Thursday, December 15, 2016

she is a gambler

She is a gambler
In all of her life
She plays in high stakes
She loses more than she wins

When she has no money
She will tell lies to get her way
She even borrows from Ah Longs
She hardly can pay them back

She manages to get married
She has her children and a loving man
But the gambling habits take her toll
Ah Longs come calling for her debts

She can't take the heat
She escapes to Penang
Leaving her husband and kids
Living a different life styles

She becomes a hostess
She is good in her profession
She will ensnare the older men
Going out with them

I don't know what she has become
I have left Penang so many years ago
Time has aged most of us
Maybe Ah Longs can write off her debts

She is a gambler
Playing in high stakes
Left her family becomes a hostess
Running away from Ah Longs” she says

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