Thursday, February 16, 2023

we better take risks


Every one dies

It's the truth in life

While we are at it

We better take risks

Multiply our talents

Bring it up to the fore

Create the deeds

Build up fellowship

Don't be a miser

It brings no cheers

It brings no goodwill

It brings one to the loneliness

Go out to taste the living

Make mistakes in physical presence

Make the memories count

Breathe the air feel the lights of joy

Don't spend too much time

Touching keys on the hand-phones

Use it as a communication tool

Losing the face to face interaction

Every one dies

It's the truth in life

Cultivate the good deeds

Rapport in memories and joy

When the lights close in

We can say we have lived our lives

Take the risks build up the bridges

But don't do crimes it taints our times

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