Monday, August 31, 2020

back on the path PH


Back on the path

PH will gather its forces

There is no way to hide

Make the mistakes now to renew

Back on the path

There is no time to waste

Gone in 22 months of glory

Because of the Old Man

Now the mistakes learned

PH leaders need to buck up

The bad forces may think of victories

Of the past by elections

Because of the Old Man

PH was forced to pay

The duplicitous traitors took over

Walking through the back door

Back on the path

PH will get it back

Now its leaders have to work

On the smarter move

don't write off pejuang


Don't write off Pejuang

It has just started to hit the road

It will take a while to stand up

Let the people notice

The Slim by election

It didn't proof a thing

It is under Amno baru seat

For decades the addiction blooms

Most voters will not like

Any independent candidate

These candidates will lose

Unless supported by an established party

Otherwise the voters will think

What can he do by himself?

Without a strong support in any party?”

So Pejuang still has a chance

Most leaders will write off

The Old Man to take his sunset

Dr M isn't a man to give up easily

He still has his battles to fight

This is where he is in his element

He lives to enjoy his political chess games

Pejuang will be his last battle

He will give his all to make it work

the puppet leader


The puppet leader

He can't swing on his own

He has to take instructions

The man who pulls the strings

We are told many times

Teach a man how to fish

It will help him to feed

His family and his own

Yet we have seen

Dishing out welfare

Increasing its allotment

It makes no sense

It is only for political gain

The man can't feed his family

He will be lost in his hunger

Because he doesn't know how to fish

The puppet leader

He has no sense of vision

He can't imagine how to tackle the economy

He knows only how to spend

Is this the way to go?

The race he talks about

They will suffer in pain

Because black oil will not rain

The hinterland race

Better wake up to fight

The injustice befalls

The wealth of the nation

beware the snake men


The snake-men

They will spin their poison

Belittling others for their own

They are to be avoided all the times

The snake-men

They enjoy others misery

They are arrogant with their tales

Believing they have their rights

They will twist facts

As long as they can benefit it

They will go to the extreme

They don't think of the consequences

So we must be aware

The snake-men in our lives

They are hungry for power and wealth

They will spin their poison

They will support the bad

They may lead the pack

All they want is power and wealth

The rest can go to look for crumbs

the blue trash


The blue trash

It still sings high

By the hard core

They can't see the wrong

The blue convict

Still brings in the crowd

The blue trash

It says it never dies

Until the orange suit shows

The hard core will finally realize

It isn't a lie but the truth

They have to see the light

The blue trash

The dust in the air

The bad image to share

It never brings home the joy

Now they can sing

The bad trash on stage

Until they are booted out

The blue trash of our times

Sunday, August 30, 2020

PH will be the come back


Gone away

PH once it was

Trying hard to get right

Then PH was gone

It was hit by traitors

Within its coalition

Letting the nation down

Let the people angry

Gone away

PH out of the stage

It will not hide

It will come back

Gone away

The duplicitous traitors celebrate

PH isn't crying in shame

There will be a chance to reclaim

Gone away

PH will not be forgotten

There will be the come back

To finish its business for the nation

in darkness


In darkness

He lives

On his take

The power corrupts

Once a while

He will say

It's only to make him

Feeling good

The seas of blue

The white lines wave

Which bottom it will go?

In darkness he can't tell

Live in the lies

Float along with the bad

He wants to sting

He has no strength

In darkness

The echo calling him

He has to pay for the bad

He will sink to the bottom

In darkness

He struggles to get free

He finds it is wrong

He has to pay for the bad

History will say

He stole to stay

The power got into him

He forgot about trust and dignity

kick out the kleptocrats


The wolves and crocodiles

They will shout with joy

They score another victory

Though they know it isn't

Moo will smile

He thinks he has his chance

To stay on the powerful chair

Though it is through the back door

Pejuang hasn't started yet

It hasn't got its logo done

The party hasn't given the green light

So the Old Man shouldn't be written off

PH has to study the result

Learn it well before the next GE15

The kleptocracy mustn't be allowed to return

It has caused much damages to the nation and people

The Malays living in the hinterland

They need to wake up before it is too late

PKR and Amanah have to reach out to them

Starting now the result will be different

The road to victory

We did it before

We can do it again

Kick out the kleptocrats

if i lost my way


If I lost my way

Because of greed and corruption

I thought it was a time of bliss

I didn't have to bow to anyone

I could sail to the seas

I could smoke what I like

I could drink and got high

Who else wanted me in the cage?

If I lost my way

I couldn't blame anyone but myself

Dreaming of the spoon feeding lies

Until I lost the trust and dignity

So I was

Believing my paradise would live

Until the laws came at my door

My vision of paradise tumbled down

Broken into pieces in the end

If I lost my way

Say a short prayer for me

Let me see the right way

There is always a chance

PH has to learn fast


PH has to learn fast

The latest result on Slim

The villagers can't change

The mindset of receiving

PKR has a lot to do

Penetrating the Malay minds

Look at Slim result

It shows they like the bad

Even a convict went to campaign

The villagers didn't want to change

They thought of the receiving

The decades in their lives

In the mix constituencies

PH has the upper hand

These are the intelligent voters

They aren't buying to kleptocracy

It is in the hinterland of the Malays

PKR has better crack up the charge

The wolves and crocodiles salivating

They start to dream of controlling the stake

PH leaders have to plan its strategy

Moo is feeling the heat in his collar

The silent killer doesn't stay cool

He may throw in his towel

The Slim result

It shows the Malays mentality

They want to be spoon fed

They are afraid to strike on their own values

Saturday, August 29, 2020

failures a way to get success


Life has its up and down

There is no straight line at all

We will face many tasks and difficulties

Sometimes we still get stuck in a maze

No doubt failures we will learn

The lessons of why we get it wrong

Too many failures it means something isn't right

We haven't learned our history of mistakes

In the real world of reality

Failures are hard to forget

Though we will try to get moving

Sometimes we must agree we can't get up

When we lost everything we owned

Nothing to show just our souls

Standing out in the open

No where to stay or go!

It will hard to get up

The life going into the hollow pit

Look at the homeless and drug addicts

They can't find ways to go forward

In life we have to accept

There will be failures and winners

Faith will come to play in our minds

How will we respond?

the blue waves sailing high


Surfing in Slim

They dream of high waves

The whoring wind in the mind

The high addiction

The years fed into it

Nothing will improve

The feeding will flow

Like before Covid 19

Now they think it is

The business as usual

Like there is no economy slow down

Like there is no Covid 19

The desire to be spoon fed

These folks don't see

The pain they will experience

When the economy goes painfully slow

The FD interest drops to less than 2.0%

Though the market of shares tell differently

It doesn't tell the true story in the stock market

It is the way to make the feeling good

Beware of the pain

Of the addiction in our souls

Surfing in Slim

The blue waves sailing high

the puppet leader


The puppet leader

He can't move an inch

He knows he is tied in string

He can't shout but stay calm

He can move

When he is directed to do

Else he will sit looking cool

As one party claimed to join in

The puppet leader

He wants to sit on the chair

He doesn't care what others say

He wants to feel he has the power

Behind his chair

He sees the wolves and crocodiles

The way he has to behave

Else he has no chair

The puppet leader

He can't shout or cry

He has to watch his cortisol on deadly virus

So he stays calm pretending to be nice

Rona isn't a game of chance


The yo yo Rona

Never want to stay away

There are pools of people

Challenging the rules every day

Some use religion as a shield

Praying hard they are immune

They forget they have many sins

It is better to follow SOP

DG of Health wants to increase fine

From $1k to $10k for the wayward people

In times of the economic slow turn

DG of Health knows nothing about hardship?

This is why some say

He has gone to zero credibility

The handling of Pas minister

It shows MOH played double standards

The yo yo Rona

The daily infection still poses threat

The people must really take a hard look

This isn't a game of chance

the hard row


The hard row

We will feel it

Coming out in our times

The spinning tales never stop

The technical recession

It's the hard row

What the back door leaders do?

They think how to get rich or escape

The hard row

The nation cries softly

The political crooks digging in

And the double standards

The coup leaders can't handle hard cases

They will try to negotiate to escape

They will try to hide their weaknesses

Afraid of issues they can't handle

The hard row

The Covid 19 reigns

The economy will slow down

The nation cries softly

the lights where sun doesn't shine


In the shadow

The demons smile

The games they play

The bad will fall in

The lights where sun doesn't shine

There will be the demons sharing plot

Of how to lure the bad to commit crimes

Let the good people have worrying nights

Where the good people hide

Afraid to fight the cause they see

They want to stay neutral in their lives

Believing this is the better way

In the shadow

The demons smile

They know the fear

Why the good people hide

The lights where sun doesn't shine

The congregation of demons work and plot

Of how to lure the bad to commit crimes

Make them live like saints!

Friday, August 28, 2020

tell the truth


Tell the truth

We can sleep easy

Stand up for honesty

We may get the scorn

The society wants bad

Showing us the short cut

But the accountability?

We can't leave for tomorrow

The short term gain

A long term of pain

Maybe many bad don't see

They always think they can escape

History has a way

Of telling about tales

So it is wise

Say the truth



goodbye Bersatu Dr M says


Goodbye Bersatu

The Old Man says

He has no sentimental value

The party booted out its founder

The core values of Bersatu

It has lost its way with the back door leaders

Now they run with the wolves and crocodiles

Drawing out the bad ways to the dark side

The Old Man will not cry

He finally says his goodbye

He has vengeance in his mind

Bersatu will implode slowly

Dr Mahathir had set up a new party

To lure Bersatu members to his wings

Pejuang is the official name

Now the game is playing

Dr Mahathir says

Goodbye to Bersatu

He has no sentimental value

Only vengeance in his mind

The back door leaders

The quick sand will sink them

Though they will talk arrogantly

The Old Man isn't staying quiet

the demons out to play


The demons out to play

On a race afraid of its own shadow

Drawing outline think it is high

Floating up to the sky

Too much honey

Too much spoon feeding

The mind can't think ahead

Always fall back to the basic

Yeah it is the demons out to play

Knowing a race wants to get high

Without sweat and tears

The quick sand of mind

On the stage a race shout out loud

The demons laugh and smile

Yeah this is my boy!

Play the naughty games!”

When the going is rough

Blame it on others to score

The demons out to play

The weakness of mind, body and soul

the children of political leaders


The children of political leaders

They should learn how to behave in social circles

They shouldn't forget a moment who their parents are

It will become public knowledge a losing face for the parents

They are children who forget it

They will use the political connections

They get into easy business deals and set-ups

It is all for the wealth creation

The children of famous political leaders

Any misbehaviour or misadventure it will be highlighted

The papers and internet news will not censor it

They will become famous for the wrong reasons

They will let their parents down

How will the parents talk politically?

When the children don't heed advice

The parents will feel shameful of their misbehaviour

Thursday, August 27, 2020

the kleptocratic parties


The kleptocratic parties

They blended together in common aim

They aren't going to save the nation

They aren't going to feed the people

They are only interested

In their own benefits

We mustn't believe a word they spin

They came from the back door

They will say to save the country

By cheating the voters' mandate

They lied in public for all to hear

They shouldn't be trusted

The kleptocratic parties

Stand in front of the mirrors

Answer your own questions sincerely

You will know the answers

Karma has gone into the stream

She will slowly bring her vengeance

You haven't felt it but it is there

The parties will fall deep in the dark pit

the rocking chair of worries


The 11 pieces of gold

It seems to shake away

Ringing the bell in silent mode

Thinking to change its colours

Judas Iscariot feels it

He sits on his rocking chair

His mind worrying of the change

He can't feed all their needs

This is what he has done

Buying favours through positions

For himself to stay on his chair

He has no choice but to give in

Lately, he feels the 11 pieces of gold

It has become too heavy in his hold

He can't control it as he likes before

The events have changed

The forces within his own coalition

They aren't in the same page with him

The big cats want to consolidate their grip

Before they push him out of the loop

Judas Iscariot blinks

The 11 pieces of gold kick in

He may not survive in his Brutus way

He has to pay a heavy price for it

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

will the back door survive this year?


If the back door falls

It will be a bonus to us

Now we may not know

How the mechanics work yet

We are gearing up to GE15

We will crack the code again

Once we did it against all odds

We will rise up to deliver it

The back door leaders

They have no plans and principles

They will say to save a race and nation

But they don't say it is for themselves

They work on race and religion

They think it will work in long term

They forgot what the people did last

They will suffer the similar fate

History is a good way to learn

The bad leaders will keep repeating it

They don't want to learn

They are afraid to see the truth

Will the back door survive by this year?

The forces are working within its ranks

The chair is shaking and worrying moo

A hammer blow and the cracking pieces

the pretty little lies


The pretty little lies

We hear it so often

With the back door leaders

They have no shame

The dismantling of the good

Introduced by PH had slowly gone

The tabling of bills withdrawn

On limit of PM tenure

On a minister skipping quarantine

The relevant personnel try to justify for him

Moo passed the buck to the authority

MOH fined him but no proper punishment

The police says open a file to investigate

That minister had traveled here and there

A cluster may happen oh Lord please no more

Until today the police still stay quiet on him

The pretty little lies

On the direct contracts under PH

Demanded to proof it

The back door leaders stay low

The pretty little lies

On Slim by election the tales told

The leader once was with PH

So what he was trying to proof?

The pretty little lies

We will hear it often

The back door leaders will say

Until they lose it out in the end