Tuesday, December 27, 2016

the bus fatal accidents

The bus accidents
Drivers wheeling for commissions
Depriving of sleep and rest
Monies make the day

So many fatal accidents
The years we heard the story
Failed brakes system
So many summons issued

That's the end of the story
There is no constant checking
The bus drivers just ignored it
So are the company bosses

Now there is another excuse
Offer higher salary to the bus drivers
Who is going to bear the burden?
The commuters are called to pay

Send the company bosses to jail
The failure to check on their employees
Why can't JPJ initiate the move?
Time delay lives will be lost

The police should act
Why the traffic summons never pay?
In the computers data the police will know
Go out there and see the company bosses

The bus fatal accidents
Don't offer any more excuses
Enough of the sad memories
Lives are precious so make it work

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