This budget caters for B40

Throwing some for M40

But the T20 will pay more

This group shouldn't complain

The opposition cry of no budget

These MP should learn how to service the people

They should learn it from the Rocket

The opposition shouldn't wait for hangout

The government linked companies

The loss making must close down

The over-lapping ones should merge it

Though Moos leaders crying foul

Because there will be no easy picking

Jobs may lose as a result of it

It is the nation that counts

Why should we pay for the loss making units?

Now the crushing numbers begin

No more leakages no more escape

The units must be held accountable

There shouldn't be any free lunches

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