Thursday, May 31, 2018

there is a hope

There is a hope
When everything seems down
The dreary way I see today
There are bad still smooching ill waves
They don't see they are irrelevant
I don't see how they can spring on board
The waves will take them away
To the places they hate to go
Once they are tied there
They will sing a different note

There is a hope
When good people try to stand up
Against the odds they will bring sunshine
They will spread the cheers and joy
On the smiling faces in every day life
This is what I wanted to see
The positive energy to galvanize us forward
On our terms and our rights

The new change of hope
It will step out slowly to the light
The opponents will try to scatter it
Blowing hot air only touches their hair
Yet they will keep at the scenes
They can't forget they have no power
No gravy train to enjoy the bliss of life
They have to work in the sun

There is a hope
When the bad are finally tuned in
Staying behind doing their own drumbeats
In Bamboo River singing out of tunes
Nobody will care to learn or know
We just want to make our own!

no gravy train

Amno b finally says
It has no funding to give
What happen to its funds?
It suddenly disappears?

Where have all the monies gone?
The members should ask their leaders
Living in addiction for too long
This is what you would get in return

Now the gravy train has gone
Back in the store for good
Why has no money in 2 weeks?
The members should wake up now

Once Amno b failed to form the government
Its funding suddenly running low
Now it has to dispose off assets
The party leaders better start cracking

Amno b leaders better learn
From the street fighters how they survive
The members better change now
Learn the rope maybe you will live

the housewives will get a share

The housewives will get a share
Of the men's share of contribution to EPF
In this way the housewives are recognize
The contributions to the families

It is 2% of the man's share of 11%
Though it isn't high but it is a small step
It will help the housewives to feel important
In the families where they manage it

For many decades the housewives
Work long hours rising in the early hours
From sunset to sundown they carry on
Without pay for the work done

Though husbands don't see it
They always think it is the wives job to do
Take care of the households and family units
While they go out and work and enjoy

It is now recognize by the new government
The housewives play their roles in the families
Now the husbands shouldn't complain
Let their wives enjoy part of the monetary recognition

the mega projects

The mega projects
A drain on the country's finances
What was Bee Anne thinking then?
Is it for own benefits?

Now with Pakatan Harapan in charge
We find we are in deep hole on finance
Our mega projects will sink the nation
Where we will face default on payments

The current leaders should adopt a law
No leader should commit a mega project
It must be presented in Parliament
Let the members debate and argue on it

Only then can it be signed
It will have a support from the majority
On a mega project involving billions
There shouldn't be any direct contract

All mega contracts from now on
It must benefit the nation and her people
It mustn't be signed to benefit a few
It shouldn't have happened at all

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

the persian cat

The Persian cat
I finally found him
He doesn't recognize me
He turns away

In his former home
He walks unsteadily
His neck has fleas
Eating him up badly

I saw him struggle to eat
I feel sad watching him that way
The Malay family doesn't help him
Leaving him in the cold

The Persian cat
The choices he made
He will regret it
If he can remember

I walked to the house
Trying to see the owner
I didn't have any luck
There was nobody at home

The Persian cat
He loses weight
He can't walk properly
He has no proper food

I guess he walks with the Devil
Pulling him down to the pit
A decision he made for himself
A way down to the darkness

the cats i feed

Once I had
7 stray cats
6 the local breed
One a Persian cat

Last year I saw
3 cats totally never shown up
2 black and white cats
1 ginger cat

The ginger cat I was told
He died long ago maybe by poison
The black and white cats
I hardly seen them around anymore

One Egyptian face cat
She didn't come at all
Maybe she got cold feet
Watching the male cats around

This year one cat gone away
The vagabond on other backlanes
One ginger cat I assumed dead
He suffered from a bad cold

Leaving the black cat
Jumping in alone
Sometimes he brings his mate
Most of the times he is single

The Persian cat disappeared
I finally tracked him down
He stays back in his previous home
A new owner took him in

BTN time to go

BTN time to go
Time to take a rest
Time to scrap it
A waste of our monies

The indoctrination
It breeds a different kind
Those who attended it
They couldn't believe

The rule of divide
It must stop right now
Pakatan Harapan should take the cue
BTN doesn't need to stay alive

Let it go quickly
The nation doesn't need it
The fund can be channeled
For other worthy causes

the seed of power

The seed of power
Learn it well
Do not let it corrupt your mind
You will not see the light

Many have fallen
When leaders fail to learn
The power in their hands
They use it for their own

Once the wrong creeps in
The mind will not see the light
It only sees the fake glitter
Dancing in the eyes

The seed of power
It can make you feel invincible
Once you order the cycle will move
It makes you feel you are the world

Once you forget
It comes with a heavy load
You will fall deeply into darkness
Even your soul will abandon you

The seed of power
Hold it with honesty
Let the pages feel with light
You will walk with dignity and joy

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

the bad losers

The bad losers
They will try to make troubles
Working behind a front
They will try to be vocal

These people will shoot
Whatever they find to make a point
They are now outside of power
They pretend not to know how it work

The bad losers
One runs away
Dare not surrender to police
He gives his excuses

The police should have taken him in
There is no way they can't find him
He can't run anywhere and hide
He knows his score he is on his down

The bad losers
Once they talked so arrogant
Now they don't have the power
They try to create troubles

These people will start emerging
As long as the police wait to catch the leaders
It is time to haul the bad leaders to jail
It will stop the spreading of bad characters

the stray dogs

The stray dogs
Sleeping on the 5 foot way
Drooling under the shade
Hoping to get fed

Why the owners disown the dogs?
Rearing them to adult and abandoned them
Leaving the dogs to fend for food
While the people passby and ignore

The stray dogs
Some have skin disease
Some have grown thinner and old
All because of previous owners

They dumped their pets away
Leaving them on the streets
The town councils should rope them in
Put them away or send to the animals shelters

the bamboo river calling his name

Mega projects
Put it on hold
The nation can't afford it
She shouldn't bend her back
Carrying the heavy loads
Breaking her spirit and joy of life

Najib's administration
He made it bad for her
Committed in bad management
Dragging her down to the pit
Leaving her grasping for air

Until the people's got angry
They voted him out of office
The stains of his hands in our lives
We have to clean it up and quick
Let the Pakatan Harapan pull it through

And Najib?
He will face the law
He can't escape
He is blacklisted
The Bamboo River waiting
For him and his entourage

am ci a in ICU

Am Ci A
See the writing on the wall?
You have become irrelevant
You do not represent the Chinese

A former president says
Am Ci A in ICU”
Breathing heavy of defeat
It is better to plug it in

Lay down rest forever
You have no authority to say
It is always on personal gratification
Leaving the core values grasping for air

No Am Ci A
You don't represent the Chinese
They have left you behind long ago
You don't have your right to claim

Am Ci A
There is no sadness you go
Close your windows and doors
Put up a notice “I am on holidays!”

Monday, May 28, 2018

they are the street fighters

Beware of the spies
They will pretend to defect
They will bring their own bad medicines
Working from behind the scenes

Beware of the Brutus operations
They will try to attack from within
They will work in shadows
The whispering of the wind

When a government is new
Its leaders will not have the time
Watching the scenes in totality
They want to get the goals moving

Lucky for the nation
These leaders are the street fighters
They have honed their skills well
Learned the hard way knowing the faults

The spies and Brutus
The new leaders will know
They aren't born yesterday
They are the street fighters

The people will keep watch
It is the freedom to see the new light
We will not let it turn dim
We have to progress and march ahead

we are the watch dogs

We are the watch dogs
Every move PH will deliver
We will make PH walk the straight path
Let it never go astray

The green moon can dream
Of taking Putrajaya one day
The Islamic party still never learns
They will face its demise in time

PH will be around
A long time to heal the nation
The Constitution will stand supreme
This is a Secular Nation!

A small step will be taken
To correct the wrong in the previous regime
The debts of $1trillion will be managed
By reducing debts and cutting expenses

PH has to deliver
On the road of recovery
It has the able leaders
Nothing is impossible to accomplish the tasks

the perlis crisis

The Perlis crisis
Amno b still thinks it rules
The party leaders want to say
Who should be the Chief Minister

The Raja of Perlis
It is his choice to pick
The state assembly persons
The party submitted to His Highness

Once His Highness picks his choice
Every state assembly person should accept it
There shouldn't be any arrogance
It will show a royal disrespect

Now why want to seek forgiveness?
Amno b leaders in the state should resign
Maybe the Raja of Perlis should ask them to go
Let the people decide once again

Raja of Perlis can request more names
It is his right to pick a candidate
The instrument of office by His Highness
So he has his right to make it happen

If the state assembly persons don't like the candidate
They can pass a non-confidence on Chief Minister
They can test it in the State Assembly
Then either get a new candidate or dissolve the assembly

guns on hire

Guns on hire
The police can't find a way
The assassins are out there
Killing for a price!

Who is at fault?
The guns and bullets arrive
How can it enter the nation?
From the legalized shops?

The police should assess it
Call back all the licence holders
These people shouldn't hold guns
Let stop the rot now!

Guns on hire
Too many killed this way
Yet the assassins aren't found
They hide and wait for the calls

Though some are quickly apprehended
But many cases seem to escape
In time the leads turn cold
The police find no clue to pursue

take away the bad laws

The draconian laws
Time to make the appeal
It shouldn't stay in our book
It has to sleep in the bin

Don't forget section 377 b and c
It has no place in our society
It makes a mockery of our private sex lives
Living in the shadow of it

The Colonial government introduced it
The British abolished long ago
The British has moved on
And we are stucked with the law!

Let democracy live
Let the people have their choices
Let the court rule of law
In our Constitution and stay free

Any religious law shouldn't be allowed
This is a Secular nation show the respect
The green moon party must be severely reprimanded
It is not for the party leaders to enforce it

Take away the bad laws
Take away the bad leaders
Let the judge stand tall
Let the people have choices

Sunday, May 27, 2018

the can of worms

The can of worms
It will be slowly exposed
Once it does
The corrupted ones will cry

There is no escape
Even put up makeup and caps
The bad deeds of the past
It will start to crawl out

The corrupted persons
The greed has engulfed souls
They will face the music
Singing loudly in Bamboo River

This is the just justice
Once the rule of law emerges
The corrupted ones will stay
Behind bars singing their blues

you are wanted!

Bee Anne lost
But the old habits stay
Its leaders still in daze
They can't understand
They have lost the game
Read what they say
They haven't got it right
They still think they rule
Wake up now
Tidying up your house
Put everything in order
Before the cops call you in
There are things needed to tidy up
It will take a while for the cops
But the warning has shown
The big red letters
You are wanted!”
So don't go hiding
Don't go playing hide and seek
The game is over
A long time ago
Or it is just 2 weeks?
A new dawn
A new chess board

will the cat chase the rat?

Will the cat chase the rat?
The rat is walking free on the street
He smells the decay and he lives in it
Will the cat make the move now?

The cat has seen the pile up cheese
It can't be gone; it can't disappear
The rat has to be caught now
Don't let the smell of bad stay too long

The sewage of the bad odour
Rising out from the broken drains
The cat has seen it many times before
Why keep waiting to catch the rat?

It's time to bring the rat in
There is no way it could run free
The smell of bad urine in the air
The cat has to make his move now

The feeding is over
The days of the bad in cage
The rat has to be caught now
The cat shouldn't wait and see

the wanted men

The wanted men
Once they were in the news
The police couldn't touch them
They seemed to enjoy a certain degree
Like the untouchables
Where the police would refrain touching them
Letting them go
Though the police would feel angry
Those were the times
Now the wanted men
They don't have the leeway
The police chasing them
They hide somewhere
They don't have the balls
Facing the truth of their crimes
The close associates will deny
We don't know where they are”
The police issue notice
The public urge to find the wanted men
Let the police know where they are now
The rule of law will be stacked on the them
It is better they owned up and report back
Don't hide behind the backs of lawyers

Saturday, May 26, 2018

goodbye comel

Goodbye Comel
You get yourself in a corner
Somebody blocked your escape
You realized you have lost your freedom

I told you many times
You didn't want to hear
You thought you could run
Now you have lost your game

I don't know where you are
I don't think you have died
I think somebody caged you in
You now live in a square cage

Goodbye Comel
Now you can think
Why you have lost your freedom
You will not meet your mates again

3 days gone away
There is no sign of you anywhere
Comel now live what you can
Freedom will be a memory

Goodbye Comel
Thank you for the memory
Maybe God will send another cat
Another special breed to see me

the red shirt leader has his downfall

The red shirt rebel
Once he was in the forefront
Initimidating with his antics
He thinks his party Amno b will not fall

He did his way
Causing public nuisance
Yet Ambo b leadership kept quiet
The public knew he was tasked to do it

Now the police have cases on him
The red shirt leader absconded himself
He dares not face the police again
This time he knows he is on his own

He runs away to hide
The police are searching for him
Even his lawyers urge him to surrender
The red shirt leader has his downfall