Saturday, December 31, 2016

we must wake up from our addiction

The crooks, corruptors, power abusers
They dance, smile and laugh to the banks
Carrying loads of illegal wealth
Deposit outside the country nobody can catch

There are no schemes to play
It is in inflated contracts to ease the palms
On the whole it says it is clean
Behind the backdoor the exchanges of plans

The blues gang will play songs
Changing chords to suit the melody
Changing riffs to make it sounds better
Come to power play the blues gang run

The way is clear
The bad hats will collect
The people can complain
Nothing will be done

And so the lies
One lie leads to another
Of Brim robbing Harry to pay Paul
It isn't generating from any income

It is vote buying
The villagers will be addicted
Unless they wake up from addiction
They will suffer for their own stupidity

The crooks, corruptors and power abusers
They dance, smile and laugh to the banks
Unless we wake up from our addiction
Change the course of history and be free!

which way we want to go?

Which way we want to go?
Live the old system benefitting a few?
Or we make the change out right?
Picking up the pieces and set our ways?

We saw what were happening
The Constitution seems to be ignored
A Secular nation slowly losing its hold
The Islamization corners the echo

Our tax monies on the wagon train
The division of wealth is lopsided
Saw it in scholarships and religion
Which way we want to go?

When injustice rules
We can't stay quiet like lambs
Letting the wolves have a whale time
We must put a stop before we all drown

We have seen the bad
We don't have to talk and complain
We need to take action by changing
When the opportunity knocks at our doors

We mustn't feel afraid
The wolves have to be shot
We must let the lambs grow
We will benefit by its abundance

love make us

Love can make us happy
Love can make us cry
Love can make us stupid
Love can make us die

Love can make us run
Without knowing where
Love can make us laugh
Watching others running blind

Love is like a wine
A good brew or a bad one
Once we taste it
We can see heaven or hell

Love can make us rich
The treats and tricks in the mind
Once love falls into a headless chicken
The way is clear to play the tricks

Love can make us poor
Giving up our monies and wealth
Falling deep into the love's spell
Running and choking and collapsing

We will never know
Why love treats us this way?
We sit and cry by the road
Losing our souls and our wealth

While there are others
Laughing and smiling in sunshine
Flocking together hand in hand
Locked in lover's eyes

Love make us
Weak or strong or stupid
In paradise or in hell
And we never seem to learn

i learned my lessons

In the darkness
I don't see the sky
I don't see the stars
Where have they gone?

I blink my eyes
Many times to see
It drowns on me
I am in my own darkness

I am addicted
All these years ago
Believing what Bee Anne says
It leads me to more confusion

In the darkness
I learned my lessons
I will not get addicted
I have to get my freedom

It is the long hard road
It is better I get going
It is no use living in lies
It brings me nowhere

In the darkness
I don't see the sky
I don't see the stars
I learned my lessons

adieu 2016

It's the final day
We will bid goodbye to 2016
The good and bad memories
As in the years before it

Now there is the confusion
Amongst the leaders to enforce
The religious dogma on the whole
Islamization in everything

Even a fast food chained outlets
Bringing in cakes from outside
It must have a halal certificate
Why doesn't it says no outside cakes allowed?

Once there was no such thing
Muslims and Non-Muslims sit together
They didn't make a fuss of anything
They respected each other cultures and belief

In East Malaysia they laughed at us
The West Malaysians are really confused lot
Everything must have a halal logo
Who is more confused here?

The scandals in the nation
It will not go away
Though the investigations stopped
It doesn't mean it will be forgotten

Besides the religious confusion
There is donation on corruption
MO1 unmasked yet no action
It's own leader confirmed it

Zaid took up the case
MO1 intervened in his application
If he has nothing to hide
Why take all the troubles?

Anwar Ibrahim is imprisoned
On a case of sodomy 2
The plotters in high office
They are afraid of his presence

Even bill boards put up in public places
The Amno youth made police report
Afraid the people will go against the government
Amno baru leaders are still afraid of Anwar Ibrahim

The tweeter top cop
He can't stomach criticisms
He will initiate investigations under PC 500
A civil servant must listen to the public

He forgets the people pay him
Through our taxes to keep the nation safe
His personal conduct can be questioned
It's the right of the taxpayers

But the fish head is rotten
The weaknesses of the administration
The exploitation has began
The wagon train will be plundered

Borrowing from China
Funding capital projects
When we can't afford it
We shouldn't borrow

What is the payback period?
Who will benefit on the railway project?
As the current train services making losses
Will it sound a similar fate?

The good of 2016
We are still standing united
We can tolerate each other
As we usher for the New Year of 2017

the praising games begin

The praising game begin
The Amno baru leaders start campaigns
Telling the Chinese of their resilence
Helping to grow the country's economy!

When it suits the Amno baru leaders
They will sing heaven and earth to please
But the truth is the Chinese have known long ago
They have kicked the addiction to stay alert

The praising will not sway the Chinese
They may smile and shake their heads
Maybe MCA will feel proud of it
Gerakan is breathless seeing stars

No matter what the Amno baru leaders do
Even with their side kicks to hit the road
The change has to come to save this nation
We can't let the Red Dragon comes in

The power of the Red Dragon in economy
The Amno baru leaders go and borrow
It is said to cover the many holes in the scandals
We will be enslaved if the nation fails to pay

The power in our votes
If we don't play the game right
We shouldn't cry and scratch our eyes
We choose leaders on the wrong side

Friday, December 30, 2016

the fall coming soon

Don't cry Felda settlers
You have pawned your land
Dreaming of the high returns
Now the losses for the past years

The share price plunged
The investments got low returns
Now it seems the company has no funds
Yet wanted to buy on higher premium

When the open market is low
There is no reason to pay a higher price
It means there is something fishy going on
The Felda settlers must demand for answers

Bee Anne government will back sukuk
It will not be fair for the other races
Where Felda is predominantly Malay
The other races shouldn't be asked to pay!

These are the factors coming in
The scandals of IMDB and Atlantuyaa
The scorpion submarines purchased
Now the Red Dragon flying in!

The prophecy must come
The signs are there to be seen
Though the cyber-troopers will sing high
They don't see the fall coming soon

Like Taiwan once
The ruling party over 50 years collapse
In return a new party took control
In Malaysia it will happen too

where are the big sharks?

A small drop
It makes into a big news
Letting the people know
To us it's a small fry

The corruptors on trial
There aren't the big fishes
They are the small ones
Catching on the system

When the fish head is rotten
The body and tail will follow suit
The front page news
It never tells of the big white sharks

We are interested on the biggie
Once the head is fried in hot oil
The small fishes will change quickly
They will know the scores

It takes so long
On the big white sharks on our shores
We are still waiting all these years
There are no nets to reel them in

we will born we will die

We born we die
This is the way to go
Nothing changes in the circle
While we live we better enjoy it

We can't see the future
We can only dream of it
It is always on the good
We dare not think of the bad

We read the religious scriptures
The story seems never changes
The bad always fall in the end
It is the standard script to read

But the fruits we have taken
We will make the good and the bad
Along the way we hope to get our salvation
We will never know in the end

Nobody has returned
To tell us the story then
So we know we will journey
We will born we will die

the running dogs on the road

The running dogs bark
Chasing after the cars
The drivers ignore
Who cares about the dogs?

The drivers speed along
The running dogs chase
Like the crazies we see
The difference of sanity and insanity

By the road side
The running dogs stare
Barking loudly for all to see
They don't care they look silly!

The dog catchers come along
The running dogs silently retreat
Running as fast as they can
They don't want to face the cage

Thursday, December 29, 2016

earn the honest living

Corruption isn't a disease
It is greed in power wanting to please
Take the money everyone is happy
You don't want money?
You must be stupid!

Everyone wants an easy living
The hardship of life nobody wants it
If there is a way to get in and free
Nobody will run away
Maybe the saints

The society will say
These people have made it
Know the correct way to pursue
Know the powerful people to please
There will be the pot of gold

But is it worth the efforts?
Dishonesty will doom us to hell
The cauldron of fire boiling
Do we need it just to be lazy?
Earn the honest living sleep can be easy

the abandoned children

The abandoned children
The parents never wanted to see
Leave them to the charity homes
Wish the children all the best

Every child has a story
It is always a sad yarn to hear
Without a proper family in their lives
The child is left to work it out

Lucky for the abandoned children
They are caregivers willing to coach them
Though on voluntary basis to the charity homes
These care loving people hope to reach out

Let the abandoned children have hope
Life isn't so bad living in the charity homes
But when they grow up they have to find their living
They have to find their way into society

The childless couples
They wish to adopt babies
They want to teach the children
The roots of their own painting

They will not adopt teenagers
These children may have their set of ways
It will be difficult to teach or reach out
They never want to face conflict issues

The charity homes are short term shelters
The abandoned children once they grow up
They have to find their own in society
But there is hope they will make it

corruption in the open

Corruption in the open
The agencies sulk in the dark
Trying hard to get rid of the corruptors
Burning mid-night oil can't get the ring leaders

There are no hard evidence
The standard reply in the air
When it is said it is a donation
There is no investigation

The Income Tax officials
They should have knocked at the doors
But the tax men looking elsewhere
Afraid to knock at the big guns

Even Macc runs in different direction
Catching the small fishes make up the load
The big news splashed it in the open
Yet the ring leaders are walking free

Corruption in the open
There are two sets of law
The ring leaders and the common folks
But nobody is above the law!

goodbye careless whisperer

Last Christmas I waited
You never came to see me
You let me alone staring at the stars
Believing there was hope

Wake me up before you go-go
I didn't want to sleep
I saw the heaven I saw hell
It got me shaking out bad

When I was young
I mixed with the wrong crowd
The careless whisper in the air
The wrong way burning me in hell

The monkey at my back
I couldn't shake it away
It kept me awake in my head
Bullying me in many ways

Jesus to a child
I never could get it through
I got into the wrong shape
I sucked out my life to be bad

Last Christmas
I didn't wake up to see the snow
I saw the monkey left me
And I knew I was gone

Goodbye George Michael
You had your run in the race
Now the monkey was gone
You are free to roam in peace

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

the sex scandals

The sex scandals
Some people never learn
They think nobody will know
The secret rendezvous

They dare to film and record
The sex exploits in the bedrooms
They think nobody will know
They think it is their privacy

Once it is blown away
It will be the crying shame
Where are they going to hide?
It will become a tale in coffee shops

The secret will be no more
The misdeeds will be exposed
The people involved will feel remorse
It will be too late to cry

let the candles burn

Let the candles burn
Let the memories stay
Let the stories be told
Let us never forget

The political liars roams
They forget the people's votes
Once they walk through the gate
We don't get the respect

We are treated like crumbs
Falling down to our knees
The laws to punish us
They hide it under OSA

Let the candles burn
Let the change begin
Let no shadows hide
Let us make the right move

Let the shame be gone
Let us get back our dignity
Let us work together
Let us bury the political liars

One party has ruled too long
It has stayed on its welcome
Until its leaders become arrogant
Until greed and corruption creep in

Let the candles burn
Let the memories stay
Let the stories be told
We aren't let them go free!

we make the difference

The reign of power
The greedy ones take it higher
They want to play gods
The energy of stirring up fear

In the beginning the root takes shape
The fear of losing lives put a stop to disagree
The lambs walk to the field murmuring with the wind
Let the greedy ones take we wait for our time”

The power of prayers
It rings true in the air
The dreams of change
It will going to take shape

The reign of power
It has to go instead
It has brought misery
The empty pockets to cry

Now the fear of losing lives
It is washed under the bridge
It is time to take back our heritage
Our shame and our dignity

The power we realize
It is within each and everyone of us
We are the ones who will make the difference
It isn't the reign of power to cage us in

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

brim is a buying vote

Brim is a buying vote
It seems like a corruption
Giving to the voters
With a certain income brackets

For a few hundreds
What can a voter do?
Voting for a corrupted government?
Getting Brim every year?

Dr Mahathir says it is a corruption
PKR president doesn't agree
She feels it is to help the poor
Coping with the everyday living

What can a few hundreds do?
The voters should vote for change
Get the wastage of billions restore
You don't have to be bribed

For a few hundred millions
It is better to buy homes
Give it to the poor by ballot
In every district and state

In the long run
everyone will have a home
It is no use to give cash
By tomorrow the money is gone!

the bus fatal accidents

The bus accidents
Drivers wheeling for commissions
Depriving of sleep and rest
Monies make the day

So many fatal accidents
The years we heard the story
Failed brakes system
So many summons issued

That's the end of the story
There is no constant checking
The bus drivers just ignored it
So are the company bosses

Now there is another excuse
Offer higher salary to the bus drivers
Who is going to bear the burden?
The commuters are called to pay

Send the company bosses to jail
The failure to check on their employees
Why can't JPJ initiate the move?
Time delay lives will be lost

The police should act
Why the traffic summons never pay?
In the computers data the police will know
Go out there and see the company bosses

The bus fatal accidents
Don't offer any more excuses
Enough of the sad memories
Lives are precious so make it work

the private affairs

The private affairs
Let it stay in the mind
It doesn't need to say
Openly in public

Washing dirty linen
It makes nobody the wiser
Today it may not happen to you
Tomorrow you may find in the game

Everything has a reason
It is called the test of faith
Life is a circle
Don't say you never do

It may come down
There it will stay in memory
The private affairs
Don't try to say you are good

religions are free

God says
Believe in my words

It will make you free
You don't have to live in worry

Don't tell lies
Don't try to twist around

It will make you fall
Deep into the dark pit

The credentials of a person
It never will bring peace of mind

If he keeps telling lies
Twisting God's words to serve his needs

Don't get cowed by the religious authority
The religious leaders must walk with My words

Religions are free
Of demons and evil doers

It is on the wrong approaches
Where many fall into the darkness hollow

God says
Read my words

Monday, December 26, 2016

the opposition leaders get your act together

The opposition leaders
Stop whining get back on the road
The different steps for a common goal
Look into it and put differences aside

Don't woo the Hadith
Let it roll into oblivion
God has spoken in the East
The dissatisfaction roams the street

The sign of flooding
It has been going for decades
Yet the learning curve hasn't improved
Once it was a cool weather now it's hot!

The opposition leaders
The opportunity is available
The scandals in the ruling party
The prophecy will come to pass

Put aside the political differences
Craft the common goals to achieve
Once you have it to rule
Don't make any silly mistakes!

the affairs

The affairs of the hearts
It will not go away like the wind
As long as there is a way to go
The lustful thoughts and encouragement

It can happen to anybody
The ordinary folks walking on the street
The important folks with entourage
The singers, actors and actresses

The affairs in secret
The lust hit the mind
Once the fruit is taken
It will take a while to stop

Somebody will cry
Listening to the wind of sorrow
Once it was a beautiful relationship
Now it turns into lustful affairs

Why it go wrong?
Why turn into a different road?
The parties have to get involved
Find a way back home

life of potholes

Life of potholes
It's the reality
We can't ignore
We see it everyday

We curse when we fall
We blame the authority
Sleeping on the job
Don't the officers walk around?

Life of potholes
We get poked
We get pushed around
Sometimes shouting at us

Even the ministers
They don't respect the voters
We voted them into office
They turned around and bite us!

We give the mandate
To safe guard our interests
To protect our wealth of the nation
Instead they take it away with inflated contracts

Sometimes covered it under OSA
We don't see what is behind the contract
We only hear the complaints
When opposition cracks it up

Life of potholes
We must make amends
We mustn't stay quiet
We mustn't be pushed around!