Saturday, September 30, 2017

the old marks of indecision

The old marks of indecision
It stays on the walls and trees
It tells how it was during floods
Lives and properties lost

The hall still rings of prayers
The sessions carrying it for years
Yet the outcome still in limbo
The politicians still brewing scriptures

The backdrops of bad images
It flanked on both sides of the road
It tells how religion shouldn't mix with politics
It makes the politicians thinking shallow

The people of the state
They suffer for their addiction
Maybe now they open up their minds
Kick out the wolves in their lives

You can't live on religion to survive
There is no way you can stay alive
You need economy and sharing of values
It is this way the progress will be made

Now turn to cold turkey
Sweat a few days get of the addiction
It is better to empty it free
Mark a new chapter and a new page

the extremists in our midst

The extremists in our midst
We mustn't allow them to move an inch
They will push for a feet then a little more
Until they bring in their extremist view

We have learned how a certain state
A man can be charged for innocent exposure
Wearing short in public after playing a game
He has to attend counselling or a fine

The dominant party playing soft ball
The extremist party can push its ball
Kicking up a storm then apologise
But the damage has been done

The partners in the coalition
They behave like cats neutered
Occasionally roaming the alleys
Most of the time they fall asleep

The way forward
We have to change our attitude
We have to change the party
We have to clean up the dirty work

Once we have our rights restored
We can control where we want to go
The politicians must work for us
It isn't the other way round

So we must stay alert
Do not let the extremists fly
They must be contained
Let them stay in the cage

don't let the devil take your soul

The extremists fly
On a brand they wish to try
They believe they are clean
While others they blame
For the unholiness

The falsehood in their minds
They don't see the black spots in their eyes
They think they aren't marked at all
If only they really see and know the scriptures
They will cry when they fall into the lake of fire

They forget we are children of God
Living on Mother Earth to learn the good and bad
Recording it in our memories for we will return
We have to tell our stories what we have done
It isn't a free ride but to earn our credits in lives

But the extremists
The Devil takes them
Once they have fallen
It's a crying shame
For Mother Earth has beauty
The colorful people; cultures and belief
It's good to share and learn and live in joy and peace

who is the boss?

Enter the dragon
He will break the barrier
The fire of gold
Burning in the mind

This is politics
The dominant race can stay quiet
The forefront Malay NGOs
They stay in silence

Once it was go back to Tongsan
The aggressiveness of the approaches
Maybe God move in such a way
Telling them Tongsan has landed

The country in huge debts
China has the cash and economical might
She can crush any small nation
Giving aids control the economy

Now the way of the dragon
We will have to listen to the orders
Climbing up steps for the game of death
To find who is the boss?

Friday, September 29, 2017

the fall will be sad

The liars go
Bringing with them
The half truths
Riding on the air waves

The liars talk
In straight faces
In their palms
The itching of sins

The flow of bad
The fall will be sad
When night falls
The dream of the nightmares

In the daylight
The liars forget their sins
They keep telling lies
The fall will be sad

the cat runs for his life

The 3 black mongrels
Walking on the street
Scavenging for food
The hungry look in their eyes

The cars moving by
The black mongrels don't care
They seem to get used to it
Walking on the street

A nice cute male cat walks
Across the street to another house
He stops on the sidewalk to smell
The 3 black mongrels give chase

The cat takes flight
Puffing hard jump over fence
The 3 black mongrels snarling at the cat
The cat runs for his life

Under the car taking deep breathing
He feels he is lucky to stay alive
The 3 black mongrels run away
On the street scavenging for food

the durian king has to go

The durian king has spoken
The king of fruit has flown to China
Our best durians are taken out from our hands
Leaving us the secondary durians

We should learn from Thailand
She keeps the best at home soil
Let the tourists flock in and party
She makes the billions from the tourists

Here we export our best
Leaving us deprived of our own fruits
The durians can boost tourism
It can rake in the billions ringgit business

But the prime minister is weak in economy
He makes everything goes up
He deprived us of our best fruits
We can't afford it of the costs too high

He will bring us to high debts
As it is now we are feeling the pinch
Our pockets are empty most of the time
He has to go else the nation falls in deep sleep

Thursday, September 28, 2017

the look a like

The look a like
In the raunchy videos
The real persons shouldn't feel slighted
They shouldn't put a blame

Why the need to file a police report?
They aren't involved but of the look alikes
They feel they lose their dignity and faces
Even their reputation in the public

Can they blame the look alikes?
The look alikes make their videos
They are the ones who will face the public too
They don't want to slight anybody

It is their freedom of expression
The look alikes have no ulterior motive
What do they gain by the raunchy videos?
When it is leaked they face the shame too

the political frogs

The political frogs
They start to make noises
They can't stay on the alleys
The limelight is the way

The older politicians groan
They can't expect to give way
They want to stay on
They can't stay behind the backdoor

Now they search
A political stage to make it
The ambitious ones will frog
They can't live in private lives

They forget the shell lives
Once its usefulness is gone
It is time to stay indoor
Nurture other talents

But it is the power
The political frogs can't let go
They have tasted it
They feel they are little gods

it is time to foot the change

Once the real reason is known
It will be hard for the business to grow
The customers have known the racist attitude
It will take a long hard look not just by an apology

The hidden agenda of the wrong reasons
Every air we breathe isn't as pure as we imagine
There will be contamination and pollutants
Giving the wrong message a sin has been committed

In God's will is to share and help
Without color or creed or religion
Religions are a personal motivation
One shouldn't impose on other faiths

But the nation is in crying need
The bad faith running a loose cannon
Giving us many headaches
Yet the political leaders stay in silence

Only after HM Sultan of Johore condemned it
The political leaders started to wake up
But the wrong road had been tarred
A wasted time and energy to turn around

It is time to change government
The prophecy on its final round
The last one on the helm
The bad things keep happening

Though he will try to hold on
Every move to stay on his power
But we have learned our lessons
It is time to foot the change

the city folks

Life in the city
Without money you are poor
You will live a hard life
Walk the city slumps
You will find how life is
These people are crying
In the 4 walled of their homes
Thinking how to survive

The costs of living in the city
Even you work hard you still struggle
If you have a family and parents to support
You will not find life so easy to live
You will hard press to balance your money

Life in the city
The neon lights and sound
It seems so much fun
Passing the time
Drink, women and men and wine
Let the world go by
Tomorrow then to decide
That if you are single living by your own
You don't have obligations
You live by your rules

Generally many will face hardship
Struggling everyday in their lives
Wake up in the early morning
Coming home late at night
All because they need to survive
But the city life is harsh and cruel
They will make robots out of many
Some don't even see the sun rising

Life in the city
Once I lived and stayed
Those were the years
I didn't want to go back again
I didn't want to get swallowed up
Losing my soul running amok
I rather stayed on the quiet life
Cherished the moments
Remembered the times

on 5 storey high

She stands by the ledge
Tears from her eyes
Her legs trembling
On 5 storey high

What she is doing?
Jumping down to the ground
The years of learning
It comes to nothing?

The nurse calling her
Cajoling her to stay calm
She looks at her
You don't understand!”

A passersby captures in hand-phone
The event in real life episode
A woman is going to jump
5 storey to the ground!

She looks at her world
A matter of seconds she will be gone
She hears the nurse calling her
She doesn't care it's the end of her road

She steps over the ledge
She tumbles over and falling
Hitting the second floor awning
It breaks her fall she suffers broken bones

She leaves to tell her story
But the police will charge her for suicide
When she lives she will face the law
Taking a life isn't as easy as ABC

Maybe the judge will be understanding
Show her a mercy since she may feel stupid
A depression can slip into anybody
When there are too many negatives flow

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

the road of a single entry

The road of a single entry
It will jam up the long queue
The people will feel the heat
In the shine of the hot sun

They can complain
They can rain curses
They can shout
They pick their choise

Now they see it
The laws to restrict movements
The laws or regulations on dressing
And don't forget the segregation of sex

They have to wake up
Learn the addiction
It makes them see
Ways have to change

don't let depression rule

Don't let depression rule
It will take away a life
Thinking there is nothing to live for
Death seems the only way

A person who suffers depression
Do not stay alone and think
It is better to open up
Sometimes talk to strangers

Like the religious officials
They may have ways to share
Depression is in the mind
A traffic jam on a long queue

Bottled up inside will not help
All the red dots will let the mind sink
It has to empty all of it
Let fresh air of ideas circulate in

don't let hades run amok

The Taliban can't take root
This hellish brand will not flourish
It is the work of a sick mind
Using religion to justify its end

In the Middle East countries
We watch the streaming videos
Of the Taliban unleashing its hellish brand
Making the people suffer in pain and sorrow

The Taliban leaders forget
Every religion is to bring peace
Cultivate harmony sharing of cultures
They are interested in their own brand

So God punished them
They lost the battles
They lost their way
Though they still don't learn

Living in harmony
The key to progress
Nobody can live in religion
Without economy nothing works

Here in the nation
We find we have the extremists
Camouflaged in Malay NGOs
In the suit of civil service too

Don't forget some political leaders
They too step up the gears
Don't forget some state religious officials
They too behave in the pattern

Good for us
We have G25
The group of moderate Malays
And His Majesty Sultan of Johore

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

in late pregnancy

In late pregnancy
A woman shouldn't travel abroad
The costs will hit it hard
When she has a premature delivery

In foreign countries
The cost of medical bills are high
It will eat into all your saving
It may not be enough to meet the costs

Sometimes it is stupidity
Knowing full well it is late pregnancy
When a woman in a 4 months foetus growth
She is better stay home

Now we read about a Malaysian couple
The woman had a premature delivery in UK
The bill will shoot up to over $550,000/-
The couple is hard pressed to raise the money

Whose fault?
Don't blame the child
Sometimes it is miscalculation
Now the couple facing financial burden

Now they appeal for help
In the internet market
There are kind souls
They will help with color blind

the frayed wallpapers

Ah Mooi lies
Only to the village folks
They will think he is right
But the city folks have known
He is packed with the untruth

This is the hallmark of a failed leader
He is on his way out of the ladder
The steps have been cut one by one
In time he has to jump ship
Else he will have nothing to stay

Even in GST Ah Mooi can't tell the truth
India and Malaysia or even in Singapore
In India the rich pay high GST
In Singapore she started at 2%
Here rich or poor pay a flat rate of 6%

But public wastage he keeps quiet
The scandals in his personal life he runs
People talk on Port Dickson, Atlantuya and 1MDB
Ah Mooi hangs on with the compromise agencies
Unwilling to prosecute even with the facts of the cases
It is only to change of wallpapers we will get the culprits

Now Ah Mooi keeps saying
In his mind he is staring at defeat
He is trying to dribble his ball
But the D line is too far for him to arrive
He will be a spent force gasping for air
There is no goal as the whistle rings in his ears

stand on your own feet

Stand on your own feet
You don't need support
Go out and make a living
Be the adventurer and innovator

But are the dominant race sleeping?
Everything they have in their hands
Yet they feel so insecure in their lives
What cause it to behave this way?

Remember the house on the sand?
By the rising tide and strong wind
It will not stand long but collapse
Leaving the wasted energy and funds

So don't be a pawned
You have to stay in the forefront of it
All religions are free to roam
There is no superior in any religion!

The Talibanism is creeping in
The little napoleons want to play the game
They don't have all the cards
They believe they can win!

The nation is sick of these people
They should be put to pasture on an island
Let them see what they can do on it
Without the support of the other races

It is boiled down to our politics
We have to seriously make the effort to change
We have given the dominant party over 6 decades
It is time we wasted it to the dust

the publicity gurus

The publicity gurus
They get their monies
They spin the tales
Let's the game begin

The tell tales sign
The dim light and colorful flashes
On the bill boards and news
The painting of a good

The publicity gurus
They are eager to sell
The monies are easy to make
Knowing the tales are old

The shell life has gone
It will be totally disappeared soon
The cycle has completed
Don't waste the funds

Monday, September 25, 2017

the cats owe no allegiance

The cats owe no allegiance
The cats always say they are the lords
The human race owes them slavery
The cats have 9 lives so it is said

The cats have to meow
They expect food to be served
Like a lord gives command
Serve me or else?”

The cats will poo or urinate
At any place they think to put marks
Even right in the eyes of the house-owners
The cats will look at you “So what?”

When the cats have finished their meals
They will disappear to go to other houses
Believing they can find food there as well
The cats get hungry quite regularly

The cats were held in high esteem
During the bygone centuries ago
This told us how the cats behave
Nice to cuddle but we are the slaves

cage or freedom

The boastful leaders
They have no place in history
They still use racist way
They better stayed quiet

It is always the greed
Where leaders will fall
Once they forget the basics
They are there to work

It is always corruption
Where lies will go unpunished
Where the fish head is rotten
The body and tail will die

Enter the bad
The way will turn mad
Every light must be gone
They don't want people to see

The crooked leaders
They want to enrich silently
They will hide their wealth
And they will sing praises to the Lord

Here we are
On the cross-road of change
The scandals, the corruption and draconian laws

Where we will be heading? Cage or freedom?

the barring

We are Malaysians
But Sabah and Sarawak
Use the immigration law to evict
The Malaysians from the Peninsula

They will use the rights conferred to them
Under the points of 18 or 20
Barring Malaysians from the mainland
Over 5 decades yet they are afraid?

But East Malaysians facing no difficulty here
They are allowed to roam freely without restrictions
They can find work and stay and breed
The mainland Malaysians welcome them

It is always sad to read
The barring of fellow Malaysians from the mainland
Sabah and Sarawak wake up show your maturity
We have it for over 5 decades it means something

The foreigners will not face the dilemma
They are the tourists bringing in the revenue
The two states need them economically
But fellow Malaysians aren't we have contributed?

we aren't perfect

Don't bury too much religion
In the head it will make a person mad
He can't see the right or wrong
What he sees he is the best

The world we live in
It is the good and the bad
No matter how we try to reason
This is the world to learn our mistakes

Religions are guide lines
We have to walk to feel it
Talk is easy but doing it is hard
It takes a goodwill and patience

But many feel differently
They think they are the best
With their kind of religion
They don't need others to blend in

In history many failed
The best turned out the worst
Yet the modern man refuses to learn
He thinks others are bad

don't empty what you learned

The good deeds
A leader must remember
When he started out as a novice
Receiving instructions and assistance
In the grooming years of his life

The events he has learned
The watching and listening
The participating in discussions
The road to be a better person

The groundworks he has acquired
During his years of working behind the shadow
Paying close attention of how to deal
So that one day he can put into a better use

One day he tackles the position
He forgets his training; he forgets his time
Suddenly he wants to empty all in his mind
He swims into the deep water....

Then all the troubles bloom
He finds no where to tackle it
He keeps digging up holes
He is at a lost to fill it in

He forgets the good deeds
The past leaders who helped him
He thinks he can break free
Now he is in deep water

Sunday, September 24, 2017

we must change our attitude

Don't be afraid of change
There is nothing wrong with it
We must see the value
The proper perspective and beyond

The addicted people
They will try to stick to the old
They are drugged up in their minds
They only see the darkside

These people must kick the habit
They can't be spoon fed all in their lives
What dignity will they have?
When they get the crumbs

We must change for progress
In our minds; in our social interactions
In building a progressive nation
We must stand together make the change

a limp affair

There is a new crown
On the king of frogs
A lot of publicity given
A public relation exercise

As it turns out
It is a limp affair
Nothing great about it
He is just another frog

Age has taken its toll
What can he do now?
Nobody will believe his speeches
He is better off ride to the sunset

The dominant party will fall
The last run for its final hurrah
It's leaders can't change it
It is locked in to happen

By playing race and religion
Its leaders think they will win
It is the same will affect them
The breaking free of addiction!

the young turn violence

The young turn violence
Some are aggressive
Some take drugs
Some causing deaths

What have gone wrong?
The education system?
The parents? The school?
Maybe the society too?

Maybe the behavior of politicians
They don't show good behavior
Look at the dominant party leaders
They have to go back to school!

The young will ape the leaders
The young will copy the elders
The young will follow the bad
When the crooks are walking free

The schools are to blame?
The parents should accept the responsibility?
The political leaders should learn in the mirrors
What have they done for the young to ape them?

The violence in the young
It doesn't show up recently
It may have to do with the nurturing
Now they think they can do and escape